Whiney Resident Doctor Wants Hazard Pay for Going to Work and Whines About That and Everything. #boohoo #fuckoff

Letter writing isn’t my forte, and thus neither is open-letter writing.  But I can’t not respond to the bevy of whiney, whingey Western medical doctors who are complaining about their working conditions in Western hospitals, among other complaints, amid the COVID19 pandemic.  And in this post, when I reference “Western” anything, I obviously mean capitalistic and patriarchal, and all capitalistic and patriarchal eminations and penumbras arising therefrom.  In this post, I am responding to this article, which is only the most recent I’ve seen (but perhaps the only one I actually read) written by these clowns who seem to believe that the risks and fallout from practicing capitalistic, patriarchal medicine should be shared amongst the community, you see, while the rewards of working in a top-tier (read: apex predator) capitalistic patriarchal field, including money, power, status, invincibility and the like, should be theirs to savor alone.  #fuckoff

This particular article, that I was actually moved to read, was written by a medical resident and woman of color which are probably the only reasons I read it, already knowing what she was likely to say, but giving her a chance.  Residents are barely even doctors, having just graduated from medical school and having not even taken their exams yet.  They are not even fully licensed to practice medicine and are also known as doctors-in-training, student doctors, or interns, mkay, fucking interns, yet practicing medicine without a license on a largely uneducated, naive public anyway, a public who thinks that anyone wearing a white jacket automatically knows what the fuck they are talking about and more importantly, what they are doing, physically doing with their hands and directing others to do.

By comparison, lawyers do their internships including a provisional kinda-sorta license-to-practice-while-closely-supervised-by-a-real-lawyer while they are still in law school and before they graduate, and are not licensed to practice law until they take and pass both the bar exam and the so-called “character and fitness” exam, as well as passing the character and fitness background check which deeply probes into every metaphorical orifice including criminal, financial, academic and personal.  Prospective attorneys must have several already-licensed attorneys write letters of recommendation to the bar examiners vouching for the applicant, which is no small feat for an autistic, generational white trash candidate like myself, nor is the disallowance of any negative financial or criminal history easily overcome for some people.  As I was preparing my credentials to become licensed, I remember being very concerned about parking tickets.  Parking tickets.

Clearly, this attorney “vetting” process is selective, in that it selects-out the chronically poor and marginalized: not people who get parking tickets, but people who are unable to pay or timely pay their parking tickets before those tickets turn into something worse, and people in whatever many ways are unable to finesse their way out of trouble generally.  Also selected-out are those unable to convince “personal attorney references” that they are fit to practice law (read: educated white people like them and will put their own reputations on the line for them by personally recommending, in writing, that they be licensed).  And obviously, people who didn’t finish and/or do well in college, or who flubbed the entrance exams, for whatever reason, are generally excluded as well.  Use your imagination to recognize who that would (and would not) be, while recognizing that these people, and more importantly these “types” or classes of people are excluded from practicing or even seriously studying the law for a reason.  That’s important.

Anyway, I gave this naive baby/barely a doctor a chance, I gave this woman, who is by definition not (quite) an apex-predator a chance to say something, anything, that was interesting, or insightful, and/or something I could respect.  Literally anything!  If she even said one thing that was interesting or thoughtful I would’ve been extremely happy, as that happens so rarely in general.  Particularly doctors are generally self-interested, milquetoast and authoritarian, hence whatever they say bores me to tears.  As did this woman bore me to fucking tears.  But what she is saying is timely, and her concerns and general message are taking up a lot of real estate in the cultural conversation surrounding the medical response to the global pandemic known as COVID19.

So I will take a few moments to respond, to her and everyone, from my perspective as an attorney and whatever else I am, and particularly as someone at least as educated as she is (I have a terminal degree in my field, as she has in hers) who is (therefore demonstrably) at least as intelligent, at least as accomplished, has at least as much student debt as does this woman who thinks that she deserves hazard pay, student loan forgiveness and a shitload of other goodies just for showing up to fucking work and doing what she did, in fact, sign up to do: providing medical care to patients in a capitalist, patriarchal Western medical setting within a larger capitalist, patriarchal global context/culture.  If she thought that wasn’t going to be a hellacious nightmare she must not have thought about it too deeply, but the vetting process for medical professionals, similarly to the process for vetting attorneys, selects for certain characteristics innit.

