Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Hurricane Florence Evacuees. Norovirus or Radiation Sickness? Please Read to the End.

These videos were created by a respected anti-nuke activist calling himself Strontium Milks.  He notes that the catastrophic flooding created by Hurricane Florence last week, where water currently continues to rise a week later, has likely overcome the nuclear reactors at Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant causing releases of nuclear fuel into the environment.  Brunswick NPP declared a state of emergency last Saturday as flood waters rose, stranding plant workers on the property and preventing outsiders from accessing it.  Of course, no releases were admitted to and none probably ever will be, so it is up to us to make sense of what happened there and to decide for ourselves whether we have experienced yet another nuclear disaster and what to do about it, if anything, including how and whether to hold anyone accountable for lying to us.  Relevant to the discussion of how high the waters rose, where the water was coming from, and what kinds of releases occurred, we have been told that multiple dam failures in the area caused flooding of coal and natural gas power plants releasing massive toxic coal ash contamination into the Cape Fear River which will severely and permanently contaminate coastal communities and waterways and will soon make its way to the ocean.

That’s what we know about other power plants in the area and that is certainly bad enough.  But what else was likely released into the flood waters ahead of, during and following Hurricane Florence and how would we ever know?  Well, one piece of evidence would be symptoms of disease in the human and animal residents of the area and we do in fact have evidence of an outbreak of gastrointestinal symptoms in evacuees:

Officials say that norovirus outbreaks are caused by a group of related viruses that account for more than 90 percent of gastrointestinal illness outbreaks in the country. Noroviruses can be found in stool and vomit and are very contagious.

Symptoms of norovirus illness usually begin about 24 to 48 hours after close exposure and can appear as early as 12 hours after exposure and include:

Abdominal cramps
Low-grade fever or none at all

Norovirus, you say?  Of course, those storm victims immediately suspected of having contracted norovirus are the ones being formally surveilled by the state and are living in storm shelters, but how many others are suffering, what are they doing about it (or more likely, what are they not doing about it considering everything else they have to deal with in the midst of an ongoing disaster) and how would we ever know?  The reported outbreak at this shelter is interesting, to say the least, considering that the symptoms of norovirus are virtually the same as symptoms of acute radiation sickness which are as follows:


Radiation sickness is damage to your body caused by a large dose of radiation often received over a short period of time (acute). The amount of radiation absorbed by the body — the absorbed dose — determines how sick you’ll be.


Although radiation sickness is serious and often fatal, it’s rare. Since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, during World War II, most cases of radiation sickness have occurred after nuclear industrial accidents, [bold mine — CRE] such as the 1986 fire that damaged the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, Ukraine [and the one at Three Mile Island in the United States, and Fukushima Daiichi in Japan as well as others that were downplayed or completely buried — CRE]


The severity of signs and symptoms of radiation sickness depends on how much radiation you’ve absorbed. How much you absorb depends on the strength of the radiated energy, the time of your exposures, and the distance between you and the source of radiation.

Signs and symptoms are also affected by the type of exposure — such as total or partial body. The severity of radiation sickness also depends on how sensitive the affected tissue is. For instance, the gastrointestinal system [bold mine — CRE] and bone marrow are highly sensitive to radiation.

Initial signs and symptoms

The initial signs and symptoms of treatable radiation sickness are usually nausea and vomiting. [bold mine — CRE]  The amount of time between exposure and when these symptoms develop is a clue to how much radiation a person has absorbed.

After the first round of signs and symptoms, a person with radiation sickness may have a brief period with no apparent illness, followed by the onset of new, more-serious symptoms.

If you’ve had a mild exposure, it may take hours to weeks before any signs and symptoms begin. But with severe exposure, signs and symptoms can begin minutes to days after exposure. [bold mine — CRE]

Possible symptoms include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Dizziness and disorientation
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Bloody vomit and stools from internal bleeding
  • Infections
  • Low blood pressure

When to see a doctor

An accident or attack that causes radiation sickness would no doubt cause a lot of attention and public concern. LOL. [bold & LOL mine — CRE]  If such an event occurs, monitor radio, television or online reports to learn about emergency instructions for your area.

If you know you’ve been overexposed to radiation, seek emergency medical care.



