Holy Shit Y’all. Morgellon’s Disease (Aka “Delusional Parasitosis”) is Actually Real. #gaslighting #fuckdoctors #killallmen

Whilst performing my daily catch-up with my favorite conspiratard sites, today I found this: recent peer-reviewed medical research indicating that so-called Morgellon’s disease is actually a real, physical ailment and not all in patients’ — usually female patients’ — heads.  I have had a slightly more than casual interest in Morgellon’s disease for at least a decade if not two, and I am seeing the year 2002 thrown around as the approximate date that reports of this confounding, untreatable and disabling medical condition first appeared in the United States.  People — usually female people — started presenting to their doctors for diagnosis and treatment of a condition comprised of skin lesions, often with strange “fibers” protruding from them or embedded in the unbroken skin or in the scabs, as well as maddening feelings of itching, crawling, burning etc. under or on their skin as if “bugs” were crawling there.  There were almost certainly additional complaints considering what Morgellon’s actually turned out to be — a tickbourne infection that is often comorbid with Lyme disease — but let’s leave it there for now.

Morgellon’s patients routinely brought in a collection of scabs and fibers to show their doctors, intending to be good patients and their own “advocates” to help the doctors do their job, which is the current advice given to particularly women in order to insure that they get the best medical treatment possible (and so that the women themselves as actors or co-actors on their own “care team” can take part or all of the blame when they are not effectively treated).  Whereupon the doctors proceeded to mock the women and their attempts to document and provide physical evidence of what was happening to them by referring to such evidence as “matchbox sign” because women allegedly brought the fibers and scabs with them in empty matchboxes.  Of course, matchbox sign was a euphemism for evidence of fraud and mental, not physical, disease.

Here is an example of “matchbox sign” where the woman brought her evidence in a folded piece of paper, and not an empty matchbox, but whatever right?  The point of inventing and naming matchbox sign was so that doctors could warn other doctors that the person sitting in front of them covered in lesions and in terrible, ongoing and relentless pain, cradling a sad bundle of phony evidence was crazy.  The point was obviously not to tell the truth or describe anything accurately or even neutrally, or in a way that was likely to get these women meaningful treatment or relief.

Recently, around 2018 perhaps, there has been a bona fide connection shown between Lyme disease and Morgellon’s disease, where 6% of a sample of known Lyme patients were also diagnosed with Morgellon’s, and 100% of those were seropositive for B. burgdorferi infection.  The full article can be found here.  75% of these Lyme/Morgellon’s patients were women and most of them presented with late stage “disseminated” Morgellon’s; their badly progressed disease was likely due to having unsuccessfully sought treatment for years or decades only to be told they were crazy and denied treatment that could’ve prevented the infection from spreading.  A person with any experience with Western medicine might speculate (and correctly) that these women were told to see a shrink and likely prescribed powerful and dangerous psychiatric medications, that they may’ve also been psychiatrically incarcerated at some point, and/or told to go home, have a glass of wine, and let their husbands fuck them.  And that it would’ve been better for these women if they had been denied any “treatment” at all.

This article abstract provides several gems and is worth reviewing.  Somewhat late to the party, where people suffering from chronic illness have known this for a long time, Big Medicine recognizes in the case of Morgellon’s that physical illness often precedes, coincides with and even causes so-called psychiatric complaints: in essence, just because someone is crazy now, doesn’t mean they were always that way, and it doesn’t mean the crazy exists all or only “in their heads.”  That’s right y’all, sick people’s brains aren’t sitting in jars on counters, and people’s heads and brains are actually connected to physical bodies that have to exist and navigate in the real world, bodies which are vulnerable to illness, injury, toxic exposures and the like.  Brains and bodies are connected, and there is a physical demonstrable connection between physical illness and so-called “mental health.”  In the case of Morgellon’s, previous “studies” (if they can even legitimately be called that) that have been used for decades to dismiss and humiliate infected patients — primarily women — in disabling pain have been, uh, flawed.  Yeah, flawed, that sounds good, let’s stick with that.  Ignoring that “flawed” studies are not even legitimate studies at all and are literally just hateful propaganda:

Clinical studies supporting the hypothesis that MD is exclusively delusional in origin have considerable methodological flaws and often neglect the fact that mental disorders can result from underlying somatic illness.

