A Middle Class Credo

Never let a person in pain threaten your accumulations.  Aka. “Don’t let a drowning person drag you down with them.”

But gambling is cool, if you think you might get a return on your investment at some point, go ahead and throw your money around like beads at Mardi Gras.

And paying for sex is awesome, if you think you might get a good dicking out of it, by all means, give your money to someone transactionally in exchange for catching friction off of them, preferably literally anyone with a dick.  What could go wrong right?  Men are awesome in fact, especially middle aged men with absolutely nothing to show for their first 5 decades of life on this planet as privileged apex predators.  They just didn’t know how to accumulate properly (by hurting people and other living things, including the living planet) but that’s going to change (under your tutelage and with your money) and you might get a return on that investment at some point (see above, “Gambling is Cool”) so it’s all good.  Really just give all men whatever they want.  Nothing bad has ever come of that exact thing ever.

Consumerism is fan fucking tastic.  There are trinkets, environments and experiences available at every price point.  Because you’re worth it, you see.  You are!  Don’t let anyone even imply differently.  If you don’t purchase trinkets, environments and experiences it’s because you have low self esteem and low self esteem is totally real and like the worst thing ever, you know that for a fact because you heard or read it somewhere and you believe everything the media says because it loves you and wants the best for you and anyway, you’re way too smart to be fooled by corporate propaganda.

In conclusion, if you are or want to be or to stay a member of the middle class, never let a person in pain threaten your accumulations, but let other things threaten your accumulations as much as possible.

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17 thoughts on “A Middle Class Credo

  1. I love your sarcasm! My opinion is that if everyone believes they are worth it then we would have a healthy society. It is the not understanding we are worth it which causes greed and pain. Those at the top of the pyramid don’t want us to know this. They want the status quo. Do what ye will, harm none.

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  2. Hi Michelle thanks for reading! It’s really unfortunate how the “I’m worth it” propaganda has been used bc I agree with you that people being content to wallow in shit is generally not a good thing. But what does the “self esteem” being pushed by global corporations or Big Medicine even refer to? Clearly, we aren’t supposed to suspect that we are “worth” living with clean air, water, soil and food. We aren’t “worth” having leisure time that’s not consumed by Big Brother approved rituals and other activities. We aren’t worth living free of Big Brother. We aren’t worth being free at all. Once we are too sick to consume we aren’t even worth keeping alive. It’s ingenious really that “I’m worth it” is used to sell toxic lipstick and hair dyes and whatnot to women bc in a way it’s just completely cynical: this is all I’m worth, I’m not worth anything more or different than this toxic crap product I’m paying my hard earned money for. And we don’t see the cynicism part even though the joke is clearly on us.

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  3. Yup a lot of people think they are worth too much and are willing to exploit other people to make stupid pointless gains for themselves, where as other people who think they are “worth it” don’t have a clue what they are worth and buy into anything they are told. Then you have a whole bunch of people going well “suffering builds character and I had to work myself half to death so other people should be doing it too.”

    The whole point of a society should be to make things better for the next generation, not to tell us that they suffered from a crappy system so we should too. I see that as one of the biggest problems, that people are mad for their suffering and instead of directing their anger to the right place they direct it towards younger people dealing with the same shit they did and then deny that they are angry about anything and the abuse they suffered was actually good for them.

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  4. Recently I realized that a lot of Christians literally believe “no work no eat.” They do not seem to make allowances for people who literally can’t work, at least not for people who they are not related to. Then you have the elderly who seem to believe that they are entitled to be happy in their old age, when there is no such guarantee of happiness for young people so why does anyone assume it’s a given when you are old? Elderly people basically created this hellish nightmare the rest of us grew up in so their expectations are really outrageous when you think about it. They become old and frail in a nightmare system of their own creation but as old people they aren’t able to mitigate their outcomes as much as they used to. Bummer dudes. And it’s still all about themselves and they have no sense of responsibility to the next generation, as you say. It’s really something.

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  5. Thanks for reading Mary.

    Also, my comment about Xtians above suggests the possibility that Xtian values have seeped into mainstream culture in America (obviously) even for people who are not “practicing” or avowed Xtians. So the “casual religious” and atheists get to not give a crap about anyone while also not taking on any responsibility for their Xtian communities bc they don’t have one. At least the practicing Xtians have some responsibilities attached to their belief systems. In other non-Xtian cultures, maybe “no work no eat” isn’t as pronounced as it is here idk. But this is definitely part of the poison Americans are swilling 24/7. Actually I’ve been thinking for awhile that the only people who should be having kids are religious nuts and cult members! Since they are the only ones who do seem to take responsibility for their communities, and they are the only ones for whom any of this shit makes sense. Whereas the rest of us don’t even have anything meaningful to tell our children about what even is the point of all of this pain, and we don’t do anything to mitigate it either. Maybe drug addicts should be having kids too, at least they know how to mitigate pain. I’m only half kidding about that.

