Weaponizing Autism? Greta Thunberg And Her Autism Are Being Used. Note the Absence of Gaslighting. Also, Nuclear.

The above vid is an illustration for those “climate change activists” who believe that hydroelectric and/or nuclear power, in other words, dam/ning the world’s rivers and waterways is going to save us.  It’s not.

Greta Thunberg is an international “climate change activist” that probably everyone has heard about by now.  She is also autistic and shares characteristics with other autistics, namely, she is serious and sullen; nonverbal by default unless she has something important to say; starkly observant, brutally honest.  Although still a child she does not suffer fools gladly or at all, and instead is mercilessly critical of the “adults” who have poisoned, penetrated and otherwise wrecked the “climate” (read: planet) we all rely on for survival.  Even worse, especially to an autistic like Greta where autistics characteristically respond with an intense Trypophobic-like revulsion to deceit and lies, the Baby Boomer generation (and the generations immediately preceding and following) lied about what they did and continue to do to our shared world, they covered it up, they continue the lies and cover-ups even as they smile (or cry, or don’t react at all) and lie more and cover up more, right to our collective face.

Greta isn’t falling for it which isn’t odd in and of itself.  What’s really odd is that anyone is listening to her, and taking her seriously, a female in end-stage patriarchy, an uncoiffed, disabled nonconsumer and nonworker in end-stage capitalism, a child.

A cynical (or seasoned adult) observer might note that Greta’s story and presence in the cultural conversation has put everyone in their feels and in their imagined political, social and interpersonal power which is right where the “adults” want us to be.  In fact I can only conclude that this bizarre spectacle isn’t bizarre at all, but is what. it. looks. like. when end-stage capitalism and patriarchy uses a female autistic to serve its own ends.  How can we tell?  Because even as she criticizes and shames them, hitting them in their egos and accumulations and rituals (right where it would seem to hurt the most) the “adults” aren’t gaslighting her, they aren’t telling her not to believe her lying eyes, they are encouraging rather than shutting her down, she hasn’t been medicated or institutionalized or driven to suicide or killed.  Yet.

(Let’s see how well Greta fares after some time has passed, after a season, a misspent youth or a lifetime of activism seeing clearly how things really operate and what the consequences are and how little things actually change.  Or how particularly capitalism and patriarchy don’t tend to change over time except to reliably get worse.)

Instead of punishing her, the adults and other children who inhabit this failing global politic/planet are hailing Greta Thunberg as an autistic savant, a climate change warrior, an infant Wonder Woman but in my estimation she is just a misguided Cassandra.

If anyone had steered her autistic eagle-eye and formidable social conscience towards, say, radical feminism instead of climate activism when she recognized, essentially, that a global patriarchy has murdered the planet, perhaps Greta and her autistic brain/biocomputer would have come to the correct conclusion sooner rather than later.  (That conclusion being that it’s a more or less global patriarchy, not the “adults” that have done us all in, and that the damage is likely permanent).  Her biocomputer is likely to put the pieces together eventually though, and by then she and her autism will have been used to their utmost potential (read: used and used up) to maintain the status quo and to achieve absolutely nothing of value to herself or other sentient beings, or to plants, or to single-celled organisms, or to life.  Environmental and climate activi$t organizations as well as the “clean green” apex capitalistic patriarchal nuclear industry (not to mention hydroelectric) will have made bank off Greta’s youth, disability and ignorance as well as that of other children and young people (and older folks too) who were convinced or partially convinced by her endorsement and her analysis and her truth-telling that climate change activi$m was the correct and effective thing to do.

Actually, it’s likely that she and we won’t even live long enough for her to figure it out.  Autistics have a notoriously high risk of premature death.  And there is plenty of evidence that our planet is not just sick, rather, as of now decades ago it’s no longer able to sustain life: by some estimates, the entirety of the human species has less than a decade left to exist due to loss of habitat caused by anthropogenic human male caused climate change.  But I digress.

