The Anti-Vaxxers are Half-Right. A PSA to Autoimmunes and Autistics.

I have been half-following the progress of the COVID19 vaccine trials and it does not seem to be going so well, if the goal is to push through an unproblematic vaccine quickly. From what I gather, every time a new trial starts up, it is quashed in the first few weeks when one or more of the trial participants aka human experimental subjects on which billions in corporate profits and a frankly invaluable avenue for government control depend, come down with a mysterious and debilitating inflammatory disease. For example, it seems that one test subject person developed inflammation in his spine after receiving the jab and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Of course, he and we are told that he had likely had MS before, and possibly even long before he received the experimental vaccine. And we are expected to dismiss this subject/person and their experience/negative outcome because the vaccine probably didn’t directly cause it. And most people seem fine with that because we are told to be fine with it. Because doing and thinking what we are told is the most important thing in the world aka is critical for the realization of billions in corporate profits and clearing an avenue of increasing governmental control of citizens. Got it? Good.

For those of us who are internet savvy and/or have been properly edumacated in debate or logic, we are well aware of the dreaded “logical fallacy” and try not to commit this embarrassing faux pax — for example, ad hominem, straw man argument, and post hoc ergo propter hoc* — because being embarrassed is stressful and being naive is dangerous. And that’s fair enough I suppose. I mean, evolution itself is likely unsupportive of anyone looking like a weenie in front of their own people. However. Now, we seem to have been led into “don’t believe your lying eyes” territory where we accept being gaslit and are denied our natural right as thinking beings to think about anything, or to make connections that have yet to be proven via scientific method, or where the very question/issue has yet to be acknowledged and funded so that it even gets to the experimental stage. Get it? If you want official recognition of a truth, if internalizing and then externalizing the official party-line is important to you, the people with money have to have decided that it’s worth it to themselves in terms of increasing their own financial and other power to pay to get the answer.

And if they can’t somehow massage the answer they want out of the data they eventually collect, we are none the wiser because the results are buried, because they own the results and they can do whatever they want with their own data. Anything, and I mean anything that does not follow declassified corporate and government paid-for “logic” (also known as propaganda) becomes a squikky non-sequitor. Got it? Good.

Now. Regarding what we know have been told about the COVID19 vaccine trials, I think it’s important to consider what appears to be an emerging and emergent issue, which is that latent and/or preexisting autoimmune conditions — we who are already autoimmune and have diagnosed or undiagnosed MS, Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, or other AI disease — could be triggered and become symptomatic or more symptomatic when our immune systems are fucked-with by immuno-mediating exposures like vaccines. Furthermore, we have a serious empathy humanity problem where we are invited, and accept the invitation, to dismiss and discard other human beings who are already sick, when we accept that vaccines only destroy their lives, and definitely won’t destroy our lives, as long as we are well, and conclude that therefore, these vaccines are “safe” if they only indirectly cause disease and only to vulnerable people. Safe for whom, and what do we mean by safe? And who cares if the causation is direct, or if it takes a meandering path, if we end up in the same place, especially when that place is so devastating and so serious and so final — the triggering or worsening of existing, latent or undiagnosed or misdiagnosed lifelong, largely untreatable, absolutely incurable debilitating disease?

Women in particular must consider that it is girls and women who suffer the most frequently from autoimmune disease, and it is also largely girls and women who are dismissed by doctors when we present for medical diagnosis and care. That means that we are most likely to have autoimmune disease in the first place, and undignosed or misdiagnosed autoimmune disease in the second, even if we self-identify as (temporarily) able-bodied or well. Out of everyone, we are the ones that will already be sick, and we are also the ones who will present ourselves and our girl children for inoculations, assuming or believing that we are healthy when we are actually not healthy at all. If immuno-mediating exposures trigger or worsen preexisting autoimmune conditions, that is what is likely to happen to us. If you have to make it personal to yourself and your own life to in order to care about it, you are probably a shit person on top of it, but there you go. It’s personal.

*Logical fallacies are acceptable in civilized discourse when used to dismiss women and radical feminists, obviously.

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Welcome To The Party, Pal. I’m Ded. On Radical Acceptance.

