Storytime. That Time I Was Attacked by a Serial Predator (and The DA Called Me About it 20 Years Later).

Today I received a telephone call from an investigator with a California District Attorney’s office (I won’t say which one).  His message said that “no one is in trouble” and he just wants to speak with me about an old case.  When I Googled, I found the man’s name and number on a telephone list for the Sex Crimes investigation unit.  He was indeed an investigator with the DA and I figured I knew what he was on about — I was sexually assaulted in college by a serial offender and I deduced that my attacker had been arrested again.  It’s the only “old case” I could think of and certainly the only sex crime in which I was ever involved.  Of course, as an attorney, I kind of think investigators are shit/pure evil (of the little dick/huge ego persuasion) and I also know they lie.  So I didn’t care to take or return a cold call from one.

Instead of calling him back I called his supervisors and left voicemails introducing myself as an attorney and asking what the call was about.  Later, the investigator called me back and left a more detailed message, this time including my attacker’s name.  Obviously I recognized the name; what an unpleasant, unexpected and unwanted blast from the past that was (is there any other kind?).  The guy they were calling about had been a stranger to me — so much for the “strange men are totally safe because the men you know are worse” liberal feminist trope — and he had digitally penetrated me in a public place.  A Halloween party.  The police report and subsequent deposition for the case were a riot.  The Guy With the Knife In His Head did this.  Ace Ventura did that.  It was surreal, darkly funny and traumatic.

As I recall, by the time I was called in to do the deposition on my assault my attacker had been arrested again, this time for the rape and attempted murder of his common law wife.  They told me he was definitely going to jail on charges related to that and they planned to drop the charges related to my assault as part of a plea deal.  They asked me how I felt about that, explaining that if I wanted the prosecutor to pursue my case, as a victim, they would consider my wishes.  Since he was going to jail anyway I said that was fine with me.  I was busy trying to survive college and work, my attacker’s lawyer was a dick and had harassed me during the depo and I really didn’t care to have anything more to do with it.  I bowed out and as far as I know that’s exactly what happened: my case went away and my attacker went to jail.  The woman he had raped and tried to kill declined to cooperate at all, saying she would not “help white America put another black man in prison.”

Now, 20 years later I get a call from Little Dick/Big Ego who promised I wasn’t in trouble and said he just wanted to talk.  Is that any way to start a fucking conversation?  Jesus.  It was almost as if he didn’t want me to call him back at all.  Unsurprisingly, the guy who attacked me 20 years ago has been arrested again, this time for rape and sodomy.  I Googled his name and read the details of his latest violent femicidal crime.  Apparently, in California, the prosecutor can bring in victims from prior similar cases to show that the accused is a lifelong asshole (essentially) and the prosecutor is hoping, this time, “to put him away for life.”  My attacker had already been a lifelong asshole when he was arrested for what he did to me and the cops all knew him — long before that, they had given him a nickname that started with The.  You know, like The Hulk, The Terminator, The Situation, etc.  I won’t say what the nickname was but it was a shortened version of his last name and he had a history of prior offenses “as long as my arm” as the cops and prosecutors all told me at the time.  So now, 20 years and a hundred lifetimes later, I have yet another prosecutor wanting my perspective on “Mr. The” because apparently, trying to keep a serial woman abuser in prison is like trying to nail Jello to a wall.

Anyway, the investigator spoke to me for all of 2 minutes and told me that the DA may want me to travel to California to testify at Mr. The’s latest trial.  Clearly, there is no way I could physically or otherwise do that and when I declined to appear he abruptly ended the call.  Before he hung up, he asked me if I had contact information for several women who were, I assume, additional former victims.  I of course did not.  I asked him if he had contacted the prosecutor that handled those earlier cases and he said he had left messages for them but no one ever called him back and besides, the 20-year-old case files might’ve been purged by now.  Honestly the entire thing was so ridiculous that if I hadn’t investigated him before we spoke, I would’ve thought he was a debt collector (or someone else) lying and being shady in order to get me on the phone.  What the fuck dude?  You’re a professional investigator and you’re asking me if I have current contact information for people I never knew?  You have no information on my or any out-of-state case against your perp, a known serial predator, and you have no way to get any?  Prosecutors’ offices don’t talk to each other?

