8th Anniversary of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. A 3/11 Post. PS. Radiation Causes Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease.

Today is the 8th anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.  On this day 8 years ago — 3/11/11 — Japan experienced a 9.1 earthquake and resulting tsunami that destroyed a large portion of its eastern seaboard and caused at least 4 nuclear reactors to melt down, irradiating the facility and surrounding landscape with nuclear fuel.  There were multiple detonations at the site in the following days which spewed nuclear fuel rods into the air, water and soil.  The contamination of the Pacific ocean as well as the air at the coastline of Japan quickly spread around the world particularly the northern hemisphere.  Obviously, the Hawaiian islands and the west coast of North America including Canada, the United States and Mexico were hit soonest and hardest. This official model of the path of the contamination plume is taken from NOAA’s website here.  NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (the US government).  Of course, since the nuclear material has yet to be effectively contained on site and likely never will be, the plume coming out of Japan has never stopped.  It has been an ongoing circulating plume starting anew and aggregating every single day via ocean currents and the atmospheric jetstream for 8 years by now.

Most people and especially most sick people do not have the energy or even the cognition needed to thoroughly research this event and to come to rational conclusions about it including the potential and actual effects on our health and lives.  There is also an active and lavishly funded propaganda campaign that’s been running on us in full force since the event intended to cover up both its occurrence in the first place and its completely predictable effects on the environment and in turn on our planet’s biomass (read: food, pets and ourselves) in the second.  So there’s that.

It is my observation that propaganda is particularly effective against sick people and their carers knowing the truth about the nature and prognosis of disease where Big Pharma has managed to convince everyone that if we just swallow more and different poison that it will somehow make us feel better and not-poisoned and people believe it!  Perhaps especially Americans seem unusually susceptible to patriarchal propaganda and ignorant about anything health-related and combined with our cultural death taboo and extreme patriarchal conditioning we worship Western medical (male) authority and accept its lies even when it is in direct opposition to our lived experience.  That is the purpose and effect of propaganda afterall.  American corporate interests pay billions of dollars annually to inundate Americans and others with pro-corporate propaganda (otherwise known as advertising) because they know it works.

Likewise, we have all been fed a line where the harms of male-made nuclear radiation have been known for decades and yet we have accepted “treatment” including diagnostic testing with male-made nuclear isotopes in the form of “nuclear medicine” for just as long and we are not expected to recognize the sleight of hand there and most of us do not recognize it until it’s too late if we recognize it at all.  For example, cancer patients receiving so-called radiation therapy where radiation is known to cause cancer and which treatment actually does cause severe iatrogenic illness and injury requiring additional interventions and so on.  Predictably, when these irradiated cancer patients almost universally end up dying anyway they are said to have died from the original cancer and “complications” of the cancer and perhaps helped along by the “side effects” of the medications.  We are not allowed to consider that it was actually Western nuclear medicine that killed them and tortured them viciously up to the end.

The disaster at Fukushima is of particular import to readers of this blog and all chronically ill people everywhere because male-made radiation is known to trigger and/or exacerbate chronic inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disease.  A cursory review of the medical literature bears this out even though most people do not realize a correlation exists.  I didn’t know about it until I started researching radiation enteritis as a possible explanation for my own gastrointestinal condition where my dickless medical team were content with telling me the cause of Crohn’s disease is unknown. Anecdotally, while I was mostly able to control my GI symptoms for some 20 years using diet and supplements, I became increasingly ill after the Fukushima event as did other AI patients I know.  By the fall of 2012 I was no longer able to control my symptoms no matter what I did and began a rapid descent into the hell of incurable and progressive disease.  Here, in an article entitled “Radiation-induced inflammation and autoimmune diseases” we see that a causal link is accepted where people irradiated through nuclear accidents develop autoimmune thyroid disease and diabetes even though the exact mechanism by which radiation causes these diseases is not yet known.

Especially radical feminists are aware by now that due to men’s lies including so-called national security, biased accounts of history, corporate and other patriarchal propaganda campaigns and the like, our own history is mostly unknowable to us.  We are unable to access the information we need to put the pieces together and the information we do have, anecdotal and otherwise, is largely unverifiable by male or scientific standards and therefore, our theories exist at the level of conspiracy theory (repackaged today as so-called “fake news”).  Of course, the very existence of patriarchy is an unverifiable conspiracy theory/fake news to most people despite its obvious existence (patriarchy means that all relevant power lies in men’s hands with only token female representation in areas of military, economic, regulatory, academic, sci-medical powers and so on which is verifiably true but regarded as an unverifiable conspiracy theory anyway).  We are used to this.

We, more than anyone, must seek out information where and when we can and then mostly rely on our own discernment as “verification” in order to save precious time and to come to rational conclusions about our reality and our lives.  We must come to rational conclusions if we are to act in our own best interests and under patriarchy this is exactly what women are forbidden to do.  As a shortcut, I recommend the work of the Nuclear Proctologist aka Canadian anti-nuke activist Dana Durnford to those who want to understand what happened at Fukushima on 3/11/11 and what the literal and figurative fallout of that event has been and is likely to be, particularly the related effects on our own health.  The above video link is to his 8th Anniversary Livestream which will begin at 2:30pm Pacific Standard Time today (in about 10 minutes from now) which I recommend people watch and then use their discernment to come to rational conclusions about what happened that day and about how it is expected to — and demonstrably has — affected us, particularly our health.  Thank you for reading.