Chronic illness and autoimmune bloggers have been gently pointing out for months now the double standard in how healthy people have recently been expected to respond to the social isolation, physical and mental stress and economic devastation of a virus most of them don’t even have, versus what is and has always been expected of the chronically ill in dealing with illnesses we do have. Healthy people are supposed to be loving and patient with themselves, to get to know and respect their own limitations, to successfully perform self-care, and ask for what they need, and they are entitled to have their limitations and needs honored, no less, whereas people who are actually sick are supposed to disappear, basically, and when that doesn’t work, there is always suicide.

I recently read an article on HuffPo which summed up the standard for healthy people navigating the fallout of the global COVID19 pandemic, as well as the natural disasters playing out concurrently, and it gave me a moment’s peace, actually, to imagine myself in their shoes. To imagine that I could “be assertive” in asking for things, and then expect them to be easily given to me, to fantasize about the following things applying to me:

“Be kind to yourself. […]When we accept that situational factors are draining our batteries, we’re less likely to criticize ourselves for reductions in work quality and productivity.”

“Because the wildfire conditions are fluid, plans may need to be changed or canceled abruptly. […]The more clearly, calmly and matter-of-factly one communicates these parameters, the less stressful it will be when abrupt changes need to be made.”

Obviously, in my case, the “situational factor” I’ve been dealing with — which would tend to destroy, not just drain, my batteries — is a dangerous, painful and debilitating disease that has demonstrably wrecked my life and stolen my future, in addition to whatever else the normies are dealing with including natural disasters. I have written here before about how I was a climate refugee, having lost my home in Hurricane Sandy, before I was a cannabis refugee, attempting to treat the pain and symptoms of disease with medical cannabis. And the states of my health and ability are precarious, fluid, if you will, necessitating that I cancel or change plans abruptly, changes and cancellations which will be accepted gracefully and for which I will not, must not, be shamed or punished. Obviously. Or, these limitations would or at least should be accepted gracefully by anyone who wasn’t an egregious asshole if I were otherwise well, and had a bright (or any) future to look forward to. If I were human, that is how I could expect to be treated, I guess, and if I were treated poorly it would not be a reflection on me, but on other people’s ability to be human themselves.

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Are Catholics Especially Cruel and Unhelpful Towards the Sick? Ft. Mother Teresa

I have written here before about what “family” means to me, and my experience as well as over a decade of extensive research and writing on the subject has led me to conclude that the nuclear family is, by and large, a bleak, bottomless (and essentially global and timeless) cesspool of misogynistic abuse, oppression and servitude for girls and women.  The post I linked to above received some criticism when I first posted it, and contributors to high-level think-tank “Gender Critical Reddit” and several anonymous WordPress users took the opportunity to share their own experience and extensive research of the nuclear family which was very different than my own. 

Just kidding, really it was just a bunch of beta males and their dick-worshipping handmaidens telling me I was doing feminism wrong by not properly worshipping the dick, in this case via worshipping a dick-centered institution that was created specifically and intentionally to oppress women and relieve us of our resources including our sexual, domestic and reproductive labor.

Anyhoo, one comment/criticism I found interesting was that my outlook on the nuclear family was distinctly Catholic, and (maybe, kind of) made sense from the point of view of a Catholic woman.  This person did not elaborate but it stuck in my mind as a jumping off point for what could probably become an enormous research project that as a chronically ill woman, I no longer have the stamina or frankly the interest to undertake.  Since then, I have poked around a bit and tried to find out the answer to my question, are Catholics really worse than other groups when it comes to treatment of girls and women within the nuclear family?  What do Catholics even believe, and why would Catholicism cause that group to be worse than any other group, be it religious, secular or otherwise? 

Getting to the core beliefs of Catholics was actually harder than I imagined it would be, and I didn’t find a single source that broke it down in terms of sexual politics, and what decidedly Catholic beliefs mean for girls and women compared to other religions.  Thinking about my own situation, I recognized that I have been swimming in Catholicism my entire life and I didn’t even know it: although I was not raised with any religion, my mother and her siblings were raised Catholic, my best friend for the last 40 years — we have known each other since we were 5 — and her entire family were Catholic, and my ex-boyfriend of 15 years and his family were Catholic too.  Could this have something to do with my experience of the nuclear family and how mercilessly bleak it seems for girls and women?

