Moron The Feminist Psy-Op. Women Really Are Mentally and Physically Ill. We’ve Been Bred For It for 10,000 Years.

I wrote in this space before about what I am calling the Feminist Psy-Op where American women have been bamboozled via feminism to activate against our own interests where we traded our natural dominion over food, water, and plant-based medicine — the literal necessities of life — for the promise (a mere promise!) of increased consumerist power to buy those things from men.  Although it was too late by then to save ourselves anyway where male-made nuclear contamination and other industrial pollution had already permanently poisoned our land including the soil, air, water and biomass (read: food, pets and ourselves) in the second half of the 20th century American feminists agreed to voluntarily and forever give up any claim we may’ve had over the only things that really mattered and we and everyone and every living thing on the planet have only suffered since.  Because as they say, if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.

As a general matter, and to the extent it is dependent on a healthy physical environment, our health had already been taken from us but we agreed, essentially, to not complain about it and to give it all over to Big Brother — to Let Go and Let God (where God is men and patriarchy).  This sickening trade-off — female power over food, water and the necessities of life in exchange for a male promise — was and is what is known as American feminism.  As the timeline suggests, we were already in serious trouble by the time any American woman got the vote where toxic industrial pollution was already a serious problem by the early 1900s; likewise, by the time the 1960s rolled around (the 60s being the start of American radical feminism when female anti-war activists broke away from misogynistic male anti-war politicking) male-made nuclear pollution had been circulating in our air, water and biomass for some 20 years and was only getting both more common and more extreme.  I can only conclude that women’s agreement to hand over power to men was symbolic by that point and was only ever intended to thought-terminate and shut us up forever about the so-called and strategically denigrated “matters of the home” including the completely predictable effects of male-made pollution on our health and lives.

We already weren’t healthy though if we are honest about it, where women have been bred via rape and other male (not female) sexual selection for 10,000 years — that’s 500 generations — to be concubines, broodmares and cannon fodder for patriarchal men.  And that, I think, must be the context in which an honest discussion of women’s health takes place: the context of a 10,000-year more or less global patriarchy and thus, 10,000 years of the literal genetic modification of females by males where women have been bred to serve men and male interests.  In short, mentally and physically weak enough to put up with men and maleness despite everything males do and everything males are.

Considering our documented history of female illness and physical and mental frailty compared to males, and there is a lot of that kind of evidence despite what anyone thinks about it, I think there is plenty of evidence (not proof) that women’s health has been in serious trouble for a long, long time (at least a couple hundred years) and what did feminists have to say about that?  They said women aren’t sick and told patriarchal men to stay in their goddamned lane when it came to diagnosing and treating “sick” women who really weren’t sick at all.  There was no room within this allegedly feminist discourse for the possibility that, while men should absolutely stay in their goddamned lane and stay the hell away from sick and indeed all women, women truly are unwell en masse, and we are unwell en masse because of what men have done to us socially, psychologically and genetically for 10,000 years.  Only an extremely mentally and physically ill woman would put up with male shit so men made us that way to suit themselves.  We needn’t imagine what the last 200 years of severe environmental pollution (including 70 years of male-made nuclear) has done to women’s collective already-failing health where women’s chronic health conditions have skyrocketed especially with regard to autoimmune disease.

This needn’t be a long post as most of my readers are probably well aware of the centuries of evidence (not proof) of women’s various physical and mental disease as documented by patriarchal men.  We all know about it, we just dismissed it as misogyny when men pointed it out and attempted to treat us and it was.  It absolutely was misogyny for men to point it out and to attempt to treat us, where their treatments included (for example) the dildo treatment, the ignore it and it will go away treatment, the work/fuck/shock/sweat/exercise it out of us treatment (aka. the reverse-the-cause-and-effect treatment), the poison us until we shut the fuck up or die treatment.  And where men’s “pointing it out” consisted of ridiculing and blaming (and incarcerating) us for it.  A goodly portion of us weren’t even given a day off of work no matter how sick we were and that was misogyny too.

None of that is evidence, however, that women were actually physically and mentally well then or that we are physically and mentally well now.  In fact, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary where modern women are sick as hell with often multiple chronic illnesses, and acute illness and injury on top of that, and iatrogenic illness and injury (read: short and long-term side effects of medical treatment including medical mistakes) on top of even that.  And every day our environment becomes even more polluted and toxic than it was the day before. 

This onslaught of autoimmune and other chronic, disabling disease is more than a women’s health crisis, this is an unmitigated disaster for women and for everyone who depends on women (that last bit was for those who don’t care about women but do care about themselves, namely, men whose cradle to grave female caretakers are falling like chronically ill dominoes).  Considering that this particular disaster has been 10,000 years in the making I seriously doubt there’s a lot that can be done about it now, not that anyone who matters probably even cares to try.  Of course, thinking about women’s health in the correct historical context of 10,000 years of patriarchy including genetic modification of females to be compliant victims for men will be required to get at the root of the problem, and the only people who have the motivation to do this correctly are not just the ones who have the least political or other power to do anything about it, we are also the ones who are getting the most sick and have the least amount of social and other support to deal with our illness: women.

Female thinkers are getting (and likely always have been) seriously mentally and physically ill, and between the cognitive and physical effects of both the disease and the treatments including mind-altering drugs, there is little chance that any of this is going to be properly thought about let alone conclusions drawn and solutions implemented.  The bullshit, lying, stumping for men and denial of women’s truth that passes for American feminism — the feminist psy-op — will continue to work as propaganda for as long as it’s needed, in this case, as plausible deniability for both women and men that women are really, truly ill, we have been for a long time, we are only going to get worse and we are unlikely to ever be well again.