Radiation is the energy released from atoms as either a wave or a tiny particle of matter. Radiation sickness is caused by exposure to a high dose of radiation, such as a high dose of radiation received during an industrial accident.  [bold mine — CRE]

Sources of high-dose radiation

Possible sources of high-dose radiation include the following:

  • An accident at a nuclear industrial facility [bold mine — CRE]
  • An attack on a nuclear industrial facility
  • Detonation of a small radioactive device
  • Detonation of a conventional explosive device that disperses radioactive material (dirty bomb)
  • Detonation of a standard nuclear weapon

Radiation sickness occurs when high-energy radiation damages or destroys certain cells in your body. Regions of the body most vulnerable to high-energy radiation are cells in the lining of your intestinal tract, including your stomach, [bold mine — CRE] and the blood cell-producing cells of bone marrow.  


Having radiation sickness can contribute to both short-term and long-term mental health problems, such as grief, fear and anxiety about:

Experiencing a radioactive accident or attack

Mourning friends or family who haven’t survived

Dealing with the uncertainty of a mysterious and potentially fatal illness

Worrying about the eventual risk of cancer due to radiation exposure

Of course, radiation injury can also become chronic such as with radiation enteritis, otherwise known as inflammation of the intestine, which is frequently caused by focused radiation “treatment” for abdominal and pelvic cancers.  And as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis patients know too well, intestinal inflammation and its attendant gastrointestinal symptoms can have “unknown” causes too.  Unknown to us but perhaps not unknown to everyone.

Now, that last little bit about “complications” of radiation sickness is interesting, and is something I’ve wanted to discuss for awhile but I couldn’t figure out how to do it: to ask and try to answer the question, “If we did have a major nuclear release that was likely to cause widespread acute and chronic illness, genetic including generational defects, catastrophic related expense, and the like, why would the experts including well known anti-nuclear activists lie to us about it?” While most thinking people would expect the industry and its lobby to lie to us about the damage nuclear causes, how sick it makes us, and the literal impossibility of storing man-made nuclear products safely or of ever cleaning it up when our “containment” of it inevitably fails, we also see well-known and well-respected anti-nuke activists like Arnie Gunderson, Christopher Busby, Helen Caldicott and others severely downplaying the disaster at Fukushima and we have to ask ourselves why that is.

Relevant to this discussion of alleged norovirus outbreaks potentially covering up for outbreaks of radiation sickness, it is also worth noting that Pacific ocean cruises have been struck repeatedly by outbreaks of alleged norovirus in recent years, when both ocean currents and atmospheric jet streams are known to be carrying a continuous radioactive plume due east from Fukushima away from Japan, over the northern Pacific Ocean and towards the west coast of the United States and Canada.  Whose interests (if anyone’s) would it serve to be honest about — or even to interrogate — the origins of these mysterious gastrointestinal ailments acquired during Pacific (or any ocean by now) ocean cruises and whose interests would be served by lying about it?

Of course, thinking people will realize that the airborne plume did not stop when it hit the American and Canadian coastline.  It went across the entire North American continent and then all the way around the world and as it is a continuous plume that has not been stopped at its source, because it cannot be stopped, fresh contamination is still being released and the plume is still traveling around the world and probably always will be.  Official US Government models of the radioactive plume from Fukushima (below) taken from here.

And I think the answer, well one answer, to the question “Why lie?” is that if these “activists” — some of which are medical doctors — have decided or been told that public health is their primary concern, rather than accurately reporting and interpreting nuclear events including the events at Fukushima, then downplaying a catastrophic nuclear release that none of us can do anything about, and where worrying would not help (because nothing can) and where stress and worry cause severe negative health effects in themselves, might seem like the “right” thing to do.  They are trying to control public panic, stress, worry, and the social, financial and other chaotic fallout that panic would cause above and beyond the uncontrollable, unmitigable effects of the radiation itself.  That’s why even “good” people would lie to us about it, and why anyone “good” would ask them to, and why they would potentially get into a shitheap of trouble if they ever told us the truth about any nuclear release — among other reasons, the lie is for our own good.

