How to Make Your Crohn’s Worse for $10 a Week


For obvious reasons these extreme budget food haul videos are very popular, where people who live in BFE rural America where a gallon of milk is $1 manage to eke out a sustenance diet on almost no money.  I’ve lived on these extreme budget diets myself for many years, where “beans and torts” was a staple and I could almost never afford a $5 block of cheese but when I could, mmmm, cheese.  What a treat!

These days of course, as a Crohn’s patient, there are more limitations on my diet than a lack of funds although as I am disabled and mostly unable to work, that limitation still applies too.  While I have managed to remain medically stable with no hospital visits or emergencies for almost 5 years due to “lifestyle changes” and importantly, daily marijuana use, I am still severely limited in what I can eat.  For example, through painful trial and error, and as corroborated by the medical literature as well as anecdotal evidence/reports from other patients, I have learned that I, like most Crohn’s patients, am severely lactose intolerant.  For me and many Crohn’s patients, it would be less (well, equally) painful to eat industrial solvent than most dairy products including milk, soft cheese and ice cream.

And since Lactaid and other lactose-nullifying agents don’t work for me to make dairy products tolerable, I also think it’s the proteins in dairy and not just the lactose/sugar I’m reacting to, which makes sense: it seems to be proteins in food that my immune system is attacking which makes eating most foods impossible.  To be even more specific, it seems to be genetically modified proteins — in other words, GMOs — that give me the most trouble.  But genetically modified or not, I cannot tolerate most dairy at all.

The woman in the above vid was able to get a gallon of milk for a dollar, which in most parts of the country is unheard of — it’s usually closer to $4 if not $5.  But as a Crohn’s patient who cannot tolerate most dairy, even if I could get 10 gallons of milk for a nickel I couldn’t drink it, blend it with other things or cook with it.  And of course, a lot of premade and processed foods contain dairy and so are also inedible.  Hard cheese is still on the table and I still look forward to that budget-busting block of cheese when I can afford it.  Of course, now it’s more like $12 and it has to be organic. 

Which brings me to my next limitation, and the next reason this $10 Walmart food haul would literally make me sicker than not eating at all: GMOs, commercial pesticides and whatnot that make most (that’s almost all) commercially available food inedible.  Before I started eating 100% organic (or non-GMO at a minimum) I had become extremely ill and couldn’t eat any food at all.  I have written about how it took me a full year of smoking pot while I ate (a bite of food, a bong hit, repeat for as long as I could) to even be able to tolerate food at all, where eating anything had made me so sick for so long I had become food-adverse; I had no appetite and severe nausea, but I also dreaded eating due to the inevitable disabling pain and symptoms it caused no matter what I ate.

At the very end of my rope, I had even tried Vivonex, an unpalatable enteral feed that’s usually administered via feeding tube but you can also drink it if you are able to swallow and can stand it.  Vivonex only contains amino acids — the building blocks of proteins, not even whole proteins, which is supposed to be more bioavailable and more easily digestible than real food with intact proteins — and Vivonex contains no fiber.  But because it still had to go through my stomach and diseased small intestine, even the fiberless broken-down proteins made me extremely ill.  Of course, from what I understand, Vivonex is mostly made from GMO corn.  And while it tasted like wet newspaper (as an enteral/tube feed it’s not meant to touch the tongue afterall) I’m pretty sure it was mostly sugar — I could feel it spiking my blood sugar sky-high if not actively giving me diabetes.  It’s also a sweet, sweet recipe for razorblade diarrhea which is the very last thing most Crohn’s patients need.

It wasn’t until I quit the GMOs and non-organic food and started on an organic diet that I could get through an entire meal without having to grease my digestive wheels (and stimulate my appetite) with medical pot.  Since making that change, I have been able to eat normally and I usually only have to medicate once a day, usually at night just before bed.  Of course, “eating normally” means something very different to me than it does to most people.  I can eat solid food and no longer have to shit while laying down in the shower, but I still have to avoid almost everything that normal people eat and are able to tolerate every meal of every day.

