NBC’s “New Amsterdam” Wants Viewers to Believe the Medical System is Broken. The Evidence Shows The System is Working Exactly as Intended (and Does NBC Have Nuclear Interests?)

From the IMDb page for NBC’s new medical drama “New Amsterdam”:

A new medical director breaks the rules to heal the system at America’s oldest public hospital.

From the horse’s mouth: NBC’s tagline for its new show:

Break the rules.  Heal the system.

This is just such basic SJW bullshit I’m tempted to not even respond at all — the belief that oppressive systems of social control are oppressive because they are “broken” and not because they are, well, systems of social control.  For those who don’t know, SJW is a pejorative term and short for the also pejorative “social justice warrior.”  The term is normally used by conservatives in the same vein as “politically correct” is used meaning, essentially, that American movements for social justice are unnecessary and that the market should decide who and what has value and the market has decided it’s white men so everyone else should just shut the fuck up.

SJWs would agree with the assessment of the market value of human beings except that they think it’s unfair that cis white men have all the value while everyone else can go pound sand.  SJWs aren’t critical of the market itself, meaning capitalism, and of course there is no criticism of SJWs own favorite capitalism-related pastime, what is essentially consumerist hedonism.  SJWs believe that white male transgenders, capitalism and consumerism/hedonism are all to be defended at any and all cost, including the cost of literally the efficacy, coherence and internal consistency of their own movement(s) which is supposed to center “fairness” including rejecting privilege and leveling the playing field.  Wow, that was harder to explain than I thought it would be!  Did I get it about right?  If not, I’m sure someone will tell me.

Anyhoo, while I agree that American political, institutional, corporate and interpersonal systems are unfair to almost everyone at some point, clearly I am not a fan of SJWs and their work and I am tired, just completely exhausted and bone-tired of the SJWs 100-year long legacy and indeed baseless generational insistence that things are unfair because they are “broken” and that therefore, things can and should be fixed.  What SJWs do not seem to recognize is that “things” are the way they are for a reason and are not broken at all but are working exactly as they are meant to.  And how, just how in the fuck do you fix something that’s not broken but is actually working exactly as intended?

In the case of a medical system that drains people of their resources, upholds patriarchal institutions and male power, robs sick people of their agency (and problematically, also defines who and what constitutes “sick” so can rob anyone of their agency at any time and for whatever reason they want to) and where Western medicine in particular causes additional trauma and injury known as iatrogenic illness and injury — illness and injury from medical evaluation and treatment itself, sometimes known as side effects, medical mistakes or medical malpractice — the fact that it does those things at all is prima facie evidence that those exact outcomes are what was intended all along.  Isn’t it?  I mean think about it — powerful people created these unnatural systems out of whole cloth and they could’ve made them do whatever they wanted them to do.

To be (more than) fair, let’s call the presumption of intent in this case a rebuttable presumption; it can be rebutted with evidence that as soon as the (allegedly) unwanted result became known, everything was changed so that the unwanted result didn’t happen anymore.  Importantly, this systemic change would be implemented by the people who created the system in the first place.  The presumption of intent is not rebutted where outsiders, including victims and their advocates, have to suggest, facilitate and/or monitor the change and to make sure the identified harms don’t happen again.  Even if some type and degree of change is forthcoming from outsiders’ efforts, that doesn’t change the creators’ intent one bit.

Can we at least agree on that much: if the victims have to rally for change, whether or not their efforts actually work, the presumption of intent on behalf of the creators remains.  If the victims having to force the change somehow supports the notion of mistake or accident on the part of the creators I don’t see how; maybe someone can explain it to me.  Otherwise, I think that baby has been put to bed.  And so has any notion of “fixing broken systems” been put to bed.  So can everyone stop saying it?  No?  Why not?!

Because NO ONE of any consequence will EVER admit that what is done to us in the name of capitalism and patriarchy, in this case by the Western medical machine, is done on purpose!  Never ever will this be admitted in mainstream discourse, even activist discourse, nowhere except for truly radical discourse, namely, that espoused by radical feminists.  Even other so-called radicals including anti-capitalists, anarchists and others will never admit that patriarchy even exists, let alone that women in particular are deliberately harmed by patriarchal institutions as well as interpersonally by individual men even though that is demonstrably true — I have outlined how to demonstrate intentional harm above.  And why this nearly universal insistence that political oppression including resource extraction, removal of agency, unilateral power to name and define, and causing physical and mental harms is not intentional?

I don’t know, unless it’s because thinking that these things are deliberate is simply too much for most people to take.  That the horror of it is literally too much or too extreme to be believed, or that the horror — if it were true, or accepted to be true — would even tend to drive people insane.  Fair enough.  I’m not a robot afterall; I agree that these truths are unpleasant and stressful.  Sickening, even.  But where does that leave people who don’t have a choice in what they see or accept because they can’t NOT see the truth, they can’t deny the obvious, and who insist, no matter who and what tells them not to, on believing their lying eyes?  What happens to us when we see what’s happening but where the cognitive majority are too stupid to perform a simple deductive exercise (an exercise I demonstrated above regarding how to prove intent) and where the political majority — even among activists — refuse or otherwise fail to recognize political oppression when they see it?

