Watch the Vid That Got James Corbett Erased From YouTube

Early this morning, this video entitled “Science Says” was published on James Corbett’s YouTube channel. Before I even had a chance to finish watching it, the video was removed. Then, I saw that Corbett’s entire channel had been permanently deleted from YouTube.

James Corbett and The Corbett Report is an alternative media outlet, a citizen journalist whose video and podcast archives go back at least a decade. He has covered 9/11, Monsanto, transhumanism, and most recently has been an outspoken critic of the COVID19 pandemic and the political/governmental response, which has been to shut down the planet and destroy the global economy, among other things.

The final straw, the last nail in the coffin of Corbett’s YouTube presence was his latest indictment of the new religion known as Sciencism (or Scientism) where citizens who are too busy, too stupid, not STEM-enough or whatever to be able to science for themselves, accept the proclamations of “Science” on faith. Faith that Big Brother (aka the government) really does love us and would never lie to us or put us in harm’s way. Faith that unelected, uncredentialed, self-proclaimed corporate “experts” like Bill Gates are just as benign and credible as Big Brother. Faith that “they” got it right, and that by “us” doing what they say, we will be on the right side. Faith that, despite all evidence to the contrary, bad things don’t happen to good people. And by good, of course, I mean right. And where right is more or less, as of 2020 if not before, synonymous with being consistent with Science. The comparison with religion is apt.

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3/31/1999. A 22-year Anniversary.

Yesterday was a sad anniversary for me, it marked 22 years since my younger brother died from complications of his final heart surgery. He was 21 when he died, which means that now he has been dead longer than he was alive. For many years after his death, I would go to a bar on his birthday and get 2 beers and have a beer with him and write in my journal. I don’t do anything now on any of his anniversaries except remember and think about him.

He died in 1999 and I started law school in 2001. I met my ex-SO in law school, all of which was, unbelievably, only 2 years after the death. I really had no business getting into a relationship, making major decisions or anything so soon after what was such a traumatic and prolonged “event” and I wish that I’d had the luxury of being able to grieve properly, whatever that even means. But who does? I know you all surely have sad anniversaries too, and that the way death happens in this culture is horrific. I don’t know a better way but I’m not sure there could be much worse.

I have written several times on this blog about my brother and his life and death with a congenital heart defect that was supposed to have killed him as an infant. I still believe that my brother basically killed himself by agreeing to undergo a risky and unnecessary final surgery, a Hail Mary that was supposed and expected to change his life for the better, and that he felt he had no meaningful choice because my parents were so awful to him and made his life as a chronically ill person absolute hell. His doctor promised him that only by “facing the dragon” of this risky procedure, would he come out on the other side with the strength and stamina to finally live on his own, away from the toxic influence of my parents, both medical professionals who inserted themselves unethically into his medical care for his entire life and treated him like shit, the whole time denying that he was disabled including the effects of extreme medicalized trauma, and choosing instead to see him as lazy, or lost.

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Anatomy of a Smear Campaign. Ft. ME/CFS & COVID19 Researcher Judy Mikovits

Anyone with an online presence in this second year of the COVID19 pandemic is probably aware that major platforms including Facebook and Youtube are “filtering” aka censoring information related to the pandemic if that information contradicts or questions the official narrative, even as that narrative itself changes by the day. Just today, the CDC has reportedly walked back its 6-foot social distancing guidelines for “children in school” and now says that 3 feet is sufficient. Orly? For children in school, including middle and high school aged “children” presumably including those that are 18 years old and over, 3 feet is sufficient. Even though “adult” teachers and staff are still bound by the previous advice of 6 feet.

And the brand-spanking new relaxed standards only apply to children (including 18+ year old adult “children”) and only in school, you see. I may circle back to how completely fucking ridiculous that very concept is, that an 18 (or 19 or 20) year old high school senior is safe so long as they stay within a 3-foot bubble while simultaneously an 18 year old janitor or aide is committing a murder-suicide on everyone’s grandma if that same-aged non-student person steps outside fully 6-foot bubble. And only in school. Starting today. (At Walmart, or at Waffle House, or outside in the fresh air, or whatever, it’s murder-suicide all around for everyone all the time, should anyone forego the larger 6-foot zone. Because science.)