So while a budget-conscious shopper can attempt to survive on GMO raisin bran, dry beans and 99 cents for a dozen eggs, I can’t eat legumes or eggs at all, and have to severely restrict starches, sugars and grains.  If it was organic, I could maybe eat the raisin bran once or twice a week, but I would have to cover it in organic almond milk and avoid starches, sugars, and grains (carbs) in every other meal to make up for the carby, raisiny indiscretion.  And even as I avoid, tweak and modify, I still require daily medication in order to quell the raging inflammation in my gut which makes it impossible to sleep, work or function no matter what I eat.  As I have written before, I now believe that Crohn’s disease is an essentially terminal illness where patients have to medicate constantly in order to eat.

Back to the video and the $10 weekly food budget that exemplifies both thrift and relatively healthy eating for otherwise healthy people, the only foods on this woman’s shopping list I would be able to tolerate would be…well none of them, considering that they are all GMO.  If they were organic, or at least non-GMO I could eat the scallions without restriction, the green pepper (an inflammatory nightshade) and banana (latex cross-allergen) once a week, and the spaghetti and sauce maybe twice.  If the corn tortillas were wrapped around some meat, I could probably eat and enjoy that indefinitely without making my Crohn’s worse, which is the goal now, pretty much my only goal actually, because if you don’t have your (relative) health you don’t have anything, but this woman’s $10 budget afforded her no meat at all, let alone organic meat.  The bulk of her dietary protein came from milk, eggs and beans all of which would only make me and a lot of Crohn’s patients even sicker than we were before.  Not eating at all would be preferable and healthier in every way to eating that.

So what do I eat as a severely dietary-restricted Crohn’s patient with virtually no money to buy food?  As often as I can, I eat salad with various non-offending vegetables and beef or chicken; tacos or burritos; and various soups or stews, all organic and all without my “trigger” foods including dairy, legumes, anything in the gourd family/Cucurbitaceae/cucurbits, eggs or shellfish.  Even though they are nightshades, I can eat potatoes and tomatoes a few times a week.  Same with corn and wheat products like noodles and tortillas — a couple times a week max or I will pay a high price with persistent heartburn, the dreaded “bubble guts,” systemic inflammation and joint pain.  I can make smoothies with almond milk and most fruit.  And I seem to be able to eat as much raw cabbage as I want, yay!  (Seriously I like raw cabbage, but it’s hardly a treat.)  Most processed food is right out, although I do like to keep a few cans of soup on hand for when I’m too sick to cook — at least a few times a month I eat directly out of the can.

If I had $10 to spend on food for the week, what would I buy?  I would probably buy a half gallon of almond milk and a box of tea and wait it out.  I’ve gone for much longer than that without eating since I’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s.  If I only had $10 a week to spend on food every week, and therefore could not afford quality organic produce, meat and hard cheese — in other words, food with proteins that I can actually successfully digest and which allows me to maintain my medically stable condition and doesn’t make me worse — well I would be seriously, seriously screwed.

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28 thoughts on “How to Make Your Crohn’s Worse for $10 a Week

  1. The whole idea of “lactose intolerance” is another thing where they twist the words to make people think a certain way. So, like only certain groups that had close relationships with herd animals developed this strange mutation for them to be able to drink another animals milk into adulthood. Lactose tolerance was something that developed biologically to allow people to survive in poor conditions where there was mostly just grasses growing, which could only be eaten by animals like cows, sheep, and goats-not people. The people took advantage of the animals ability to digest these plants that are indigestible to us by taking their milk as another food source.

    Not being able to digest lactose is the default. People who are able to digest lactose are ones who inherited the mutation from herding ancestors. I suspect most people who can digest lactose can’t actually digest it very well though and just don’t realize because it is presented as the normal thing to eat. I know a lot of people say how much better they feel once they stop eating dairy. I didn’t realize how much it was making me sick until I stopped eating it.