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Forced Cancer Treatment “Patient” Dies of Cancer at 22. Cassandra Callender Update.

Cancer patient Cassandra Callender has died of cancer at age 22, following 5 years of aggressive, yet ineffective, conventional cancer treatment, some “alternative” therapies that were administered after the chemo and radiation had already severely damaged her, and unsurprisingly didn’t work either, and 4 months spent in hospice, or so-called end of life care.

Cassandra was 17 when she was removed from her family and forced by the courts to submit to unwanted treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which “treatment” she received while being held as a literal prisoner for 6 months, continuously under guard, at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  As a 17-year old with a new cancer diagnosis, Cassandra had wanted to try alternative therapies for her condition, believing that citing evidence that conventional cancer treatments including chemotherapy and radiation were unreasonably dangerous and would harm her.  After 6 months of forced treatment did not work to treat the existing cancer, and a new, additional cancerous mass was found on her lungs, she went on to attempt treatment with both conventional and alternative therapies.  Obviously, nothing worked, and she died after a protracted, painful illness that was complicated by legal and bureaucratic bullshit that surely only made her worse.

I mean, it’s unlikely that all the stress and turmoil made her condition and prognosis better, yes?  Of course it made her fucking worse.  Someone who was unreasonably generous, or born yesterday, could argue that the kind of extreme, protracted physical and mental stress created by the legal and medical systems in this case had no effect on this sick person at all.  But I’m just an old Karen, and I’m not feeling particularly generous.  Those literal mother fuckers made this sick child worse, and they knew what they were doing while they were doing it.  And they did it “for her health.”  Indeed they did, but clearly not to improve it.  Get it?  Good.

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From Wet Nurses to “BiomilQ” and Back Again. A Hobbit’s Tale. Or, Beta Males Demand Life at Any Cost.

I’ve been paying some attention to “independent researcher” aka conspiratard James Corbett for several months now, as he has attempted to get to the bottom of COVID19 and what it’s really all about, besides (possibly) being a pathogen that makes people sick.  In conspiratard circles, Bill Gates and mandatory vaccines come up a lot, and the COVID19 pandemic seems to be just the crisis TPTB have been waiting for to implement global mandatory vaccines, and to put billions more dollars into Bill Gates’ and his charity’s coffers, among other effects.

Corbett’s latest work again centers Bill Gates, this time Gates’ investment into so-called “BiomilQ” — that’s “milk” with a Q — a lab-created synthetic human milk that is grown (somehow) from real women’s mammary cells.  Or something.  As background, Corbett and the conspiratards are very much against what they call “transhumanism” and the transhuman agenda, which they see as an elitist agenda to remove humanity from the human experience, which is quite a deep hole to go down if anyone is interested.  Depending on who you ask, the reason behind transhumanism could be money, where our governmental and corporate overlords steal our resources and sell them back to us at inflated rates and in a perverted, bastardized form, just as easily as it could be Satan himself trying to co-opt and corrupt human souls.

The conspiratards are against transhumanism, or so they say, whether it’s because they are Christians (a lot of them are) or because they are free thinkers and antiauthoritarians who do not accept the nefarious tinkering of our overlords, which is always done to further control and enslave us.  That last reason is one I can get behind, and I’m on board with the Satanist explanation too, so long as Satan is understood to be a euphemism for the evil of human males, which I think it largely is.  I kind of think the invention of “Satan” and the language of “Satanism” and declaring some things as Satanic is the only way some people have to say NO to the whims of human males, but without seeming all uppity, or too free-thinking, or feminist.  But I digress.