Meanwhile, we see both incidence and prevalence of mysterious chronic illness and associated costs skyrocketing, including illnesses like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis (and others) whose gastrointestinal and other symptoms mirror radiation sickness more or less exactly, which are notoriously resistant to conventional treatment, both incurable and progressive, and which are known to “cause” or to be strongly associated with cancer.  What if we are all suffering from radiation sickness and the reason we aren’t being told about this is because someone decided that knowing the origins of our disease would only make it worse?

Why are so many people, especially women, having gastrointestinal symptoms in recent years?  Why are people having trouble digesting and absorbing food at all, considering that GI distress — and difficulty digesting and absorbing food — is not normal and is in fact incompatible with life?  How are those magical yogurts working on your gastrointestinal symptoms ladies?  Be honest.

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  1. This is very frightening! No one will ever tell us the truth. Greed keeps these types of things going and The Powers That Be want to keep their power with no backlash from us.

    This got me to thinking about what happened to my aunt. She worked her entire working career at a company called Picker X-Ray (now called Philips). In her early sixties she began to feel unwell and was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. The doctors told her that this form of leukemia can only be contracted due to over exposure to radiation. She died shortly after receiving her diagnosis. My aunt was the person who would go in and check the machines for problems. She wore a card around her neck which they were supposed to punch everytime she went to check the machines. This was to keep track of the amount of radiation she was being exposed to in order to prevent over exposure. She said that they were not punching or marking her card every time she went to check the machines. When she questioned it they told her they did not because she was not in there long enough to be exposed. After my aunt was diagnosed with this rare leukemia Picker X-ray (now Philips) said that they were not responsible and she must have picked up radiation poisoning elsewhere. I will never forget the evening I read that letter. My aunt had always been a very strong and outgoing woman but that evening she was like I had never seen her before. She was quiet and depressed and I was furious! My family never took action (her husband died before her) and now I am thinking a blog post about what happened to her would be in order. My aunt worked for Picker from the 1960’s through 1980’s.


  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment! I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your aunt, that is terrible. And all too common I’m sure. I’m not surprised she was quiet and depressed after learning that she was lied to, harmed, and that there was nothing she or anyone could do about it. That is so defeating, and I think I know the feeling. My entire family on both sides lives downwind from 2 nuclear power plants where I lived for 18 years and a couple after that on and off. Did any of them care, even my doctor dad and nurse mom? As if! They were happily being exposed to radiation at their hospitals too and bringing it home like it was nothing. My elementary school even went on a field trip to one of the plants! And guess who signed the permission slip and packed my lunch to boot? As if that wasn’t bad enough, I eventually moved to the east coast which is downwind from, well, basically every nuke plant in the northern US innit! Not to mention several locally which probably had releases during Hurricane Sandy. And I didn’t know this until I had researched nuclear for many hours but apparently nuke plants are not “contained” as everyone likes to believe but rather, they have to be constantly vented into the atmosphere or the buildup of heat and whatnot will cause them to detonate. Everyone thinks the containment vessels are airtight and they may be, but what’s the difference if they have to blow the seals every other day or whatever in order to vent the contents? Nuclear is just lies built on lies built on lies. And I have heard that so-called global warming is really the increased heat from man-made nuclear fuel too that would not exist in nature and now has very severely contaminated (and heated) the Pacific and other oceans and the entire world by now, even before Fukushima really. This has been going on since the 40s. Would the global warming connection really surprise anyone? Not really, not once you think about it for half a second. But the cultural conversation is specifically designed to be thought terminating so that no one is capable or even interested in thinking about it at all, even when they get sick. It’s a bit late by then, and who has the energy anyway.

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  3. FUCK

    I’m a woman of few words these days.

    The list of “complications” really threw me for a loop. What other illness lists “mourning the dead” as a side effect, that’s wild.

    I think I’ve said, I’ve been reading books from the seventies. The fantasy novels of that era have a strong anti-nuclear slant. Well, the ones written by women anyway. It’s crazy how prescient and up-to-the-minute topical they are. Women KNEW what was going on 50 years ago, how the FUCK did they make us forget?


