Oh Dear. Greta’s Family Works in Nuclear and She Was a Chernobyl Baby

Remember when I noted that climate change activist Greta Thunberg and all so-called climate change activism is demonstrably pro-nuclear?  And when I speculated that Greta’s self-described autistic “super power” was really brain damage from likely radioactive environmental pollution, exactly the kind of environmental pollution that Greta herself never speaks about or acknowledges at all…in her work as a leader in an alleged environmental activist movement?  Well, there is now an article written on a conspiratard site that confirms both of my suspicions.  And the above vid that cites the article.

Sadly, there are no citations in the article itself on which to follow up and I don’t know what that means.  Did the writer — himself an anti-nuke activist and Hiroshima baby — just make it all up out of whole cloth?  Maybe, but we can also get pretty far down that road by simply using common sense, considering that there are a lot of radiation-damaged people in Greta’s neck of the woods.  Here is a map showing dangerous, genetically/generationally damaging Chernobyl fallout covering parts (well, almost all) of Finland, Sweden and Norway.  Greta’s mother was likely exposed to it as a child in the 80s and they all continue to bask in it today, considering that radioactive contamination stays dangerous forever and never goes away.


When trying to confirm the claims that Greta’s family is involved in the nuclear industry, I found this article on another conspiratard site which seems to back it up and references some intrigue, namely orphanings, adoptions and multiple name changes of her male and female ancestors that make researching her family and their connections difficult if not impossible.  Here is the part I would be interested in corroborating.  From the first conspiratard article:

Greta’s grandfather Lars Lars Ernman, is retired chief financial officer (CFO) of Sandvik, a world-leading tool-maker that manufactures saws and drills for home carpentry, and also steel pipes for nuclear power plants. In partnership with the French atomic energy giant AREVA, the Swedish manufacturer also produces drilling, tunneling and rock-crushing equipment for the global uranium-mining industry.

I also find it interesting that Greta’s ancestors are seasoned professional actors, as do the conspiratards who are starting to suspect that there’s something not-so authentic about Greta and the movement she has inspired.  A movement that both explicitly and implicitly supports nuclear power while blaming soccer moms for catastrophic weather and climate change while demonstrably not blaming one of the — if not the — largest most environmentally damaging industries this planet has ever known and will ever know again: the nuclear industry, which notoriously pumps out not merely genetic/generational mutations, illness and death but also “hot particles” which contaminate our water, soil, biomass and ourselves with literal heat.

Literal heat y’all.  From what I’ve read, the melted-down reactors from the Fukushima nuclear disaster are still burning at 9000F degrees and the reactor cores are in China Syndrome, burning/burrowing deeper and deeper into the ground around the site including in and under the water table.  And even as mainstream news outlets are reporting that 5 Hiroshima-bombs worth of heat per second are being “absorbed” by the ocean due to anthropogenic causes, that’s about as close as most people will ever come to considering the effects of male-made nuclear heat on global warming.

But if anyone cares to dig a little deeper, they might discover that “5 Hiroshima bombs” per second worth of nuclear heat is nothing compared to the meltdown at Chernobyl which is still radioactive to this day.  And that up to 10 reactors melted down at various nuke plants in Japan in 2011 where just one of those reactors was reported at the time to be 100 times worse than the melted-down reactor at Chernobyl that caused such heinous suffering to “Chernobyl babies” and to literally everyone by now.  Chernobyl is still a problem that will never go away, and Fukushima is up to 10 x 100 times worse, and that’s only based on what the mainstream media admitted at the time it happened.  It’s probably even worse than that, but even that would be bad enough.  We know that the plume coming out of Fukushima has never stopped, because it cannot be stopped, and therefore still contributes more and more nuclear contamination to the global environment “per second” per day, per week, per month, per year, per decade etc. and will continue to do so forever.  Forever.

These are mind-boggling figures you will likely never see unless you go looking and even then, there are forces at work preventing anyone from finding and disseminating that information.  Consider the plight of anti-nuke activist Dana Durnford, who has some 24,000 subscribers on YouTube but who only ever manages to attract a few dozen viewers to his almost daily Live Streams addressing nuclear, and who despite having been arrested multiple times and legally gagged from speaking about it, has made it his life’s mission to expose the nuclear industry for what it is: a multi-billion dollars a year climate-killing global polluter that cares nothing about the 8 million species on this planet, species such as plankton, birds, whales and human beings who are all susceptible to genetic and other illnesses (and death) due to male-made nuclear contamination.  He also notes that radioactive “hot particles” really are what they say on the tin: hot, and contribute way more to global warming than anyone imagines or owns up to, and probably more than every other anthropogenic cause combined.

Of course, there are some conspiratards who disbelieve that climate change is “anthropogenic” (man made) at all, if it exists at all.  But there are others who actually seem to make sense based on the available data and which necessarily consider the effects of nearly a century of heat-producing hot particles that have been released into the environment.  Those conspiratards report, and they are surely correct, that global warming is probably largely human-caused, it’s just not the soccer moms and regular Joes who are doing it.  It’s nuclear guys.  Nuclear is global warming.  And male-made radiation is likely at the root of more human illness than anyone is prepared to admit, including cancer as the most obvious (only because it’s the most admitted-to) but also likely including autism and autoimmune disease, all of which are absolutely exploding in the West, where we are known to have been exposed to nuclear waste via “nuclear testing” performed on our own soil by our own governments since at least the 1940s.