Well, one thing that happens is that we — and only we — recognize political propaganda when we see it, like NBC’s new show “New Amsterdam”.  I mean this just reeks of propaganda, it’s clearly selling something (it’s on TV, duh) but what?  A little digging reveals that there are very close connections between the entertainment and nuclear industries, where General Electric (GE) has pulled the strings at NBC for a long time, taking special care to protect GE’s interests in — wait for it — nuclear power.*  And nuclear power and nuclear medicine are fuck-buddies too, where essentially nuclear waste products are used in “modern” diagnosis and treatment of disease, even as we realize that man-made nuclear radiation actually causes illness and injury in itself but let’s forget about that part.  Here, we see that so-called nuclear medicine is rather indistinguishable from modern medicine, otherwise known as Western (capitalistic patriarchal) medicine.

nu·cle·ar med·i·cine

the branch of medicine that deals with the use of radioactive substances in research, diagnosis, and treatment.

So here I am, a cognitive and political minority of about 10 people it seems (5 of them probably read here lol) who can see one episode of a show about “fixing medicine” but realize it’s actually about nothing of the sort.  More likely, it’s about getting sick people and people who care about sick people to accept the shitty reality of (nuclear) medicine (and nuclear!) as it stands today while getting all misty about what “could be” if only medicine weren’t so broken…and losing the political plot including our righteous rage in that mist.  And where any thinking person could easily see that this kind of “entertainment” is actually evidence that “they” know what they are doing to us, how it harms us, what we actually do need, and that they flatly refuse to give it to us anyway.  Because doing things exactly as they do them serves the only interests that matter: their own.  And no amount of trite SJW bullshit is going to change that one bit, now or ever, because this shit ain’t broken, no, this shit is known to work.

I don’t even know what else to say about it except that.  And to link to a somewhat related blog post I read a few minutes ago about what it looks like when the social “majority” is actually a fucking cult.

*I can’t tell what exactly the current relationship is between NBC and GE as the usual amount of mergers, buyouts and whatnot have worked to veil these connections.  But if anyone is interested in digging into the entertainment/nuclear connection a bit deeper, Westinghouse also has historically significant nuclear interests (they build billion dollar nuclear reactors for one) and apparently has owned CBS since the 90s.  This entertainment-nuclear-Western medicine connection is a bona fide thing.

4 thoughts on “NBC’s “New Amsterdam” Wants Viewers to Believe the Medical System is Broken. The Evidence Shows The System is Working Exactly as Intended (and Does NBC Have Nuclear Interests?)

  1. Thanks for the pingback! Great minds think alike. You are so correct here that I am speechless. Everything is wrong but nothing is broken. It is working perfectly as intended. It is well thought out, planned and patiently executed over many many generations. It doesn’t need fixing. It needs total destruction across the board: government, religion, healthcare, education, etc. We just need for humanity to be free and attempting to fix what is not broken will not work. It’s just a bunch of hot air in an attempt to placate the masses. Ok, so maybe I’m not so speechless.


  2. Nope not speechless afterall! Haha! Thanks for reading and for your comment. It was interesting reading your post as I was nearing the end of writing this one. I was taking a little break to organize my final thoughts when I saw your post about the majority of “society” being an evidence-free faith based cult. What does that make us then, when doing an intervention or rescue operation on the majority of the population is impossible? It’s a frightening place to be, but your post is so correct that it’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to this fucked up shit. That reality won’t save us though, and that’s where I get stuck. So am I just supposed to let them lock me up? Commit suicide to avoid it? Or what?

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  3. Yes, when I hear how people believe so soundly that a fish ate a man and after three days vomited him back up alive and in perfect health and that people take it literally (to the point of arguing or fighting) instead of metaphorically and then think I am crazy for my actual experiences, it blows me away! I feel like screaming “Seriously???!!!” My faith and knowledge is based on my own personal experiences and not due to something I read in an antiquated religious text. Most others have blind faith which is very dangerous and I believe that is why it was so easy for “them” to pull the wool over society’s eyes for so long. Yes, the whole of society is nothing but a cult. Yes, it is terrifying for people like us to be here but we are here for good reason. I know that it appears that quotes from Krishnamurti and blog posts from us seem as if they will not change anything but when you put all of these efforts together they are and will change things. Today there are more and more people who are seeing the truth than ever existed before. It has been slowly building up. It took them many generations to get society to this point and we need to patient in combating it. The fact that it is too late for us is of no consequence to me because I care about our planet and future generations. We are not speaking in vain or wasting our breath. Every little bit helps even if it does not seem so.

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