And after that, it funnels these same “certain” people into and through a career track that specifically prohibits them from coming to or acting on certain conclusions if they want to remain in the profession.  Conclusions like: making money off the backs of sick and dying people creates unresolvable conflicts of interest.  And, authoritarianism — when applied to thinking beings — violates natural law because it is thought-terminating by definition.  Unresolvable.  By definition.  Get it?  This woman may as well have written an op-ed in the Huffington Post complaining that tangerines are too tangerine-y.  Or not apple-y enough.

While I am not interested in responding line by line to this inane opinion-piece by a naive baby/doctor, in this article, she complains about what she calls the “deep, chronic wounds suffered by doctors during medical training” that even loan forgiveness and hazard pay, while they would “help resident doctors” would not heal.  Here she is talking about what others have discussed and characterized as “inhumane” conditions under which doctors, medical students and student doctors work and learn, examples of which abound on primetime television showing various hazing rituals endemic to the profession.  It does seem a bit opportunistic (and disingenuous) to hijack the COVID19 discussion and reroute it into a more general discussion of what many student doctors experience in medical school, or doctors in medical practice generally, but what are doctors and student doctors if not disingenuous opportunists afterall?

What she does not seem to grok is that this system is not broken, but is working exactly as intended: the ritualistic abuse doled out to student doctors works as a filter and effectively filters out (for example) the chronically ill, who have intimate, firsthand experience with complex health concerns and Western medical providers but who cannot tolerate extreme physical and/or mental stress, including 24- to 48-hour working shifts.  Abusive learning and working conditions would also serve to remove those who have a moral or other objection not to simply being abused, but to abuse itself.  And would filter-in those who believe or act as if abuse can be a legitimate means to an end.  Doesn’t it? 

Whereas student doctors who object to abuse and are willing to act on that objection would self-select out of the medical field, which has been written about before.  In this 2 year old post, I wrote about and provided external links to the discussion of disaffected doctor suicides, where doctors themselves have been discussing this problem of selection and self-selection without recognizing it for what it was: incontrovertible evidence that the Western medical field purposely excludes practitioners who object to abuse, including torturing and killing live animals in medical school “labs” via vivisection and experimentation; harming patients via iatrogenic illness and injury (aka medication side effects, surgical complications and medical mistakes); and providing ritualistic medically futile care like hopeless resuscitation attempts and so-called end of life care that prolongs the dying process and often serves interests other than those of the patient, including family members and society at large. 

Medical students and practicing doctors who can not (or can no longer) tolerate the abusive norms of their field choose to exit, often by committing suicide.  What we are left with — those who are not selected or self-selected out of the medical field — either have no objections, or choose not to act on their objections to individual and systemic abuse including interpersonal violence for reasons often related to money and status, and those are the ones providing care, and teaching the next generations of doctors.  And on it goes.  That is my response to this baby/doctor’s complaints and the thrust of her essay which does not really address the specific circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic at all: if you truly objected to abuse, and were willing to act on your convictions you would not be practicing medicine at all.  You obviously have no such objection, or you are a disingenuous coward for not acting on your alleged objection, so fuck off.

But since she also mentions the idea of society rewarding Western medical providers under the current circumstances of a global pandemic, including hazard pay, student debt forgiveness and the like, and since this perspective is gaining steam, I will take this opportunity to throw some cold water on that shit by making a parallel between the “heroic doctor” and the “blue lives matter” perspectives, where pretty much all thinking people dismiss the “blue lives matter” cops but coddle the heroic doctors, regarding these groups differently for no obvious reason.  The parallel is a bit complicated, but it is absolutely there to be noticed: “blue lives matter” suggests that police officers — to whom the cultural elite outsource their most direct violence to protect their own interests — can and should shift the risks and burdens of their profession onto society at large by (for example) shooting first and asking questions later, in order to avoid becoming harmed themselves.  They believe that, even though they are rewarded with a salary, power, status and the other goodies that go along with being a cop, they should not have to also shoulder the risk of having to deal with “potential criminals” (ie. private citizens, people) without disabling them first.