Full article here.  Let us also consider that invisible physical illness would oftentimes appear as mental illness to outside observers.  Think about that shit.  Even if a person appeared nutty as a fruitcake to someone who wasn’t living in the sick person’s body, practically every “psychiatric” symptom I can currently imagine is also a known symptom of physical disease, acute or chronic pain, and/or side effects of dangerous medications including wrongly prescribed psychiatric medications taken by physically ill/compromised people who don’t actually need them.  Jesus fucking Christ.  At this point I’m not sure if my increasing nausea and urge to defecate are due to my current Crohn’s flare or the result of reading this medical literature and “digesting” its implications for sick people and sick women.

In contrast, rigorous experimental investigations show that this skin affliction results from a physiological response to the presence of an infectious agent.  Recent studies from that point of view show an association between MD and spirochetal infection in humans, cattle, and dogs. These investigations have determined that the cutaneous filaments are not implanted textile fibers, but are composed of the cellular proteins keratin and collagen and result from overproduction of these filaments in response to spirochetal infection.

So the women with their ignorant, sad and fraudulent matchboxes were actually right all along.  The fibers were evidence of an actual, demonstrable physical disease, the doctors just chose to believe these stupid sluts lady patients adult female humans coming to them for help were all irritated and scabby for no reason and that the “fibers” embedded in their psychiatric sores and skin crusts (!) originated from their dumb wimmin clothes, or from lint from doing the laundry (or as was alleged in one case, also linked above, the bristles of a broom).  Of course, the fibers are often embedded in unbroken skin as well but let’s forget about that part, or if we do acknowledge it, let’s choose to imagine the women putting the fibers under their healthy skin themselves.  Let’s imagine that, shall we.  It must’ve required a syringe of some kind, or magic!

Crafty slutty scabby wimmins trying to defraud and make fools of men.  The best case scenario here is that the mountains of psych meds likely prescribed to Morgellon’s women over the years provided some relief from the effects of long term chronic illness and chronic pain and being abused and gaslighted by powerful men, but we know those meds likely did not provide such relief.  And that any relief they did get was surely eclipsed by the crippling side effects of the medications, the progressive effects of an untreated yet “disseminating” pathogen, and the medicalized trauma that is baked-in when dealing with Western medical providers at all.  They probably also had undiagnosed and untreated Lyme and God knows what else, considering how many women are currently subclinical or diagnosed autoimmune patients and women are, en masse, becoming progressively ill with often multiple chronic, progressive and incurable disease.

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26 thoughts on “Holy Shit Y’all. Morgellon’s Disease (Aka “Delusional Parasitosis”) is Actually Real. #gaslighting #fuckdoctors #killallmen

  1. Surely you jest! The medical professionals would never mock a chronically ill woman! I have NEVER heard of nor experienced such a thing! (Please note EXTREME sarcasm in my comment!!!).

    Thank you! This is very informative and really pisses me off! TBI, CFS and epilepsy seriously acting up and I will need to read this again when I can think clearly.

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  2. Hi Michelle, thank you for your comment! This really got me upset and I barely even care anymore. It really is beyond the pale, but we keep seeing that the absolute bottom of horrible treatment has a basement and then doctors bring a shovel. My health is in the toilet the last week (well, the last 2 months but this week holy shit, I feel like I’m dying) so I can relate and sympathize with your flare. I am sorry you are feeling like crap. It’s always lovely to see you and I hope you are doing as well as can be, and that you can rest and that you will recover your previous strength soon. Definitely come back and comment as much as you like.


  3. Also, I would like to call attention to the fact that I found this most recent medical research being passed around in the conspiracy theory community. Do people grok what that means? Think about that shit a minute. The conspiracy theorists have been talking about Morgellon’s for a long time. The “conspiracy” part of it is multi faceted, they think that it’s a real disease and that there is a conspiracy to cover it up (which is demonstrably true, even if we don’t understand the motivations behind the cover up, and even if the conspiracy is “just” patriarchy and authoritative men conspiring to shit on and debase women and literally drive them insane, it still counts as a conspiracy which only means 2 or more people working together towards a harmful end and that’s literally all it means). They also believe that there is a conspiracy to create and then cover up multiple or even all tickbourne pathogens, which frankly wouldn’t surprise me but is harder to prove, but the conspiracy is there for anyone who wants to see it.