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  6. Drug addicts know how to mitigate pain and they also seem to possess the desire to mitigate pain. What the fuck is wrong with normal people who do not seem to possess any meaningful aversion to pain and instead revel in it as you say and want to subject their own children to it? What other animal on the planet does that?

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  7. I hadn’t thought much about this being from the Christian influence, but yeah it makes sense coming from a tradition where they had so much stuff about how we’re all evil and deserve to be punished, like dudes flagellating themselves and killing midwives who were helping women have less pain. I have been thinking mostly about how much the hyper-individualism is behind all this. Everyone is out for themselves so that it is mostly only people who need the most help who see anything wrong. People will see homeless people and think how they choose to be homeless instead of that a horrible thing has been done to them by a system out of their control, because all people can think about is themselves. It’s not even totally their fault because we are all pushed to think of ourselves so much or we might end up being the homeless one.

    It’s this whole idea of that people succeed by working hard, so if someone’s not succeeding it’s because they just didn’t choose to work hard. We need a balance between individualist and collectivist ideas, so that every person matters and is not just subsumed into the group, but that the group is also vital and connected. Without the group the individual is meaningless but without individuals the group is meaningless.

    I get really confused about what people think about someone who is too sick to work, like do some literally not understand that that is a thing? Cause it seems like people who are good people just don’t understand that can happen. There are plenty who don’t care, but I think there are some who really can’t even comprehend how sick/injured someone can be and how few opportunities you have in that state that can last for years and possibly a lifetime. That people can really be too sick to work either permanently or for a very long time. Even an injury that can heal and you can eventually be fine can be incapacitating for years and there is no understanding for any of it in this system. The people who are very sick/injured and still well enough to work are held up as an example like “hey look anyone can work, look at them.” There is no understanding that people have different things wrong that affect them individually in different ways and no understanding either that someone sick who is pushing themselves to work will probably greatly suffer for it later on when pushing themselves through makes their condition much worse.

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  8. The endless obsession with the inflicting of pain is truly bizarre. We know about all of the weird sadistic crap that lots of men come up with, but all of this is so deep and widespread that it’s like we’re all just fucked up. It does seem like drug addicts have more of a healthy aversion to pain and since they can’t just stop the pain they do what they can to lessen it. I used to smoke so much weed constantly to not be suffering until the point where it started making me feel sick. I wouldn’t say someone using marijuana was an “addict” but I was definitely seriously addicted and would think about it constantly, even before I was in physical pain it helped get rid of mental pain. After I stopped now I feel pissed off all the time.

    I can’t understand why anyone who is in pain wouldn’t want to do everything they can so that the next generation doesn’t have to deal with the same shit. These little kids growing up in this mess break my heart. I want to help them so bad and it makes me feel so powerless knowing they are about to suffer through all the same shit I am, but it will likely be even worse. The old people all make me angry now, even if they are someone who has done stuff to help it’s obviously not enough and we have to deal with this living in this hellhole then getting told how great things are. I wish everyone would just face reality.

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  9. I think a lot of people have no idea what real pain even feels like. Pretty much no one understands what real fatigue feels like. Once you are in the position to feel either of these things you are really in trouble bc whatever has happened to you is probably pretty severe. People also don’t grok, or don’t care to, that chronic illness is unpredictable > which makes you unreliable > which makes you unhireable. If I had an uncle or something who wanted to throw some work my way, it’s possible that I would be able to do some of it, but not if there were deadlines involved, or mandatory face time, or a set schedule or even a set amount of hours per day, week or even per month. Even attempting to look for a job in this condition is a nightmare and basically impossible bc of the scheduling/deadlines, facetime etc. And stressing about all of that only brings on a new flare! More and more I realize what’s really bad about being sick is largely cultural bc our culture denies and dismisses our material realities. Of course, men would just lie and try to game the system if anyone gave a crap about treating “people” as individuals. And women are the ones who are chronically ill, not men. We are suffering bc of lazy lying men as usual.

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  10. Yes exactly! I’m capable of doing all kinds of things at this point after I’ve really worked hard on getting better for years now, but I still can’t do shit if I’m expected to have exact regular schedules. I can push myself for a day or two but not continuously. I have to work with how my body is feeling to see what I’m capable of doing in the moment and sometimes I basically hibernate for days where I’m barely awake. Women need flexibility even in health due to all the things that go on with our bodies, this is clearly killing us not taking that into account.

