My Correspondence with Christian Scientists.

Awhile ago as I was wracking my brain trying to figure a way out of this mess, I realized that I needed a strong ally that would respect my desire to avoid capitalistic patriarchal medicine.  The utter contempt and terror I feel towards all medicine and all doctors by now, having failed me and my loved ones so completely, means that I want and need to avoid Western medicine at any and all costs, but where except the hospital or jail can I reasonably expect to end up once I am unable to control my affect or behavior due to the intractable pain and disabling symptoms of my disease?  For lack of a better term, as a chronically ill person with an incurable and progressive disease, but one that Western medicine has a vested interest in pretending they are able to treat, I need an “underground railroad”* to rescue me from doctors, nurses, and Western medicine, and I will need help to keep running from them for the rest of my life up to, including and after I become too sick to run.  I need an organized, well-funded and politically-minded group of people who will not let this happen to me.  And that made me think of the Christian Scientists.

*I understand that my use of the term and concept “underground railroad” is culturally appropriating and that the term refers to a specific historical context, time and place.  However, one of the things oppressed people and particularly oppressed (meaning all) women have always needed was help escaping patriarchal medicine including medicalized abuse, medical experimentation and torture which is exactly what I am talking about in the context of “treating” an incurable progressive disease that does not respond to conventional treatment and mine didn’t.  If someone knows of a better term or concept for what I am expressing here, I hope they will share it.

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