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The Mumsnet community has found this blog and are intelligently discussing the extensive content largely insulting and degrading me, personally, over my previous antinatalist posts — 2 entire posts out of nearly 100 comprising this project which is about surviving (and not surviving) as a chronically ill female in end-stage capitalism and patriarchy.  I suppose the Mums’ days aren’t full up enough what with the extreme demands of catering to their fuck trophies and future soldiers, rapists and victims, otherwise known as children under the same global system, and asking each other whether they are “being unreasonable” for wanting to be regarded as human beings by their male owners.

The Mums at Mumset also believe that talking to the men at Mumset — the Duds, I guess? — about feminism is a good use of their time.  The Mum who started this discussion also apparently thinks it’s just duckie to ask impregnators (and the impregnated) what they think about antinatalism, as if the strong bias towards natalism on Mumsnet and in a global capitalist patriarchy in general isn’t obvious.  Yes the Mums and Duds on Mumsnet seem to think that natalists and pro-natalists are the endangered cognitive minority in need of protection from the handful of antinatalists that exist on the internet and who do not appear to exist anywhere in real life because they and the antinatalist perspective are routinely and systematically silenced.

There is a lot to unpack in the above vid which is a recent upload from the Swedish Homesteading channel on YouTube and I do not endorse it wholly.  But as a chronically ill woman responding to the natalist Mumsnutters I will use it to illustrate the concept that passing along defective genes and/or a defective mothering instinct violates natural law.  It is only allowed to happen via millenia of unnatural patriarchal and later, capitalistic social engineering which requires it because creating a population of generationally weak, defective humans makes a fine pool of vulnerable victims for males and male institutions to abuse from cradle to grave.  They can and literally do take that to the bank.

I have shown here before the medical research indicating that autistic children, especially boys, are born autistic (read: brain damaged) because their mothers were subclinical, undiagnosed or fully diagnosed autoimmune patients whose immune systems attacked the proteins in the fetal brain in utero.  The 1990s, which is when most of my peer group were having their children, was when the autism/ASD epidemic absolutely exploded in this country but only now, 30 years later, is anyone realizing it wasn’t just a problem with the children — my entire generation of women, the generation that birthed the first recognized Autism Generation, likely (well, demonstrably) were and are seriously chronically ill with inheritable, incurable and progressive autoimmune conditions including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease including the hideous, disabling disease I suffer from, Crohn’s disease.

In my own case, I was a “colicky baby” (which in hindsight was probably undiagnosed pediatric Crohn’s) and my constant wails and inability to be soothed allegedly served as birth control for my mother’s friends but not for herself, where even though she never wanted children in the first place she went on to gestate and birth twice more.  My brother was born with a congenital heart defect which eventually killed him while my sister is the now somewhat regretful “Mum” of a 5 year old autistic girl whose birth/defect casts suspicion on my sister’s health as well, doesn’t it.

In light of the above vid which the creator has captioned “Natural selection is brutal but necessary.  Sadly humans intervene all too often and create livestock that is weak and we end up having to keep them alive with medicine…” I conclude that my own mother should’ve done what was probably the correct and natural response to a miserable, inconsolable infant — she should’ve smothered me with a pillow while she had the chance.  She should’ve done the same thing to my brother too, or rather, when he came out of the womb and instantly turned blue because his congenital heart defect was not compatible with life she should’ve taken a couple of deep breaths and just let him, mercifully, die.  As it was, we all got to suffer right along with him through 21 years of medicalized torture which I have written about before and of course he died anyway, with all of us watching, forever traumatized by it.  As it was, my mother was and is a coward who let capitalism and patriarchy have its way with her children.  And don’t think I’m letting the Dud off easy here — it goes without saying that she should’ve ended him the first time he raped her.

I have so, so much more to say about this but I think that will have to do for now.  I wish that those who support the antinatalist perspective would be brave about it and agree publically, or create supportive or even groundbreaking content of their own on the subject and put it out there, in the public domain, for everyone to see.  If they did, maybe it wouldn’t be so easy for people to pretend that the antinatalist perspective is extreme/fringe, or irrational (but paradoxically also the oppressive majority oppressing the natalists with our inaction) when it’s clearly neither extreme nor irrational: many thinking people from many political backgrounds support antinatalism and the critique of the nuclear (!) family because it’s based in reality and frankly unassailable logic.  This more or less global capitalist patriarchy is no place to be impregnated, it’s no place to gestate and birth, and as it turns out it’s literally no place to raise happy, healthy children when so many of us, generations of us, are seriously, incurably and progressively ill.

