What is Autism? The Crohn’s — Autism Connection.

In the last 6 years spent researching Crohn’s disease I have come across peer-reviewed medical research connecting inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) — including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis — and autism.  Interestingly, it seems as if children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are more likely than their peers to also have formal diagnoses and prescriptions to treat IBD.  Possibly, the diseased bowel of IBD sufferers lets through neurotoxins that poison the brain causing autism and ASD.

Another study suggests that mothers with autoimmune disease disproportionately produce offspring with ASD, specifically autistic male offspring, while female fetuses of autoimmune mothers die.  The idea there appears to be that autoimmune mothers produce anti-brain antibodies that attack the proteins in the brains of the developing fetus; for some reason, the male fetuses live and are born brain-damaged (read: autistic) while the female fetuses of autoimmune mothers are spontaneously aborted.  Of course, female autistics and ASD sufferers do exist, but where do they come from?  Not from autoimmune mothers apparently.  This in-utero brain damage is a similar (but not identical) mechanism to that which is thought to cause brain damage from neurotoxins poisioning the brains of bowel-compromised IBD patients.  And even though female fetuses are normally hardier than males, according to the linked study, female fetuses that are poisoned this way tend not to survive.

It has also been suggested, but is impossible to prove, that autistic behaviors somehow contribute to development of IBD through “picky eating” or other actions that alter the diet or other environmental factors of autistic children compared to their peers.

It is difficult to draw conclusions from the evidence that IBD and ASD are correlated, but it provides good food for thought.  And in the food-for-thought vein, for those who are interested, I would like to suggest another avenue of inquiry: the possibility of a shared characteristic and common denominator of IBD and ASD as diseases of malabsorption.  Specifically, that IBD prevents absorption and assimilation of nutrients from food, while ASD prevents absorption and assimilation of social and developmental norms.

For those who are interested in what is known and/or knowable about autism and the correlation between IBD and ASD, you may wish to stop reading here and start Googling.  For my purposes, I wish to postulate the following extremely offensive and decidedly original idea for those who are interested in that, and while there is certainly room for improvement and/or expounding, the following is as fleshed-out as I am currently able to offer.

To reiterate, while the “leaky gut” and resulting Crohn’s-related brain damage hypothesis are mere speculation, we know that in the case of IBD, the diseased bowel is incapable of properly digesting and assimilating nutrients from food where IBD sufferers are often malnourished and require supplements, special or restricted diets or even tube-feeding or intravenous nutrition to prevent or reverse malnutrition, wasting and starvation.  Could autism be similarly seen as a disease of social malabsorption, where people on the autism spectrum seem rather impervious to social dictates and are unable to comply with established social and developmental norms even in the face of severe punishment for their deviance?  Yes, I think autism can in fact be reasonably seen as a deficit of socialization and I do not think that observation in itself is very controversial at all.  But let’s go further.

Here, I would also suggest that male autistics, being unable to absorb and assimilate the social dictates of their culture, are basically the developmental runts and social deviants we observe them to be because males in general have no internal moral code or developmental path and absolutely rely on social dictates including laws and other norms to modify and direct their socialization and development.  And that this male lack is evident especially when compared to the rather obvious internal moral code and developmental path possessed by girls, including ASD girls.  And that is the offensive part of my working theory, even though radical feminists have been observing and discussing that aspect of maleness (and femaleness) for decades by now and have yet to be proven wrong.  Clearly, males make social norms, including but not limited to allegedly generally-applicable criminal and civil laws to police themselves and male behavior specifically where females simply do not seem prone to violating others either criminally or civilly in the first place.

And if males in general have no internal moral code or developmental path, and if autistic males in particular are unable to absorb social and developmental cues and norms from their environment, that means autistic males would be unable to get these things from anywhere, and this is in fact what we see — nothing seems to help and male autistics are frequently severely disabled from their autism both socially and developmentally, especially when compared to ASD girls.