That this proposed and actual risk-avoidance/burden-shifting makes these cops and pro-cops tyrants and assholes has not been lost on progressive, allegedly thinking people and there has been some pushback against Blue Lives Matter which is seen as overreaching, racist and ignorant, which it is.  It is also hopelessly and wrongfully derivative of legitimate civil rights movements that object to exactly what these moronic cops and pro-cops are trying to do: to hoard the gains amongst an elite few while spreading the costs among the many, including the less powerful and those who can least afford it.

Where doctors in the age of COVID19 seem to think that they deserve a doctor’s salary, virtually unassailable social status and whatnot while their neighbors and communities absorb the costs of both their medical educations and any personal risk these doctors are taking as part and parcel to providing medical care under conditions of capitalism and patriarchy, which conditions rather necessarily include overpopulation, poverty, a permanent underclass of the chronically ill and injured, overburdened to nonexistant social services and the like.  Even the very concept of massive “hospitals” where contagious people congregate with the uninfected would only exist under a capitalist patriarchy, where maximizing profits and controlling people, among other things, are prioritized no matter their negative effects on anyone’s health: as an anecdote, last time I went to Urgent Care, and exposed myself to actual sick people, I ended up sick for 2 months myself despite initially presenting with an earache.

Patients know this arrangement is far from health promoting, but Western doctors stopped making housecalls, where contagious people stay home and don’t infect their communities, a long time ago.  Doctors exposing themselves to literal hoardes of contagious masses in a frantic hospital (clinical) setting, which isn’t good for anyone except the owners of the hospitals and those even above them, and being obedient corporate stooges and elitest patriarchal enforcers is largely why doctors get paid enormous salaries in the first place, but now they want us to subsidize their educations and publically-fund their so-called hazard pay too.

#boohoo  #fuckoff

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  1. They checked if you had parking tickets you couldn’t pay to become a lawyer??? That makes me think of how they said black men could vote but they had to pass a bunch of tests, which of course most couldn’t pass because they had just been enslaved people not long before and had the knowledge kept from them.

    But sure anyone can succeed if they try hard enough…

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  2. I actually don’t know what they looked at and what they didnt, but we were advised by the school to take care of anything “outstanding” before we applied for bar admission, including deliquent accounts and especially tickets. Anything that made us look like we were thumbing our noses at the law we were about to swear to uphold, or demonstrated that we couldn’t manage our own finances, let alone be trusted with those of others, would be detrimental to getting licensed, and you can see why. But you can also see how that would tend to disenfranchise a lot of people who were able to finish college and law school and pass the bar. There is a lot more to it than that.


  3. And obvs it would serve to enfranchise those who flouted the law and destroyed their own finances but who had the money to pay people to fix it for them, or those who never fucked up at all bc they had no reason to, bc they were rich. What would be a way to test lawfulness and financial responsibility that did not privilege the wealthy? I actually can’t think of anything, except to automatically exclude privileged males, and give them the opportunity to prove themselves (maybe) and automatically including females (and perhaps less privileged males, or maybe not) and putting the burden on the state to show that the women were actually in the habit of breaking the law because they profited from it, or enjoyed it, which is why privileged males do it. And if the state couldn’t show that, it would have to license the women to practice law. Sounds tedious. lol.

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  4. Yeah right, like a lot of people trying to get through college without help are obviously going to have problems with money and it’s going to keep out some people who came from poor families and never got a real chance.

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  5. Wherever I think about how my cousin who became a lawyer makes as much money from his investments on his inherited money as he does at his lawyer job, I feel like I’m going to throw up. Inheriting money is enough where you can just invest it and get a whole income from it while so many people are suffering so badly with nothing to even start with.

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  6. While I enjoy shitting on lawyers, this post was meant to shit on doctors and to continue the COVID19 discussion. I don’t really have the energy to mod OT comments about lawyers rn. Thanks for your understanding.

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  7. Lol ok though it was more a general shitting on how people who start out with money given to them basically live in a different reality and don’t have to deal with any of the same standards. Then they always think it’s just on their achievements how successful they are too.

    Everyone working in the medical field is so fucking brainwashed though on a lot of levels. They do think they are all heroes and deserve to be treated like it regardless of what anyone is actually doing. Doctors especially think they are some kind of gods but there’s a general kind of psychosis that results from people being exposed to everything involved with the medical system.

