Where is the Outrage? Defending Our Natural Right to Use Cannabis. Some Man-Made Laws Are Meant to be Broken.

In the past 3 years of treating myself out-of-state with medical cannabis, I have come to believe that access to cannabis (marijuana) is every human’s and animal’s natural right and is consistent with natural law.  We are citizens of this planet, and mammals including humans have an endocannabinoid system and seem built to ingest this plant in whole — not merely in part — in order to achieve and maintain homeostasis and consistent mental and physical health.  Man-made laws that contradict our natural right are therefore immoral, unethical and against our best interests.  So why do so many people continue to follow these immoral and unethical restrictions on cannabis use and why do so few attempt to defend our natural right to use this beneficial plant?  Where is the justifiable outrage at what has been taken from us and the extreme costs many of us have paid for this deprivation to our health, our finances, our freedom and our very lives?

Marijuana is widely accepted for medicinal use for chronic painful and disabling conditions such as Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, seizures, PTSD and more.  It is effective against so many different diseases and symptoms because it is not a Big Pharma poison that targets certain bodily processes and creates unwanted side effects but is more like a supplement that supports the body’s natural tendency toward homeostasis and health.  It puts each patient back to “where they need to be” wherever that is mentally and physically and there are no harmful or long lasting side effects.  Of course, corporate and state interests have tortured animals in laboratory experiments anyway such as where lab animals are induced with inflammatory bowel disease to test the bowel tissue’s response to cannabis (the response is to diminish inflammation and inflammatory processes and to achieve homeostasis) and where dogs were fed lethal doses of cannabis-infused chocolate and the dogs died from the chocolate.

Of course, since we already know and have known for thousands of years that cannabis decreases inflammation, and that chocolate is toxic to dogs, these studies prove nothing of value and this kind of institutionalized abuse is just more pain and torture inflicted on living beings in the name of corporate and state greed, sadism and necrophilia.  The harms and deaths perpetrated on live animals allegedly in furtherance of understanding cannabis are also the only known cannabis-related deaths in existence and have added a dimension of death and suffering to cannabis culture that historically has never existed.  Despite fear-mongering from special interest groups such as alcohol and tobacco — both of which are known to be highly toxic and cause hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths every year — cannabis is not toxic at any dose and has never caused a known death and its most common side effect is “euphoria.”  If you take too much, you can ingest a bit of CBD product to counteract the THC if you have some handy, or simply go to bed.  Unlike alcohol, cannabis doesn’t even produce a hangover.  It is truly a miracle drug/healing plant.

There is growing evidence to support the classification of cannabis as a supplement and that it can be taken preventatively and proactively to maintain health as well as healing injury and disease and it has been used in these ways for thousands of years.  What this means is that the modern “human” experience actually is quite distant and different from what the human experience has been historically and across time and place.  Assuming they had regular access to cannabis, previous humans would have been able to achieve and maintain physical and psychological homeostasis and had a reliable medication to treat pain, inflammation and injury if needed.  That means that, for example, previous humans would not have had the same reason to fear physical harm such as the unknown dangers of the wilderness as modern humans do, where we are subject to the limited and damaging effects of conventional medicine including Big Pharma concoctions that often do more harm than good and are known to be woefully inadequate to treat specifically chronic pain and inflammation.  As humans deprived of our natural right to use cannabis, our natural domain and ability to wander free has been severely diminished.  Women’s experience of gestation and childbirth has certainly also been diminished and vastly altered from what it once was, and so on.

In short, the human experience has been limited and diminished across the board where our fallible human bodies and minds are unsupported and thus unequipped nutritionally or medicinally to fully experience what humans have always regarded as “life.”  And in the place of the historical human experience — supplemented with cannabis — we have what we see today, a pathetically inadequate and deeply unsatisfying human experience laden with fear, avoidance and ultimately ignorance of what is possible and belief in a human “reality” that is really nothing of the sort.