Whereas ASD girls are similarly unable to absorb and assimilate social and developmental norms from their environment, but considering that social and developmental norms in a female-hating patriarchal culture dictate that girls be (for example) stupid, boring, deferential, petty, and whatnot, it seems as if ASD girls could simply turn out to be interesting (and moral, and developed) people, especially if females in general do possess an internal moral code and developmental path and do not require external guidance and policing as males do.  Is this in fact what we see in ASD girls?  I think it is, and the above-linked article illustrates the differences between ASD girls and boys where ASD boys are frequently extremely socially and developmentally disabled and ASD girls almost exclusively are not.  This is in fact evidence that females are guided internally and males are not.  Of course it is only evidence and not proof.  But let’s go further.

In my research into Crohn’s and other autoimmune diseases, I have seen it suggested that autism is actually an autoimmune disease in itself, and that autoimmune diseases (including autism) are caused by environmental pollution including man-made radioactive contamination.  This pollution hypothesis seems to be rather accepted in fact although the exact mechanism of injury has not been identified as yet (see the internal links in the above-linked article).  I proposed in that article that autoimmune diseases are not in fact the body going haywire and attacking healthy tissue, but rather that our current state of extreme environmental toxicity has caused our tissues to not be healthy at all, and that our immune systems are attacking “us” because we are in fact thoroughly diseased at this point perhaps due to radiation in particular.  And interestingly, in the case of Crohn’s specifically, as a disease of malabsorption, if our bodies are increasingly preventing the uptake of nutrients (and pollutants) from our food, that would seem to be adaptive rather than pathological.

And so would autism seem to be adaptive rather than pathological, if our social norms have gotten to the point that this kind of extreme environmental abuse, pollution and toxicity has been allowed to happen in the first place.  Do you see what I am saying?  Operating on the assumption that bodies and minds do not in fact “just go haywire” and that bodies and minds do what they are intended to do, I have to assume that autism, like Crohn’s, is probably either protective, adaptive or both and that is the best I have been able to come up with as to why people particularly in so-called developed countries would be suddenly unable to absorb the extremely sick norms of their culture — because those norms are killing us, including human habitat and the entire natural world.  And for the past 70 years, for which time we have been living in a post-nuclear world full of man-made nuclear contamination that none of us can escape, autoimmune diseases, including Crohn’s disease, have become rampant especially among women.

Autism has become rampant as well, mostly affecting males, but if males are biologically and socially redundant (and they are) we needn’t even consider male autism to consider what autism means — perhaps the most only important facet of autism is female autism, where females are increasingly unable to absorb the stunting and disabling social norms of the necrophilic culture that created man-made nuclear in the first place and where socially-deviant females, driven by their innately female internal social and developmental cues that are observably biophilic, are humanity’s last, best and only hope to survive.*

Is that what autism is, and is that what Crohn’s and autism have in common — are they both autoimmune diseases caused by environmental pollution?  Furthermore, could they even be adaptive responses to prevent absorbing (essentially) environmental and social toxins?  I don’t know, but the connection, I think, is there to be made — one of possibly many connections between Crohn’s and autism, where the fact that there is a connection, some kind of connection, is becoming increasingly accepted (even though most autoimmune patients are female, and most autistics are male).  << Pay attention to the parenthetical there, it seems important.

*If we must consider the males, and I do not think that’s required because redundant, I suppose the significance of male autism could be to get large numbers of males the hell out of the way (and maybe even to stop them reproducing) and the sheer number of helmet-wearing male autistics who literally cannot function above the social and developmental level of toddlers would seem to be consistent with that, although the number of less-disabled male autistics in lucrative and influential STEM occupations (including nuclear!) might cancel any such social, environmental and reproductive benefits out.  But again, male autistics really may be beside the point.