  4. Hi Nat thanks for your comment! Yes the so called “mental health” complications of being irradiated. I guess if we aren’t ever told that our loved ones are sick and dying from radiation (or that we ourselves are) that complication goes away. The wonders of modern medicine ay? The truth is literally so awful that just knowing about it will make people sick and die so let’s just completely lie and make shit up from now on mkay? But the thing is, people are getting sick and dying anyway. What about them? Just keep making them think they’re crazy and tell them that taking drugs that give them AIDS will make everything better. I feel like I’m in hell, a literal crazy-making insane nightmare from hell. And it’s such a good question, how did they make us forget? The women who “knew” this 50 years ago are probably the last healthy generation we will ever have (well actually, they were probably the first generation getting sick and having sick kids). Getting and keeping people sick is a great way to make them forget or to just not have the time or energy to know about anything in the first place. Where are the children of the anti nuke activists? To be fair, Dana Durnford is sure the industry is going to have him executed/assassinated soon. He probably isn’t wrong about that. So are we back to just cowardice again? We’ve talked about that before and it just BUGS me so bad. How did we let this happen? I really don’t get it.


  5. Also, I’m not sure how much needs to be said about this, but the anti nuke activists I follow — the real ones, the ones who aren’t being paid for their work and certainly aren’t being paid to lie — are all a little crazy! You can tell by looking at them that they are mentally and/or physically ill, and I am not saying that to diminish their work, quite the opposite. Doing that kind of work would tend to make anyone sick and crazy, going up against an industry that has more money and more political and institutional power than God, can have you arrested, tortured, disappeared, killed, that threatens your family, drains your resources and whatnot is very stressful and hardly health-promoting. And then on top of it, probably most people would never believe that the nuke or any industry would actually do stuff like that, on top of believing the pro-nuke propaganda that nuclear is harmless and that everything is fine. Even after 70 years of media and military campaigns telling us how bad it is, now Ann Coulter just has to say that “scientists” say radiation is actually good for you and people believe it! Even if they don’t normally believe Ann Coulter about anything, somehow that message gets through and is universally believed! It’s some crazy making shit. Dana Durnford’s material is impeccable and unimpeachable. Yet, you can see his mental and physical health deteriorating over time by watching his YT videos on his channel. Kevin Blanch is nuttier than a fruitcake (or is he just an artist?) and is an AML leukemia survivor and his health crashes every couple of years. I can’t even watch his vids bc his style is so crazy and so erratic. And that’s so unfair because they are the only ones visibly doing this kind of work and not lying about it like Christopher Busby, Helen Caldicott and others who all look very nice (and sane) in their fucking buttoned up shirts and university funding. But dammit! I can see Dana’s mental health deteriorating over time. They did that to him, the work did that to him. He didn’t start out that way, or at least it wasn’t as noticeable as it is now. And even if he was crazy to begin with, if his message is truthful why does anything else matter? It’s so, so unfair. I’m saying all of that to say this: is the modern mental health police to blame for dissuading people from this kind of work? Are people afraid of looking or becoming insane? If they are paying attention they probably should be! Western psychiatry is fucking outrageously oppressive. You can be locked up without a warrant literally forever. Was it always like that? I’m not sure but it’s scary as hell out there now to go against the grain at all. And what about child protective services taking away crazy people’s kids? Does that have something to do with most modern people being disgusting worthless cowards and sheep? Is this getting worse over time? I don’t know. But even if it was, why wouldn’t that make people MORE willing to go out on a limb, not less? I have never understood that! It makes no sense.

    And anecdotally, the only anti-nuke activists I ever knew IRL were very active in the 80s and 90s, they were a married couple with a bunch of adopted kids, she worked for Catholic Social Services and he was an architect and they had a sweet cushy little life, a beautiful home and whatnot even as they were getting arrested for peacefully demonstrating. How hard would it be to dissuade people like that — middle class people who are trying to accumulate — from going further with their activism or from even doing it at all? Notably, that kind of activism didn’t fucking work, and the way we know that is *look around*. Why didn’t they do something that worked? Why didn’t anyone? I don’t know. It’s as depressing as it is mysterious.


  6. When I ask myself ‘why didn’t they do something?’ it always turns to ‘why don’t I?’ And I think you have the answer- the soul-crushing grind of being ill, and the fear of being institutionalized. So, cowardice basically.