And not to be a total buttface or anything but I fucking knew it, and I fucking told you so, when I wrote earlier about the climate movement’s connections to nuclear, and that Greta’s autism was probably brain damage due to nuclear contamination.  So now you get to see this again.  Sorry.

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  1. It’s Dana Durnford talking about Fukushima Mary. It’s there for whoever is interested. In this one he talks about the so-called “hot blob” that’s really Fukushima heating up the ocean off the west coast of North America.

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  2. I am a nomad who lives off grid. I am currently trying to get my entire rig to run on solar. Currently jonesing for a solar oven. If I could figure out how to get my tow vehicle to run on something other than gasoline, I would do that. I am new to the lifestyle (began at the end of May 2019) and I have learned over the last several months that living without and off grid is easier than I thought. I have realized that I do most things “the old fashioned way” (as my grandparents did and they would be 100-118 years old) now. I am often without wifi and finding this to be not too big of an issue. I find this simple life refreshing and peaceful. If more people could realize that the old way of doing things are cost effective, easier to repair and simpler to do then maybe we would not need nuclear power and we could run these monsters out of business.

    Living as a nomad I actually live out in nature because I adore nature. Sadly, as I sit outside enjoying Gaia’s gifts, I often see chem trails, military planes and various other eyesores which are anti-nature. It is so difficult to get away of from these atrocities no matter how hard I try.

    The Creator gave us everything we need to survive without damaging our home (planet); yet, this greedy patriarchal society has found a way to not only make huge profits through these gifts given to us by our Creator but also how to do it while destroying the planet and everyone and everything on it.

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  3. Hi Michelle! Thanks for your comment. I hope you can get your solar oven. Do you and the other boondockers end up sharing what you have so you all don’t have to have duplicates of the same things? Since you all have such limited space, I hope sharing is a part of that lifestyle bc it would make so much sense and be so economical in terms of money and space. I bet if you all chipped in to get a solar oven it would be affordable. Of course, then you would have to share it.

    I don’t get why anti-nuke activism isn’t more popular considering how fucking dangerous and toxic it is. Nuclear is like the elephant in the room for some reason. The fact that we can have a global environmental movement that’s currently on every front page of every news outlet, but without discussing radioactive ENVIRONMENTAL pollution, is stunning to me. I didn’t ever know how nuclear power worked, but from what I gather, the nuclear reactions are used to boil water which turns turbines, and the turbines are what produce the electricity. It’s not as if we are using the nuclear power directly, or that it flows directly into the power lines or something! It just boils water. And nuke plants themselves are not powered by their own power, each nuke plant has to have its own coal-burning power plant to power it. And mining and refining uranium for the fuel is hardly carbon neutral. People have been sharing shocking pics of monsterously huge tractors and things used in mining since before the internet. Like the tires on these machines are bigger than a 3 story house (as an example, not really sure exactly how big but that’s the idea, they are massive and just seeing them up close or next to something for scale is shocking). And of course, the tractors run on gasoline! Not to mention the mess they leave behind. Everything about the nuclear industry is terrible for the environment, which of course includes ourselves, and our food and water, and our pets. The fact that almost no one talks about it seems like evidence of deep brainwashing.

    I have heard that other countries are much more open about talking about nulcear and that the USA is especially deep into the pro-nuke propaganda for some reason. Apparently schoolchildren in Wales were/are taught about Chernobyl and they are told that they are all exposed to it. And I’ve heard that Fukushima being an extinction level event is pretty common knowledge in Japan. No one has any choice but to go on living, and that’s what they all do, but they know what’s happened. But here, we have had a nuclear accident too at Three Mile Island and almost no one even knows what that means if they have even heard about it at all. It’s all severely downplayed here and we don’t even realize it bc we aren’t exposed to the international media for comparison. This country is heavily propagandized around nuclear and we don’t even know it. It’s really something. Anyway. I hope you are right that these monsters can be run out of business. And I hope it’s not too late for it to even matter.

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  4. Michelle what kind of home do you live in? Is it an RV? I want an RV so badly. I’ve been researching them. I am going crazy here dealing with city life.


  5. I didn’t know anything about the nuclear connection but I have been thinking for a while this is some sort of distraction only talking about climate change. They can sit around debating it because it’s something in the future, though we’re probably seeing effects already. But if they really put the spotlight on stuff like how many people are sick and how much devastation has been inflicted on animals with all the deformed frogs and sea animals full of plastic, there would be no denying that things are already very bad. The air pollution is so bad already in some places people can barely breathe as it is, yet they’re still debating on whether we need to worry or not.

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  6. Yep on USA using the 3 wise monkeys to deal with nuclear. Super WEIRD.Even weirder that they made up a Superhero mythology based on it …like a Faith

    I grew up with full knowledge of Chernobyl.USSR only made an attempt to cover it up for a brief sec…& it paid for it with its’ collapse 5 years on. USA”s still standing somehow!!

    Michelle, I was never off-grid,but i miss my simple pre-Western childhood:
    We spent an incredible amount of time outdoors *in winter too- rugged up & skated on lake*. I climbed trees etc.This was after i did my rigorous school&housework & yet somehow there WAS TIMe to do all that +the industrial world stuff like TV+books& piano
    I remember Grandmas chilling outside on benches with no Grandpas around – since the buggers tend to drop dead before pension age

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