    Why is PEER REVIEWED MEDICAL RESEARCH being found on conspiracy sites, and what does that mean, are topics worth visiting IMO.


  4. Have you seen the articles about how they are investigating if our government made weaponized ticks? They think that’s where Lyme disease came from.

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  5. Hi anotherwoman. I haven’t seen anything specific but I know that’s the idea, that the tards suspect government or corporate interests or both have created tickbourne pathogens themselves and released them on the public, and that they may’ve been released either on accident or on purpose or both. I don’t even know how anyone could deny that’s a distinct possibility because of course it is. Everyone thinks Big Brother loves them. lol. And they think the conspiracy nuts are crazy.

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  6. Lol I have no idea how people can be so trusting of the government/corporations. It’s been shown many times publicly they are not looking out for us and many of these rich people actually say how they want to cull us. It probably was supposed to be a weapon of war with the ticks. It doesn’t really matter to them who they are waging war on anyway. It just gives them more profit and chance to experiment on us. So this is probably another result of their experiments with this fiber disease.

    What are tards?


  7. CRE The way you described your digestive pain and discomfort before was so right on with how mine gets sometimes when it gets bad. I forget exactly but it was something like it is a boggy feeling like horrible bloating with the feeling of bread and nails churning around. OMG it feels just like that right now. It is horrible. With being so busy lately I haven’t been eating enough raw veggies and eating too much bread. I feel like people in general are having trouble eating wheat. Some flat out can’t handle it with celiac disease but I think a lot of people have some degree of intolerance to larger amounts. I try to limit the amount of bread now as if it is a dessert and get bread made from other things whenever I can. It is okay if I eat a little bit but then at times when I am eating stuff quickly and tend to make a lot of sandwiches and just eat pieces of bread because it is easy it gets bad.

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  8. Hi CRE, I keep missing the commenting window but I’ve been reading and thinking.

    I have a lot to say about this but not much time so I’ll be brief and come back later, to comment more and do a Patreon.

    How typical that they tried to shove anti-psychotics down the “hysterical laydees” ie suffering ill female humans’ throats. That shit serves the sadistic male-led medical industry SO WELL:

    1. Serves as a chemical lobotomy, which as you probably know we’re performed mostly on women, and was recognized as well in part because it made them “better housecleaners” (and more docile in not protesting torture-by-peen ie PIV as much as pre-lobotomy)

    2. Decreases the mass of grey matter in the brain over time, because there’s nothing worse than a wimmin who think she smart.

    3. Antagonizes dopamine receptors, decreasing pleasure and increasing apathy, making all of life into “lie back and think of England.”

    4. Causes weight gain, sometimes in excess of 100 lbs. Because we all know that while thin women’s health problems are because they’re crayzee, fat women wouldn’t be ill in the first place if they weren’t fat (unless they’re crayzee too).

    5. Causes an unbearable panicky internal restless feeling, aka akathisia, leading to an inability to comport oneself with appropriate feminine decorum, leading to a vicious circle of dose increases, increased inability to “act normal” because of the akathisia, leading to potential commitment to a loony bin and more dose increases (and potential rape), leading to…you get it.I

    6. In higher doses, creates a low-level version of “locked in syndrome”, where one feels like shit but doesn’t have the mental wherewithal to communicate this through their molasses-like haze. The average caregiver mistakes this as improvement, and the doctors are perfectly happy to keep up the illusion. Let’s up the dosage a little more, shall we?

    7. Causes horrific and painful extra-pyramidal symptoms. Because women with uncontrollable involuntary facial movements are treated extra shittily in a world where women are judged purely on “beauty”, defined in this hell as the “ability” to “make” peen even more rape-happy-hard than usual.

    What scares me is that this horrific “medication” is now being thrown around like candy for any medical complaint (similar to what they’re doing with “biologics”). The bullshit opioid “crisis” (ie “no one deserves to not be in agonizing pain because ADDICKSHUN”) and (mark my words) the growing-in-strength benzodiazepine moratorium will make this horrific situation EVEN WORSE.