Is this literally his first day, or is he just playing it close to the vest?  Or what?  More likely, would they be a little less in the dark if Mr. The’s previous victims had been men?  Sounds legit.

After I spoke with the investigator, one of his supervisors for whom I had left messages called me back.  I suggested that even though I would not be able to appear in person, perhaps I could give a statement or help in some other way.  (For some reason, Little Dick/Big Ego seemed disinterested in anything except an in-person appearance-on-demand).  For example, I told the supervisor about Mr. The’s history with the local cops, his nickname and his arm-length list of prior violent offenses against women, including attempted fucking murder.  Afterall, judging by what I was told at the time, any or all of the local cops from that time would probably still remember Mr. The, would probably be easily located, and being familiar with his work, would likely be eager to talk.  He seemed interested and said the investigator would call me back tomorrow.  So that happened.  And I’m sure I will be put on payroll immediately for doing the Sex Crimes investigations unit’s fucking job for them yeah?  Right.

For my part, I’ve decided that, while I won’t go out of my way to assist this prosecution because I can’t do shit like that anymore (plus I know it’s useless) and I won’t regale the investigator with details of my attack either (aka. provide wanking material for perverted Sex Crimes investigators) I will absolutely drop a dime on Mr. The and tell them everything I know about him and his priors if it means they might actually put him away for life for fucking real this time.  It’s worth a phone call, sure.  But anything more than that?  Like traveling and whatnot?  LMFAO.  Absolutely not, not considering the cost/benefit of literally doing a lot of something for a bunch of nothing.  And of course, I couldn’t help but think about just how much female time and energy are wasted on this shit — on helping men prosecute other men for the things men do to women, when if men really and truly cared about that, they would do things much differently than they’re currently done.  Wouldn’t they?  Like not letting an attempted woman murderer plead down in the first place.  Like not dismissing legitimate charges of lesser crimes.  Like never letting these woman-hating douchebags out of prison at all, even if it means arranging for my attacker — and every attacker — to have his liver unceremoniously sporked in the prison showers.

Yes, I’m speaking of vigilante justice, and don’t act so surprised.  Men do shit like that all the time when it’s something they actually care about, whether or not they should, we know they do.  But when it comes to deterring known serial predators of women from creating additional victims, the best these pricks can come up with is to ask for women’s help, in my case, to call a chronically ill woman stirring up painful memories, ask her to travel 1000 miles for essentially nothing, and check the “no” box on the form when she declines.  Here, assuming they really don’t have access to the evidence of Mr. The’s previous crimes, I have information that just might help them and they didn’t even think to ask.  In fact, judging by these interactions, including what wasn’t asked for or said, it almost seems like the investigators at the Sex Crimes unit don’t want to “put him away” at all.  That they are just shuffling papers and looking busy — and thereby covering for and protecting known serial predators, and bothering women — until it’s time to go home.



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  1. I’ll bet that in these past twenty years he has accumulated enough offenses against women that they certainly did not need to drudge up old memories for you. Why don’t they just castrate him? I am not saying this due to his ethnicity. I am saying this because he seems to have a dick he cannot keep under control.

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  2. Yep! Exactly right. I don’t give a shit that he’s black either. The Keystone Cops are covering for him just like they do for all men, he’s a rapist and attempted murderer at the very least, so what’s the difference? Fuck him. I have no sympathy.

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  3. Living in a world where 99% of people are waaaaay stupider than you (and I know they are evil and doing it on purpose, but they are also plenty stupid) is completely terrifying.