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Whiney Resident Doctor Wants Hazard Pay for Going to Work and Whines About That and Everything. #boohoo #fuckoff

Letter writing isn’t my forte, and thus neither is open-letter writing.  But I can’t not respond to the bevy of whiney, whingey Western medical doctors who are complaining about their working conditions in Western hospitals, among other complaints, amid the COVID19 pandemic.  And in this post, when I reference “Western” anything, I obviously mean capitalistic and patriarchal, and all capitalistic and patriarchal eminations and penumbras arising therefrom.  In this post, I am responding to this article, which is only the most recent I’ve seen (but perhaps the only one I actually read) written by these clowns who seem to believe that the risks and fallout from practicing capitalistic, patriarchal medicine should be shared amongst the community, you see, while the rewards of working in a top-tier (read: apex predator) capitalistic patriarchal field, including money, power, status, invincibility and the like, should be theirs to savor alone.  #fuckoff

This particular article, that I was actually moved to read, was written by a medical resident and woman of color which are probably the only reasons I read it, already knowing what she was likely to say, but giving her a chance.  Residents are barely even doctors, having just graduated from medical school and having not even taken their exams yet.  They are not even fully licensed to practice medicine and are also known as doctors-in-training, student doctors, or interns, mkay, fucking interns, yet practicing medicine without a license on a largely uneducated, naive public anyway, a public who thinks that anyone wearing a white jacket automatically knows what the fuck they are talking about and more importantly, what they are doing, physically doing with their hands and directing others to do.

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Overwashing Causes Cracked Hands. Breathing Into a Mask Invites a Bacterial Colony to Grow on Your Face. Ft. Jodie Foster.

I was always struck by the last part of this scene in the movie Contact, where Jodie Foster’s character is traveling through a wormhole in alien technology interpreted and built by human males.  Instead of just following the instructions an unknown alien civilization sent them and building her traveling pod to specifications, the human males decided they knew better.  So they started adding a bunch of stuff including a captain’s chair bolted to the ceiling of the pod.  The human male-built pod provides a rough ride that appears to be the fault of the aliens and her trip would have ended badly if she hadn’t abandoned the death-chair at the last moment, right before the bolts sheared off and the chair crumpled to the ceiling while she and her compass necklace free-floated effortlessly inside the pod.  As usual, with their megalomaniacal tendencies and arrogant meddling, human males only succeeded in making everything worse.  This message was not lost on me and I have thought about this scene in a 30 year old movie many times.  I am thinking about it right now!  And now, so are you.

Being chronically ill and having no car, I have only been out of my apartment 4 times since my state and town went on lockdown about 2 months ago.  But I don’t really feel restricted and this is hardly a radical change from my “new normal” as a seriously, permanently and progressively ill person.  As I have written about before, I am currently in a tiny rural town in a cannabis-legal state, having moved here 5 years ago in an attempt to treat the aggressive pain and symptoms of my treatment-resistant Crohn’s disease.  Coming from (most recently) Long Island, New York, I have thought many times that the relative quiet and relatively slow pace of this rural community is at least as therapeutic as the cannabis.  While I have managed to achieve the impossible, and something Western medicine was never able to provide — about a 50% decrease in symptoms and a 50% increase in my quality of life — medical marijuana (and relative peace) is not a panacea to a progressive, incurable and untreatable disease and in some ways, due only to the passage of time, I have, predictably, gotten worse.

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This is a Real Post, I Just Can’t Give it the Title I Want. What the Hell, WordPress?

Original title of this post:  End of Supply Chain = End of Feminism? Another COVID-19 Post. Discuss.  It won’t publish under that title.  Hmm.

This is the latest COVID-19 video by conspiratard and admitted paranoid schizophrenic* Clif High.  I say that to get the introduction and obvious credibility issue out of the way in the beginning.  I keep my eye on many channels and try to take in as much information as I can and use my own discernment the best I can when trying to figure out just what the fuck is happening.  Clif High has ideas and cites sources that I find interesting.  In this vid, one of the things that caught my ear is his observation that if and when the supply chain ends, and that could happen permanently due to the now-global COVID-19 pandemic, it will mean the beginning of a “male ethos” and the end of feminism, where feminism is more or less completely dependent on the availability of calories (for one thing) and gathering publicly in groups (for another).

He also portends the end of SJWs or social justice warrior type behaviors and activities which are dependent on the same things.  Both SJW and feminist activities are also dependent on the court system, but as he notes, the court system is pretty much shut down right now.  He doesn’t think the courts will come back online anytime soon if ever and he might be right about that.