What I am suggesting here is that if Greta’s autism, observations and passion did not serve the status quo she never would have been invited to give a TED talk, she never would have been invited to dress-down the United Nations or British Parliament allegedly on behalf of the living planet, she never would have been allowed to speak at all.  And the fact that she was and is being allowed and encouraged to speak (a female!  And a disabled one at that) is prima facie evidence that she is being used, where her observations may be correct or partially correct but her analysis and conclusions are (unsurprisingly) quite childlike and ultimately supportive of the very adults capitalistic patriarchal beast she indirectly criticizes.  This autistic child is neck deep in the patriarchal meatgrinder being used by disingenuous, profiteering, pro-capitalist pro-patriarchal adults demons and she doesn’t even know it.  But being both young and autistic, she wouldn’t, would she.

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13 thoughts on “Weaponizing Autism? Greta Thunberg And Her Autism Are Being Used. Note the Absence of Gaslighting. Also, Nuclear.

  1. I am unaware of this story which you are speaking of so I cannot truly make an informed comment. I will say that I have noticed that the older members of my generation (Baby Boomers) wish to ignore the climate change problem and say that it does not exist. This is something which really concerns me especially when I hear someone such as my ex say he will not be here anyway so why care? This infuriates me because he is not caring about the future generations of our family or future generations in general. Many of the Baby Boomers are upset because they have been made to feel guilty which has put them on the defensive (they have, unfortunately, forgotten their loving flower power days). As much as I agree that guilt is never a proper method to solve a problem, we must be mature and admit to the problem and resolve it. As for this girl, I am proud of her bravery and if she is being used, then shame on the “adults”. Maybe we can come up with a way to turn it around and have her message be used for good. As for nuclear power and dams…I lean more toward solar power.


  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment. The articles about Greta are pretty informative and tell us way more than was ever intended, if you have the time and interest I recommend looking into it further. One thing I noticed is that they let Greta believe/understand some truths about autism but not others. For example, she seems well aware that autistics “see through lies” better than other people which is true, but it’s not true in the way she thinks it is. Autistics might see the truth about how things work and natural/foreseeable outcomes in a big picture way, but they also tend to be naive and unable to discern people’s motives and intent and they trust people and situations they shouldn’t. Both aspects of autism seem to be common knowledge except she seems unaware of the whole truth, she only understands the first part and she keeps fucking saying it and no one corrects her (bc it serves their interests not to) and she hasn’t learned it on her own yet. Even moreso than a normal child or inexperienced person, she will be very vulnerable to the people she surrounds herself with, and as a child she does not get to choose who that will be/include and who it won’t. So as long as she has people around her telling her or encouraging her to believe that the problem is “adults” and not global patriarchy (a very childlike conclusion btw) that’s the “truth” she’s going to keep spewing until she learns better, and there is everything in the entire world preventing her and everyone from seeing the reality of global patriarchy. I would like to see how a math savant would do their calculations if they were lied to about the basic rules of math, and furthermore if they were lied to about it by their otherwise supportive and indulgent parents ffs. That seems like what’s going on with Greta and it’s so wrong. Maybe someday she will figure out the larger picture and maybe she won’t.

    As for the Baby Boomers, and BB’s parents and children for that matter, I find it funny (well, repulsive) that they think their feelings and “defenses” are worthy of respect after what they have done. This is the group that created nuclear and other necrophilic industries and made money off it for decades through wages and investments, they left us with a toxic smoking cinder of a planet that’s now incapable of sustaining life, and now they are pissed off that people aren’t standing in line to elder-worship (indulge, fellate) them in their old age. They really feel entitled to deference when they have earned the opposite, and they have the unmitigated gall to call Millennials entitled. It’s really something.

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  3. Also, regarding solar power, unfortunately the truth about that appears to be that creating the equipment and infrastructure for solar power is not sustainable as it uses more power/resources than it creates over time. It’s not a solution IOW, although there is a LOT of energy and $$ backing that particular lie ATM. There is also information about that out there if you know where to look.

