Yes Pot Works. Yes It’s Been Around a Long Time. Enough with the Red Herrings. Also, “Education” of the Oppressor is Never A Solution to Political Oppression.

I wouldn’t call these vids a waste of time exactly, if you need something educational to listen to while doing the dishes or commuting or whatever.  But for those of us who already are educated on this issue, and for those of us who understand that education is not, in fact, a reliable road to any kind of political revolution (because everything they do to us is deliberate, meaning they know what they are doing) this kind of material is very boring and rings very hollow.  Doesn’t it?  The assumption that education is the key to solving the problem of cannabis prohibition and restriction is prevalent in every pro-cannabis dialog I have ever heard, and this tells me loud and clear that most people do not in fact realize that what we are dealing with is political oppression and that they think it’s something else entirely.  And I have no idea how to remedy that.

What would pro-cannabis dialog or “activism” look like if it was understood that the issue here is a political issue and that education (of the oppressor) is never, ever, ever a remedy to political issues?  Why do people think that all activism is political activism, even that which centers education?  How did this happen to us where even our boldest actors and freest thinkers still think and act as if “political” means something it doesn’t when they think they are being political when they actually aren’t and don’t seem to have any understanding whatsoever what that means?  It is so aggravating.

The first vid makes an interesting observation regarding Big Pharma cannibalizing and synthesizing cannabis and its parts and patenting them for its own profit.  I would say “for its own ends” though, without centering profit because anyone with a political awareness knows that profit really isn’t the point — oppression is the point.  Profit is just the icing on that particular cake, and further separates the oppressors from the oppressed.  Under capitalism and patriarchy, you get paid for being evil, basically.  The more evil you are willing and able to be, the more money you will potentially make, but if you are too stupid to realize you are only closing the gap between yourself and the oppressor class — and being increasingly evil — with every dollar you make, I really don’t know what to tell you.  And I really don’t know what to tell activists-for-profit in that case, like the “doctor activist” in the first vid.  (Maybe Hi, your disingenuousness and/or lack of understanding of political oppression given the circumstances is a bit evil isn’t it?)  Honestly it just seems to me like most people are irredeemably stupid.  And that’s fine, really, I know it takes all kinds.

But for people like myself, who are seriously chronically ill, we just do not have the time, energy, or health for this bullshit, and it is in fact the worst kind of bullshit — it is deliberate bullshit, meant to distract people’s time, energy and attention away from the real issues, and the real nature of the real issues.  In the case of cannabis prohibition, we are dealing with political oppression.  Political oppression is the issue here, and not a small factor of political oppression is draining the underclass(es) of their resources, and not just to line the pockets of the elite who have more money than God and could decide tomorrow that jelly beans were the real currency and there is nothing any of us could do about it — again, that’s just the icing (or jelly beans?) on the cake.

The political intent and effect of draining the underclasses of our resources is that we do not have the resources to escape our oppression.  Isn’t it?  It’s never about them making more, it’s always about us having less.  In the case of capitalism and patriarchy, working people will never be able to reliably escape earning a wage, thereby making money for other people, and in women’s case, in addition to having to “earn” our keep one way or another, we will also never escape being the slave class to men.  And what have slave-owning men always done to their slaves?  Well, they performed medicalized torture on them for one thing.  And these are the political issues raised with medical cannabis prohibition and restriction, where seriously chronically ill people are forced to liquidate their assets in order to seek real healing where Big Pharma and Big Medicine reliably make people worse and make a fucking fortune on torturous iatrogenic illness and disease that Big Pharma and Big Medicine themselves cause.

And I have already spoken about what “disability” means under capitalism and patriarchy, where only members of the underclass(es) are forced to earn their keep by letting doctors hurt them with harmful and ineffective poisons and procedures in order to qualify for disability-based benefits.  In other words, once we can no longer earn a wage by working, we are coerced into earning money for Big Pharma and Big Medicine by submitting to Western medical care in order to pay the rent.  This has serious political implications for everyone but especially for girls and women whose interests are not represented by Big Pharma or Big Medicine on their best day, being patriarchal institutions meant to reward and support men while damaging and destablizing women.  That’s what patriarchy does, and that is therefore what Western medicine does.

Meanwhile, cannabis activists are stuck considering jelly beans and trying to educate our state and corporate overlords who we can assume, I think, have access to all kinds of knowledge we don’t.  I’m not suggesting the elite “know” everything or that there are no mysteries left in the world although these freaks do enjoy penetrating boundaries and revealing innards as a rule, as well as assuming they know things they don’t or can’t possibly know.  I am suggesting that everything they bother spending their own considerable resources on, including time and energy, is probably backed by the absolute most complete information available, and that they are doing it for a reason.

In that vein, there are some people who think that the library at Alexandria was never burned or otherwise destroyed, either literally or figuratively.  These “conspiracy theorists” think only us plebs have been told that while everyone else knows the truth — that all that knowledge was never lost.  That scholarship in general at that time did not in fact begin to decline.  What if that’s true?  There is no way for us to find out, but in any case, us plebs best not assume ever that our overlords need us to educate them for any reason.  Even if we could tell them something they didn’t already know, the implicit assumption that anything we ever did would convince them to stop oppressing us is equal parts hysterical and depressing.