As intriguing as that proposition is — that 18 year old students only need 3 feet but 18 year old janitors need more — and as I wonder if school buses are still a thing, for now let us consider this: what would Facebook and Youtube, etc. have done to an “alternative” media outlet or citizen journalist if they had dared suggest that very thing yesterday, literally one day ago, they day before today, or one minute or one second before the mainstream media reported that the CDC had changed its mind?

Would anyone have even been able to publicly consider the suggestion yesterday — the suggestion that the accepted 6-foot social distancing standard is wrong for any reason — and share it via Facebook, Twitter or whatnot? Clearly, while everything except the official approved and widely-reported-upon narrative is being censored if not entirely removed when it comes to COVID19 or anything, we can see that what is being censored — and by extension what is being presented — online has nothing whatsoever to do with whether that information is actually true. Can we agree on that point?

Now, as most people get their information secondhand through whatever media, whether mainstream or alternative, we can deduce that the information aka “knowledge” in our own private spaces, including conversations with other people, and including the thoughtspace in our own minds, also has nothing whatsoever to do with the truth. Think about that shit a moment, if you or most people or anyone even possess the ability to think anymore, and this ability is becoming more scarce by the second. If it sounds like I am frustrated, I am. If it sounds like I am blaming people for their own ignorance, that’s a discussion for another day.

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10 Year Fuku-versary. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 10 Years Later.

Today, March 11, 2021 is the 10-year anniversary of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that devastated the east coast of Japan and destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi and Fukushima Daini nuclear plants. According to reports, all 6 nuclear reactors melted down and/or detonated at Daiichi, which suffered complete devastation first from the massive 9.1 earthquake and then from the torrential flood when a 10-17 meter (30-50 feet) wall of water overtook the site, while the extent of the damage at Daini’s 4 reactors is less obvious but likely just as bad, with compromised reactors hidden behind intact outer walls. Unfortunately, it appears as if up to 10 reactors, including decades-worth of highly radioactive stored spent fuel was expelled into the Pacific ocean from the sites, which continue to be unstable and have been continuously hemorrhaging nuclear waste every second of every day for the last 10 years, with no existing or emerging technology able to stop or repair it and therefore, no end to the ongoing global nuclear contamination in sight.

In the 10 years since, the only Fukushima-related information most people have been exposed to has been of the pro-nuclear propaganda variety, where “experts” and newsreaders downplay or fully deny both the damage to the sites and the extent of the releases, and the health and environmental effects of short and long term radiation exposure. In the above vid, Canadian independent researcher and anti-nuke activist Dana Durnford tells the story of Fukushima and its aftermath in his 10-year anniversary livestream.

For the uninitiated, Dana was a professional diver with thousands of hours logged under water before he was injured in a diving accident pre-Fukushima. His perspective is that of a lifelong seafarer and diver and a wildlife enthusiast familiar with the (previously) extensive flora and fauna of the east and west coasts of Canada. Over the last several years, Dana has undertaken marine and terrestrial expeditions to survey and document the crash of these ecosystems since 2011. He has also researched and collected many thousands of news articles, studies and headlines pertaining to the nuclear industry in general and the Fukushima disaster in particular, and the ecological collapse that followed, including the predicted and actual effects on human health.

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What Else Are Doctors and Big Pharma Lying About? Ft. Karen and “Finn” on Phalloplasty

Most people reading here are probably aware of medicalized transgender and how it’s not actually possible to change one’s biological sex. That would be true — that it is impossible to change one’s biological sex — even if doctors and Big Pharma were able to successfully build fully functional reproductive organs and graft them onto transgender people, who would then have fully functioning opposite-sex genitalia, despite remaining biologically the sex they were born. But here’s the thing. Just as it is impossible to change one’s biological sex, it is likewise impossible to build fully functional genitalia of either sex or to successfully/unproblematically graft them onto anyone. Get it? Doctors and Big Pharma are simply unable to build functional genitals or other organs and tissues like vaginas and penises, just like they are unable to build other things, like anuses.