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  1. It just struck me, the insane cruelty of autoimmune mothers giving birth to autistic males. Meaning that sick women are having to raise boys in the first place (their girls are miscarried I guess?) and the boys suffer from the “extreme maleness” of autism. God that must be hell on the women, absolute hell. Even more hellish is that we have had an autism epidemic for the last 20 years and it has been recognized as such, but what has not been recognized apparently is the sheer numbers of women suffering from autoimmune disease, which seems to be at least partly responsible for this epidemic. In other words, large numbers of women have been silently suffering with autoimmune disease for 20 years (or longer, I have a 60 year old uncle who is clearly and severely autistic) and no one fucking cared to notice. No one noticed anything until their BOYS started coming out all wonky. An epidemic of sick BOYS is something worthy of note, while their sick mothers suffer unnoticed.

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  2. hi.. i don’t have crohn’s but i’ve read your previous blog and loved it, and the work you’re doing now is very compelling and worthwhile. recently went to go back and find a post i liked and saw that you had this up and was delighted to see that you’re still using your amazing talent to spread awareness of serious issues and provoke thoughtful discussion 🙂 and i hope you are as well as is possible. your resilience is really admirable.

    and i’m also a female with asperger’s! i can only speak from my experience, but i must be one of the rarer cases. my mother has never suffered from autoimmune disease. but i do have a very poor diet due to picky eating (i’m pretty sure i’ve never not been underweight) and my parents (one or both, don’t know) genetics were apparently so strongly effected by something malicious that they managed to have 3 autistic children in a row. i actually used to think this was common but i learned that it usually isn’t the case that all kids get it. neither me or my two brothers have any major health issues and ironically enough i am the highest functioning of us all. both of my siblings were very late to speak and the youngest one is essentially 13 with the mental age of a 6 year old. i really pity my mother as he is really burly and violent and he is honestly so so hard to control, once he even pulled a knife on me when i was younger. you’re right in saying it’s hellish. i can’t imagine rearing a son only to be beat up by him and to make matters worse she’s been forced into being a housewife to care for him. she regularly tells me never to become one.

    and there is definitely more of a focus on males with the disorder than females. as well as that, your insights on sex differences were honestly 100% spot on in my experience and i have known my fair share of autistic people of both sexes. i’ve even lurked around forums and groups and the men dominate everything, constantly complain about how girls have it easier, and will literally post in places that are specifically supposed to female-only thinking their opinion matters. sound familiar? they also have much less pressure to learn to conform and are probably a lot more coddled by their parents. all the aspie girls i know are very sweet and actually /care/ about the effects their actions have on others. i’ve spend ages learning how to improve my social skills and understanding of situations. this isn’t to say that i conform to the patriarchal culture though, i merely aim to avoid being an inconvenience to others/that person that always comes across as rude. i’ve always harboured a strong hostility towards men and hatred of femininity. things like porn, piv, and makeup really upset and disturbed me way before i could even conceptualise why they’re harmful. however i know some girls who overcompensate and do their best to be as palatable as possible. they can get very self-aggrandizing and find being the “cool girl” an effective way of getting attention and elevating their status. in comparison, the males are lazy, entitled and completely ignore basic social rules. they dominate conversations to ramble on endlessly about their interests, don’t care whether they are being creepy when trying to pursue a female (or socialising with any women in general), and do not give a single fuck about others. but of course they make sure to support the norms that benefit them for having a dick. this may be controversial but looking back at my personal encounters i’ve always found aspie men to be even more misogynistic and perverse than neurotypical ones. at least most of them are ending up, as you predicted, single. i even have a book on autism with a relationships chapter that was very telling. it’s mainly focused on men with the disorder, and includes some accounts from their female partners. they’re grim to say the least. seems to be a very stressful ordeal and the lack of empathy can get downright sickening.

    but anyway, great food for thought to chew on. hadn’t considered the fact that autism could be caused by pollution at all… very interesting.