    I swear, these people hand over their souls with their medical school diplomas, if they ever had them in the first place.

    Btw, hello Anotherwomaninhell! I love your name. As CRE has discussed here, and I’ve seen on a few sites (I go to conspiritard sites too, CRE!) I too feel like we’re in some kind of purgatory -but-closer-to-hell simulation.

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  9. Hi Antinatalist thanks for your comment! These psychotropic medications scare the shit out of me and not just bc of the so-called “side effects” that are often worse than the original condition. As you say, it *is* a horrific social reality for women that goes far beyond direct medicalized abuse although that would be bad enough. And then we get to live in this hellish nightmare even more disabled (read: vulnerable) than we were before bc of the medical trauma and side effects of the drugs. And yes, I think a lot of medications (and medical procedures, that’s important!) “work” bc they cause people to be too mentally and/or physically ill to complain about it anymore, which makes the caretakers’ jobs easier and that’s literally all it does. It’s an illusion of “better” that has hideous side effects baked-in so you aren’t any better (IOW healed or at least relieved of symptoms) than you were before and in fact you’re even worse and will only become more and more degraded over time. And I was raised by these soulless monsters. So while feminists would probably say it’s a privilege to be raised by professional parents bc they have money, the effects of being raised by soulless monsters and subjected to a lifetime not only of the Western medical mindset but also the side effects of drugs and medical trauma is…completely unaddressed. Meanwhile the feminists and SJW types lap up Western medicine like the good little lapdogs (and ineffectual social activists) they are, and they think money is the most important thing in the world while other “resources” mean nothing. Like having a community to support sick people and medical refugees for example is worth nothing. It’s really stunning how little quality discourse or resistance is happening around Western medicine, but it’s not like talking about it really helps. And resistance is probably futile, esp if you need “medical evidence” to support a disability claim bc you don’t have money, or community. It always ends in the same place so I don’t blame people for not wanting to examine it. I do appreciate good comments though. Such is my burden as a writer. Thanks for reading.

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  10. Hello antinationalist. 🙂 Thanks, it seemed like a fitting name to come talk about this stuff. I often do wonder if this is even really real. It’s all so bizarre honestly. I see the next step to all of this thinking is connecting all of these thoughts in radical feminist writings to people examining the possibility of stuff like reality as a simulation, aliens interference, demons as interdimensional beings, and all that.

    I read the conspiracy stuff and watch ancient aliens and all that but it’s really lacking in understanding just referring to everything as about “people.”

    I read something before that was talking about men’s tribal secret societies and the men would say they were communicating with demons and letting the demons into them and then they would do stuff to make the women afraid. I wonder if maybe it’s actually true and the men’s secret societies are actually communicating with some evil force to create so much evil.

    And all the stuff about aliens is about aliens coming to do genetic experiments by impregnating certain women. If men could travel to other planets that is certainly what they would do it they found an alien race. The aliens are basically traveling across the galaxy to rape if this is all indeed true and happening to people, which I tend to think it is.


  11. It’s certainly weird to read the conspiratard stuff with a radical feminist understanding of the world. That community easily accepts that evil is created by aliens, demons etc but the idea that human males created all of it, which is what all the evidence indicates, seems to be too out there even for them. Of course, all of the leaders in that community are men (and to a lesser extent, the women who love them). It only begs the question though, what are human males? Where did they, and their defective Y chromosome, even come from? And (thus) where do their ideas come from? Someone once commented on one of my blogs that they suspected that “grays” or the spindly malevolent beings most people recognize as “aliens” are actually humans with the X chromosome removed, so fully male (Y or YY) beings IOW. Surely male scientists have attempted to do that, no? What would likely have been the result? It really does make you think. If nothing else, the conspiracy stuff is evidence of how little some people trust our government to tell us the truth about anything. They aren’t wrong to be suspicious, even if they don’t know all the details, and even if the details are unknowable.