    It is one of the most propagandized foods out there. The milk industry was advertising like crazy all over when I was in school. Remember all those milk does a body good ads? Those were all over my school when I was little.

    I learned fairly recently about how the food pyramid was made by the food industries according to how much they want to sell us something. They want to sell us milk and they want to sell meat and grains as the biggest industries. They just make “health” about whatever they want to sell us.

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  2. All this is just another testament to how masochistic people have accepted to be that they are okay with starving and abusing their bodies like this. People will do this because they have to, but then a lot will defend it and then feel it’s okay for the younger generations to have to do this, (I did it so you should have to too) instead of being outraged by what they had to go through and working to prevent this suffering for the next generation.

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  3. That’s interesting about herding ancestry creating a mutation! I wonder why Crohnies especially can’t tolerate dairy, even more than usual. I guess our guts are just that much less able to process anything including that. I used to drink milk and use it in smoothies and cooking and didn’t notice a problem, but as you say, I was also getting progressively ill and I didn’t know why. Once I started having serious issues with food, the most obvious likely culprit was dairy but as it happened, wheat was actually what was making me the sickest so when I stopped that I felt a lot better (until I didn’t). And being gluten free was so restrictive esp wrt desserts and sweets I ate ice cream and yogurt as a safe food! But now, sheesh, when I see a glass of milk on a commercial it’s like looking at a glass of poison. I don’t even consider it food anymore and am involuntarily repulsed by the sight of it.

    Commercials and media are so adept at normalizing people starving themselves and going without. Like this car insurance commercial that used to be on, where the girl was “on a budget” so she could afford a car and insurance to go to work. Her admirable, grown-up solution was to eat ramen noodles every night. If she had Crohn’s that wouldn’t be an option, but you’re right that no one should be doing that bc it’s neglectful and will lead to health problems down the road. But her parents must be so proud of her, bc she is making it on her own and not expecting them to help, even though her parents and grandparents were the ones who created this mess and a world where everyone having their own personal vehicle is the most important thing, and working a full time job isn’t enough to afford actual food. What the fuck.

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  4. Right starving yourself is actually a “grown up” solution. Reading this makes me realize one of the reasons I’ve never been able to save money, because I’ve never starved myself or eaten shitty food purposely for budgeting. Lol. What a mind fuck that they made people think that’s not only normal but responsible. Of course when you get sick from that the responsible thing to do is go off and die quietly and don’t bother anyone!

    When I was so extremely sick for a while that I could barely eat for months and months to the point I was literally on the edge of starvation and looked like a skeleton with dark black circles around my eyes, it very seriously made me understand what hell it is to not have enough to eat. And there are people who are actually doing that to themselves. The extreme of all this food restriction is anorexia and bulimia, of course it’s mostly women who are driven that crazy. It’s obvious that that’s messed up and all, but you don’t quite understand the living hell someone would be going though to not eat until you actually feel it and the thought of someone doing that to themselves purposely because they’re at that extreme of a level of metal illness is mind boggling to think of. I know exactly what you are talking about with all the food making you seriously ill stuff because I’ve definitely been through that. I’m still very scared about eating and anytime I don’t eat well I get sickly feelings really easily. I know there’s no way to avoid it all because it’s all poison and it’s hard not to freak out about it all.

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  5. I wonder whether anorexia is really Crohn’s or some other disease where the person isn’t able to eat, or “chooses” not to bc it’s so unbelievably painful. Anorexics always think they look and feel “fat” but I wonder if that’s the extreme bloat from a partial bowel obstruction. A lot of Crohnies post selfies in the online support groups of their painful, distended bellies but they all know they have Crohn’s. What must anyone think who doesn’t have a diagnosis but all food makes them so bloated they feel as if they could literally pop? I know “anas” like to be skinny and whatnot, but they are also bloated and it makes me wonder if there is something other than mental illness going on. With all the restrictive diets I’ve been on to manage my pain and symptoms, often more than one diet at a time (like gluten free + low residue concurrently for example) you eventually end up not being able to eat at all. I imagine that would look a lot like an eating disorder to an observer, esp if they didn’t believe the woman when she said all food made her sick, or if they didn’t recognize or care that “feeling fat” could be a euphemism for extreme bloat.

