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As I have discussed on this blog, I am a seriously chronically ill cannabis refugee and am facing financial ruin and homelessness due to the last 5 years of medical expenditures related to my diagnosis and treatment for Crohn’s disease, a crippling incurable and progressive autoimmune disease of the digestive tract.  After treating for 2 years with Western medical treatments which were not only ineffective but also making me feel worse, I left my partner, my home, my state, my profession and my previous life behind and traveled across the country to seek pain relief and healing through the use of medical cannabis.  Thankfully, I have found significant pain relief and some amount of healing from my disease far beyond what conventional treatments had to offer and I am so grateful to have been able to do that for myself.  Unfortunately, after more than 3 years of paying out-of-pocket for out of state lodging and cannabis treatments, at this time, I have nearly reached the end of my personal resources to deal with this issue.  Due to forces beyond my control, I am not currently eligible for disability- or need-based benefits despite my unfortunate diagnosis, significant disability, negative prognosis and financial need.

In researching my condition and available treatments, I have found several online Crohn’s forums where patients speak truthfully and openly about the physical, mental, social and financial fallout of this horrible disease and their testimonies have been both comforting and enriching.  Above all, I am grateful for the truth-telling of mistreated and disaffected Crohn’s patients who have not responded to Western medical care or whose symptoms have only gotten worse.  Under capitalism and patriarchy, it is completely taboo to disparage Western medicine and conventional medical providers and to demand real healing and real relief and these brave people are doing it anyway.  Here, I hope to add my voice to theirs and that my words and this space will provide perspective, knowledge, comfort and even healing to those similarly afflicted.  I also hope to educate friends and family members of Crohn’s patients and other chronically ill people who do not know how to appropriately respond to their loved ones’ condition, their “new normal” and the significant, ongoing and worsening symptoms that are characteristic of autoimmune disease.

Please consider supporting this work so that I can continue providing content as I am inspired and able and continue my out-of-state medical treatments which have given me back some quality of life, allowing me to work intermittently and to again experience joy, gratitude and physical, mental and emotional peace.  Please click on the Patreon image in the sidebar >>>>  or visit my Patreon page directly here.  One-time gifts are also appreciated and the instructions for giving are here.  Thank you for reading and for supporting this project.

–Cannabis Refugee, Esq.