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  12. Also, what I was getting at by noting that the conspiratards are passing around peer reviewed medical research is, a lot of them are actually high level researchers who are looking at all available evidence including from accepted mainstream/establishment sources to try to figure out what the fuck is really going on. I call them conspiratards to show that I know what the mainstream thinks of them, but they aren’t making shit up or being ridiculous necessarily. And one area in which we are being lied to and manipulated is obvs in the area of medical and med-sci knowledge. Conspiracy theorists aren’t only passing around stupid things and talking about them stupidly, and the “occult” knowledge they find and expose is only “occult” because it’s been/is being hidden from us, that’s all “occult” even means (hidden). And NOT broadcasting medical knowledge in the mainstream (like research showing that Morgellon’s patients are vindicated) is a way to hide it since most people ONLY ever look there and they assume anything important would be “on the news”. But the Morgellon’s stuff wasn’t on the news, I hadn’t even heard about this most recent finding anywhere in the mainstream even tho I’ve been following it for years. Most people are too brainwashed or stupid or both to believe our government/corporate overlords would ever lie to us, or hide anything we really really need to know but they are very wrong about that. They effectively hide legit medical knowledge ffs. And the tards are the only ones who bother digging that shit up and sharing it.

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  13. That’s a really creepy thought that the greys could be experiments to get a fully male being. If so what is the point of that? To get rid of us I assume, so they wouldn’t need females to reproduce themselves and have just concentrated maleness. Most men seem to just have an obsessive drive to reproduce where it takes up so much of their thinking. A few of the smarter ones can ignore it and be able to have higher thoughts. But most people just seem to be dumb as hell and men are especially dumb.

    Dumbness in males means all they can think about is their dick and how they can get it into a woman with any means necessary. It’s such a reversal how they say women are the ones who care so much about having children. Women love their children when they do have them but men are the ones obsessively thinking about reproduction. Of course that obsessive drive turns into all kinds of bizarre fetishes as well that don’t necessarily have anything to do with sex but stem from obsessive thoughts of it.

    I can definitely imagine if men had the ability to travel to other worlds with humanoid life forms their immediate goal would be to try to mate with the females. Even if the alien thing isn’t true, it’s certainly all a male fantasy with all the abduction and impregnation stuff.

    So is the possession thing. What almost always happens in demon stories? A woman has her body taken over by a demon. Either though possession or by being impregnated by a demon.

    I was taking to someone about the demon pregnancy thing before who said that it could be that the demons are interdimensional beings just manipulating DNA in the same way we change computer code. So if the interdimensional being goes in a man to impregnate her he just alters the human DNA in the sperm.

    I’ve given a lot of thought to everything being code like how we code computers. A lot of pretty mainstream people think this may be a simulation of some kind. Even if it’s not a simulation, maybe it’s still coded in some way? It’s all very intense to think about but when you look at just what we know I think anything could be true really.

    The whole basis of life is bizarre. We are these bags of flesh with all these parts inside that allows us to move and do stuff and we have to get energy from ingesting other beings. We have the ability to make copies of ourselves, while men don’t and they try to hunt us down to squirt their DNA inside us and copy themselves. It’s all so weird what even is any of this?


  14. The point I guess would be to see if they could. I’m sure they would never actually get rid of women considering that they need us to energize them, to catch friction on, abuse, and clean up their messes. I grew up in the 80s/90s and there were several popular movies during that time that showed that men KNOW about their own propensity to do things because they CAN without caring about whether they should, the latter inquiry seems irrelevant to them. Project X and ET were big ones about experimenting on and killing sentient beings and how evil it is, and this was recognized in the 80s but has anything changed for the better? Jurassic Park stated the issue verbatim but has anything changed? Talking about it seems to change nothing, at least not for the better. I wonder if it even makes it worse. Anyway. I have all the same questions you do about what the fuck is even going on. I feel like my mind is extremely open to almost every (or every) possibility at this point and that’s not necessarily a good place to be. “Fallen world” seems to be an accurate description even if it doesn’t explain how or why it is fallen, it certainly seems to be the case that this place is just pretty much pure evil. What the fuck.

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  15. I’ve wondered if maybe what males are is actually alien in itself. There was originally only female life and each organism reproduced itself. Then these other organisms come along violently inserting their DNA, what if the reason they are so destructive is because they are alien in origin to begin with.

    It’s all so difficult to contend with why half of our own species essentially tries to destroy us. When you read trust your perceptions it really puts everything in perspective biologically on such a deep level. No one else ever really put things together in such a way. We know all these facts individually about things that various males do but we’re always only given an incomplete picture. In all these different lifeforms the male is such a serious threat to the females of their own species they are often more willing to face the possibly of getting eaten then having to deal with the violence of the males.