    The other day I commented in a group talking about the crazy shit that’s happening with the transgender dudes on an article about a guy who turned himself first into a living Ken doll, then into Barbie when he got bored with that. I said how scary it is that doctors are willing to do these extreme things to clearly mentally ill people. A couple people responded to my comment and this lady said how once this woman went to see the doctor after she had such horrible problems with her breasts that it had already advanced to the point where her skin was basically see through and smelled terrible. The doctor got her all set up to do cancer treatments, then when the sick woman left, the lady commenting asked about what her chances were and he said “oh she’s going to die.”

    So he knew she was definitely dying but instead of telling her that and helping her make an informed decision he just set her up for painful and expensive treatments and didn’t care in the slightest what happened to her. So I replied how the medical field draws in a lot of sadistic and uncaring men who want to assert control over other people’s bodies and I didn’t trust them anymore and I’ve had bad experiences. This lady basically freaked out. “I’m a medic! The doctors are saving yours and your families lives! When my father was dying he let doctors give him experimental treatments and he was able to help a lot of people!” We commented back and forth a couple times and she was saying how she doesn’t want to hear about conspiracies about doctors and I was making crazy assumptions from her comment about that one doctor.

    I said I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with doctors and I’ve talked to a lot of other women who have too and that there’s lots of women who avoid the doctor from bad experiences. I didn’t say anything remotely controversial or get into anything about the medical system as a whole being bad, though obviously it is. But she freaked out like it was some personal attack on her taking part in the medical field to say that there’s lots of men drawn to being doctors who are sadistic or uncaring. On an article about doctors making a man into some crazy abomination with their surgeries! And she herself was commenting on a totally uncaring doctor she personally worked with. There’s some serious brainwashing going on there. The doctor worship is even worse than the “support our hero troops” worship and everyone involved in the medical field thinks they are part of the greatest thing ever.


  8. Yes don’t you know they are fighting a war! They are heroes! Just like our hero troops 🎉 It doesn’t matter what they actually do or if they are actually helping anyone, you better cheer because they are fighting a war for you. It’s unpatriotic to question them and being patriotic is the most important thing ever, which means all authority figures are always right, unless another authority figure says they are wrong.


  9. She whines about the 4 weeks of maternity leave she can access, and she complained that it includes her other vacation, which maternity leave is unheard of in this country. So she is getting something that 99% of women do not get. And then she says this……
    “…….lack of typical employment protections. It is not uncommon for residents to experience lapses in paychecks and health care coverage; this can result in the inability to pay rent and medical expenses ― something I experienced firsthand.”

    Ok? Everyone that I know experiences a lack of funds, that results in inability to pay fucking bills. This is the United States. Did she just get here?

    I hate doctors and I hate our for profit medical system. If you are going to medical school, if you are joining that particular system, then you should already know that you are joining a for profit system that centers all efforts on profit. There is no profit in healthy people that do not need a doctor. The profit is in the sick and the dying, and in paying as few staff as possible, as little as possible. Our healthcare system was not ready for covid partially because a for profit system doesn’t have enough staff to provide quality care for a lot of people because quality care is not the priority, the priority is profit. And profit is generated by employing as few people as possible and paying them as little as possible. She had to be aware of this, it is common knowledge, after all.

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  10. IKR? What employment protections is she imagining people get, or that she and other not-even-licensed medical doctors deserve? You know, I mention that I come from poor white trash and therefore that I am, and always will be, poor white trash myself. But clearly, a lot of people are “poor white trash” compared to the truly wealthy elite in this country and you can tell by the ridiculous expectations they have that there is anything they can do to guarantee their own “okay” in a capitalist patriarchy. She thinks that being a doctor means she will always be able to pay her rent? Sorry, but being an hourly or even salaried worker, and being dependent on your own ability to work and relying on other people to pay you is hardly a secure way to live. I think we are all seeing that now, but a lot of us saw that already when we got sick, or when we couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get our employers to like us, or to stop trying to fuck us, or whatever. “Poor white trash” (and normal people) also think that buying a home means they will always have a place to live, but the wealthy elite know that buying a home is a tax break and a way to shelter money from creditors, and that’s really all it is. Poor people will start selling things, (or having them seized) including their homes, when they need to pay their bills, but rich people just shelter everything they can and file bankruptcy, and never have to worry about being homeless, or about anything really. Owning a home is not meant to provide safety or privacy or comfort or security or an inheritance or anything really, which is exactly why it doesn’t do any of those things, and the elite would have that anyway no matter what. It’s a completely different way of looking at the world. I never thought being a lawyer was a guarantee of anything, just that it was my best hope to somehow survive this shitshow, and it still didn’t work. For whatever reason, this woman took it as a guarantee. Welcome to the world, baby girl. It’s also very disturbing that these literal babies have so much power over other people when they are so inexperienced and naive to how anything really works, INCLUDING the downward spiral anyone experiences when they are sick and their doctors dont help them or make them worse. These literal babies are playing with people’s lives in so many ways that they couldn’t possibly recognize or fully appreciate bc they are young. It’s terrifying.