And this includes the human experience with chronic illness.  Assuming there was such a thing as chronic illness that predated industrial pollution and cannabis prohibition, and there surely was (such as human settlements located near natural uranium deposits which would cause radiation type injuries) the human experience of it would not have included so-called iatrogenic illness and injury, meaning harmful side-effects of conventional medications and treatments and the effects of medical mistakes.  Chronically ill previous humans would not have had to endure relentless chronic pain that chipped away at their sanity and relationships and would have maintained a quality of life that is unimaginable to modern chronically ill people or even modern healthy people for that matter.  The chronically ill would have potentially maintained their previous “lives” including their places in society, within their families and homes and enjoyed a human life unbound by man-made constrictions that violated natural law and limited only by natural law, meaning cause and effect.

Under natural law, there would be no punishment for cannabis use or possession, or punishments for illness itself, only natural consequences such as natural and unavoidable limitations of the illness itself, and getting too stoned on the cannabis treatment perhaps, or eating too much, or going to bed early.  Instead, we see chronically ill people “losing it all” and falling into the depths of poverty and disease due to man-made laws governing disability and need-based benefits, iatrogenic diseases and complications from conventional treatments that do not help and in fact can make everything worse, and patients seeking cannabis treatment specifically are placed at serious risk of incarceration and other man-made social and legal consequences for procuring medication that has been available to humans for 4000 years or longer.

So I ask, where is the outrage?  Not only the legitimate outrage at man-made laws that deprive chronically ill people of their natural right to prevent and treat illness with cannabis, but the outrage of all humans living under cannabis restriction (including cultivation and resource-hoarding) and prohibition who have had their human lives and worlds truncated so cruelly and violently.  Where is the outrage that, as citizens of planet Earth we are forbidden access to A FUCKING PLANT that is known to prevent and treat illness, pain and disease including both chronic pain and chronic and acute inflammation that are the unsolvable Achille’s heel of modern medicine and always have been?  Where is the outrage that corporate and state interests have meddled in natural law and where the fallout of their meddling has been incalculable human and animal suffering previously unknown in the human or animal experience across time and place?

When exactly did human beings become such ignoble sheep, such spineless politically inert deadweight, so unwilling to defend their rights under natural law including their natural right to disobey man-made laws that conflict with nature such as those prohibiting and restricting full access to natural cannabis?  For that matter, how did capitalism and patriarchy become such powerful forces in the first place when they are against the best interests of almost everyone — especially women — and nothing was done to stop it?  When and how did this happen to us?  And could these unflattering traits of defanged modern humans living under cannabis restriction — including cultivation, agriculture and claiming property rights over cannabis hoardes — and outright prohibition be a symptom of a nutritional cannabis deficiency?  What on Earth would cause humans to disregard their own interests in this way, or what would prevent them from advocating for themselves and their natural rights supported by natural law?

I don’t know the answer to that of course and it may well be unknowable.  But what I do know is that I am a seriously chronically ill person whose life has been destroyed not by my disease, although that would be bad and disabling enough, but by man-made laws restricting my movement and access to the only medication on Earth that is known to heal and treat Crohn’s disease — medical cannabis.  3 years ago, I left my home, my partner, my career, my state and my life behind to travel across country to seek legal access to medical cannabis and I now find myself on the brink of homelessness having “lost it all” through spending my savings, liquidating my assets and maxing out and destroying my credit to fund out-of-state housing and treatment.  If any friends and family ever deign to step in and help me they will be risking ending up where I am, where the professional middle class is notoriously and chronically fearful of “falling” away from their class due to having no capital or inheritable wealth, having instead relied on education and “brain work” to escape or maintain their station.  And where no one but the elite are prepared financially, socially or in any other way to defend themselves from accusations including those related to cannabis use, processing, transport and the like.

I may literally be left to die in my new home state if no one I know is willing to “risk it” to come and get me and transport me and my medical cannabis across state lines or to possess contraband on their property.  Even where that contraband is A FUCKING PLANT.  And while I am riddled with fear and anxiety for my own future, I frankly have reason to fear for the humanity and the very souls of those who refuse to resist and civilly disobey these man-made laws — including the coercive forces requiring submission to harmful Western medicine that doesn’t help and even makes things worse — that are destroying our health and devastating all of our lives.