A 4/20 Post. Crohn’s Disease Origin Stories. Sponsored by Big Pharma and Cannabis Prohibition.

As I have continued to educate myself on the horrors of Crohn’s disease and the experiences of Crohn’s patients I have found that the discussions on the Crohn’s patient forums and message boards have been the most helpful.  The patients there discuss openly and honestly what is going on with them, how they are feeling, how this disease has affected their lives.  In reading their accounts, I noticed that four general themes arose again and again: firstly, that Crohn’s treatments are not effective at all, or if they work at first the relief doesn’t last, and in any case cause disabling side effects that are often even worse than the disease itself; secondly, that Crohn’s patients — having found no relief from conventional doctors or conventional treatment which often makes them worse — are often crippled from their illness and wish that friends and family were more understanding about how disabling Crohn’s can be and that it’s not just a “poop problem” but a systemic, chronic, incurable inflammatory autoimmune disease that often manifests outside the gut as well; thirdly, that even on their best days, Crohn’s patients still feel significantly ill and negative test results do not always correlate with decreased symptoms or decreased pain or increased ability; and lastly, and perhaps unsurprisingly considering the first 3, that there is a high depression and suicide rate among Crohn’s patients.

Please watch the following Crohn’s origin stories and see if it doesn’t make perfect sense that Crohn’s patients would tend to talk about the topics above again and again and again and again and again.  And all this suffering, every bit of it, is due to iatrogenic illness and injuries resulting from Big Pharma voodoo and medical interventions themselves, including medical mistakes; the utter failure of the capitalistic patriarchal medical machine to relieve their suffering one bit; and cannabis restriction and prohibition, where the only substance on Earth known to reliably treat either chronic pain or chronic inflammation (and this does both) is cannabis, otherwise known as marijuana.  And speaking of iatrogenic illness and injury (including so-called side effects) cannabis does it with literally zero risk of death and a relatively high risk of “euphoria” otherwise known as a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

Yes, it seems that in the case of using medical cannabis to treat chronic inflammation, which it is known to do reliably and well, the most common “side effect” is to also simultaneously treat acute and chronic physical and mental pain.  Now there’s a thought.  Listen to their stories and see for yourself if you think these people deserve better.  See for yourself if you think these people deserve the option — just the option! — of trying medical cannabis to treat this horrible, horrible disease and everything that comes with it.

And this poor woman was misdiagnosed and operated on twice before getting her Crohn’s diagnosis, then another doctor said the Crohn’s was misdiagnosed and she didn’t actually have Crohn’s at all, then another doctor said no actually it’s been Crohn’s all along (she updates in the comments to this video).  With a medical team like that, who needs a firing squad (or torturer)?  But here’s the thing.  This kind of medical trauma is part of the deal when you have Crohn’s, it is impossible to separate the “trauma of the disease” from the trauma of the so-called treatment on treatment’s best day — even successful treatments can be traumatizing and Crohn’s treatments aren’t even successful so have to be done again and again and again and again and again.  And don’t even get me started on medical mistakes otherwise known as medical malpractice.  This is all part of the Crohn’s experience which leads patients to talk the way they do.  They aren’t just flapping their gums because they enjoy the breeze.

Anyone able to celebrate 4/20 today is incredibly, incredibly fortunate and that includes myself for now.  Seriously ill people cannot get access to medical marijuana despite the utter failure of capitalistic patriarchal medicine to treat them or offer any relief at all, so I think we must ask ourselves what, then, is the actual point of the capitalistic patriarchal medical machine specifically relating to Crohn’s but also in general?  It has nothing whatsoever to do with helping patients feel better or to gain control over their lives now does it?  And what is the point of cannabis restriction and prohibition for that matter?  A cynic might conclude that the point is to make people pay to let doctors and Big Pharma torture them because they will literally, literally do anything to get some relief, even when the treatments don’t work — they have to try don’t they?  I mean just look at them.  These people are completely desperate.  Ask yourself why that is.