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I would never ask to be rescued from a more or less natural death.  When I came here 3 years ago to treat my serious chronic illness with medical cannabis, I really felt like I was dying, that I had no choice and that even if I “lost everything” it would not matter.  My quality of life was nonexistent and I was so extremely ill that I thought either I would die from my disease (which I believe is essentially a terminal illness, or at least that it’s terminal without treatment) or that I would heal enough to go on with my life even if it looked much differently than it had before.  3 years later, I have “lost it all” having paid out-of-pocket for out-of-state lodging and treatment which has given me profound pain relief and significant healing from the ravages of my incurable and disabling autoimmune condition, Crohn’s disease.  While I consider this to be an unlikely and hard-won personal success and am so grateful that I was able to do that for myself, I am now facing something I did not expect: figuring out how to live into the foreseeable future with an only somewhat healed and temporarily managed illness and no money, no credit, no eligibility for benefits and little or no ability to earn.


This is Mama and Chili, my 2 adopted shelter cats.  Mama is the calico and Chili is her now-grown female kitten and appears to be a ragdoll mix.  They are so happy being together and the 3 of us have been blissed out for 3 years living in a modest calm and quiet living space in a beautiful rural area.  Mama and Chili are indoor/outdoor cats and get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, grass to chew on and bugs to chase.  Please help us stay together!

Being a chronically ill woman on the street, in unstable housing, in a cannabis-prohibited state or otherwise unable to reliably treat my pain and symptoms — and therefore unable to avoid the hospital or jail due to my intractable pain and the dangerous progression of an untreated autoimmune disease — is not a natural death but a capitalistic and patriarchal one and I will ask for help in avoiding that.  I would also like to keep my adopted shelter cats, a bonded pair consisting of a mother and her now-grown kitten, with each other and with me.  I naively thought I could save them by adopting and keeping them together but in the end I may be unable to save even myself.  Please consider making a monthly pledge or one-time donation to my Patreon page.  Cards are charged on the first of the month so all pledges made between now and April 30 will be charged on or around May 1.  All pledges made after April 30 but before May 31 will be charged on June 1 and so on.

My “plan” to leave this cannabis legal state has fallen through and I am relieved because it was a terrible plan anyway!  Everyone I told about it said “You can’t leave, you need your medicine” and they were right.  So now I am back to square one, trying to figure out how to stay and pay for lodging and medicine in a state where there are thousands of families and individuals in a similar station, all willing to “lose everything” to access medical cannabis and paying through the nose for the privilege.  I am following up on the possibility of borrowing a trailer and getting set up in a year-round RV park and working with an attorney ex-colleague to clean up my finances and hopefully start over.  To do this successfully I will need to maintain my access to and treatment with medical cannabis, and to avoid as much physical and mental stress as possible to avoid a dangerous flare (and currently, to heal and reverse the one I am already in which has likely been triggered by stress and my inability to continue paying for supplements and organic food which have helped me so much when used in tandem with medical cannabis).  If you can, please consider helping us.  Donations of any amount are truly appreciated and gratefully accepted.  Thank you for reading and for supporting this project.

— Cannabis Refugee, Esq.