Of course, these observations have been made by feminists before who have noted that without electricity (for example) modern women wouldn’t have the energy or leisure time to pursue feminism, which for most feminists is basically a hobby they work on when they aren’t cleaning up after, sexually servicing, and otherwise being actively oppressed by men.  In the case of women and feminism, the electric washing machine and vacuum cleaner (for example) have freed up women’s precious resources of energy and time, which some choose to dedicate to the “cause” of feminism.  For women who don’t practice domesticity or who aren’t busy cleaning up after men either personally or professionally or both, it’s tough to argue that the easy availability of calories — meaning food — hasn’t been instrumental in allowing them to choose how to spend their time, including engaging in feminist pursuits, instead of foraging or hunting for nourishment.

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#HighRiskCOVID19. You Don’t Say. Shame v. Cause and Effect (Again)

Apparently, social media is currently alight with a new hashtag, #HighRiskCOVID19 which is being used by people with “underlying medical conditions” who are at greatest risk, besides the elderly, of contracting and becoming dangerously ill with the disease.  Some of these people, but not all, are autoimmune patients and others voluntarily taking immunity-decimating Big Pharma medications to “treat” their underlying diseases including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and Crohn’s disease.  The message is intended to convince “well” people to stay home in order to not risk spreading the virus throughout communities and ultimately to those who are already seriously or chronically ill.

Putting aside the fact that these drugs often don’t even work, work well, or work for long to treat the pain and symptoms of autoimmune disease, despite the lies Big Pharma propaganda spews everywhere — lies that sick people’s friends and family often believe instead of believing the testimonies and lived experience of the people they supposedly love — these so-called “biologic” and chemotherapy drugs are prescribed to autoimmune patients because they destroy the sick person’s immune system, thereby (theoretically) preventing it from attacking the sick person’s own tissues.  Of course, destroying anyone’s natural immunity also makes them more susceptible to opportunistic infections and environmental pathogens like the common cold, flu and the novel Coronavirus or COVID19.  Essentially, autoimmune patients taking immunity-decimating drugs have allowed doctors to give them AIDS and all the complications of full-blown untreated AIDS.

In contrast, actual HIV-positive people with full-blown AIDS (assuming they have access to health care) are aggressively treated with an immunity-bolstering protocol and many are able to avoid the hideous outcomes that were a death sentence for AIDS patients in the 80s including lethal fungal infections/thrush, pneumonia and cancer.  But no one is bolstering autoimmune patients’ purposely fucked-up immune systems because that would defeat the point of letting doctors give them therapeutic AIDS to treat their AI.  In fact, immunocompromised AI patients, unlike those with full-blown untreated AIDS due to HIV, are fully expected by everyone to just go back to their previous lives, including returning to full-time work, like they aren’t sick at all.  Somehow having both AI and AIDS = healthy.  Some of them may — or may not — be told to wash their hands and avoid sick people, which is impossible innit.

Many AI patients are not even given the benefit of informed consent and are not fully informed of the very real and expected consequences of destroying their natural immunity to environmental pathogens.  Patients often aren’t even told how the medications they are taking are expected to work, or if they are “informed” they are too sick and cognitively impaired to even understand what they are hearing.  In other words, they don’t know they are consenting to essentially contracting AIDS.  If they do understand it, they may be too sick to even care.*

There is also the issue, isn’t there, of congenitally nonviable infants being handed over to Big Medicine to essentially animate them well enough to be lifelong victims and consumers of patriarchal Western medicine, where many if not all of these infants are immunocompromised and/or have reduced lung capacity and lifelong serious “preexisting medical problems” due to their congenital malformations or premature births.  Before that, many Western women take prescription medications meant to prevent miscarriage, when miscarriage has historically (and prehistorically surely) prevented nonviable and congenitally malformed fetuses from being born at all.  Get it?  Good.  Enter the novel Coronavirus.

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Doom 401: Advanced Doom. Coronavirus Update

This is the latest from 2 of the channels I am paying attention to regarding the now global Coronavirus outbreak that started at the end of 2019.  I last wrote about Coronavirus here, where I described concerns about autoimmune patients taking biologics and chemotherapies to treat their illnesses being exposed to environmental pathogens that they are now defenseless against due to the immunosuppressant effects of their drugs.