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  4. this is why there’s rapekit backlogs in most states, and the domestic violence rate in police families is higher than average. the police really don’t give a shit and won’t do their job, even when it’s obvious and then, “oops too late, mass shooting and we never knew HE had problems or why he killed mostly women, even tho he liked to beat his girlfriends and wife and had lots of guns”. i’m tired of trying to figure out why society shits on victims and is ok with only 2% of rapists getting convicted. then they spend very little time in jail and why no one cares that 60% of victims don’t bother reporting. do they think denial will work on serial rapists they keep ignoring? this world just really hates females and loves to re-victimize us, feed off our suffering and fear like the parasites males are. the best course of action for survivors would be quietly exterminating sex offenders. it’s even better if the Survivor never reported it, no connection or tie to a suddenly dead and missing serial predator that cops are too inept to catch. heck, the egregiously bad sex offenders that somehow got caught and punished have their addresses listed…

    also it seems like a violation of the victims privacy for the investigator to ask you about them by name and for their info, that’s fucking nuts. but it’s an insane world men live in and keep trying to drag us in too. i’d shame the hell out of them for never catching this serial rapist and not knowing shit about the victims.

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  5. Hi Lady Love, thanks for your comment. They used to routinely let sexual predators out of custody explicitly because they weren’t “a threat to the community” because women aren’t part of the community to these assholes. Not anymore than a broom or a crock pot is a member of the community. And you can always just buy a new one of those if something happens to it, am I right? BTW the investigator never called me back. I never should’ve even checked my voicemail for all the good it ever does me. Literally all bill collectors, and then this inept desk jockey and his bros that only ended up stressing me out and wasting my time.

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  6. And this is why I despise liberal feminists. They think that rapists deserve to go on their merry raping way if the dick happens to be black. And if you disagree with that, even if you yourself are black, you are a racist!

    They are idiots. And it saddens me that plenty of black women, like his common law wife, agree.

    I’m pissed that happened to you, and her, and all the other women he attacked. When it comes to dicks, the only color I see is red.

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  7. White men get away with shit because they are white but I’m not so sure black men get railroaded as often as SJWs probably want to believe. They just don’t have the privilege of getting away with shit and they’re pissed off because they want to get away with shit like white men do. Forgive me if I think racial equality in prison means more white men in jail, not less black men. Not when we all know what all men do and especially when we know what they all do to all women. Fuck them all, I seriously don’t even care.

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  8. You know that enlightening discussion we had on HFA, Nat? I gave up on trying to squish myself into NT norms the moment it dawned on me that} it involved dumbing myself down, draining out my passion & destroying my soul with boredom. Our whole lives Aspie & other bright women are duped into thinking that we lack something.

    The truth is that we have TOO MUCH. Genius is exclusively female. The whole education & legal system is there to drag that genius down to male mediocrity. Smart girls don’t learn to be smarter at school..They UNlearn their smarts.


  9. So true, kaguyamouse! It’s honestly horrifying how much girls have to “unlearn” and how traumatized we are by our “”education””. In a convo with CR esq, we both realized that “good days” when you are chronically ill and confined to your house can kind of feel like snow days (days when school is canceled). I have been thinking all day about why that would be, and I think I have it- a snow day is like a temporary reprieve from hell. It’s like, “you’re off the hook for now, enjoy it while it lasts” and that is a very specific feeling.

    How fucked up is it that the literal end of the world, suffering the compounded effects of progressive illnesses, kind of reminds us of grade school???


  10. Yes!! And while home, we can read and think in peace and not be subject to the absolute terror regime that is “NT female socialization” that is unleashed on HFA/Aspie girls at school by EVERYONE –teachers, NT girl students, and all males.

    I found college to be a slight reprieve from this, but then the adult working world seemed just like pre-college schooling but even worse, because there were no clear rules and no grades. So you could be fired at any time without knowing that you’d been screwing up at one of the innumerable norms for a while, and you wouldn’t have a folder full of A pluses on tests (even if your teachers gave you “unsatisfactory” in “plays well with others and acts appropriately feminine”, ie “attitude and comportment” add-ons to grades pre-high school) to protect you.