    I’ve thought about the water glider bugs a lot who are held underwater by the males, while fearing being eaten until they are forced to let the male mate with them. What a bleak existence. Why would nature create such an evil destructive force?

    In one of the rad fem blogs a woman was talking about power and how she worked somewhere with a bunch of really rich dudes and they would basically pee everywhere to mark their territory and not flush it down. But she said how most women’s experience with encountering real power comes when they are raped. They are subjected to this ancient force when this man holds the power over their life completely. The way she described it certainly sounded demonic. Rape is this ancient evil force that men can tap into to subject us to.


  16. Lol yeah I remember reading your Star Trek thing before. I was thinking about that too. Yeah you’re right they do a lot of things just to experiment with what they can do. There doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason to any of it.

    I was just reminded of watching a documentary where there were too many of some kind of sea urchin or something like that because of an excess of nutrients, from farming I think, and they were hurting the coral. So scientists were figuring out how to kill some of the creatures to protect the coral. This dude was explaining how they invented little robots to inject poison into the animals to kill them. This dude creeped me the fuck out so bad. What they were doing was probably good, they had to protect the endangered coral, but this guy seemed so demented there talking about killing these animals. He seemed so excited about it like he was playing a video game and his eyes seemed so dead. I get freaked out thinking about it. He could say he was doing it for got reasons to help the environment but it was clearly something sick going on in his head.

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  17. I’m glad this stuff came up, I’ve kind of been looking for an opening to bring this up somewhere and ask what other people thought about it and wondering if anyone was writing about this anywhere. This should be it’s own blog or book or whatever and I wish someone was writing it, I don’t know enough to do that. I think these ideas are all very plausible but everywhere they are being discussed there is so much left out of it. There’s never any acknowledgement of the rapeyness of it all and how it’s essentially all an extension of the shit men do anyway on a larger scale, the focus on genetic control and manipulation. Or acknowledgement of stuff like how men in their secret societies say they are channeling demons before they do horrific things. I really would like to believe they are being controlled by some evil force honestly and they are not just that awful. lol But it’s like they have something wrong in them genetically where they are open to being able to tap into this evil energy.

    In Anthropology we learn about how people believe that certain drugs let them see into different dimensions. These shamans will take drugs and see beings from these other dimensions and the creatures can hurt people, so if someone has something wrong with them that is suspected to be caused by these things the shamans will take the drugs to see them and get them away from the person. What if that is all real and groups of men have found ways to tap into evil energies from the interdimensional beings? Their defective DNA makes them out of tune with the harmonious life energy and they are connecting with something bad.

    I’m not sure if it was on your stuff or some other blogs I got to clicking around, but there was all this discussion somewhere of how we have gynergy, female life force energy, and men need it to live so they drain it from us. So they get it from us from sex or by raping or just from being around women and women doting on them. This seems to be true in men and in other male animals that they can’t function right without being around females who are connected to them energetically.. I’ve read how in whales that live in pods, when the mom dies the son is very likely to die soon. It doesn’t matter if they are a fully capable adult they will still die without their mom, but the daughters will be fine. In men, there seems to be very few if any instances where men can live apart from women without it turning into chaos and likely death. Whether they are on their own or groups of men, they don’t do well without us, and it seems to be more than just a material need. I do think it’s some sort of energy exchange. It’s like we are tapped into life energy naturally, but they are not. They can connect to women through sexuality, first through their mom who gives birth to them and has an automatic energy flow, then when they get older by engaging with women sexually they open up women’s energy flow to them. But they can also drain some energy by just getting us to focus on them and exert energy towards them, it doesn’t seem to matter whether it is good energy or bad, as long as they have our attention somehow where we are giving out some energy.

