More Evidence of Autoimmunity? Surgery “Complications” and Delayed Healing from Medicalized Trauma

This is mommy vlogger Bonnie Hoellein.  I have written about this woman before after both she and her sister were constantly vlogging about crapping themselves in public and I wondered aloud if one or both of them suffer from autoimmune conditions, specifically inflammatory bowel disease including ulcerative colitis or the hideous, disabling disease I suffer from, Crohn’s disease.

In the last year or so, Bonnie has had at least 2 rounds of cosmetic surgeries to correct various things she didn’t like about her body.  Both times, she suffered horrific complications from the surgery including delayed healing, infections, and what her husband has described as being at “death’s door.”  Based on my research this woman’s surgical complications and delayed healing from medicalized trauma is more evidence that she probably has an undiagnosed (or even a diagnosed yet publicly undisclosed) autoimmune condition.

Whether or not she knows she is ill, this woman — like a lot of women surely — keeps putting her health and life in danger by undergoing elective surgeries.  The medical research indicates that autoimmune patients do indeed suffer from delayed and complicated wound healing:

Patients suffering from immune diseases have significantly larger wounds and their time to heal is much more prolonged compared to the general population.  Leg ulcerations have been monitored in several autoimmune diseases, especially in those linked to connective tissue pathologies. The highest rates of ulceration are recorded for rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. However, ulcerations were also seen in primary antiphospholipid syndrome and other autoimmune diseases.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are predisposed to develop chronic leg ulcers.  Foot ulcerations in rheumatoid arthritis are frequently recurrent, and the significantly extended time needed for them to heal, further, increases the risk of infections.  The aetiology of the ulcers was found to be multifactorial with the most common factors being venous insufficiency, trauma or pressure, arterial insufficiency, and vasculitis.

Bold mine, and I would underscore that trauma surely must include medicalized trauma, or that which is caused by medical treatment including diagnostic and surgical procedures.  Autoimmune patients, then, must seriously consider whether they are socially, financially, mentally, physically and otherwise supported as they contemplate elective, medically indicated or even emergent surgery that is likely to seriously compromise their health, and where doctors and others may be blindsided by the cascade of complications that might follow surgical intervention and medicalized trauma on autoimmune patients.  Since most autoimmune patients are women and not men, women and doctors who treat women need to be vigilant about this and suspect autoimmunity where female patients experience so-called “complications” or otherwise fail to properly heal.

The really scary part, of course, is that many autoimmune women don’t know they are suffering from autoimmune disease until very late in the game if they are ever properly diagnosed at all.  In the case of delayed healing from trauma, it is likely that many autoimmune women won’t even suspect they are at increased risk of serious complications until after those complications have already happened.  Like the mommy vlogger above, they will probably think that their preexisting conditions of incontinence, joint pain, rashes and the like are insignificant and that their surgical complications are a one-off; they will therefore believe the assurances of their surgeons and others who promise them that their experience is not the norm and probably will not be repeated.

Believing they are “normal” and healthy, and because they don’t identify as chronically ill even though they are, women risk going under the knife again and again and again, being surprised each time at the complications they experience and wondering why, again and again and again, they are failing to heal.  But it’s not just elective surgeries that are dangerous and put autoimmune women at serious risk.  Some undiagnosed autoimmune patients are even misdiagnosed and subjected to what turn out to have been medically unnecessary surgeries to cure conditions they don’t even have.  Others are subjected to exploratory surgeries to find out just what in the hell is wrong with them after months or years of confounding and untreatable disease; in both cases, these interventions would only end up making them worse, or end up killing them because they are autoimmune and therefore unable to properly heal.

