American Feminism Was (Is) a Psy-Op. Western Medicine Shored up Male Power. Discuss.

This post is about American feminism specifically since that’s the brand I know the most about and the one that affects me every day of my life.  I am not talking about other “feminisms” in other places but here in my own country where, after 100 years of feminist activating, including actual and/or perceived successes American women still face the following oppressive realities of living under American men’s particular brand of patriarchy:

1.  We are removed from natural food and water sources and rely on necrophilic men to supply us and our dependents with the material necessities of life including food, water and plant-based medicine;

2.  Our land including our soil, air, water and biomass (i.e. food, pets and ourselves) have been consistently poisoned since the 1940s (that we know about) with male-made nuclear radiation where this kind of ionizing radiation is known to be dangerous and not compatible with life or health;

3.  Physical and mental “health” have been medicalized where “health problems” are synonymous with “medical problems” meaning that in America, health and Western (capitalistic patriarchal) medicine are the same thing;

4.  All institutional power remains in men’s hands with only token female representation in positions of military, economic, academic, scientific, police, media, regulatory and all relevant political and social power in every area.  This includes 100% male control over Western medicine and therefore over sick and dying bodies.

This is a partial list and a specific progression but it will do for now.

What is a psy-op?  A psy-op or psychological operation appears to be a propaganda campaign including slogans aimed at a political enemy in order to get them to activate toward and achieve state interests.  For our purposes “state” interests is interchangeable with patriarchal interests and refers to male interests and male power achieved at women’s expense while “propaganda” refers to American media including representations of so-called feminist speech.  Working backwards, we can see that once feminists (of all people!) started activating towards and achieving patriarchal goals, there was indeed a propaganda/slogan campaign that preceded it.  Also for our purposes, we can presume both causation and intent where the result of this propaganda campaign — women activating towards male interests — was completely foreseeable and besides, if men didn’t like the result of women activating towards male and against female interests men could’ve stopped or changed it at any time.  Of course they never did.

After writing about my experience with Western (patriarchal) medicine for a year now, where I have been robbed of my health and then faced oppressive social and political consequences of my disease that have nothing to do with being sick and everything to do with being an oppressed person under capitalism and patriarchy, I can’t help but conclude that American feminism has failed us.  It didn’t work.  After 100 years of feminist activating in the West, American women are still fucked and being fucked (and fucked over) in every way imaginable and it’s not primarily about voting and husbands and money anymore if it ever was but about men having wrecked our entire country by now with male-made nuclear contamination > makes everyone sick > Western medicine is 100% under male and patriarchal control.*

That is the reality in which women and feminists find ourselves in 2019 and there is simply no way around it.  While it is true that “if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything” and that therefore, in taking our health men have taken everything from us, the effect on American women of our lost health goes beyond even that: the full-scale contamination/unhealthfulness of our food, water and air means that no matter what we do or don’t we are likely to become ill and/or saddled with caring for ill dependents.  And our rather unavoidable illness and that of our dependents will funnel us into men’s abusive Western medical machine that will chew us up forever and there is not a good goddamned thing we can do about it.  

To wit, once we or one (or more) of our dependents become sick, as we are the caretakers of our own and our families’ health it is primarily women who will be subjected to medicalized patriarchal control including medical surveillance, i.e. required examinations, “check-ups” and the like.  Likewise it is women who will face restrictions on our movement and speech including required regular contact we cannot opt-out of including on behalf of sick children and social taboos against criticising Western medicine and those in the medical profession generally including “heroic” and authoritative doctors, nurses, hospice workers and others.

And as it’s primarily women who suffer from confounding untreatable, incurable and progressive diseases such as autoimmune disease, primarily women will be forced to liquidate our assets (if we even have any) to pay for medical care for ourselves and others including so-called alternative medical care that is also under male control and is therefore fundamentally necrophilic and unlikely to heal us.  Western medicine also notoriously causes iatrogenic illness and injury and makes us worse over time necessitating more interventions and so on.  And if we have no assets, and most women don’t, we must submit to grueling, ineffective and even toxic and dangerous Western medical interventions in exchange for disability-based benefits if we are literally to survive.  This medicalized patriarchal control over women and our dependents (and therefore over women in multiple ways) is overlapping and complete.