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  11. This is what I mean when I say that American males are a special kind of evil, in comparison to other patriarchal government and systems.

    All systems are male, including universal health care systems, and those have issues because of that, obviously. But only in America, do people lose everything due to accident or illness. Only in America, do diabetics die from inability to pay for insulin. Only in America, do people die of cancer and get ZERO treatment, if they can’t pay.

    Thirty three of thirty four “first world” nations have universal coverage, and if universal coverage is a male system, and we all know that it is, at the very least, you don’t have your “credit” ruined by medical bills that you can’t pay, and have that cost you a job opportunity.

    Infographics, on YouTube, has a video about the woman that won the lottery, millions of dollars, and she was bankrupted within a few years by her SIL’s medical bills. It was a joke, about how even if you win the lottery, medical bills will still ruin you.

    So any person that signs up to provide medical services in a for profit system gets no sympathy from me.

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  12. The people that agree to work in the medical field have to have some sadomasochistic tendencies from the start to be okay with getting involved in all this. They seem to be mostly on the extreme end of the people who think “I put myself through suffering to earn money so it it’s right and good and everyone should do it” that are so prevalent in this country. The medical training just amplifies it and I don’t think anyone who doesn’t already think like this would be able to go through it. So since she’s put herself through suffering this resident believes she needs to be rewarded for it and probably thinks other people who aren’t being rewarded haven’t properly suffered and it’s all their fault.

    My ex’s brother’s wife is a nurse and has an AI condition that will pretty much inevitably make her deteriorate and die young, but she endlessly pops pills to work grueling all day shifts that are more than anyone should work in a day and takes every poison they give her. So she’s destroying her immune system with the “biologics,” further destroying her body with some kind of upper pills to function, then finishing everything off by pushing herself to work harder than she rationally can and only being able to do it because she is hopped up on pills, all while being around sick people all day. This is seen as a “hard worker” instead of a mental illness. She’s going to die so much younger than she should be and no one cares, they consider her doing well. I bet the doctors and other medical people have higher rates of every kind of illness because they are more willing to accept taking pills for everything and it’s considered healthy to take pills to be able to function all day, in addition to all the stress and psychological toll. They are probably among the most physically and mentally ill people in society, but they are the ones that are responsible for health.

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  13. As far as I can tell, doctors at least have a pretty hypocritical relationship with Western medicine when it comes to themselves, esp so-called end of life care. I’ve read that doctors are likely to refuse medically futile care for themselves, including cancer treatment which they know is highly toxic and doesn’t really prolong anyone’s life, and if it does it only prolongs their suffering. They are also unwilling, for themselves, to be on so-called “life support” for any length of time, and they regularly kill themselves via the least painful means imaginable which they and they alone have access to, including various gasses and IV drugs. It’s pretty easy to find articles about this online and the MSM prints them occasionally. I’m not sure whether they take other, non-end-of-life care at the same rates they recommend it to others, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they refused a lot of that too. Being mostly males, of course, they are free to make choices about their bodies, lives, liberties and whatnot that females (including most nurses) are not free, or do not feel free, to make. This nurse you know does sound like a psycho, and she sounds like the perfect woman in many ways. Same thing really.

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  14. Interesting I wonder if it makes the women taking part in it more compliant and the men less compliant, since it’s an amplification of the “values” that society thinks are good. So a good doctor is a rebel and does what he wants like the ideal is for men, whereas the mostly female nurses are expected to shut up and take whatever they are told like women are expected to.