    I think doing psychedelics for men allows them to better see into the life energy that we can just feel more naturally, though we have been cut off a lot from nature too at this point. When you listen to men talking about psychedelics, you see how it can make them reject the violence in them when they connect to the life force more clearly. When the government went after Timothy Leery it wasn’t because they gave a shit about people hurting themselves with drugs or anything like the propaganda, it was because he was saying “take this LSD and you’ll see you don’t have to go to some other country and kill some man you don’t know because someone told you to.” He was undermining the governments ability to weaponize men’s violent nature with helping them to be less violent by connecting to the life force through psychedelics. I do believe that drugs have all this power for us to connect with different energies. I think it is real that there are other dimension that we can get a peek into when we alter our brain functioning.

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  18. Honestly I suspect that the grand conspiracy is to convince everyone that human males don’t do all of this all on their own. Compared to that, literally anything and everything is the easier sell, everyone would willingly believe in universal evil, other dimensions, demons etc before they would believe that what we know as “evil” is just a euphemism for maleness. That’s where I always end up, that hiding the reality of maleness is the ultimate, ultimate conspiracy. However, I must admit that I don’t know for sure and that there is no way to probably know. I do think it’s likely that the Y chromosome came from somewhere else and is not native to this planet, so in that sense men are “aliens” but that’s not what most people think of when they think about aliens, or males, or evil beings. Human eyes are only capable of seeing some small fraction of the light spectrum, so in that sense there are many, many “dimensions” all around us that we can’t see or sense (every frequency we can’t see could be considered another dimension). I think a lot of this mythology is just a metaphor for natural phenomenon and isn’t literal, but it might be literal and not a metaphor at all. But what’s the harder sell? That’s where I always end up. People believe in other dimensions easily, but they don’t ever think about things being here that we can’t see bc human eyes are limited even tho that’s actually true. The other stuff keeps me up at night, but the reality of maleness is too horrible for most people to even process at all. That’s the definition of a successful conspiracy campaign: almost everyone believes what we are told, and it’s actually the least likely/natural explanation. The most likely explanation IMO is that human males are evil and human “civilization” aka patriarchy has had some 10,000 years to create these myths that provide endless reasons for people not to believe their lying eyes.

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  19. Thanks for chiming in Mary. I honestly hope that’s “all” it is bc the evil/demons/dimension stuff is horrifying to me. But maybe it’s horrifying to me bc it’s not real. Normally things that are real I am able to accept and process, no matter how horrible it is. That’s my intuition as well, but one can get there logically too which could be confirmation (that it’s the one thing we aren’t allowed to believe).

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  20. Very true. It is the ultimate conspiracy hiding what men are like from us, whatever all the reasons may be for their behavior and where they came from, even though it’s constantly in our face what they do. They make all these books, movies, TV, etc. about how much men love raping and killing and we look around and see that all these horrible things are being done to women we know and women we learn about in real life, but then we’re supposed to believe it’s only a very small number of them that are bad. Lol that would have to be a very active small percentage to do all of this shit. Some of them have such awful uncontrollable thoughts they actually castrate themselves and then feel relieved. It seems more and more are doing that now and wanting to do it. But it’s the ultimate taboo for women to actually admit how fucked up men are. Since I’ve stumbled onto these blogs I’ve definitely related them to the other conspiracy stuff. It’s this underground wellspring of knowledge that most people are too afraid to even think about that only exists on these places that feel like a secret and you have to really search for them. The face of feminism to the public just wants to sell us something and make people feel good about nothing while everything just stays the same. I had never heard the terms radical feminism or liberal feminism until a few years ago. I called mainstream stuff commercial feminism because it’s like a big commercial where consumerism and hyper-individualism will fix everything, it is telling us to buy these shoes and this eyeliner and this other stuff and we can be “empowered” and as long as we are nice to men and just teach them better then everything will be great.

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  21. People also act like things in books, movies etc. are fiction just bc they are projected onto a screen/page. As if the exact same things aren’t really happening in real life. I was always “triggered” (deeply traumatized and horrified) by violence on TV including things like Project X and ET which depict animal experiments but I was told my reaction wasn’t necessary/appropriate bc it wasn’t real. But it is real. We exist on a planet where that exact thing exists, what can be more real than that? People are honestly so deluded about what’s real and what isn’t. It’s really unsettling.

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  22. I have comments set to close automatically on all posts after 14 days (instead of 3-7 like I usually do). So comments have now closed on this post. I hope people have something to say about the hypochondria stuff, or chronic fatigue as well, those are still open to comments. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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