Get it?  Despite decades of feminist activating, American women are now completely and demonstrably under male control via the Western medical machine that requires and enforces our submission/compliance on every level and which cannot be avoided once we become ill, and we are nearly assured of becoming ill due to men’s policy and practice of ongoing severe environmental pollution.  For our generations of activating women have been granted unfreedom of thought, speech, privacy, movement and our material survival is left completely in the hands of our oppressors — men.  That patriarchal control over women is now complete means that, despite superficial appearances, American women are now completely disenfranchised and that therefore, American women’s oppression is worse now than ever.  Doesn’t it? 

How and why did this happen despite women’s and feminists’ best efforts including generations of feminist activating?  In hindsight, considering that women’s failing health is what seems to have finally, effectively shored up male power in the West, our so-called feminist movement seems to have played a significant part where feminist women were duped early on into trading our historical and indeed natural dominion over food, water and matters of the “home” (in other words, the literal necessities of life) in exchange for the money and consumerist power needed to buy those things from men.  And when considering the elements of a psy-op, it would seem that any pro-woman intent of the American women’s liberation movement was thwarted when American feminism was reduced to a slogan — slogans being a tool of propaganda and psy-ops — in this case slogans of “equality” and specifically economic equality, where money, as I understand it, was only ever a scam designed to fool oppressed people into trading things that are inherently valuable (such as land and gynergy) for worthless paper.  Think about what that means.

Money, and therefore economic justice and economic equality, is and always was a trick and we fell for it, where what women actually wanted — to survive and thrive on our own terms rather than being used and abused by men — was reduced to an equality sound-bite and one that actually defanged if not completely reversed the meaning and goal of feminism which was women’s liberation from male power.  In short, women were duped via feminism into relinquishing our birthright of actual, meaningful control over the necessities of life — our natural right because we create life — in exchange for positions in the public workplace for which we were paid worthless paper.  And that tradeoff was and still is what we and everyone thinks “feminism” is all about.  As perhaps the final insult to our intelligence and our freedom, women were convinced by slogans to desire spending-power (consumerism) where the only thing worth buying is land, and where perhaps the original intent of the money-scam itself was trading worthless paper for inherently valuable real estate.  Despite alleged economic/financial successes for women via feminism, land/real estate in particular remains so “expensive” (meaning that it takes so much economic and other power to purchase it) that it’s still out of most women’s and women’s collective reach.

Of course, land ownership is of particular import to women where large tracts of land are more or less required to grow food, and where ownership rights (at minimum) are needed to keep men out and to prevent them from poisoning the land, and by extension the food, water, the air and us.  Women’s large-scale ownership (meaning control) of land is exactly what women do not have and it is unlikely at this point that we ever will.  The modern trend of “independent” women purchasing tiny homes on tiny (or no) plots of land, where they still purchase contaminated food, water and the necessities of life from men and are still under the jurisdiction of Western medicine when we become ill from it seems to punctuate the feminist misstep and is where generations of the feminist psy-op has left us.  Ironically, these relatively large (for women) tiny home or even flat/apartment purchases often strain women’s meager resources beyond the breaking point, leaving us even more vulnerable than we would’ve been had we saved our money and remained renters with a landlord to cover property taxes and expensive or unexpected repairs.  And on it goes.

There is surely more to say about the feminist psy-op and about Western patriarchy’s final, successful domain over women via Western medicine and I have said quite a lot about that control in the articles on this blog.  For now, as I am posting this on a symbolically relevant day, I will end this post with a thought on International Women’s Day.  Considering our history and our failures, which include our apparently abject failure to liberate American women from male control, I really think Western and particularly American feminists should probably shut the fuck up about feminism already because we clearly have not a single clue what we are doing and that we have failed, where we have failed, and why.  At this point, if other women around the world have managed to retain control over their own food, water and/or medical care they are doing much better than we are and it would probably behoove us to listen to those women, emulate them as much as we reasonably can, and to not pretend for one second that we are doing any better than they are, or that those women need our brand of “feminist” help.  That’s just not the reality of our situation or theirs.

*I also blame GMOs and their appearance in the American marketplace in the 1990s which more or less coincided with our nationwide epidemic of obesity and autism/ASD where both obesity and ASD are known to be inflammatory conditions and therefore autoimmunity related.  And the epidemic of autoimmune and immune-mediated diseases has only worsened since then and affects primarily women.  But for purposes of this post I think focusing on nuclear contamination will do.  Nuclear contamination also causes genetic defects in plant- and animal-based foodstuffs — and in us.