    She is a psycho and I feel so bad for her because she’s just doing everything she’s told so unquestioningly and she’s going to make herself so much sicker from it but she sees it as all good. My ex would talk so much shit about his brother and her and say how domesticated she is and stuff like how she kept talking about her new apron that her dude got her and showing everyone the picture. She loves reality TV too. She does everything she’s supposed to do as dictated to her. Absolutely perfectly domesticated woman.

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  15. What you are talking about is another uniquely American phenomenon, where you have no worth unless you work, and everyone must work, and if you don’t work, baby Jesus cries and your bootstraps rot and fall of because you don’t pull yourself up by them.

    This country is disjointed, gaslit, and suffering from huge cognitive dissonance. Males hold all positions simultaneously, so that anything they say is “correct”. Their government crows about how precious all life is, that we absolutely must protect life, yet, they cause death with greed, just so they can hoard resources that a lot of people die without.

    I am SICK to fucking death of hearing about how we need to protect each other by wearing masks and protect others and ourselves by social distancing, but we don’t give a shit about others the rest of the time. The government was all set to cut food assistance to the elderly right before covid, and covid happens, and it’s all WE MUST PROTECT THE ELDERLY. And now we are back to “fuck the elderly, the richest have raided the government money, everyone go back to work, now, some people gonna die, so.”

    So when people sign up to be doctors, they aren’t becoming doctors because they want to help people. Doctors don’t help people in America. They are signing up to mine the sick and dying for cash. And I realize that this is not what is said to them, but there’s no way that they don’t know this.

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  16. Yes absolutely, we’re a few steps away from initiating the purge in America. I think a lot of people actually like seeing suffering of people they decide haven’t been working enough. Everything is always your fault if bad things happen to you according to the “American dream.”

    I don’t know if some if the doctors really believe they are helping anyone. I think a lot of the nurses and other medical people (who are mostly female of course) are highly brainwashed and do see the medical field as heroic.

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  17. Perfect, perfect brilliance. And *everybody* knows this. Everybody. But nobody else says it. Cuz, the moon is made of blue cheese.

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  18. Yes that’s an excellent point about everyone needing to work, and you seem to be saying that’s part of the “swallow every pill anyone gives you” bc its evidence that you want to get back to work asap. Absolutely true. Completely ignoring that many so-called side effects are disabling too, sometimes even more disabling than the original disease which side effects also cause you to miss work, and ignoring all the surveillance, tests, checkups and whatnot that you have to do when you are on extremely toxic Big Pharma that you also have to miss work for. And ignoring that a lot of the time, the fucking meds don’t even work to alleviate any of the pain and symptoms, or the progression of disease. It’s all a big fiction but you have to “take your medicine” to show your agreement that you will continue to work until you drop dead, and if you don’t take the drugs it’s evidence not only that you just dont want to get better, but it’s evidence that you really don’t want to go back to work anyway. EVEN THOUGH THE DRUGS WON’T HELP YOU OR ANYONE GET BACK YOUR LIFE, or your career, or anything. It’s very much a symbolic ritual to take these drugs that has nothing to do with alleviating or curing disease.

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  19. Canada is just giving its citizens $2000 a month until this is over. We have to jump through so many hoops so that some people might get something. Spain actually started doing UBI because of this! But we have so many assholes that believe that everyone deserves every misfortune that befalls them. This country sucks. I am so confused how anyone can believe it’s so great, do they not know anything about anywhere else?

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  20. It’s conformity for males and compliance for women.

    And even conforming and complying will not save you from what the government intentionally does to the people. You can do everything right, but if males tank the economy, and there are not enough full time jobs for everyone that needs one, it is still somehow your own fault. If you work full time and your job doesn’t pay a living wage, it is still your fault. You will be told to get a better job, even if one isn’t available, it will still be your fault.

    And the males that decide who is at fault (surprise! It’s always YOU!) are the males that decide that while you are not deserving of anything, that they and their boyfriends are deserving of everything, at your expense.

    Individual people have no value, anymore. Because males knew that if they forced women to keep creating people, that at some point, they would have an endless supply of low wage workers, of prisoners for their for profit prisons, cannon fodder for their for profit wars, and Even when thousands of us drop dead from poverty that they purposely inflict onto us, that there would be another desperate person to take the place.