Guy McPherson, a conservation biologist who has been writing and speaking about catastrophic climate change for the last decade or so, appears in the first vid.  He brings to the table his evidence that “global dimming” due to industrial air pollution has been paradoxically keeping a lid on catastrophic global warming this whole time, where particulates in the atmosphere prevent the full warming effects of sunlight from reaching the Earth’s surface.  Since China has essentially locked down its population in an attempt to stop the spread of the Coronavirus pathogen, its enormous manufacturing industry has likewise been shut down, which is expected to clear up the air a bit.  If that sounds like a good thing, it’s apparently not.

The cooling effects of China’s part in global dimming are now expected to vanish and the Earth’s global temperature will now be expected to rise up to 1C degree, over and above the “normal” overheated global baseline which was already increasing.  Dr. McPherson does not make predictions per se, but he reports that the evidence suggests that this additional increase in global temperature will create catastrophic global warming and loss of human and animal habitat by November of this year.

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The Post In Which I Mom-Shame. Sorry Not Sorry.

This was and is the absolute last straw.  I have been writing health and medical-related content on this blog for almost 2 years now and I have deliberately avoided this topic because I knew how it would be received.  Mothers have been criticized and punished for their choices (and their femaleness) forever and now that we are all enlightened and feminist and shit, mothers and motherhood are beyond reproach.  I know because the internet said so!  Mom-shaming is right out, no one is allowed to criticize women who conceive, gestate, birth and/or raise children for anything because liberal feminism and besides, under patriarchy, women’s and mothers’ choices are artificially limited and (therefore) coerced so the fucked up things women “choose” for themselves and their children are not women’s fault.  Radical feminism supposes that the things women choose are not even choices at all.

First as a liberal feminist and later as a radical, I accepted one or the other of these rationalizations for a long time and refused to criticize women and mothers on feminist grounds, where women as oppressed people previously and/or currently lack the social and political power to be fully actualized, engaged human beings and the central agents in their own lives.  Between feminist arguments centering agency and non-agency (liberal and radical viewpoints respectively) women and mothers have secured a free pass to do and choose anything, absolutely anything, regardless of the consequences to themselves or to other people, or to animals, or to the living planet.  Rather than examining cause and effect — meaning the intended and unintended consequences of our action and inaction — somehow “shame” has become the focus and women are not to be shamed, and by shamed we apparently mean held accountable for their own actions.

For one reason and then another, cause and effect have been deemed irrelevant to women and women’s choices and women’s interactions with our world — well, with mensworld as it were.  Before feminism, women were simply expected to do what they were told and they usually did.  But cause and effect are always relevant so long as we are alive on this planet because cause and effect is consistent with natural law.  Get it?  There are laws that have existed longer than humans, longer than civilization, longer than patriarchy, and which sure as hell predate feminism, and for a long, long time we have acted as if these natural laws were unimportant, or less important than other things.  Less important than men’s laws.  More recently, less important than not-shaming women.  This has been our mindset for thousands of years by now — at least 10,000 years by my estimation, which was approximately the beginning of agriculture where humans sought to overcome or tame nature to our own ends.

We did this, we chose this, and we have been doing it and choosing it for a long time.  Where we are now could be said to be the result of 10,000 years of that unnatural/patriarchal policy and practice of eschewing natural law.  And where are we?  I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that we are in hell, utter hell, and if the above-linked article isn’t the perfect illustration of that type and degree of hell then I don’t know what is.

This woman gave birth to a child who was born with no anus, a missing kidney, a neurologically dysfunctional colon and bladder and a tethered spine.  He was therefore temporarily stomatized for fecal collection as an infant and would later require laxatives and enemas daily for life to eliminate waste through a surgically-constructed “anus” and would likewise need to be catheterized every 3-4 hours for life in order to pee.  The child was in pain every moment of every day and night even though his doctors were certain his conditions weren’t painful, and their negligence including misdiagnoses and complications from his spinal surgeries caused his bowel and bladder conditions to become even more debilitating and more painful than they would’ve been without their help.  And that’s saying something isn’t it.