    I’ve not been able to save money either. Between the healthy food and all the various treatments I’ve been trying for the last 30 years I have nothing to show for anything. It’s really something.

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  6. I don’t consider dairy to be food anymore either and feel such deep repulsion towards it. I can’t believe I ever ate it. It makes me feel so sick that my young innocence was betrayed to make me think that it was a good thing. Eating ice cream as a special treat 😦 When my digestion started getting really bad I went vegan. I was always a lifelong vegetarian and always was treated like a freak for it basically. I can’t imagine what I would have even eaten had I not eaten dairy really because I was already a freak everywhere for just not eating meat. Now it’s becoming normal now that people can’t digest anything anymore. Lol. I had been thinking for a long time that milk and eggs are not really a good thing to be eating and I had no idea yet of the cruelty involved in it but I still was starting to think that it probably wasn’t good whatever was happening.

    After I stopped eating all that I started reading vegan recipes and stuff and came across all this information about what’s involved in the dairy industry and it’s all so gruesome. I now think it’s actually worse than what’s happening in the meat industry and it’s all so tied together it’s basically the same thing.

    They have the female cows hooked up to “rape racks” where they impregnate them by the farmer sticking his hand in them and putting in the bull’s sperm. And if we’re being honest we know the things men do and there’s probably a lot of them who use the racks to actually rape the cows themselves too. Which is never really mentioned but there’s no way that’s not happening given all we know about what is. Then the male babies are killed for veal and rennet, from their stomach I think, is used to make the cheese. The female cows are sent to this endless rapey hell, endlessly impregnated and their babies stolen until their body gives out and they are then killed and eaten too.

    Like none of this fucked up shit even has anything to do with “eating meat.” I really do not think humans are meant to be eating meat beyond maybe eating a few bugs and maybe some small animal they catch here and there occasionally. But the dude in the woods going hunting and eating animals is definitely not the problem you know? This is a whole massive slavery and torture system inflicted on these animals. I have cats and they need meat so I can’t opt out of it totally and I feel such guilt knowing what serious tortures are inflicted on these animals. Plus I believe that these negative energies created by the torture is carried on into those who eat it.


  7. Oh wow! What a thought, that anorexia might be because they are already having a digestive issue and suffering from serious bloating. My cousin had serious anorexia where she had to be hospitalized. When I was going through that, struggling to eat from pain and sickness and horrible bloating, I thought a lot about her and wondered about what was going on in her head while she was going through that and how anyone could possibly do that to themselves on purpose. So I haven’t talked to her for a while now, but apparently she has gone vegan and gluten free and changed all of her diet because she was having digestive problems. Maybe the anorexia years ago was the start of actually having trouble eating.


  8. I think it makes a lot of sense. Without knowing much about the community, I wonder if most “anas” really want knobby knees and peach fuzz on their arms, or do they mostly focus on having flat bellies? Because you can be extremely malnourished and still have a distended belly. You can be extremely ill and starving to death from Crohn’s and still look like you are heavily pregnant from extreme bloat. I have no way to test that theory, but your cousin’s experience is exactly what I would expect.


  9. Or maybe it’s something like having a constantly bloated belly makes them self conscious about everything so they start obsessing about wanting a thigh gap or whatever. Or, maybe systemic inflammation is making them thick all over including wrists and ankles which looks and feels terrible. The only thing that makes all that go away for me is if I’m doing extremely well or not eating at all bc it’s food that causes all of it. When I gain weight it’s not even mostly fat, it’s swelling. Some “fat” people can still have normal sized wrists and ankles, but a lot of people just get puffy. That’s swelling, not fat.