  11. That sums up my experience with school and work too Antinatalist. I did very well in college and law school because it was merit-based and my teachers appreciated having a student that was smarter than a bag of hair. I always found that work was not merit based and on top of that, the rules for “good lawyer” and “good woman” are contradictory yet you have to (somehow) do them both at the same time. Like being confident and deferential at the same time, competent yet self-deprecating, simultaneously ruthless and kind. I just couldn’t pull it off successfully and I have no idea how any woman does. Being “liked” goes a long way it seems, but you still have to perform these fundamentally contradictory roles. I found it exhausting, demoralizing and ultimately futile to even try.


  12. CRE, do you think this plays a part in autoimmune diseases hitting almost exclusively women (besides the huge reason of males poisoning the Earth and forcing women to use innumerable poison “beauty supplies” or get fired)? Because trying to accomplishing something utterly impossible like your work situation (while knowing you cant, because it is an inherently contradictory situation, and knowing the consequences for poor and homeless females) is the very definition of body-impacting stress.

    The conspiracy theorist in me also believes the sadist males running the world finds female bodily pain so sexay that they have somehow created toxins that almost exclusively target women. It sounds crazy, but check this out–where I live, some retail stores (mostly those that sell food) have signs that say “Prop 54 (or some other number) requires us to inform you that the products sold may contain a chemical known to cause harm to the female reproductive system”. You know, because female humans aren’t people, just life support systems for the creation of future rapists and rape victims. I wonder if they actually said “could cause harm to WOMEN” there would be more of an outcry, probably not. It instead would probably lead to pregnant women getting arrested if they gave birth to a stillborn or disabled child and someone tattle-taled that she had eaten a sandwich at one of these places. Holy shit.

    Re: not even trying, I don’t either. I never could “pass” as normal. Did great in college and grad school, fired from every job I ever had. Of course, in first grade, before the feminization imperatives started (if I was a kid these days, I wouldn’t have even had a few years reprieve), my teacher declared me a genius and I skipped a grade. By fourth grade I came home depressed every day because my teacher never called on me because she “liked boys better” and the girls called me a dyke. All the smart boys got hobbies and mentoring while I did not (nor did the other girls). I f I ever tried to join the all-boy lessons in activities I found interesting, the boys bullied me and the teachers ignored it (and me). I eventually stopped trying and was bored stiff and hobbyless, because I didn’t enjoy the few hobbies deemed appropriate for girls. So I was left alone to get good grades and eventually have nowhere to channel my intelligence. I think schools do this on purpose to thwart gifted girls, particularly autistic girls who don’t “get”, much less abide by, gender norms.

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  13. IDK how much of this is deliberate and how much is “deliberate” in the sense that if they didn’t want the result they would stop (re)producing it. If it was actual policy and practice to target primarily women that wouldn’t surprise me at all. It’s indistinguishable from what we know to be true anyway (they could stop if they wanted to but notably they don’t). What you say about these things that cause harm to the “female reproductive organs” makes me think about things that cause harm to the “digestive system” like Crohn’s. Compartmentalizing is patriarchal and it stuns me that people are able to do this successfully but most people seem quite adept at it. But regarding our “innards” and things like tummy aches and whatnot, people do not seem to think abdominal pain and issues are important, as if it’s our arms and legs (or heads?) that are keeping us alive and not the stuff inside our torsos. I’ve been reading lately that endometriosis is an autoimmune condition in that while “something” disperses endo cells outside the uterus, our own cells are not pathogens so our immune systems shouldn’t attack those cells causing inflammation and pain etc. but they do. And the inflammation is what’s problematic about endo as far as I know, not the fact that the cells are in the wrong place. But can women, who are complete organisms that cannot be compartmentalized in reality, survive and thrive while suffering harm to our “reproductive organs” IOW the contents of our torsos? What the fuck are people thinking? And yes it has to be that they just don’t care because women aren’t actual people. There are millions of us missing from public life because we are ill and no one misses us, our minds, our humor, our contributions at all. Or, as you say, we get fired from our jobs because we can’t perform these roles that are literally impossible. Men don’t miss these missing women and women don’t miss these missing women. Things just plow ahead without us and if we can’t keep up it literally seems not to matter. We disappear into the shadows to experience the consequences alone. We are just irrelevant in the workforce, the community, and in culture it seems. A rather large deal is made about our exploitable labor but how important can we or our labor be when they are hurting us on purpose and nothing changes when we’re gone?

