Just Because You “Refuse to Believe” Something Doesn’t Mean It’s Not True. Ft. Greta Thunberg.

I guess this is the speech that gave Donald Trump an excuse to mock 16 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg, calling her “a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future.”  In it, she says she refuses to believe the “adults” who rape and pillage the environment living planet are evil.  She doesn’t say why she refuses to believe it.  She offers no evidence that it’s actually not true and that the worst of the worst industrial polluters rapists and pillagers of the living planet including water, soil, air and biomass (read: food, pets and ourselves) are actually good, or even neutral actors.  No, she just refuses to believe that the literal monsters responsible for global industrial pollution and its effects are something other than evil because (unstated) reasons, or because no reasons at all.

But I have news for Greta and for anyone and everyone self-inflicting and/or spewing thought-terminating cliches and “refusing to believe” thus and so: just because you refuse to believe something doesn’t mean it’s not true, and your or anyone’s refusal to believe doesn’t make anything that’s actually true, untrue.

Mkay?  People think and say that Greta Thunberg is brutally honest but “refusing to believe” is not honest.  Greta herself thinks the reason she is able to be brutally honest with herself and others is because autism, but Greta’s self image isn’t entirely realistic is it?  She is just a child afterall.  In fact, I’m not even entirely sure than any autistic person would naturally “refuse to believe” anything, and instead would either tend to believe or disbelieve depending on the evidence.  If they didn’t have enough evidence to make an evidence-based judgement they would look into it further until they knew for sure, especially if the subject matter was an autistic “special interest” like climate change seems to be Greta’s autistic special interest.  But Greta isn’t interested in looking further into it in this case to find out for sure whether industrial polluters, corporate overlords and lapdog politicians are evil or neutral or good.  Why not?

Maybe someday, if they ever do decide to get honest about any of this, Greta and her handlers will even address the origin of her autistic “superpowers” which is probably brain damage caused by environmental toxins, including the toxic and autoimmune uterine environment in which she and the rest of us spent the majority of our first year stewing, having our brains and nervous systems attacked by our sick mothers’ malfunctioning immune systems.  Perhaps once Greta realizes that Western medical treatment for chronic illness including whatever the hell her own mother probably has is largely torturous, nontherapeutic ritualistic medically futile care she will recognize that information for what it is: evidence, that the global industrial polluters are evil, actually, and that global industrial polluters and the practitioners and promoters of Western (nuclear) medicine including the nuclear industry and Big Pharma are all the same people, or at least are members of the same family, cut from the same cloth.  One could also come to that conclusion thusly: evil is as evil does.

For further reading, please see my previous article entitled “Greta Thunberg and her Autism are Being Used.”

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  1. I believe the common person did not, at one time, realize the damage we were doing to the planet; however, it is those at the top of the pyramid, the “They”, who knew all along. Unfortunately, greed, money and power are more important to them than the health of our planet and its inhabitants. I firmly believe that all of these mysterious chronic illnesses (including my own) are due to the toxins which they put into our environment. The problem now is that we are so used to these toxins that many of us are having a difficult time trying to figure out how to live without these toxins. I feel that in a couple of generations they will have figured a way out of the mess we have made and things will begin to improve.

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  2. I think it’s all environmental toxins too. This is just not normal. What else could it be? Old people are healthier than young people now, when in the history of the world has that ever happened before? It is terrifying. Your optimism that there will be additional generations is refreshing lol. I recently spent some time in the very scary corner of the internet known as autism tumblr. Holy shit. Young people today are trying to “normalize” and “validate” chronic fatigue, having hand-flapping meltdowns, chronic digestive issues and whatnot (which they all blame on autism, hmm) because it hurts their feelings that they can barely get through their day but hurt feelings is hardly their biggest problem. Imagine these extremely ill people having children of their own. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if these are the ones who would “figure things out” but it takes energy to do things and these young people don’t seem to have any! And there are additional issues. Maybe I need to spend more time with healthy people, and I would if I knew where to find any. Even the “uplifting” people are all sick they just hide it better.

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  3. The should not normalize it! They should be raising hell about it! My Spirit Guides told me the same thing about “Uplifiting” people. I felt guilty because I was not Little Ms. Sunshine all the time. They informed me that no one with illnesses are, no matter how hard they try to hide it. I have a relationship with my granddaughter and she will not be born for another three years so I know there will be future generations and it is hers who will fix this mess.

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  4. Now that you said that I am thinking that Greta’s energy (if she is intent on spending it) might be better focused on raising hell about chronic illness or at least framing environmental pollution in terms of toxins rather than greenhouse gasses, or at least including the toxins angle. Or instead of framing her own autism as an activist superpower, she could mention that autism is brain damage and so could surely be caused by toxic exposures from the environment. I am trying to think of a mechanism by which poisoning all life on earth including ocean and land biomass contributes to global warming. Hmm. Anyway. It’s probably significant that there is NO outrage about chronic illness or environmental toxins even as the spotlight is currently on environmental concerns. And that is so interesting that you have a relationship with your GD in spirit. And good to know that others have these connections even though I don’t, or none that I know of anyway. Thank you for your comment.

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  5. Yes that is what I believe, that the spotlight is all on global warming as a distraction. They can debate what will happen in the future but they can’t debate what is already happening. We are already feeling the effects of the poisoning obviously with all the illness, but at long as they say that people aren’t changing the temperature then everything’s fine and they can go on polluting. They’ve got people so fooled that most can only take one side or the other of this pre-planned argument. Either we are causing climate change and need to worry about the future, or we’re not and everything is okay. That is how everything is set up in the public eye to distract people. Our overlords frame the debate to distract people from understanding or solving anything. Instead of looking at the issue clearly, people are likely to pick one of the already set sides that they agree with more. If as a society we started talking about how sick the young people are and how new this all is and then looked at the problems animal populations are having, like high rates of mutations now found in a lot of frogs, every single person would have to admit that this is bad and needs immediate society wide and world wide attention.

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