    Another part that’s been bugging me is just… WHY is an impossible feat of bravery even necessary against my own species. Like, this elaborate system has been formed with the ultimate goal of destroying ITSELF. How does such a thing happen? It shouldn’t be possible for sadism and cowardice to override a living thing’s basic drive to live. Right? but then obviously… SOMEONE wanted it like this. Is this what religious people are talking about when they say ‘fallen nature’? IDK, it has me thinking about what makes us different from other life. We have this intuition that we *are* different, that our self-awareness / consciousness sets us apart, and that this isn’t necessarily a good thing (tree of knowledge, etc.) So are we just seeing the natural end-game playing out? Is this the natural result of ego superseding the will to survive?

    Now that I’ve typed all of that, I’ve convinced myself it’s actually the opposite. Maybe there’s nothing weird about this at all- algae fills my pond, soaks up all the nutrients it can, then it all dies. Maybe that’s us, just on a different scale.

    Like everything else, I guess it doesn’t matter.


  7. Hi Nat, thanks for your comment! I guess I’m not surprised that activism doesn’t work now, but there had to have been a point where something could’ve worked, before things got this bad. I always go back to the Enclosures where the land in Europe was first cordoned off so most people couldn’t use it. That’s where all of this started, I think, where people had to sell their labor for wages and couldn’t forage for food and water anymore, or live on (or “off”) the land. Why didn’t they just say OH HELL NO right then? I just do not understand that. And yes, I do think this is the logical result of capitalism and patriarchy, but algae soaks up resources while we let them take it all away from us! I just do not get that at all. What the fuck.


  8. “there had to have been a point where something could’ve worked” <- That's the big question I guess. Was there a point were certain conscious actions could have changed the course of history, or does greed and sociopathy just -win-. period. given a long enough time frame.

    One of the guys who's big in the NTE community (can I just say, the men in those circles are terrifying people. I'm sure you know what I'm saying) said something like "People have very little free will." I think he is kind of onto something. (He also thinks people mainly "deserve what's coming," which is pretty rich coming from a white american male LOL)

    With the enclosures… I think there must have been people who *did* fight. But they were either defeated by brute force, or simply out bred by the people who complied.

    And about the people who comply- I kind of wonder if they actually know something we don't. I remember you saying about feminism, that the majority of women GET that it's pointless. They don't need to try and fail- they just see it. Deeply. Maybe subconsciously. Is that how most people felt, when some sociopath said, "Hey, this is my land now. You can forage it if you give me 30% of your yield and also have sex with me." Did they just accept it as the natural progression of life?

    I'm kind of retreading the same steps here but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  9. I know, I keep rehashing the same thing too. I’ve annoyed myself with it for years but it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Over time it makes perfect sense as you say, I do think greed and sociopathy would tend to win over time (now that you mention it) because in order to be effective against that over time, you would have to be vigilant over time and people who aren’t greedy sociopaths just dont tend to think that way! They just do their thing without surveilling their neighbors because surveilling your neighbors is what greedy sociopaths do! And yes, breeding does tend to skew things a certain way over time. But what about the generation that first encountered the enclosures? The ones that went directly and noticeably from being free and self-sustaining to being *not* that anymore and something completely different instead? In the moment perhaps they were overcome by brute force but how when there were so, so many more of us than there were of them? Maybe they were just tired of foraging and welcomed the break? Haha! If that’s what it was I think I get that. Being tired, I mean. I’m fucking tired too. So, so tired.


  10. That’s a thought I’ve had- that non-sociopaths would have to *act like* sociopaths in order to defeat them, and that no one has ever been able to do that. It makes me think of how the moral of so many modern stories (i’m thinking, like, Disney movies, TV dramas like the one in your recent post, and even the way history is explained and taught to children) tends to be “The end never justifies the means.” I have to think about it more, but is it possible that that idea is just bullshit? At least, it’s a rule they preach to us while not remotely following. “You can’t do anything mean, rude, forceful, etc. in the pursuit of something positive, even including your very lives and freedom.” That sure keeps the SJW’s in line!!

    My thoughts are getting a little wild on this one. 😉 It’s like they know JUST how to stop us from doing anything “crazy”


  11. TBH now I’m wondering if the Enclosures corresponded to a plague or something else that made the people too tired to do anything about it, or too sick to care. And yes, the ends never justifying the means (but only for us). It’s a matter of framing too, like saying all violence is bad when really what’s bad about it is when it’s used to oppress and torture. Self defense is only for the rulers IOW. I value and welcome your crazy wild thoughts lol.


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