Additional Thoughts on Natural Law

I first wrote about natural law here in the context of the right of access to the healing powers of natural cannabis that all humans are entitled to as citizens of a planet to which both humans and cannabis are native.  In general, I do not understand how “nature” which possesses power of quality and quantity that is inconceivable to humans has failed so miserably to end capitalism and patriarchy which have sought to thwart nature and natural law at every turn.  Natural law, which is by definition both sustainable and effortless would and should have decimated both capitalism and patriarchy by now shouldn’t it?  Where both capitalism and patriarchy are by definition unsustainable and require immense effort to maintain, I do not understand how nature has turned out to be such an ineffective force against what can only be understood as pure artifice and evil and in the case of patriarchy one that has persisted and only increased in strength for the last 10,000 years.  How has nature not thoroughly kicked capitalism and patriarchy’s ass by now?  I do not understand how this is possible.  I have always believed that if I were on the side of nature, that nature would be on my side — that if I or anyone or anything went against capitalism and patriarchy that we would have the most immense power in the universe on our side.  That we would have “right” on our side and that that meant something and that nature itself would favor us to continue.  Was I wrong to think that?  It seems I was, but how was that wrong?  How has nature turned out to be such a toothless wonder?  If anyone has any ideas, I hope they will share.

6 thoughts on “Additional Thoughts on Natural Law

  1. My understanding of how this works is that nature *does* operate according to natural law, and that includes the laws of physics, geophysics, chemistry, and thermodynamics,

    Those laws went into the creation / build of the biosphere over hundreds of millions of years. Those same laws result in its destruction within very few years as a result of insurmountable challenges created by males over the course of a few hundred years,

    Given a few hundred million more years, she’ll be back at work on this planet having generated another biosphere. Or not. (She may have gone Venus.)

    Meanwhile, according to astrophysicists, there exist hundreds of millions of biospheric planets throughout the universe who are joyfully rocking along. We are collateral damage.


  2. I have no idea whether there are other planets who have experienced patriarchy (or not).

    It makes sense, *to me*, on the basis of statistical probabilities, that there are biospheric planets where the human genome did not evolve. Also that there are planets where the Y chromosome did not evolve.

    Perhaps patriarchy is the inevitable result of the simultaneous development of the human genome and the y-chromosome in tandem.

    Certainly, if female humans (collectively) had joined in purpose to destroy human males eons ago, we would not now be facing extinction. But, we didn’t.


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