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  3. Hi sealgaire and thank you for your comment! I have never visited any ASD forums, thanks for sharing your experience with them. Obviously the ASD male behaviors you report do sound familiar, yes. Very much like normal men, and very much like trannies actually, which is what I assume you mean. I have thought in the past that the trans phenomenon was just standard issue misogyny playing out in a different way (men always change their tactics and move the goalposts) but now I suspect that some of it has to do with genetic and other physical damage (birth defects and exposure to environmental toxins in and out of the womb) caused by the extreme pollution we have all been swimming in since nuclear testing started in the 40s (and maybe even earlier, who knows). Not to say they are really women inside (LOL) just that they are brain damaged freaks in some way, and the autism explanation implicating autoimmune mothers and other causes makes a lot of sense. I would also suggest that your mother probably does have an autoimmune disease and doesn’t know it. Does she have any gastrointestinal symptoms, skin issues, mood/behavior/socialization issues, or any health problems at all? There is no way to know if she does or doesn’t really. Well, I should say there is a way to know if anyone IS sick, but no way to know for sure if someone is truly healthy because of subclinical or unusual presentations of already confounding autoimmune disorders. It’s interesting to consider that your father was exposed to something as well. I hadn’t thought about that as much (nothing has caught my eye in the research) but I have noted for example that both of my grandfathers were likely exposed to some pretty heinous shit as my dad’s dad was a steelworker and my mom’s dad was in the Navy and surely had his gonads nuked more than once. And both of my parents are medical professionals and were surely exposed to radiation and other toxins in their hospitals and other workplaces. And your poor mother, ending up with 3 autistic kids, wow. Not to place you (the female) in the same category with your low functioning (and male) brothers, but having children has to be a nightmare under the best of circumstances with healthy kids. To me, this just seems like yet another excellent reason not to breed, considering how little control any of us has over the outcomes, and now that the earth is so irredeemably polluted, none of this is in our hands anymore. Breeding is like Russian roulette, and yeah it’s possible to lose every fucking time as you note. Chilling. Thanks for all of your excellent observations and for taking the time to comment.


  4. The New York Times had an article about autism and tied it to the age of the father, saying 30% of autism cases were tied to age of father but not mother. One reason is that women are born with all their eggs and don’t make new ones as they age but men continuously produce sperm, meaning that exposure to toxins piles up with increased age and the sperm get more and more mutations, etc.


  5. I love that you brought up autism as a biological adaptation to an anti-social world. I’ve been considering whether autism and C-PTSD aren’t often the same diagnosis, having very, very similar symptoms. C-PTSD, if you’re unaware, is Complex PTSD, caused by extended hostage situations (most typically the nuclear family) where the victim cannot or believes they cannot escape.

    C-PTSD can result in hyper-awareness/hyper-sensitivity to one’s surroundings, fear of social interaction, weak social development, gastrointestinal ailments caused by constant bathing in cortisol and vagus nerve disorder, eating disorders, self-harm, OCD, a fear of making eye contact (and the resulting stunting of ability to recognise facial expressions…). And the list goes on. I think many young girls (and boys) are severely traumatised by the inherently abusive treatment that is taken for granted in the nuclear family, especially now, in the porn age, when rapes of children are undoubtedly shooting up. Transgenderism is partially a porn-caused state, as well. Being able to disappear inside yourself, unable to be socially affected by other humans, is a very effective shield from abuse, in its way. I think this is what these kids are using it for.

    Plenty of women have no idea the sort of extreme abuse they were subject to as children, having blocked it out, and autism might be an effective blocking mechanism: get an obsessive positive interest to block out the intrusive thoughts and memories. I was raised by a certifiable psychopath and a narcissistic mother, so I had PLENTY of reasons to fucking hide in the only space available: myself.

    That’s another interesting aspect for me: the terrifying anti-symbiosis between C-PTSD sufferers (and/or autistic people?) and humans with incurable personality disorders, generally caused by bad parenting. My mom is a narcissist because her mother has something wrong with her (she was the product of incest and was also kicked in the face by a horse as a child). Grandma just doesn’t do reciprocation. Me, me, me.

    Good ol’ psychopath dad was raised by a violent alcoholic who my other grandma actually divorced, despite being in poverty, hispanic, and Catholic, with 13 children. He was that bad. Beat the kids, beat and certainly raped grandma. 

