Tee-Hee, Tee-Hee. Mommy Vloggers Publicly Shitting Themselves is So Funny.

The story starts around 16:38.  Mommy vlogger Ellie Mecham publicly shits herself at a 4th of July outing.

This entire video is about mommy vlogger Bonnie Hoellein publicly shitting herself while on vacation.  Bonnie and Ellie are sisters, members of the LDS religious cult, and each have around a million subscribers on YouTube.  And having listened to them tell their tummy troubles stories over the past 2 years, and knowing that Crohn’s disease runs in families and mostly affects women, I suspect that both of them have Crohn’s or another inflammatory bowel disease that they themselves, their families and extended families, and their YouTube communities and subscribers are not taking seriously.

Here, Bonnie describes having to relieve herself in the car in the middle of traffic, after having eaten a questionable fish sampler platter and spicy appetizer while on vacation in Hawaii, but she also tells us that this is very common for her and that when traveling at home she frequently has to stop to defecate at every single gas station between points A and B.  What she is describing, of course, is not normal bowel function but she and everyone just laugh and think it makes a good “storytime” clickbait video for their channel without considering that she may have a potentially very serious, crippling and deadly autoimmune disease.  Ellie often has stomach issues too and blames it on food, as if constantly crapping or almost crapping your pants and having “bathroom emergencies” on the regular while running errands and socializing is completely normal and because of food.  It’s not.

Both women also keep having baby after baby, as if that is good for women’s health in general, but especially for women who are ill or are starting to have noticeable problems with their health.  And how are either one of them going to fulfill the extreme demands of wife and mother while living in the LDS (Latter Day Saints aka Mormons) community, an extreme and conservative religious cult that only values women as mothers and only values people as earners?  From what I can tell, LDS is only interested in having wealthy or well-off people in their flock and deliberately do not proselytize to poor people or less-than stellar earners because a significant tenet of LDS philosophy encourages resource hoarding and “preparation” for emergencies.  I haven’t looked any further into it than that and I do not know what specifically they are preparing for but I can probably guess.

Weirdly, Ellie and her husband Jared are also part of the “infertility community” on YouTube and they speak about this at length, where Ellie and Jared decided that Ellie would undergo fertility treatments at the age of 22 after being unable to conceive for over a year.  And the infertility community is exactly as capitalistic and patriarchal as it sounds where women and “couples” uncritically consume dangerous and extravagantly costly medical goods and services in order to have children and “grow families.”  I think this community is worth looking into from a radical perspective because of the conspicuous consumption as well as the misogyny and extreme physical and mental demands placed on women to have children, but it is also very interesting to me for another reason: it seems as if young women today are having trouble conceiving and that this is becoming increasingly common, and this was never an issue when I was a young woman in high school, college or in my 20s and 30s.  No one I knew, not a single friend or relative ever had this problem and in fact, we all were consuming medical goods and services in pursuit of the opposite: trying to avoid becoming impregnated against our wills, and terminating or otherwise mitigating the damage of unwanted pregnancies when they did occur.

So what is going on with young women today with regard to their health both in terms of likely autoimmune diseases and other issues with their health and bodies that are making them publicly shit their pants and unable to conceive and gestate without the intervention of capitalistic patriarchal medicine?  We do know that men’s sperm counts are falling globally but from what I’ve seen, many if not most of the couples in the YouTube infertility community are able to get pregnant but unable to stay pregnant and are suffering miscarriages and consuming medical goods and services designed to help them carry existing pregnancies to term.  And even the ones that are having trouble conceiving also have trouble maintaining the pregnancies when they do conceive using fertility treatments and I have to wonder why that is — in the case of Ellie, is her likely autoimmune disease causing her to be both unable to conceive and then to spontaneously abort her pregnancies?

And what does our future look like now, when so many children are being conceived and the pregnancies maintained only through consumption of dangerous and frankly poorly understood fertility treatments including those that thwart miscarriage, when miscarriage is the body’s way of discarding defective fetuses that should not be born in the first place because there is something seriously wrong with either the fetus or the mother or both?  The implications of this are terrifying and I see so much female suffering in the future, including currently unknown and unknowable side-effects of fertility treatments on women’s bodies and especially the effects on women who are subclinical and are becoming increasingly ill with the symptoms of autoimmune disease but have yet to seek medical diagnoses and care.  And who knows what their progeny will grow up to be, these hundreds of thousands of fetuses that should have never existed in the first place, and were born to women who perhaps would and should never have been mothers at all because they are descending into poor health themselves.  These women will now be saddled with childcare responsibilities for decades and they and their families have no idea what is in store for them when and if they become seriously chronically ill.