It doesn’t stop them from building something, and implanting/grafting something onto people who are willing to let them, or onto nonconsenting minor children, such as this nonviable infant who was born without an anus and unable to eliminate waste. (And being unable to eliminate stool wasn’t even his only problem. But let’s pretend it was.) The article indicates that a team of doctors built and implanted an anus into this child, a procedure known as anoplasty. Pro tip: the addition of the suffix “plasty” onto any word indicates that the person speaking is lying. In reality, an anoplasty does not create an anus any more than a vaginoplasty creates a vagina, or any more than a phalloplasty creates a functional, working penis. As we discussed before, this child will require time and resource-intensive, painful and increasingly dangerous interventions to his “anus” many times per day for the rest of his life in order to defecate. As if that resembles an actual, real anus in terms of function at all. Similarly, as Karen rightly points out again and again in the above vids, having a “bulge in your pants” and being able to “stand to pee” does not make a woman with a phalloplasty a man, and a phalloplasty is not the same as a functioning penis.

So we know that doctors and Big Pharma lie, to the extent that they claim that they can change a person’s biological sex, or that they can build fully or even reasonably functional, bioidentical organs and tissues when they can’t. What else are doctors and Big Pharma lying about? Here are a few more words that are relevant in medical and other contexts that are euphemisms for lying and/or indicate the person speaking is lying, including lying by omission: national security; logical fallacy; proprietary; confidentiality; HIPAA; nondisclosure agreement; advertisement/marketing; public relations; proof (other than mathematical); and science is settled. Science, by definition, is never settled. Those are off the top of my head, of course there are many, many more ways and reasons to lie.

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COVID19 Crapped in My Cornflakes. It Was a Nice Distraction While it Lasted. — Humanity, 2024

Around the fall of 2015 I started feeling like something was very, very wrong, and that whatever was coming was imminent. I started looking around, trying to find anything that might explain my feeling. To wit, I felt strongly that something huge was coming, that it would be global, and that it would be something that no one could imagine, or anticipate. At the time, I felt there were but months before we would see something happen, something that would change everything, and that the time to prepare, if preparations were to be made, was now. I told one person about this at the time. That person was a long time reader of my previous work, and also reads this blog, and now has a rural homestead about an hour from me. She used me as a resource and a home base to scout the area and find herself a comfortable place to retire, saying, if something is coming, and even if it’s not, this will be a great place to be. I’m glad I could help you out, Cheryl. You bitch.

Obviously, “but months” has now turned into several years, and nothing has happened. Nothing except a global event that has changed everything, literally everything, about the way the entire population of the developed world functions in their day to day lives. Something that will affect people’s ability to plan for the future, or to retire. Something that has caused a lot of people to not be able to work, or travel, or be sheltered, or to eat. That thing was COVID19. For the last year, almost to the day, we have had our lives and consciousnesses disrupted by a novel coronavirus that has swept the planet and devolved most people’s lives into degrees of chaos. Many people have died, and they died “with” COVID, or “following a diagnosis” of COVID, or having suffered “complications of” COVID. That’s a fact. Most people have not troubled themselves with the logical problem inherent in those statements of fact, specifically, the problem of post hoc ergo propter hoc, a logical fallacy, meaning literally, after the thing, therefore, because of the thing. And for the record, “complications” of medicalized illness include illness and injury caused by medical interventions themselves, aka iatrogenic illness and injury, including side effects of drugs, infections contracted while in the hospital, medical mistakes, and the like. But I digress.

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Trans Identifying Females Escape Misogyny by Running Toward Misogyny? What?

I started writing about trans and gender issues in early 2009, many lifetimes ago in internet terms. This is not my first day thinking or writing about it, but it might be the first time I have addressed the assertion that trans-identifying females — women who believe themselves to be male and attempt some level of body-modification to mimic the appearance of a male — are attempting to escape misogyny by identifying as trans, or as male. While any body-modification to mask or obliterate female sex characteristics is frankly horrifying, I am mostly addressing those women who seek formal medicalized transition, including puberty blocking and cross-sex hormones and surgeries to remove breast and/or genital tissue or reproductive organs because those women are actively running towards institutional misogyny in the form of capitalistic, patriarchal Western medicine when they seek to medically trans. So how, exactly, can it be said that trans females are escaping or attempting to escape misogyny through submission to misogynistic Western medicine in order to trans? What is going on here?