    My mom said I came home from my first day of kindergarten crying because I thought all the other kids were stupid and I already knew everything we were supposedly being “taught.” I remember being very excited to start school but after that it was a blur. I was put in the gifted program in middle school only to be the dumbest one in the gifted class because I couldn’t do logic puzzles. Like I just couldn’t get them. Logic puzzles is what they mean by gifted? I didn’t do well on them on the pre-law school exam (LSAT) either but I still managed a decent average on the test and then fully aced law school. I was getting 100s while the next highest grades in my class were in the 70s. So IDK! It definitely does seem like some women are being left out of everything (not average, not “gifted,” definitely not stupid, so what’s left?) I actually think I missed my calling in music. I was tested in elementary school and had the best “ear” for music of anyone in the entire regional school system (!!) and it was suggested that I play a string instrument that would utilize my ear. The middle school I was going to didn’t have an orchestra so they said the only band instrument that would use my ear would be the trombone. The fucking trombone! Like any 4 foot tall girl wanted to play that! Not to mention we had to walk a half mile (or was it a quarter mile?) each way to school and a trombone was extremely cumbersome. I wanted to play the violin but it was literally never suggested that I take private lessons even tho my dad was a doctor and could’ve well afforded it. So yeah, who cares about girls and whether they ever find their place? No one, apparently. Obviously, if anyone wanted to change these outcomes they could, but notably, no one ever does.


  14. They made me play the french horn!!!! Like, basically a tuba that you have to stuff your fist in, so when you finally get to take your hand out it’s all disgusting and pruney from your own spit and whatever is in the disgusting rented french horn. And yeah, they flattered me a bunch about “my ear” and my “maturity level” to get me to accept that monstrosity. ugghgghghghhghghgg… it seriously IS like they were intentionally holding us back. I know it makes me a self-centered conspiritard to think that way, but come on!!


  15. OMG gross, is that how you have to play a French horn? I had no idea. It’s probably for the best that I didn’t play the violin because it’s really hard on your neck and I started having neck problems in law school. Professional violinists probably have terrible problems with their necks can you imagine? Because you can’t just do anything professionally in moderation, or in a way that’s not harmful, no. What would be the point of that? I did pick up a secondhand fiddle in college and took fiddle lessons for awhile. It was fun and I was indeed good at it but I had too much real life stuff to do to keep up with it. Last I saw my fiddle it was at my mom’s. She probably threw it away. lol.

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  16. Wow” I had an easier ride than other gifted girls here:
    I started school a year early cos I aced standard tests. It was the best school in the city and it taught me English. I played piano to please music teacher grandma, but wasn’t talented.

    Boredom @ school kicked in when I moved here.
    So did bullying. I found western high school to be a zoo with zero discipline or respect 4 learning or 94% female teachers. I was 2.5 years ahead but couldn’t skip cos I’d end up @uni @15. It was 2 much on top of migration shock

    I went from 16 subjects in old country to 5 here. I filled up time with every extracurricular on menu.The dance theater was really fun & my nerdy female friendship group helped me survive.

    College (pre uni over here) were my best 2 school years. I’d happily have stayed there 4 life. I duxed it (valedictorian).


  17. Weird how high on hierarchy Drs r in 1ST World. In my 2nd world most Drs including specialists were female. Consequently they were paid like dirt & had low status. The upside is that there was no power tripping in patient interaction. The feminization of medicine happened in communist times & followed the same pattern as feminisation Iin every other profession.

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  18. I’ve heard that about Russian doctors in particular. That they are majority female and have low status and low pay. What is the coerciveness factor regarding medical goods and services there if you know? Do people HAVE to engage with medicine if they don’t want to? It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the situation where a doctor would have low status, what does that mean? Is it just not that important there or what? If not, why not? Fascinating.

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