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Urgent request: office supplies needed (Patreon link within)

Hi everyone.  This is coming at a bad time as my business is slow and I am extremely short on funds, but I desperately need a new printer.  I had to replace an HP printer I had for several years when the print head died for a second time.  I got a new printer last fall and it’s been a horrible ink hog that I have spent hundreds of dollars on ink to keep going.  After maybe 2 weeks of quality printing, to even get it to print at all takes 30 minutes of cleaning and aligning print heads every single time, and even then I only get a couple more weeks worth out of it before it says it needs more ink.  I have to print about 12 pages a week of consistently high quality.  This printer is not up to the task.  I also need a few different office supplies.

If anyone has an unused gift card to Walmart, Office Depot, Best Buy, Ebay or Amazon, or is able and willing to send an extra donation this month, $300 would go a long way to getting me a decent printer, some extra ink cartridges and office supplies.  For $100 I could get some more ink and just keep using this printer for another couple of months. $30 would get me some office supplies.

For anyone who wants to, donations can be made on my Patreon page.  My email address is posted there in a private post for anyone who wants to send gift cards or correspondence.

I have received $100 already.  Thank you for reading and thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.

How to Make Your Crohn’s Worse for $10 a Week


For obvious reasons these extreme budget food haul videos are very popular, where people who live in BFE rural America where a gallon of milk is $1 manage to eke out a sustenance diet on almost no money.  I’ve lived on these extreme budget diets myself for many years, where “beans and torts” was a staple and I could almost never afford a $5 block of cheese but when I could, mmmm, cheese.  What a treat!

These days of course, as a Crohn’s patient, there are more limitations on my diet than a lack of funds although as I am disabled and mostly unable to work, that limitation still applies too.  While I have managed to remain medically stable with no hospital visits or emergencies for almost 5 years due to “lifestyle changes” and importantly, daily marijuana use, I am still severely limited in what I can eat.  For example, through painful trial and error, and as corroborated by the medical literature as well as anecdotal evidence/reports from other patients, I have learned that I, like most Crohn’s patients, am severely lactose intolerant.  For me and many Crohn’s patients, it would be less (well, equally) painful to eat industrial solvent than most dairy products including milk, soft cheese and ice cream.

And since Lactaid and other lactose-nullifying agents don’t work for me to make dairy products tolerable, I also think it’s the proteins in dairy and not just the lactose/sugar I’m reacting to, which makes sense: it seems to be proteins in food that my immune system is attacking which makes eating most foods impossible.  To be even more specific, it seems to be genetically modified proteins — in other words, GMOs — that give me the most trouble.  But genetically modified or not, I cannot tolerate most dairy at all.

The woman in the above vid was able to get a gallon of milk for a dollar, which in most parts of the country is unheard of — it’s usually closer to $4 if not $5.  But as a Crohn’s patient who cannot tolerate most dairy, even if I could get 10 gallons of milk for a nickel I couldn’t drink it, blend it with other things or cook with it.  And of course, a lot of premade and processed foods contain dairy and so are also inedible.  Hard cheese is still on the table and I still look forward to that budget-busting block of cheese when I can afford it.  Of course, now it’s more like $12 and it has to be organic. 

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Coronavirus Outbreak + 16 Million Americans on Immunity Decimating Biologics = ??

I just spent about 10 seconds doing a back-of-the-napkin estimate on how many Americans are currently taking immunity-decimating biologics to treat autoimmune disease and came up with a figure of up to 16 million.  I got that from the estimate of up to 24 million having a diagnosed autoimmune disease and this estimate that 2/3 of diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis patients are taking biologics.  The figure of up to 16 million immunocompromised AI patients does not count those who are taking immunity-decimating chemotherapy or steroids to manage their autoimmune disease, but those have to be substantial as well, as the first line of defense is often steroids which leaves people vulnerable to infection.  For example, when I was first prescribed Prednisone to treat my Crohn’s disease, my research indicated that I should not use tampons to absorb my menstrual flow because my immune system would be lowered and having a wad of cotton festering in my vagina for 8 hours at a time could more easily become septic.