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  1. Thank you, once again, for being a most eloquent truth-teller. Excellent video, too. Woe betide the biosphere that falls into the hands of the y-chromo human-geno.


  2. I would also like to give a big FUCK YOU to a bunch of fucking Brits and other Europeans who are telling an American how to regard fertility when Americans have been consistently LITERALLY NUKED by our own government on our own soil since the 1940s. This place is so radioactive it no longer supports life you stupid fucks.


  3. And if they think they are much better off considering Chernobyl and now Fukushima et al they are completely delusional. It’s been a part of our culture a lot longer than theirs tho from what I can tell. Duck and cover kiddos.


  4. As a mother I have trouble understanding this topic and agreeing with it but that is not my point here. You should consider this situation flattery. You got your point across so well that it has drawn attention. The more they focus on your posts the more attention your posts will get. This could lead to more followers.


  5. Thanks for reading Michelle! I’m sure you’re right. It’s just so aggravating to represent the minority viewpoint on an insignificant personal blog and have people act like the minority viewpoint is oppressive. Grow a sack you hothouse flowers. Or just pick up a Cosmo and read the nonoppressive (!) nonoffensive (!) majority view that will give you nothing to think about and put you back into a pro-misogynist pro-consumerist (and pro-natalist) coma.

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  6. Hi CRE, I’m glad to see you’re writing more 🙂 It’s very painful seeing so many of the friends I grew up with now with small children that are either sick, or they are sick themselves while having to take care of them, or everyone’s sick. Not many people seem to even understand that they don’t have to have kids. One of my best friends growing up visited back here with her little toddler and she said how she has a horrible progressive condition with her spine and other stuff and she needs all this medical care that she can’t afford, and it would only improve it not even be able to cure it even if she could afford it. Her and her guy broke up so now she’s alone with the kid and all these horrible problems and she said how I am lucky I don’t have a kid, as if it weren’t choices we had both made. She really wanted to have a kid and tried to have one, but it’s like people just don’t understand the reality of the situation for some reason even if they are already adults who are well aware of how crappy things around them are. People are so sick and can barely afford to take care of these things if they are lucky enough for that, yet they still act like it is some freakish thing to not have kids.

    About your last post, the compartmentalization of everything really does makes it so we can’t really get any decent help. General doctors are useless pill dispensers and the specialists only know about one part as if we are some collection of pieces instead of a whole system. That’s why vets are so much better than human doctors, they understand the animal as a whole and they generally care about their patients too. I just saw how they are saying that they think fibromyalgia is caused by having a messed up gut microbiome. I think this is what happened to me. I’m becoming more convinced all the time that almost all of the chronic illnesses have the same cause of us all being poisoned, it just reacts differently in each of us. Fibromyalgia generally happens after mental and/or physical traumas and then your body reacts with severe inflammation and pain that doesn’t go away, so I think that what happens is that the traumatic experiences are the tipping point where the stuff that is already messed up in the digestive system after a lifetime of poison in all our environment overtakes your system as soon as you have a time of weakness, then after that it is a vicious cycle that continues. Since most people take medication it just further destroys their body and they have no hope of recovering.

    After years of extreme pain I had this horrible episode where I couldn’t eat for months, my stomach was in knots, I was constipated, and vomiting. I was forced to do extreme fasts and drastically improve my diet, which was already way better than the average person but still not good. I lost about 50 pounds in several months. I now see it as my body forcibly clearing out the poison that had accumulated. So I’ve learned before that poison gets stored in fats in high quantities and the way I am understanding it now is that as my body was rejecting the poison and I couldn’t eat hardly at all, the drastic weight loss made me even sicker for a while because I was being poisoned even more from the poison in the stored fat. Then a while after all that happened I have been able to improve so much and have been able to have so much more ability that I have in a very long time. I was never even actually fat but being a bit overweight was holding onto so much more toxicity. Now I am so much more careful about what I eat, but I still have to eat food full of poison and be exposed to it constantly in the environment so I am not able to go any further in making it better.

