The Diagnostics Racket. Ft. Scooby Doo.

This needn’t be a long post but I was just thinking about how disingenuous it is to break up bodies into “parts” and “systems” in order to diagnose what’s wrong with sick people as if it matters.  Sick is sick, and if anyone were being honest about any of this we would all admit that what sick people need, more or less universally, is marijuana and a clean, safe environment in which to convalesce and to maybe or maybe not “recover.”  Some things have no cure.  We know that.

Marijuana works for everything, for every “part” and every “system” (the body/mind as a whole IOW) and this has been known by humans for thousands of years.  Playing dumb and worse, subjecting sick humans to inherently necrophilic compartmentalization in any form in order to heal them is not going to work.  Stabbing sick people in the bone to see if they have leukemia — when we already know that marijuana is a the safe and effective treatment both for leukemia and things that mimic leukemia — is simply cruelty.  Get it?  Subjecting anyone’s allegedly loved one to a bone-stabbing for no good reason — and I just showed that there isn’t a good reason — is cruelty.  And friends and family (and doctors obvs) should be ashamed for doing this but when it comes to the diagnostic racket people seem pretty shameless.  It frankly disgusts me.

You all just want to play dumb, acting like marijuana and a clean, safe place to convalesce isn’t clearly, obviously and universally what’s needed in every case.  Your ignorance is cartoonish.  You sound exactly like Scooby Doo in my exhausted fed up and terminally inflamed brain.

Sick person: I need real medicine that works in the first place and to stop being made worse in the second.

Everyone:  RUUUUTTTTT?  Rye ron’t ret it!

Sick person: The things I need cost money and I am unable to earn money anymore because sick.

Everyone: RUUUUTTTTTT?  Rye ron’t rav renny runny!*

* Obviously I understand that not everyone has money.  But one, a lot of people have a lot more money than they are willing to admit, they just have other priorities.  Also, there is a whole conversation to be had around the fact that sick people aren’t getting what they need, and that conversation needn’t center the finances of one person or one family.  If you aren’t the one who’s sick the conversation should NEVER center on you, it’s not about you.  RUUUUTTTTT?  Yeah.

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6 thoughts on “The Diagnostics Racket. Ft. Scooby Doo.

  1. I made to the stunning realisation lately …that I wasn’t simply too mildly Aspie for it picked up in childhood.//
    ….I simply wasn’t Aspie @ all!#@!

    I developed all the traits rapidly when moving to the 1st World & consequently consuming all the sugary, GM, stuffed full of nasties material (which passes for food). And it went right alongside with a perpetually upset gut.

    While I do have ASD-type Papa, that only gave me a pre-disposition. It needed an inflammatory push – as it seems. It all got an awful lot worse once my head became further inflamed after a Bartonella infection.

    The DSM included the physical symptoms of autism (sensory; inflamed skin not liking touch; high pain sensitivity;
    temp control; otherworldly level of anxiety etc.} & the mainstream now recognises the need for weighted blankets & stimming, & high-end headphones> to alleviate bodily distress; and some grudging accession to perhaps not forcing Aspies to act socially Normal TM – leading to a world of pain +burn-out

    Because it’s exactly like someone with 1 leg being forced to run daily &n acting like their difficulty with that IS ALL in THE HEAD

    …which all begs the question of “Why the hell is it still compartmentalised as a Psychiatric Illness?!!” NO other mental illness has a long list of bodily inflammation symptoms (they aren’t called that! ] to simply get diagnosed. There’s Double-think of the highest order going on with the Spectrum.

    in a broader sense – it’s like that with ALL “mental illness”. Someone I know~ found that her Bi=polar was inextricably tied to her Celiac (Again _gut!!!)

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  2. That’s an interesting observation about ASD kaguya. That it’s clearly a physical ailment and still compartmentalized as psych. Even admitting it’s neuropsych would be an improvement but that implicates brain damage (that’s what ASD is) and no one seems willing to go there and tell millions of helicopter mommies that their little snowflake ASD kiddos are brain damaged. FWIW the only meltdown I’ve had as an adult was when I was extremely ill with Crohn’s and had to wait in line in a literal fucking hothouse (MMJ greenhouse) for my medicine. I’m lucky they kind of knew me there and didn’t call the cops or the ambulance but I’m sure if they did no one would’ve cared about the Crohn’s and just focused on the “behavior.” Which I was unable to control because I was already at a 10 from the pain and symptoms of Crohn’s and the need to venture out in public bc I have no help, combined with the hothouse environment and incompetent “budtenders” pushed me over the edge. It’s terrifying how this is all perceived. Someone once suggested, what if there is no such thing as psych problems and it’s all just physical and people’s behaviors and whatnot related to being physically sick? What if indeed.

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  3. Furthermore, nobody acknowledges~ how flipping hard it is to maintain feminine decorum & appearance, & safety from males, menstruation….as a very sick, inflamed ASD female. When i brought it up with my diagnosing psych__ he dismissed it as my “rigid thinking”….

    ha! If the dude had to spend 1 day in my life – he’d melt down in an hour.

    It’s so wistful for me to think that I was completely dif. person as a child (pre-Western food onslaught). i wasn’t even much of an introvert: I could spend any amount of time with kids & adults I liked. Most notably of all: I INITIATED SOCIAL CONTACT without trouble & didn’t feel like I live underwater + don’t belong to the human species.

    Now my head-to-body response is so slow> that it takes a few beats for the signal to travel down. this is downright scary : i can’t yank my foot away from something that causes it injury insantly eg

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  4. And it proven racket: I was pushed into undergoing no less than 3 ASD evals [too taxing with my fatigue] = cos CFS is treated as a “Silly Girl disease” – and didn’t qualify for disability on its’ own. Autism is taken seriously only cos it’s majority male.

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  5. in fact, wait 3..2…1 until female diagnosis rate increases & it gets tossed from Serious List. It’s too much of a cash cow for psychs to treat it as med. think of all the ‘therapy” time they’d lose

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