    I’ve been in a sexual relationship with a psychopath before and I couldn’t help noticing how similar we were – special interests, high intelligence, disregard for social norms, sharp perception in some ways, deficits in others. I really liked him a lot except that he was pure evil. It’s a brain injury, psychopathy, caused by child abuse (so they think – true in my psycho’s case – sexual abuse by mother, violent insanity from father). I really strongly suspect that he and I were two sides of the same coin: “autistic”/C-PTSD, same high IQ, but two very different results due to pathological lack of femaleness in him. In him, this condition becomes full-blown psychopathy, due to his mental gift and maleness. In me, it is called Asperger’s, because I DO actually care about life forms of all kinds – I am female.

    Some musings from another female Aspie. Your thoughts got me going! Thanks!‎ Let me know how this strikes you, please. I’m curious.

    (Full disclosure, cannabis is helping me with these thoughts. Got to give credit where it is due.)


  6. Having some more brainstorms. What if rape is being used to *deliberately* conflate sex with violence, allowing for the suppression of loving sexual images? The “necessity” for censorship of love-making, especially female/female love-making? Men must hate women under patriarchy, and open displays of love, especially the REAL love between female beings who are capable of it (I’m not sure if all men are…) would clearly undermine this agenda.‎ Love is addictive, even vicariously.‎

    That’s why porn is getting so violent and so public, as a reaction against the lesbian feminists of the second wave. That’s why transgenderism. The love between women is growing – evil is trying to squelch it out. Even mainstream TV shows have become the exclusive Rape and Murder of Women by Men channels. It’s all my sick parents watch and it’s all that’s on corporate media. Who is controlling the human population and why?

    Obviously this is getting into spiritual territory. Not sure if you’re into that.‎


  7. Ok, woo-woo time: What if the entity (human or otherwise) that is pulling the strings around here, patriarchy-style, genuinely thinks that psychopathic (crocodile-like or cat-like) behaviour is best, because that is how its brain functions? It’s a foreign species to us humans, be it alien, daemon or, human male psychopath.

    Women who trans always talk about how men speak so, so differently amongst themselves versus around us. Perhaps because in private they feel free to really be their totally empathy-free, rapist, murderer psychopath selves, since the psychos tend to be more dominant and better physically developed (perhaps by taking more than their fair share of food) than the “normies”, and can therefore dominate them. What if some men are on a truly different evolutionary path than women? Splitting off into a different species while women become a whiptail lizard society?

    Bleh, I need to go to bed.


  8. Hi A Reader, thanks for your comments! I don’t have the energy I used to have to respond to everything in depth (I wish I did) but I will mention that the conspiracy theory/fact sites I read (for edu-tainment mostly) are way more open to believing that aliens created this shitshow known as capitalism and patriarchy than they are to believing that men did it. And men clearly think that their way is the best way and have pathologized and institutionalized women for hundreds of years for our deficient brains, thoughts, values and “ways” that they obviously think are lacking to the extent that we aren’t like men. So yes, what you suggest is definitely happening. Of course, it’s also possible that the Y chromosome is alien to begin with. At this point I’m not sure anything would surprise me. Believing that man-made nuclear contamination is harmful is a fucking conspiracy theory anymore with how the monied nuke lobby propagandizes everyone into believing it’s not harmful. I’m a little shocked (but not surprised) that they think after 70 years of hearing how bad nuclear is that we would so easily swallow what they are saying now but damned if people aren’t swallowing it anyway! As long as Ann Coulter says “scientists” say radiation is good for us, that’s good enough to erase 70 years of information that said (and showed!) the opposite. Not to mention that everyone — human, plant and animal — seems to be getting sick now. The explanation for that is that there are just more people period, and social media makes us aware of things that have always happened, therefore, nothing ever changes for the worse, and global warming. LOL. Okay. Virtually no one mentions or recognizes Fukushima for what it probably is, and that’s an extinction level event. We’ve been hit by the asteroid and don’t even know it.