    What I learned is that the way things are as it is, the only way to live is to figure out a way to work without getting a “job” and try to establish multiple sources of income to deal with failures and fluctuations in each thing. Women seriously need to be told to start their own business and pursue freelance work and whatever where they don’t have to depend on some company hiring them and putting up with them being unwell. I wish I had never wasted so much time trying to find a job and completely focused on being able to make my own income but I was always given the impression by society and everyone that having your own business is this unreliable thing. I always intended to have a business but I thought I was supposed to get hired by someone too so I could make sure I had something reliable first. But I couldn’t even get hired anywhere and then got too sick to do anything so any unreliable amount I would have made would be better than nothing and I would have been learning important skills and building on it. There are so many things I would have done to make my own money if I really understood that was what I should be focusing on and I wasn’t wasting my time trying to find places to beg to hire me because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do and was too stressed to even think about it.

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  11. I sure as hell didn’t know what real pain felt like until I actually felt it. I could still understand that there are people who are too unwell to function though. I don’t get why so many people should have to experience something to be able to empathize. It all goes back to them only looking out for themselves. Nothing is real unless they feel it for themselves.

    I’ve almost totally accepted whatever pain and disability I have and might have in the future but the part I can’t deal with is all the cruelty. The culture is definitely the most horrible part about it, the lack of understanding and empathy. Even if I was magically completely better tomorrow and just won the lottery with no more personal worries, like I’ve already seen how deeply torturous this all is and can’t have any respect for this culture at all anymore.

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  12. I can’t respect this culture anymore either, and that has to include the authoritarian masses who just go along with this bullshit! I just do not respect virtually anyone or anything anymore and that’s not a good place to be in. I agree with you that it shouldn’t have to be experienced in order to be empathized with. It does have a lot to do with cruelty and individualism, but also with everyone being so suspicious of sick people bc of lazy lying men who try to get away with shit even when they are perfectly healthy and we all know men do that. It’s the entire reason we even need laws in the first place, because men will lie and cheat endlessly to get not just what they need but also to get every fucking little thing they want to boot. This is all because of them and their system of mandatory intercourse and rape, leading to overpopulation and then having to treat the way too large population like herds of cattle (well, like herds of LYING ASS MALES) without individual needs. Really cattle shouldn’t even be treated like herds of cattle but there you go. This is how they want things to be, and that’s how it is. I am so, so tired of dealing with it. I know I’m not the only one, but apparently dick sucking authoritarians have an easier time of it in general (altho even sick normies seem to be getting pretty fed up too from what I can tell).

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  13. The Christian teaching “no work no eat” taken in context (2 Thessalonians 3:10) is clearly directed to able bodied men, who are also instructed to work to support their families or they are “worse than heathens” (1 Timothy 5:8) Children, women, the sick, and the elderly are specifically supposed to be supported by the labor of able bodied men.

    I’m bringing this up not to proselytize, but because where I live, and on much of the west coast, there is huge enabling of feral male hobo populations and Christian ideas are what are used to support feeding and clothing and providing free medical care and enough cash to support drug habits to strong, healthy *men* who then make it impossible for women and children to live any kind of decent life without huge amounts of money. They infest the parks, they make the libraries unusable, they block sidewalks and fill up public transportation.

    I have read your writings for years and sometimes I think about you and the fact that society is willing to let you die in pain, but is bending over backwards for Chad the Hobo’s right to shoot up in playgrounds. You’re supposed to hide yourself away and die quietly but I literally cannot go to a park without listening to some man screaming and threatening people and nobody does a thing, this is somehow fine.

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  14. Hi Nerak, what an excellent comment thank you very much! So the casual religious are cherry picking what to believe based on whatever gives men more goodies and less responsibility, as usual. Or are these people devout and are ignoring their own context in order to coddle males? Jeez it just never ends does it? When the larger context is patriarchy I suppose other contexts just don’t matter, literally anything to prop up males while shitting on everything and everyone else, even life itself. I’m sorry you are dealing with this in your area. I have noticed the SJWs have taken to calling homelessness “rough sleeping” which is part of this homeless rights movement, but since homeless women DON’T SLEEP bc of what homeless and all men do to homeless women, I can only assume they are talking about these feral homeless males as you say. And rough sleeping makes it sound like a lifestyle choice, so who is even included in that? Women know what being homeless means for female bodied people and it’s not good. I feel for the males for whom this is not a choice as well, as they are all rather subsumed by this SJW rough-sleeper parlance that completely whitewashes the problem. Like getting rid of the rape problem by calling everything rough sex innit. Thank you for thinking of me and the women and children who are being lost (or deliberately punished) in this hellhole while males suck up all the resources as usual. Please feel free to comment any time.

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  15. I think about you a lot, your writing has been transformative for me. Thank you for doing the work.

    As for feral outside-sleeping males, I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what is wrong with people who coddle them and make excuses for them and put their right to be gross and harassing in public above my right to be safe and comfortable, but I don’t even give a shit anymore (and actually your old blog was a huge part of my no longer giving a shit, THANK YOU). I really care about women caught up in it and it’s so much easier to help them when you just ignore all the bilge that the hobo-coddlers spew.

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