  10. That all sounds right. The thought of someone actually being able to do that without an actual physical reason makes much less sense then that there’s already some kind of pain/discomfort happening. Maybe they don’t quite realize or understand it themselves. It’s often teenage girls who get it so they have a limited understanding of how anything is supposed to work from being so young and no one ever teaches anything about health and instead there’s just weird sexualized messages to girls. So I can totally imagine all of that. My cousin asked me before how do you know if you’re hungry? She didn’t know unless her stomach already hurt that she was hungry. We’re all so disconnected from our bodies it’s hard for anyone to know what’s normal anymore.

    So it’s like a teenage girl or young woman experiences bad bloating, becomes extremely self conscious in addition to physically uncomfortable. Then all the weird societal messages make it into stuff like wanting a thigh gap and all that because that is what’s presented as healthy and normal and she just wants to stop feeling bloated and awful and sick from food.


  11. I get bloating or swelling or whatever and it feels so awful. Apparently bloating means specifically gas and it’s not usually that, it’s just swollen strangely after I eat more more than I should. I still don’t quite understand it but it’s gone down to the point where it’s only a minor issue now unless I eat really bad. When it first started happening it got so swollen I literally thought my insides were going to burst open and debated on whether I should go to the hospital and then decided against it because I thought they would just put me through abusive torture, do nothing helpful, and then send me home with an insane bill I’d never be able to pay. It’s funny because a bit after that happened I came to this blog from your other stuff and I read you saying the same thing how you debated going to the hospital and had basically the same thoughts and decided against it and you said you had to cling to rationality and that was exactly how I felt. The only thing rational was to stay away from people who would only make me worse no matter how much I needed and wanted help.


  12. Wow yeah, since I’ve been sick with full-blown Crohn’s my sense of hunger is completely screwed up. I don’t really get hungry anymore like I used to, the pain and fatigue and whatnot from not eating just blends in with the pain and fatigue I feel all the time, and it also hurts and is exhausting when I do eat, and also randomly flares up for no discernible reason so it’s really hard to tell anymore. That’s definitely a thing.

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  13. My sense of hunger is totally screwed up too. My sleeping is also. I am just kind of grabbing food and sleep whenever and I have no idea how much I get of anything. My mind is so screwy from stress and pain and anxiety. I have no where to sit out in nature to feel okay. I feel better staying in the house and I actually feel claustrophobic going outside because all the buildings everywhere and the horrible aggressive men are surrounding me. So I’m like in this weird state with no time or order. I don’t see any other way to feel okay than to get out to the country where I can have some space and plants and clean air because even if I had money to buy my own house right now it’s still like being in a cage if I don’t get out of the city.


  14. i have a theory – where women sent men away to do Big Man Hunting – just to keep their violence+mess away . Of course, -just like with every other mechanism women’ve used to counter dude-terror >>it backfired.

    I’m skirting fish vegetarianism these days + no dairy. Had a bloated belly from knotted up intestines since getting Bartonella. At its worst -simply water’ll hurt it & i have to stay hunched. My gut can’t tolerate most meat anymore.Chicken doesn’t digest @ all. Turkey& duck seem fine. I cant get enough of eggs >

    In other respects though – eating most organic ‘s given me a smashing bod.:i’m filled + thin in most of the right places. I reckon it took away inflammation plumpness.i’m almost …ripped !

    There were a few months in old country, when we only had pasta _with _nothing.Luckily -i had no sense of hunger back then

    1/Our kind’s been starved since dawn of agriculture +further. Food hierarchy went:
    Father>boys>girls> mother

    ^that’s why there were so many still-births & partly deaths in birth too: Women had to battle down pregnant nausea to cook meals for stupid pricks(who kept them in baby machine mode)). then >serve that darn food to them & their Y-progeny ….to be left with licking the plates,,when they were the ones in most need of food -with exhaustion of slavery <on top of the baby-cycle. They also never had enough nutrition to recover between being impregnated

    Yet rich women could only sniff @ food too – they were bound into corsets& pregnant even more often in places.