    I’m not sure how much rape imagery is a reaction to lesbians and women-love but maybe? Mostly patriarchy seems to strategically ignore lesbians (and radical feminists) but sometimes they do react for whatever reason. But as for rape itself, yes, it is social engineering for males to choose which females reproduce and under what conditions. And reproduction itself is a feedback loop for both social and physical characteristics. That’s why I think it’s too late to do anything about patriarchy. You don’t have to be “spiritual” or believe in evil to see obvious social engineering for what it is.

    Very interesting insights about CPTSD and autism (and male psychopaths!) thanks for that! Normally I would concede that genetic mutations, even beneficial mutations would take longer to show up but nuclear is known to cause immediate mutations that are passed down genetically right away. Maybe we are just damaged from the mutations but it’s also possible (isn’t it?) that they could be beneficial mutations created on the fly as a last ditch hope for survival in a short-lived but critical environmental emergency. Which nuclear is. Thanks for your detailed thoughts on the autism issue, obvs it’s very interesting to me. Feel free to add additional thoughts as they come, if you wish. Thanks for reading!


  9. in advance: i am really sorry about how long this comment is! don’t feel any pressure to go through all of it, you can just read sections or none at all, it’s fine. sorry for that inconvenience lol, i just had a lot of food for thought to chew on.

    thank you for replying to my comment! 😛 the trans-autism connection, yes!! talk is actually starting to surface on that very issue. i hope there’ll be some uproar over this in the future – i think the fact that so many trans people are confirmed mentally ill on the sole basis of autism might wake a lot of people up. as well as the expected backlash on account of medical ableism.



    and that’s literally reminding me of an autistic guy i used to be very close with (until he showed his true colours) too. he didn’t identify as an mtf but he awkwardly told me that he had an elaborate dream about having a sex change and the only thing holding him back was the fact that he wants biological kids. lmao. then things got weirder. he had an account where he’d pretend to be female on the internet and at first it was apparently just so he could mess with his friends. which was weird but i took it for what it was. but conveniently, after a huge fight between us (pretty sure he had a thing for me as well), he literally abandoned his real accounts and began masquerading under his drag queen persona full time. of course she was an instagram model who shared all his beliefs and interests too. basically his dream girl, LMAO. it’s so fucking weird. but yeah, a lot of autistic men strike me as having that kind of proclivity.

    and hmmm… to be honest, i think women are far less likely to be carriers of disorders/diseases than men. growing up i was even told that the reason i’m better off than my brothers is because my x-chromosome protected me. i think there’s also been some studies that have shown that autistic women are less likely to pass their disorder onto their offspring than autistic men. but anyway, my mother really doesn’t have any of the issues you mentioned… although her mother worked in a factory when she was younger, hmm. grandmother actually died very, very young from breast cancer… only in her 40s. and both her and my mother also hit menopause in their 40s. and yes, bluejay! my dad is older than her and on top of that his family is full of mental health issues, not to mention that he has a lot of health problems too. actually come to think of it for some reason he had to have a kidney removed in his childhood and at the time the operation was such a big deal that they were scared he would die from it. god i hadn’t thought of that as a contributing factor at all. so it must be from him, i think…

    you’re right… it’s so risky. i hate how something as serious as giving birth is minimalised (both through social pressure on women to become mothers and through people undermining the amount of work that has to be put into childrearing) and i find it so upsetting how much mothers who say they regret having (or even just struggle greatly with having!) disabled children are demonized. some brave women will publish articles about it and the performative outrage is disgusting. i’d love to force them to spend just one day taking care of my brother, who is currently the best he’s ever been… i bet they’d still be completely overwhelmed at the end of it all.