Even scarier, perhaps, is that medicalized trauma including surgical intervention is routinely visited on known, diagnosed autoimmune patients when inadequate and dangerous Big Pharma solutions fail to heal them.  For example, Crohn’s disease patients are routinely subjected to abdominal surgeries including bowel resections and removal and ostomies when Western medicine is unable to control their inflammation.  “Crohnies” are also prone to experiencing either fistulas or bowel obstructions or both as the natural progression of their disease and bowel obstructions especially are life threatening and require emergent surgical correction.  But once you start operating on autoimmune patients, and begin the cascade of complications that come from visiting trauma on them specifically, it is likely to start a dangerous progression of cascading interventions that is unstoppable.  And autoimmune patients will still experience what all patients experience the more frequently they are subjected to invasive medical care: increased chances of dangerous medical mistakes, otherwise known as medical malpractice.

In fact, it appears that a standard of care for autoimmune patients that allows or requires surgery means that autoimmune patients will be heavily traumatized (read: medically abused) until they die from it.  A standard of care that was sane and expected to actually help autoimmune patients — rather than one that will predictably torture and kill them — would seem to be one that avoided medicalized trauma including surgery and the need for surgery at all costs.  For patients suffering from Crohn’s disease, that would seem to require both the liberal use of powerful anti-inflammatories* and refraining from subjecting Crohn’s patients to medicalized trauma they will inevitably fail to heal from including colonoscopies, PICC lines, and the like.  Immunity decimating pharmaceuticals like biologics and chemotherapy would be right out as they are known to cause opportunistic infections and additional iatrogenic injury and disease, which only necessitate more interventions and more dangerous medicalized trauma.

Considering the evidence of impaired healing in autoimmune patients, women who are considering surgery for any reason should simultaneously also consider whether they too might be suffering from undiagnosed, underlying autoimmune disease before they do something they regret.  Firstly, they should consider whether the complaints for which they are seeking surgical intervention in the first place are likely being caused by autoimmune disease like gastrointestinal issues, joint pain, allergies or inflammation.  If so, surgery might not be the best option for long term relief.  Secondly, if a woman is already suffering from allergies or inflammatory processes unrelated to the condition for which she is a surgical candidate, that allergic and/or inflammatory response is a sign of autoimmune disease and her risk of serious complications from any surgery may be higher than average and worse than anyone expects.

And finally, it certainly seems as if diagnosed autoimmune patients would do well to avoid all physical trauma including medicalized trauma to the extent they are able, because they will likely be unable to properly heal from it and we know this.  This is what the research indicates, although no one says it directly, do they.  Funny that.

*One of incredibly few known powerful anti-inflammatories is, of course, marijuana, and its side effects, to the extent they exist at all, are decidedly non-traumatic or of the type that would cause unhealing wounds in compromised autoimmune patients: the main side effect of marijuana is “feelings of euphoria.”  Euphoria.

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  1. This is sad and frightening. The lack of concern from the medical community and society in general is terrifying. Why isn’t this knowledge made more public? With my one illness there is so much prejudice, they know very little about it and no one seems to be doing much to find out about it. I think what you have said here is not being spread widely because big pharma and big med would lose money. Also, since most us are women, we don’t have the intelligence to know our own bodies (SARCASM).

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  2. Hi Michelle. It really is frightening isn’t it? Looking back, I have always had delayed and complicated healing from the interventions I’ve had. I have had my wisdom teeth out and the sockets didn’t heal properly or timely, then when I had my tonsils out I remember being sick from that for a long time. My dad who was a doctor didn’t think I should still be as sick as I was for as long as I was, so he kidnapped me to take me on a visitation bc he thought I was faking it to get out of seeing him. The last time I had dental work, I was in terrible pain for months. Currently I’m just letting my teeth rot out of my head bc at least it’s relatively uncomplicated and doesn’t hurt (for now). The more I learn about autoimmune disease the more I see that I was 100% right to flee from Western medicine when this is the shit they do to AI patients. I will likely end up homeless or die from neglect, but at least I’m not being sliced and diced and not healing from it. It’s fucking sickening and terrifying and enraging.