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  7. How any USA woman can want to produce kids (considering lack of socialized meds,safety net,mat leave, insurance beiing tied to jobs when u can’t get hired with a belly))….
    .is beyond me. U have to remember that Mumsnet is based in UK, which offers all mentioned benefits ‘like the rest of the 1st world. Whereas USA throws mum’s to wolves.
    I also don’t buy women ‘s reasons for wanting to reproduce. What specifically do they expect to get out of it? Antonia Kidman admitted that she has 6>only to get off on the post birth endorphins without painkillers


  8. In fact, mammalian reproduction is so brutally + relentlessly forced on females, cos this method of breeding is decidedly against their every life instinct :
    Pain? Copious, horrendous, ongoing /» too much for central nervous systems
    Illness? Human fetus poisons blood stream&»causing nausea to refuse food¤±the main life instinct!!! Human placentas r made of steel due to evolutionary struggle against mother’s body expelling it
    Dependence? Seal males hold a pup hostage &€ to steal mum’s hunting effort
    Resource extraction ? The hallmark of mammals : breast-feeding, ducks mum’s resources out of body after the suckage of gestation

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  9. I don’t know why people with children are so offended by antinatalism. Antinatalists are a tiny minority. We’re not forcing anyone not to have children. We harming no one. And you don’t even have to subscribe to the antinatalist philosophy to offend parents. All it takes is making the choice not to have kids. Why does that offend people so much? Why on earth do they care?

    I was a colicky baby as well. I don’t know why. I think it was because of parental stress. Babies can pick up on the stress of their mothers and it upsets them. My dad was a mean alcoholic and my mom was considering leaving him. If I know my dad, he was keeping my mom up all night yelling at her. My mom didn’t leave my dad until I was twelve–two more babies later. And then she let him move back in with her. She eventually kicked him out for good when I was 23. It was not a good situation in which to raise children. I don’t know why she stayed with him and I certainly don’t know why she had two more babies with him.

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  10. Thank you everyone for your comments! I might respond more later. For now I wanted to clarify what I mean when I say something “should” or “should not” happen since people get their panties severely bunched over this. While I’m at it, let me clarify the difference between a criticism and an observation. When I say for example that my own mother should have dispatched her severely ill infants and killed her rapist before he impregnated her at all, I am making OBSERVATIONS that are not moral judgments but are based in NATURAL LAW. Natural law is one of cause and effect and does not judge except to dole out foreseeable consequences to people’s actions and inactions. Considering what rape has done to the world (it’s largely responsible for overpopulation and the resulting capitalistic and patriarchal abuses that flow from that) meaning its natural consequences, women have every right under natural law to kill men who rape us or who are known to have raped other girls and women. Women largely have NOT done that and we see the result. I don’t give a fuck if women feel “guilty” about what they have or have not done, the fact is that they either have done something or haven’t done it and there are natural consequences that follow. The natural consequence to women buying into Western medicine on behalf of their seriously ill and nonviable infants (even if the women are coerced, which they are, and that literally DOES NOT MATTER) is that we have generations of sick and perpetually dependent children who are easy targets for capitalistic and patriarchal abuse. I don’t give a fuck if women feel guilty for doing this or not, the fact is THEY DO IT and there are foreseeable consequences to that. So fuck your GUILT, Mumsnutter OP and don’t blame me for what you feel. It doesn’t change anything and therefore I literally don’t care.

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  11. Honestly, sitting around navel gazing about guilt and morality is a completely male thing to do. It’s indulgent and covers up innumerable male lies and abuses, elevates male values over natural law and thereby both obfuscates and demeans natural consequences, and frankly confuses every single one of the issues. And deliberately too.

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  12. Hi anotherwomaninhell, thank you for your comment! I’m glad you are feeling better and I wonder what it was that did it. Everytime I have a good day or a good stretch I have tried to recreate it but it never works. I do think that not eating (fasting) might be key and other AI people have noticed this. Our food is poison, even when we aren’t particularly reacting to it. I felt better when I was starving/fasting from the flu than on a normal Crohn’s day because eating made me so sick. That was before I started using medical marijuana.

    It’s so interesting that you recognized that Big Pharma meds make you sick and that you decided not to use them anymore. That fits well with the discussion of natural law actually bc in a cause and effect way, if you take poison it’s going to poison you of course. It NEVER matters that men or authority says its ok, that its socially acceptable, that your parents or someone else forces you, that you pray that it works, all that guilt/morality stuff is literally irrelevant to cause and effect, perhaps especially when it comes to taking poison! Jeez. That really gave me a lot to think about bc I’ve been resisting Big Pharma so hard for so long and I’m getting so tired. Taking poison would be easier in some ways, I would have the approval of those who want me to for one thing, but who is going to be there for me when the meds make me worse and I’m even less functional than I am now? No one, that’s who. I’ve always sensed that but I never put it into a cause/effect or natural law framework before you mentioned it here. Thank you for that.