    and reader, that’s really interesting. as a kid i was selectively mute in school and my dance classes. i honestly have no idea what logic was behind that. i just felt that i couldn’t speak, i was paralysed with fear, and i had all sorts of therapists trying to help me but nothing worked. the mutism actually continued until i was about 12 and the second i was out of that particular school (i quit the dance class beforehand) i was fine. it was bizarre though… i would sit in class paranoid and feeling absolutely disgusted with myself, then go home and go out to play with my neighbours, loud and confident. and then a while back my therapist mentioned that (during my school years) i had a phase where i had fully recovered from my mutism and i was talking… i have NO MEMORY of that at all. i was completely taken aback when i found out. but then at some point i was bullied by a girl (i do have some memories of this. she clearly had a messed up childhood herself and wasn’t right in the head either), and i reverted back to the same old silence. the trigger was her punching me in the stomach, which literally completely vanished from my brain. and it’s not like being hit is something easily forgettable. it’s just surreal. i hate not knowing what’s going on with my own head and knowing that things that were apparently vital to my development have outright disappeared from my memory is very, very disturbing. and i’m one of the luckier ones..

    and i agree, porn and transgenderism have to be part of the backlash against the advancements of feminism. funny because porn use and being delusional about your biological sex often interlink. there are actually whole niches of porn centered around it and i really think these could be playing a powerful role in fueling the whole craze. “traps” (a word for mtfs, seems derogatory but refers more to porn, as in the men are so desirable that innocent straight men think they’re women and have sex with them, not realising that the feminine appearance is just a trap. shock gasp horror! right wing men seem to love this. wonder why!) and sissy porn (where a man is forced to act/dress feminine in an act of degradation, basically a subset of BDSM) are getting more and more popular by the day. hell even lots of girls (usually young, straight) want to transition because they’ve gotten obsessed with gay male porn (or erotica).

    i’m also not sure about the spiritual part…! i think men may just be that way themselves. they’re generally repulsive across species.

    one blog you might all be interested in (that relates to the topic of men’s nature) is trustyourperceptions on wordpress (she’s a radfem who sporadically posts long articles on relevant topics). lately she did a detailed and jarring report on pedophilia in mexico and one woman’s grueling mission to stifle it (a very interesting read but very dark so it may be best to avoid if triggering) but before that she was posting really in depth articles about male and female biology. here’s the links to the masterposts for those ones so you don’t have to even scroll past her latest project if it’s too much. if you have a problem with me linking this, cannabis refugee, please tell me and i’ll gladly remove it!

    https://trustyourperceptions.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/dudesaredoomed1/ – this one is essentially about the degeneration of the y-chromosome.

    https://trustyourperceptions.wordpress.com/2016/05/07/semen-mens-chemical-war-against-women-no-skip-intro/ – this one is about the effects of semen (and childbirth) on women, a follow-up to her genetics piece. also goes into male behaviour across species. the fruit fly experiments are really intriguing. but this one does get very detailed and can be unsettling if you’re squeamish about such things.

    but overall thanks for all the discussion 🙂 i’m really glad there are still places where radfems can pass around thoughts and share experiences freely ❤


  10. OMG….FCM, I’m stunned that you have HFA too. Your blogging minted me into a militant essentialist radfem. I have HFA and ME resulting from now cured cancer. I was born right after and in the area around Chernobyl, which was another Fukushima and had tummy problems all my life leading up to cancer!

    On female love: this is more ammunition for my theory that sexual orientation is a MAN-made construct. I believe that all women are wired to love each other in whatever way suits them: through non-sexual touch, or with orgasms, or just holistically. When I stepped out the male supremacist matrix, I was overwhelmed with this feeling of LOVE for other female beings – even non-human ones. I’m still basking in it. I have several posts on this on my blog.

    It was a male tactic to divide lesbians and other women in the 2nd wave, and to eliminate non-sexual female affection and loyalty. As a result of this ‘”divide and rule”, lesbians are convined to this day that “hetero” feminists betrayed them. In actual fact, enlightened women were abandoning heterosexuality in droves in early 70s. Millenial Japanese are doing that now.