Who knows what the actual numbers are, but we can see that on any given day we have many millions of Americans and tens or hundreds of millions of people globally taking immunity-decimating medications to “treat” their autoimmune disease, leaving these people vulnerable to secondary infections like tuberculosis, hepatitis, fungal infections and more.  People with an ounce of sense, and who aren’t rendered temporarily insane/incompetent due to ongoing unmanageable pain and symptoms of disease, will rightly be concerned about the so-called side effects (iatrogenic illness and injury) of these medications including the effect (injury) of lowering their natural immunity to infectious disease.  Some of us have decided that destroying our immune systems, as dysfunctional as they may be, is not a reasonable solution to our problems, especially considering that biologics and other toxic medications often don’t even work, work well, or work for long to treat our pain and symptoms.

And for those of us who grew up amongst the 1980s AIDS epidemic, we grew up understanding how important our immune systems are and how deadly serious it is to have a compromised immune system for any reason.  We grew into and beyond puberty under what can only be described as a domestic terror campaign against “unprotected sex” in order that we not compromise our immune systems because we knew what could happen if we did: suffering from full-blown AIDS we would probably die a horrific death of secondary infections and cancers, covered in unhealing sores, starving to death from nausea and gastrointestinal effects, driven half out of our minds.  Of course, today, full-blown AIDS is not a given for many who contract HIV which virus is now manageable if not treatable.  And anyone who develops AIDS (assuming they have access to medical care) will be aggressively treated with immune bolstering treatments so as to avoid the hellish AIDS-related deaths we all saw happening in the media and which many people also experienced firsthand in our own communities, homes and lives.

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Oh Dear. Greta’s Family Works in Nuclear and She Was a Chernobyl Baby

Remember when I noted that climate change activist Greta Thunberg and all so-called climate change activism is demonstrably pro-nuclear?  And when I speculated that Greta’s self-described autistic “super power” was really brain damage from likely radioactive environmental pollution, exactly the kind of environmental pollution that Greta herself never speaks about or acknowledges at all…in her work as a leader in an alleged environmental activist movement?  Well, there is now an article written on a conspiratard site that confirms both of my suspicions.  And the above vid that cites the article.

Sadly, there are no citations in the article itself on which to follow up and I don’t know what that means.  Did the writer — himself an anti-nuke activist and Hiroshima baby — just make it all up out of whole cloth?  Maybe, but we can also get pretty far down that road by simply using common sense, considering that there are a lot of radiation-damaged people in Greta’s neck of the woods.  Here is a map showing dangerous, genetically/generationally damaging Chernobyl fallout covering parts (well, almost all) of Finland, Sweden and Norway.  Greta’s mother was likely exposed to it as a child in the 80s and they all continue to bask in it today, considering that radioactive contamination stays dangerous forever and never goes away.


When trying to confirm the claims that Greta’s family is involved in the nuclear industry, I found this article on another conspiratard site which seems to back it up and references some intrigue, namely orphanings, adoptions and multiple name changes of her male and female ancestors that make researching her family and their connections difficult if not impossible.  Here is the part I would be interested in corroborating.  From the first conspiratard article:

Greta’s grandfather Lars Lars Ernman, is retired chief financial officer (CFO) of Sandvik, a world-leading tool-maker that manufactures saws and drills for home carpentry, and also steel pipes for nuclear power plants. In partnership with the French atomic energy giant AREVA, the Swedish manufacturer also produces drilling, tunneling and rock-crushing equipment for the global uranium-mining industry.

I also find it interesting that Greta’s ancestors are seasoned professional actors, as do the conspiratards who are starting to suspect that there’s something not-so authentic about Greta and the movement she has inspired.  A movement that both explicitly and implicitly supports nuclear power while blaming soccer moms for catastrophic weather and climate change while demonstrably not blaming one of the — if not the — largest most environmentally damaging industries this planet has ever known and will ever know again: the nuclear industry, which notoriously pumps out not merely genetic/generational mutations, illness and death but also “hot particles” which contaminate our water, soil, biomass and ourselves with literal heat.

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