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  3. Tooth problems have been one of my worst problems for years and I am so afraid of my teeth having anything wrong now! Tooth infections can get serious so quickly. I didn’t notice anything wrong until I woke up one day in the most extreme pain and sickness I’ve ever experienced with what turned out to be an infection that needed a root canal. I had the misfortune of getting tortured by a horrible man who didn’t numb me properly and wouldn’t listen to me and I felt the entire thing like I was being electrocuted over and over. I had a halfway out of body experience, it was so severe I felt like my soul was trying to escape. They left me traumatized for years where I would have panic attacks about it whenever I was alone.

    Use the Uncle Harry’s dental products because they will take care of any problems that are not serious already. They are really amazing and actually work with natural ingredients that work with your body instead of shit that poisons you. I mainly use the mouthwash and toothpaste and was able to try a few more of the products recently. I really believe they know what they are doing to make things that actually help and lots of people say they actually reversed cavities and other problems they had.


  4. That sounds horrific I’m so sorry you experienced that. 😦 Thanks for the recommendation I looked at the products and they seem worth trying. I wonder what caused the anesthetic failure in your case, it’s terrible that they didn’t listen to you and just kept on working, what the fuck. It’s just so striking that doctors do not think medical trauma is real or important and that inflicting it makes patients worse than they would be otherwise. I’m willing to believe some percentage are just criminally sadistic, but I imagine quite a few simply do not think it’s important enough to address on any level. They just think we “should” be grateful for whatever services they provide but their “should” has nothing to do with reality and how human bodies and minds actually work. They are fucking insane in other words because their beliefs are not real and they don’t seem to even care to incorporate human reality into their belief system or practices. God dammit I am so fucking sick of this absolute bullshit.

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  5. It was the point when I went from just not trusting doctors to completely hating them and fearing them. Anesthetic has never worked well with me. I have reddish brown hair but clearly that’s enough to have the genetic redhead traits because all the things they describe about redheads fit me, like needing more anesthetic then others. They gave me a bunch of shots and said any more would over dose me then they wouldn’t believe that I could feel it all and kept saying I was numb. Plus, just as bad as that was the fact that I could barely breathe because my nose doesn’t work well and they covered my mouth completely and didn’t care about that either. I got them to stop once at first but they just said they couldn’t do anything about it and shoved all the stuff back in my mouth. So I was slowly suffocating while basically being shocked, which was what the root canal felt like, my body went into convulsions with my limbs flailing around and I started sobbing uncontrollably. It felt like I was being torn to pieces from the inside out already being so extremely sick with infection and fever, plus the first day of my period in bad pain from that and then them doing that to me. They just kept going and the assistant put her hand on me to hold me down. They acted like everything was normal and didn’t acknowledge that I was having a severe reaction to it. Then when they were done and they took me to the other doctor to finish it with a crown they had told her I cried and only little kids had cried before and I must have been scared because I never had a root canal before. Like I was some fucking cry baby getting scared of the dentist instead of someone being suffocated and tortured by cruel assholes. God I hate them so fucking much.

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  6. When it happened I thought they just didn’t care but after I started reading about male sexual sadism and all the countless horrific fetishes men have I really started to wonder whether the dude was getting off on it and maybe jerked off about it when he got home. “Breathplay” is a huge thing now where men like to strangle women so they can’t breathe, maybe he liked me saying I couldn’t breathe. A lot of them definitely like crying. And I could see some dudes seeing dentistry as a sexual thing because they see everything sexual and they get to penetrate your body by working in your mouth. I never would have imagined anyone thinking such crazy shit but the more I learn about men’s crazy fetishes now I wonder if all this is a thing some of them are thinking.

    I needed to get another root canal on another tooth later on and went to a better (and more expensive) place. It was completely painless and the guy fixed the thing so my airways weren’t completely covered and I could breathe just fine.

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  7. That had to have been as bad as the things they literally do to torture people, like waterboarding and electric shocks. After that when I see stuff where people talk about being abducted by aliens it reminds me of that experience so much and I wonder if some of people’s “abduction experiences” were actually horrible medical torture that was so bad they disassociated from it and could only remember it as this story of aliens based on stuff they’ve heard about cruel cold beings inflicting medicalized torture on you.

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