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  13. I’m starting to believe that fasting in itself is extremely important to our bodies being able to function right. I don’t think we are meant to be eating constantly like they tell us to. It makes sense that our digestive system would have had rests before we had such abundant food and now if we are in advanced countries where we have lots of food most people are constantly eating and treat it as an addiction so our digestive system never gets a break. If our food was pure and unpoisoned I think it would still be harmful to overwork our systems and that in itself is the cause of some sickness.

    Even if we just restrict our eating to certain times a day and have a longer period each day where we don’t eat I think that could be enough. I’ve been learning a bit about fasting since that all happened but haven’t had time or energy to focus on it. I read about studies on some kind of worm creatures they did they found that the animals not eating that much makes them live longer, and I’ve read people theorizing how basically our bodies react to us having plenty of food to shorten our life span because we will likely be reproducing quickly since we are well fed, but if we don’t eat much we last longer so we have a chance for passing on our genes.


  14. So I left out a bunch of important stuff about when I had that drastic digestive issue. When it first started my abdomen got really swollen and I couldn’t poop enough so I took laxatives from the store because I was in desperate pain, and they severely poisoned me and made me sick in a terrifying way I couldn’t begin to describe. I went to have a couple colonics done to help me clear out my system and that lady actually helped me, with the colonics and this stuff she took me to drink called CALM which is a magnesium drink supplement. I told her about the laxatives I took and she said they were basically antifreeze, which I definitely believe. I drastically changed my diet to get my body working again. I was always vegetarian already and after the problems started I stopped eating dairy and eggs, which I had been thinking about for a while already. I cut way back on the amount of sugar and of bread that I was eating too. The colonic lady told me all this stuff about how bad sugar actually is and it feed everything bad in our body, whether someone has a problem with some kind of bad microorganisms or cancer cells or anything the sugar is feeding it. Which makes sense too because the excess of sugar is very unnatural for us. So I listened to her about the sugar and cut out the other things I knew are bad and ate only very small amount of raw veggies and fruits and soups, with long periods of time in between to digest.

    The really bad problems were lasting months and I actually lost about 50 pounds so quickly because I couldn’t eat. I began throwing up a lot too a bit after I started having the issues with constipation. It got so frightening and wouldn’t go away so I went to the doctors. They gave me a blood test and it was normal and then they did a scan of my insides and said I had a fatty liver. I looked it up and there’s two causes they say for this, alcohol or a lot of excess weight, neither applied to me. I rarely drank and I wasn’t ever that fat and by that time I was underweight. But the liver is to filter out toxins, so I think that it was from a buildup of all the toxic crap in our food and water that I couldn’t filter out. I imagine this is getting to be a more common thing now as people struggle to filter out the contaminants in everything. So I was definitely going to see the doctor and see what they said because I seriously thought I was dying if I didn’t do something immediately. When they told me about the test results they referred me to a specialist. I called and asked how much they would charge, the assistant said she couldn’t even give me a price and it was expensive I better get insurance. So I said well what would you do if I come in? And she said the doctor would give me drugs and “see what happens” and they would put a camera inside me. They would have immediately gone to the most drastic things, no helping me figure out anything about foods that would help and see if I was having a reaction to some food or something. The medical view seems to be that the digestive system has nothing to do with food. I was not down with getting tortured by some asshole who would just make me pay to be abused and at that point I figured oh well I’m either going to fix myself or die. I didn’t have any energy to try to figure out if there was some other kind of doctor to go to, and I didn’t have any money anyways.

    After a while of extreme sickness curled in a ball screaming in pain and feeling like my insides were going to explode, it started getting gradually better since I was being so serious about what I ate and only eating tiny amounts. I still felt like hell for a really long time, my digestive system slowly calmed down and eventually I felt sort of okay. Just recently in the last few months, like a year after that happened, the full body pain and inflammation has gone drastically down and I became much more functional, until then I was convinced that whatever was going on was going to progress eventually. I just saw that new findings about fibromyagia, which is what I am convinced that happened to me, where it is actually causes by a gut imbalance and everything clicked in my head. So like I said earlier, traumas set off our gut to be imbalanced, most people take the poison and get further and further messed up. I never took any poison so I was able to at least partially restore balance and I am trying to figure out what to do to help it more. Since I got rid of all that fat that was storing extra poisons it eliminated a lot of toxicity from my body and since it releases when you lose the fat, it got worse for a long time before it got better. I think this is the source of most of the chronic conditions, our gut gets severely off-balanced and then in many people it progresses into a chain reaction that starts affecting other stuff. For some people it stays static and “just” causes severe pain and inflammation.