It is my sincere hope that in the case of Ellie and Bonnie, their generational involvement in a religious cult will offer them protection and support when and if their health fails, and I assume that is in fact the hope and expectation of anyone when they are members of these communities, but when are things known to work out for women and when are things known to work out for the chronically ill?  At the very least, the LDS community does not seem to be the type that eschews medical care, and in fact Jared’s elderly great grandmother was recently subjected to a gruesome invasive medical procedure that left her bruised and sore in order to monitor her heart, as if an elderly woman in her 90s reasonably requires having her internal organs surveilled by the capitalistic patriarchal state.  If either Ellie or Bonnie fall ill, or if one of Ellie’s fertility-treatment babies ends up with serious health problems down the line, they will be required by their families to consume questionable medical goods and services and to be good conformers and good consumers until they die.

And Ellie will never be off the hook with regard to her duties as wife and mother no matter how sick she is and no matter how sick her children are, and she will have to stand by while her sick children are tortured by the capitalistic patriarchal medical machine too.  This is just an absolute nightmare and I do not know why no one seems to notice their symptoms of likely autoimmune disease or care about their possible futures as chronically ill women with potentially chronically ill children, but what I notice is that many of their subscribers are having the same issues with shitting their pants and being unable to create and maintain healthy pregnancies too and they discuss and laugh about their own experiences in the comments sections of these videos.  This entire thing — women routinely publicly shitting themselves and widespread infertility issues — seems to have become completely normalized when I wasn’t looking, or since I’ve had too many problems of my own to either notice or care.

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  1. As someone who has been repulsed by the idea of being a babymaker from my earliest memories, I’d imagine they will be viewed by both their religious community and patriarchal society itself as “failed women” once they become too ill to giggle about their “oopsie” moments on YouTube.

    The female body is both viewed as innately faulty yet expected to keep up with the barbarous demands of dick in/baby out, and then tortured and vilified when it cannot keep up with the degrading effects of this treatment/the poisons of modern society/ignoring the gnawing sense of wrongness that even religious women eventually feel about how they are treated by patriarchy.

    And, re: your post on medical euthanasia, I am in complete agreement and filled with rage towards the dehumanization of Western medicine and the hoops that the ill must jump through in order to obtain what is even questionable as a dignified death (but is preferred to the alternative).

    Our society refuses to accept that there are worse things than dying, and subjecting oneself to barbarous medical interventions by at best uncaring and mercenary–and at worst, gleefully sadistic–doctors is definitely on that list.

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  2. pretty sure these mommy bloggers don’t have much bladder control either… =(

    pelvic organ prolapse is epidemic for women who’ve given birth and guess what your options are, if need to keep pumping out babies and submitting to PIV? –pray to mary while dude is pumping away that you don’t rip or prolapse further and let the doctor insert a plastic thing called a pessary up your hooha every 4 months which has to be removed before PIV and reinserted after. Just so you can use the bathroom without accidents or pain or you can try surgery to insert a vaginal mesh or sling that will prob make things worse according to all the malpractice lawsuits on tv.

    old ladies are sometimes allowed to get a simple surgery that makes piv impossible but of course it’s called “vaginal obliteration”. =/ because not being able to insert things in a vagina makes it nonexistent and destroyed in sick male minds… tbh it sounds like something i would have wanted after i was assaulted and im kinda mad that i can cut off my boobs and get a fake penis made out of my vagina but i can’t voluntarily elect to close it off until i’m too old to meet fuckability mandates.


  3. Wow Lady Love I have never heard of that surgery before, interesting. I am sure there are many women who would like to make themselves impenetrable and yes, calling it “obliteration” is quite revealing isn’t it? Weirdly, Ellie Mecham (the blonde mommy vlogger above) has blamed her fecal incontinence on having “pushed out 2 babies” which is entirely possible, except that she has problems she always blames on food and a “tummy ache” not just pressure or sneezing or whatever. Seems like she had an older woman or maybe even a doctor tell her that fecal incontinence is basically normal for someone in her situation, which it kind of is, but it also sounds like she either isn’t telling them the whole story, or someone is feeding her a line of bullshit and dismissing her concerns because it sounds to me like she has IBS at the very least, if not IBD. IBD of course being much, much worse and includes Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. The fact that Bonnie has it too makes me think it’s IBD and something genetic for both of them. I do think both of them tend to pee themselves as well which is just laughed off as #momlife. It literally makes me want to puke.


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