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  4. Very few people realize the problem is patriarchy so how would she ever come to realize it? No one is going to tell her.

    Yes, it irritates me too when I hear baby boomers call millennials entitled. First of all, baby boomers forgot who they were when they were young. People thought they were crazy. Secondly, Millenials are not entitle but know better than any other generation what they want for themselves, the planet and humanity in general. The older people are just jealous of their courage. This older person admires it.

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  5. Greta isn’t a Millenial, she’s Gen Z (the last one!$-(

    I’m a unusual autistic myself – in that: I don’t actually possess the gullibility trait, but I know that many, many female ones do<which make them a \roasted pig served on a platter/ for men & male interests. This is because Men as a Collective Force are SPECTACULAR liars { i contend that it's one of their 2 talents} = the other one being organisation against us.

    She's not the 1st one being put up for activism : the only other well-known HFA lady is the face of humane animal slaughter. Greta's being used to go 1 step further <to sell Veganism.

    It's not beyond her to figure out the patriarchy: I was well on my way towards Radfem @ half her age – in large part- because it went against my logical mind to adhere to such an Illogical System. I was an avowed anti-natalist from the moment childbirth was described to me & my status of an unwanted child @ a v. early age. I vowed @ 9 y.o. that I'll Never engage in hetero-contact .
    I’ve adhered to all 3 convictions & only grew in my intensity. I only briefly wavered on the last,,thanks to my outsized & unwanted sex drive.

    *For all we know, Great may already be seeing those puzzle pieces, but the activism is used to pacify her own suspicion _ to avoid her putting them together. Also, activism is an insanely extrovert activity>~>it is NOT good for her health, or mental space; but she’;; be no doubt pushed thru it thanks to another ASD trait: Conscientiousness, which leads to burn-out after only a handful of years.

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  6. THere’s also something u need to know about Sweden:
    It’s a mindbogglingly PC state, where free-thinking is an actual jail-able + vigilante offense & feminism is co=opted like nowhere else in the globe.


  7. In fact, co=opting of her is happening because Big Brother’s realised that female HFA is now
    1)exceedingly common
    2)exceedingly dangerous, with high tendency to lead to non-reformist Radfem conclusions + actions

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  8. I just saw that they think they can cure the “social challenges” of some kinds of autism with chemo. Yep, literally trade your immune system for a more palatable personality (and politics). Who do they imagine benefits from giving autistic people AIDS? Do they imagine that patients or their carers will be grateful to trade the challenges of a social retard for those of a “normal” person with lifelong untreated AIDS including opportunistic infections, chronic nausea and GI problems, diabetes, cancer and death? Once the AIDS gives them cancer I’m sure they will force radiation and different chemo on them, until they are “cured” of that and then go back on the first chemo for the autism and lifelong treatment for the “side effects” of all the chemo and the systemic and local damage of the rads. Jesus fucking Christ we are all living in hell.

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  9. I HAVE been thru chemo,,, and it only made me more Aspie. – cos it detroyed my physical health to the point where i can’t manage the wherewithal to be verbal anymore> it now hurts my head too much & my sensory issues’re on steroids

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  10. I was thinking along those lines kaguya. If ASD behavior problems are related to physical discomfort, distressing sensations and pain, how the fuck will chemo help with that? It’s only being tested on mice with a specific genetic mutation responsible for the ASD symptoms which mutation in humans is like .05% of all ASD cases or something. But I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop where they want to put all ASD on fucking chemo, just like it’s being suggested to put people with allergies on chemo. Like someone else commented here before, anything to sell more AIDS.

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  11. Also, I’ve been on chemo too, they just didn’t tell me what it was at the time. Accutane is a fucking failed cancer chemo drug and it works because acne is autoimmune. I had terrible side effects (read: iatrogenic illness and injury) on it, unsurprisingly, but I didn’t know it was chemo and no one told me or gave me any reason to suspect it as it said on the label that they “didn’t know” how or why Accutane works on acne, just that it does. I just figured out what Accutane really is recently and I’m still pretty shocked tbh.


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