    I was also a heavy marijuana user before the digestive stuff. I smoked, vaped, and ate edibles constantly. I did it since I was a teenager because I liked it and then I did it as an adult from the physical and mental pain of living in this world. When that stuff happened I couldn’t handle any of it at all anymore. One hit of weed and I felt like my heart was going to explode and everything just felt awful. I don’t really know where that fits into things or if it does. Now that people are using more weed in legal states they’ve been having people who have horrible throwing up and severe digestive pain from it. Anything too much is bad so it could just be because it is being misused. Though I wonder too if maybe the throwing up is good? Like the marijuana is causing them to expel toxins? Native American groups used to have rituals where they would drink stuff that made them vomit on purpose. It makes me wonder if it is a good thing to throw up occasionally. I do believe that cannabis is a “magical” healing plant and we need it. I don’t use it anymore though because we are behind the times here in my state and don’t have all the methods to use it and I don’t want to smoke or vape anything.


  15. Since I was very little it was clear to me that the medical system was fucked up and mostly useless, though I never understood why it was like that in an advanced country with all kinds of technology at our disposal and plenty of collective brainpower to solve problems… until I found radical feminist stuff, including your blogs, and it really clicked with me that it’s all a big torture system on purpose because men as a whole are inherently sadistic. Regardless of what any individual men are like, what they add up to is always sadism when they form systems.

    In learning about all this medical stuff what I’ve found aside from they just want to poison us, is that the drugs are made only for anglo saxon white average sized men. So they weren’t testing on women at all until recently and they are not talking racial and ethnic difference into account and a lot of times they don’t even take size into account either, like when I got antibiotics after a root canal they definitely didn’t weigh me. All that means that I am so drastically different from the population they are testing on. I am a very small woman and though I am mostly white, my genes are from all over the place. I have all kinds of European and some Asian genes. Red hair is also a factor that makes people react very differently to drugs. When red haired people get anesthetics much more is needed to work. My hair is auburn so I never thought of myself as a red head as it’s mostly brown but I see that genetically I do count as one because the things I’ve learned about how red heads react differently made it make sense why I react so different than most, it’s because I have these rare genes that are not taken into account.

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  16. Nothing is tested on ANY women – esp. not pregnant ones. I wonder if I’ve been accidentally benefiting from male-as-standard trials – cos I’m the height of the av. euro-male.


  17. The Elephant in the Room here:

    NObody’d EVER be pro-natalist in a world where MEN were baby-producers +trainers. This is not about the CHILDREN

    Because People . do not have . Children. Even @ the level of the earliest genetic coding, X chromosomes produce the vast majority of building material. This is beyond my paygrade, but look it up:
    Men aren’t even closely to their own children, esp. girls…! Yes, I know it sounds eye-brow raising, but it’s a genetic fact due to Y being a single generation -only parasite. If it doesn’t attach itself to the X while the carrier lives>} it dies out. The Mumsnet poster herself acknowledged this in the thread.

    So all this hand-wringing above= is really same old Y-chrome depseration to keep its’ hosts captive.

    Motherhood =ain’t nothing but a euphemism, and in every country where women have the option to forego it & reduce it } the jump on the op.

    Mine has a child-free rate of almost 1 in 3. US: 1 in 5.

    NO fewer than 80 countries have fert. rate under 2, meaning[ mothers experience the JOY! once and… duck for cover]

    So the propaganda machine is panicking!..!

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  18. Female bodies’re now shutting down reproduction En Masse,

    up to10% have Endometriosis – A/The leading cause of infertility &miscarriage, closely followed by other types of AI

    Millenial ladies (majority of child-bearing cohort ) ‘re coming down in swarms with PCOS (70% infertile)

    So no matter what anybody THINKs or get up upset about…L
    natural law’s a bitch, and she’s kicking in hard to clamp emergency breaks

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  19. Women are quickly being priced out of the mommy market, especially in
    the US where its tattered social safety net is almost non-existent.
    Ever increasing costs for shelter, food and draconian medial care
    means that women just can’t continue providing for children anymore
    even if they want to. The new tax law in the US has reduced the
    federal subsidy for minor children (dependent exemptions) so even
    lawmakers are giving up. It’s just simple math. It costs more to
    provide life’s necessities for multiple people than it does for one
    person. I guess those at Mumsnet have a problem understanding math.

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  20. Honestly I think the Mumsnet OP wanted intellectual support for her extreme cognitive dissonance if you read all of her replies, but she asked it from a bunch of Mums who are too stupid (and compromised obvs) to provide it. Now she is stuck explaining basic radical feminism to them when the best they can provide is liberal feminist soundbites about “reproductive choice.” What a shitshow.

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