Urgent request: office supplies needed (Patreon link within)

Hi everyone.  This is coming at a bad time as my business is slow and I am extremely short on funds, but I desperately need a new printer.  I had to replace an HP printer I had for several years when the print head died for a second time.  I got a new printer last fall and it’s been a horrible ink hog that I have spent hundreds of dollars on ink to keep going.  After maybe 2 weeks of quality printing, to even get it to print at all takes 30 minutes of cleaning and aligning print heads every single time, and even then I only get a couple more weeks worth out of it before it says it needs more ink.  I have to print about 12 pages a week of consistently high quality.  This printer is not up to the task.  I also need a few different office supplies.

If anyone has an unused gift card to Walmart, Office Depot, Best Buy, Ebay or Amazon, or is able and willing to send an extra donation this month, $300 would go a long way to getting me a decent printer, some extra ink cartridges and office supplies.  For $100 I could get some more ink and just keep using this printer for another couple of months. $30 would get me some office supplies.

For anyone who wants to, donations can be made on my Patreon page.  My email address is posted there in a private post for anyone who wants to send gift cards or correspondence.

I have received $100 already.  Thank you for reading and thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Urgent request: office supplies needed (Patreon link within)

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    Hi, sisters,

    You may already be aware, but if not, femonade (aka FactCheckMe, FCM) blogs lately as Cannabis Refugee. She is in need of a little financial help, as you can see in this reblog.

    I have never dealt in donation requests, and I never planned to, but some of you may want to help, if you are not aware of her circumstances, and I know that a few women were not aware of where she was and were happy to find her after I mentioned her over on FC.

    And please feel free to link to me, or to her, if you want to help spread the word around.

    Thanks! Have a great weekend!



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