More Evidence of Autoimmunity? Surgery “Complications” and Delayed Healing from Medicalized Trauma

This is mommy vlogger Bonnie Hoellein.  I have written about this woman before after both she and her sister were constantly vlogging about crapping themselves in public and I wondered aloud if one or both of them suffer from autoimmune conditions, specifically inflammatory bowel disease including ulcerative colitis or the hideous, disabling disease I suffer from, Crohn’s disease.

In the last year or so, Bonnie has had at least 2 rounds of cosmetic surgeries to correct various things she didn’t like about her body.  Both times, she suffered horrific complications from the surgery including delayed healing, infections, and what her husband has described as being at “death’s door.”  Based on my research this woman’s surgical complications and delayed healing from medicalized trauma is more evidence that she probably has an undiagnosed (or even a diagnosed yet publicly undisclosed) autoimmune condition.

Whether or not she knows she is ill, this woman — like a lot of women surely — keeps putting her health and life in danger by undergoing elective surgeries.  The medical research indicates that autoimmune patients do indeed suffer from delayed and complicated wound healing:

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Tee-Hee, Tee-Hee. Mommy Vloggers Publicly Shitting Themselves is So Funny.

The story starts around 16:38.  Mommy vlogger Ellie Mecham publicly shits herself at a 4th of July outing.

This entire video is about mommy vlogger Bonnie Hoellein publicly shitting herself while on vacation.  Bonnie and Ellie are sisters, members of the LDS religious cult, and each have around a million subscribers on YouTube.  And having listened to them tell their tummy troubles stories over the past 2 years, and knowing that Crohn’s disease runs in families and mostly affects women, I suspect that both of them have Crohn’s or another inflammatory bowel disease that they themselves, their families and extended families, and their YouTube communities and subscribers are not taking seriously.

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