    I reckon that the last time we had enough healthy nutrients to eat -was way back when we foraged. Learning about this tipped me over into the Fringe Rad raveen. It continues to infuriate me more than anything else

    AnotherWoman: you'd ADORE being where i live. I have recent pics of mamma roos w.joeys in pouches taken right outside my balcony + there're many colourful birds

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  15. *Filled out in the right spots merged on top of slim– where it looks right. I have a real waist now!

    Who knew this kind of food served ur vanity as WELL as keeping you healthier..

    Back to meat: I reckon that it sounds right to eat that in cold regions. I noticed that it gives me a rapid heartbeat& sometimes insomnia now (i guess it’s the flip coin of energy boosting))). But apes just aren’t hunters by design – we’re foragers.We dont’ have anything but our heads to serve us in hunting& some ethnic groups can do long distance running

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  16. Some AI patients are swearing by the beef and salt diet. Jordan Peterson’s daughter had both hips replaced (I think?) from RA before she decided to change her diet and that’s what she landed on. Beef and salt. There are no plant products anywhere to be found, not even black pepper or garlic to season the beef. “The Plant Paradox” describes how all plants are toxic to some degree bc toxins are plants’ only defense against predators. Between that and all the starches and sugars, I think plants aren’t the greatest things in the world to eat either. Before I started on all organic and daily MMJ though I couldn’t eat beef at all. Certainly not more than one day in a row bc it would build up and I would have terrible body aches and joint pain. Now beef is a staple for me. I agree that the meat and dairy industries are pure evil and torture the animals, and that the bad vibes or whatever from the animals transfer to the people and other animals who consume them. It’s a real shitshow and not a large surprise that everyone is sick. I honestly feel best when I don’t eat at all and I’ve tried that in a “stop hitting yourself” kind of way several times. A lot of Crohnies have.

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  17. Yeah I do think that eating meat is an adaptation to cold weather too. Originally we were all from Africa. We began our development eating plants and snacking on some bugs and other small creatures occasionally. Then people started to migrate all around. So people spread out into the grasslands where the plants were mostly inedible to humans and they found they could rely on cows and other herd animals for their food, by eating the animals and by drinking their milk. Then they spread to other parts of the world. In the cold areas where there are not many plants either the people had to adapt to eating meat there too in order to survive.

    Basically our original state was eating mostly plants with eating a small amount of animals like other primates but because we are so adaptable, people were able to survive in just about any region they ended up in and developed various mutations in order to do so. I think the ability and desire to eat meat is a mutation that some people have just like with milk and that many people don’t have the mutation at all, including me.

    From reading a lot of what people are saying in vegan groups, there are plenty of people who rejected meat when they were only a couple years old, as soon as they were old enough to understand what they were being fed. That’s what happened to me and I had never heard other people talking about that until I specially joined those groups and read all that. I think the fact alone that people need to do so much in order to tolerate the meat suggests that it’s not natural for us. Cats will go out and catch a squirrel and eat it’s little head right off. A kid would be freaked out even seeing that, we don’t have those hunting instincts at all really. Most people can’t stand even seeing the killing. The meat has to have so much preparation to be palatable to a human with all the cooking and seasoning. Eating it raw would make people sick and not many would be able to stand it.


  18. Australia does look so beautiful. I would love to see it. And there’s actually still plenty of nature there. Is the burning still really bad? 😦 They’re going to burn this whole planet down before I really get to see much. I feel the same way as you Kaguya that had I had any understanding of what a sickly hell my young adulthood would turn into, plus how quickly everything is being destroyed, I would have been done things differently somehow. I spent all that time too studying for this future based on lies. Even if I was perfectly healthy I don’t think I could stand dealing with all the horrible men who are still controlling everything and I don’t believe fighting against all this would go anywhere. Corporations would just steal all my ideas and do something evil with them! That’s the reality of what working in the system is no matter what lies anyone wants to say about how great things are and yay equality and freedom and all that.


  19. I think that life might just be really this hostile force that doesn’t actually want us to live. There’s nothing actually “good” to eat, everything is just harm reduction in some way or another. It’s like that anti biological life stuff you were talking about before. What was that blog called that you linked?


