Terri Strange Reviews Cannabis Refugee, Esq.

Please check out radical feminist Terri Strange’s review of Cannabis Refugee, Esq.  Thanks to Terri and her subscribers for visiting and supporting this project!  As Terri mentions, I do have a Patreon and am holding a pledge drive for May 1 donations, please see more about that here.  All pledges made between now and April 30 will be charged to your cards on or around May 1.  Pledges made after April 30 but before May 31 will be charged on or around June 1 and so on.  This is a critical time for me as I am at the end of my personal resources to deal with this issue.  All donations will go toward my medication and living expenses as I try to maintain the hard-won gains I have made in my health thanks to my 3 years of treatment with medical cannabis, and as I try to find a way to survive with this horrible illness alone, a thousand miles away from friends and family who are unable or unwilling to help.

As Terri also mentions, I am also interested in getting this material up on YouTube to potentially reach a greater audience.  If anyone is able and willing to make that happen, please contact myself and/or Terri.  Terri is an experienced vidder and vlogger and is willing to offer technical assistance to anyone interested in creating videos out of this material on my behalf.  Thanks for reading and supporting this project.

–Cannabis Refugee, Esq.

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  1. i’m interested but new to YT, i also just started a tumblr where there’s a growing radfem community- more than you’ll find on YT i’d wager…


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