  11. Hi Kaguyamouse and thanks for your comment! I do not have a diagnosis of HFA/ASD but it seems to be comorbid with Crohn’s and a lot of it just makes sense looking back. I’m sorry to hear that you have suffered as well and that you were irradiated at Chernobyl! Anti nuke activist Dana Durnford believes that autoimmune disease (including autism) is directly caused by radiation and that “chronic fatigue” is the body’s immune response to radiation which is to produce white blood cells which displaces oxygen and nutrients in the blood. And the radioactive particles we are reacting to never go away so the fatigue and other symptoms never go away either. I’m so glad you’ve found a way out of the Patrix! How did you do it and what did that entail if I may ask? I still feel like I’m neck deep in it and that there’s no escape on a material level. Emotionally and intellectually though I am pretty much outta there, too bad it probably won’t be able to save me (or anyone) in the end. I was so hopeful at one point, but it seems as if I overestimated the power of consciousness-raising and perhaps even the desire of other women to try something new. It doesn’t help that we are all sick now. It definitely makes everything harder. Thanks for reading.


  12. Materially I’m just as stuck as every female on this goddess-forsaken dump. I just meant: mentally. I have you and Witchwind to thank 1st and foremost for that. Without you 2 I’d still be wondering around questioning if I’m crazy if no one else can see the reality that I do.


  13. The PTSD to autism eye contact connection blows my mind. I just realized that I don’t have trouble reading eye expressions of actors on a screen or dogs!!! because there’s no fear attached to it!! I’ve also experienced a lot of derealization as part of HFA. Weirdly PTSD-like as well, isn’t?



  14. I’m with you on the hopelessness of converting women as well. I don’t understand the inertia. Why would slaves not wanna be freed? What can possibly be worse than the hellhole we’re living in already?


  15. Yes to the ASD as a protective mechanism. Without it I might not even become a radical Womens’ Libber.

    Think of the sensory stress even: generally only industrial lights, noises and overpopulated human energy stresses ASD sufferers out. Because humans are not adapted to them as a species! They’re very recent and very toxic developments. For most of our evolutionary history we would’ve lived in small groups with lots of space around us and noises only from nature, primitive tools & 150 humans max. When I ended up in the country for a visit – every cell in my body relaxed.

    So why is it considered a pathology to be maladapted to an environment that is so bad for us? The answer is that males love disconnecting themselves from life an drowning it out with artificial sensory assault.


  16. I think most women are cowards with no imagination TBH. But on top of that I also know things can ALWAYS get worse. Whatever any woman is going through at any one time, she could also be doing it with a dozen dicks inside her, in more pain than she’s already in, and with less things to comfort her. The only reason I’ve been “brave” is because I always had suicide as an option if I’m honest. And most people don’t think of suicide that way (whether or not they should). A lot of women have probably attempted suicide and failed too. So there’s that. Things can always, always get worse.


  17. Obviously, that this is our station means it really can’t get any worse than that can it? I get what you are saying. Maybe we think too much about “I” and not enough about “we” when it comes to class:female? When we are completely selfless in every other way because we have no choice. I don’t know. It will do your head in thinking about it. Knowing that I could end up sick and homeless at the same time really makes me want to keep a roof over my head. Knowing that drugs don’t work makes me want to keep my MMJ and my cats, which are literally the only comfort I have in my life anymore. And because I’m sick I know I will not be able to comply well enough to maintain any of that. So each day is both precious and hellish at the same time. It’s just unbelievably nightmarish honestly. What the fuck.


  18. That’s exactly what I meant: that there is nothing to lose for us AS A CLASS. Because we’re already in a position where either one of us could end up dead, or with a dozen dicks inside or any no.of horrific things AT ANY MOMENT. Compliance doesn’t save us from it. So why comply? When we literally hold the power of life or death over all males because they come out of our bodies and they depend on us for survival.

    I didn’t get really radical until I became chronically ill because it gave me nothing much to lose. I’m luckier than most disabled women – I have a loyal mother, so I didn’t become abandoned. But any sick male could kill her at any time (they already crippled her), or my pets, or take away my savings or avoidance of PIV. You’re always on shaky ground as a woman. And I live in a no-gun country > so no easy suicide.


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