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  21. Another thing about American males that is unique.

    White males are fine with murdering the lesser and the undeserving, even if that means that they die, too. White American males would rather die along with the rest of us then see everyone receive everything that they need. Because they alone are deserving.

    They deserve a UBI. But they will starve to death if them receiving a UBI means that everyone gets it. They are just that selfish.

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  22. Lol true. Then there’s that saying how poor people in America see themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires rather than exploited workers. Very true, so many people think they are going to be rich and therefore fuck everyone else. Even if someone does get rich that’s pretty screwed up but obviously most never will, but will support the uber rich stealing from us all and destroying everything because “they earned it!”

    Like you said even actually winning the lottery won’t guarantee anything with how easily medical bills will wipe you out. That lady actually gave the money to save her sister in law though, she’s a good person, most people would have said too bad and then spent the money on themselves while the sil suffered and died. Anyone caring always will get fucked over worse because it’s too horrible to watch suffering without doing anything.

    I don’t think that men willing to die rather than help anyone else is unique to here though, just a trait they have everywhere amplified because of hyper-individualism. They love hierarchy, even if they are on the bottom, and they will never want to get rid of it. The only change they might want to make is for them to be the ones on the top.

    I really wish we had UBI though, at least for a while. 😧 This country sucks. They are debating whether to give us 2000 a month for a few months but I don’t know if we’ll get anything, they’d rather give it to the billionaires.

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  23. It’s like their biggest fantasy is always just to become the oppressor instead of the oppressed, they can’t think of another alternative.

    The scum manifesto has so much truth in is. It really does explain everything about this, why men require jobs even if they are mostly pointless and not helping society and why their revolutions just result in the same thing, they have to keep being the “provider” to keep women around and feel like they are not useless and all the man on the bottom ever wants is just to be the one on top.

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  24. Haven’t people heard of the Blue Lives Matter burden shifting and pushback by progressive liberals? Do republicans worship cops while liberals worship doctors? Sounds about right. Leave it to them to not recognize it all looks and acts the same.

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  25. Yes I think that sounds right. They have to accept some authority figure in order to feel like this isn’t completely horrible so they can see the cops and soldier worship is clearly bad, but the medical harms are little more hidden so the liberals put them on the same hero worship pedestal. The conservatives are more openly supportive of brutal hierarchy so they’re fine with worshipping the cops and soldiers who are killing and beating down people who “deserve it.”


  26. I was just thinking something.. so obviously women can be plenty sadistic but I don’t think any women are born like that like sadistic men can be just born fucked up already. A man can be given everything in life and have no problems and still be sadistic while it is something that develops in women after a very cruel life. There’s more to it than just bad things happening to them to make them bad though or a lot more women would be a lot more awful. So what about the chimeraism that happens when women are pregnant and the baby’s DNA mixes with hers. Women who have been pregnant with a boy before, even if they aborted or miscarried will have Y DNA stuck in that could make them susceptible to developing male sadism.


  27. It’s scary that “sadism” would look almost identical to just “care and concern” for their freakishly violent sons, like after the boys “get into trouble” and the moms swoop in to bail them out. I always assumed these mothers were just coddling their sons and protecting their investment, but yeah, what if they also get a lady boner from what their boys have done bc they are chimeric with male DNA? God that’s so gross. It could be true tho. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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  28. Oh wow that’s a good point too. Maybe they start actually mirroring the male behavior and vicariously enjoy the awful things the sons do. But from the outside we just see it as a mom protecting her son regardless of how awful he is and wonder how she can stand it. It’s like a hijacking of the female system to prevent women from eliminating the most monstrous men.


  29. So there is special unemployment benefits in Florida for the pandemic, they are giving them to self employed people which they normally don’t do, you are just screwed if you don’t have some approved job normally. And they are giving $600 a week that you can get even if you still don’t qualify for the regular stuff. I think other states are doing this too? But our system here is so terrible that most people can’t even manage to get an application in and are giving up and everything is very confusing and put together terribly. I don’t think I would qualify for the business help stuff because my business is so new but maybe I would qualify for this special unemployment. I am applying and trying to figure all this out. Though it’s *almost* like they don’t want to actually give it to people.

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