  20. Kaguya eating better and much less due to feeling sick has left me looking pretty hot too lol. I can’t eat enough or anything that unhealthy to make me overweight anymore or I’ll feel horrible immediately. Several months of feeling like hell and starving a few years ago forced me to lose every bit of excess weight. Since I gained back a little weight to be a normal size I’ve been the exact right size for my body. I feel very good in that respect that my body doesn’t have to lug around any excess weight and my knees, which I’ve been having problems with, have less strain on them at least. Clothes fit me perfectly now too and since I’m so small and people in general have gotten so big, the really nice clothes in small and extra small get to the clearance racks and I get them cheap.


  21. I am very skeptical of this all meat diet stuff that people promote, especially with beef. I think they are destroying their bodies and it just takes years to tell. I believe beef is pretty much the worst thing you can eat for all the reasons. It’s unnatural for humans to begin with, animals like fish would be more natural if someone is going to eat animals. People can’t digest that kind of animals well and they are always getting horrible diseases from eating cows. Then they are pumped up with so many drugs, subjected to the most severe abuse and they are some of the most mentally advanced animals that people eat so they are suffering more for it. It’s all around a nightmare. I try to feed my cats mostly fish as I feel that that is both more natural for them too and less horrific for the industry but there’s plenty of issues there too.


  22. Yes, plus mercury and plastic and whatever else. But everything is full of poison, so.. yeah who know what’s safer than anything else. I wouldn’t trust any studies claiming any particular thing either. I would just wonder what industry is funding these “scientific” findings.

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  23. It’s actually like this for me with every kind of body product. There are cheaper things available that some people can get away with using and be okay but they cause such horrible reactions for me, either from using the crappy stuff or from not having the good stuff, that it’s like lighting my skin on fire. Like they sell toothpaste for $1 at the dollar store but if I use it my lips and tongue feel like they are horribly burnt. It’s the same with any of the “normal” dental products in regular stores. They all hurt me. They mostly have flouride in them too which I think will hurt you over the long term. I buy a natural toothpaste online that’s about $5. I also buy a whole array of other dental products from Uncle Harry’s because they definitely work and I am so terrified of having more painful and traumatizing tooth problems. And that’s just for my teeth. Then I buy several different things for my face, a specific blemish control scrub and face treatments, that are fairly expensive for someone without much money. But if I don’t use them my face breaks out and it feels so awful and painful and uncomfortable. I have to have at least sort of good products for my body overall too. It is so easy for my skin to get irritated. Then I have to have various moisturizers available for different areas to deal with the irritation. If I use a good moisturizer and ice pack it goes away and I am fine, but if not the slightest irritation can turn into a horrible painful rash that will take months to go away. It’s just not worth the pain to not buy things that help.

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  24. There’s also the issue of actually being able to cook and prepare food. I’ve been doing a whole bunch of cooking and baking lately and it is so much work. There have been so many times I wasn’t well enough and/or was way too busy to be able to do all this cooking and cleaning and had to have some already prepared food I could just heat up and eat. Since I’m still not going to eat crap and I’m not going to eat anything with meat that means buying some fairly expensive meals from Amy’s or one of those other companies that makes actual good food. When I was in grad school and also extremely unwell I had to make sure I had plenty of frozen meals or I wouldn’t have even be able to make myself food lots of times.

    Also try Chao instead of cheese. It is the greatest thing ever. I feel so cheated I went so long in life without knowing such a delicious food exists. It’s expensive at 5 something dollars but I don’t eat much of it at a time and I don’t eat actual cheese.


  25. Preparing food is so much work. Many days it’s all I can do and I can’t do anything else like cleaning or working on my business. And many days I can’t prepare food at all. I’ve been down with a 2 day migraine and I don’t have any canned soup in the house. Last time I went to the store I tried to be “responsible” with my $194 worth of food stamps and I only bought ingredients and didn’t buy anything premade. Organic soup is like $4 a can and it’s not even condensed. So now I’m sick and I can’t eat. FML.

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