If submitting oneself to the authority of patriarchal Western medicine isn’t just about the perfect example of performing femininity and fulfilling the female (submissive) sex role, which performance and role are forced on all females by threat of male supremacist violence in a more or less global patriarchy, then I don’t know what is. Therefore, I think the claim that women trans in order to escape misogyny is demonstrably false. Can we start there? If not, why not?

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“Mental Health” is Just About Normalizing and Marginalizing. Could it Be Any More Obvious.

It is killing me, absolutely killing me, to see these mainstream media (MSM) articles focusing on so-called “mental health” during the COVID19 pandemic. Where many people, especially women, have been in, down and through the patriarchal meatgrinder long before COVID19 restrictions essentially locked down the planet and likely permanently destroyed the global economy, it seems as if some people are just getting the memo: none of this is under our control, you can do everything right and still have your life crash and burn, everything can be taken away from us at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. You don’t say.

The above linked article demonstrates the normalizing and marginalizing function of so-called “mental health” policy and practice — and its treatment in MSM propaganda — as well as any I have seen. Titled Common Mental Health Advice We Should Actually Ignore Right Now: The COVID-19 pandemic and political stress have changed how we should practice self-care. Here’s what to do instead., it screams, absolutely screams at us that what we call “mental health” including what is considered healthy and normal is all relative, and driven by what the majority are known (believed, expected) to be experiencing at any given time and place. If mental health and normalcy were constants, they wouldn’t change for any reason, but here we are invited to accept that these supposed constants have changed due to the circumstances of a global pandemic. We are not invited to recognize what that means about mental health and mental health policy and practice generally, but there it hangs, directly in front of anyone who cares to notice.

Previous self-care advice:

Stay off social media. Instagram rarely looks like reality, and deleting social media apps for a while might have previously helped you manage your mental health. Many experts also typically advise unplugging completely and taking time away from your screens.

MSM ca. 2019

But that’s not going to work for the majority anymore, because COVID, so let’s just change what was accepted as a constant and talk about social media like this now:

But there’s a good chance your phone or computer has been a lifeline to some semblance of normalcy, whether it be attending a weekly Zoom happy hour with friends or flipping through your feeds in an effort to feel connected to what’s going on in the world.

MSM ca. 2020/21

Orly? Before COVID there were plenty of people who used social media as a “lifeline” including political minorities, the chronically ill and others. Now, because COVID, this lifeline is accepted and respected — normalized, in other words. Now that the normies have the sads because they can’t meet for in-person avocado toast anymore, the internet is a lifeline. Okay. It’s even been elevated to the status of an essential utility, where internet providers have promised not to disconnect service due to COVID-related inability to pay. Now that the normies can’t pay for it, suddenly internet service is less connected to money than it was before.

So what that the chronically ill and others had the same issues pre-COVID and no one cared. Those people and their experience — the ones who were isolated and impoverished pre-COVID — are still marginalized, and while this could be the perfect opportunity for people sharing the same experiences under capitalism and patriarchy to bond over that fact, we won’t. Because normalizing and marginalizing. Got it? Good.

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Iatrogenic Illness & Injury Caused by Veterinary Care. Or, Vets Hurting Pets.

Lest anyone think that vets are much (or any) better or different than Western medical doctors when it comes to harming patients, I present the following. Recently I have had reason to investigate the symptoms, diagnostics and treatment for chronic kidney disease in cats. My beautiful cat Mama, whom I adopted along with one of her beautiful kittens from the shelter nearly 6 years ago, has been having some weird symptoms including head twitching and vomiting. When I Googled, I found that both of those things are symptoms of chronic kidney disease, or CKD.

Cats with CKD also have extreme thirst, because CKD causes dehydration where the kidneys are not functioning optimally to remove waste, so they produce extreme amounts of urine instead in order to attempt to remove the waste more frequently, albeit less efficiently. From what I gather, while CKD causes dehydration via frequent urination, CKD is also caused by dehydration, which damages the kidneys. In other words, with cats, dehydration is a vicious cycle that causes kidney damage, which causes increasing dehydration and so on.

I do not know Mama’s history before she was left at the shelter with a litter of kittens, but I suspect that she may have lived with someone who was homeless, or lived outside, because she likes to drink out of plastic water bottles. When I first got her, she would sleep under the covers with me, right alongside my legs, as if she were in a sleeping bag. As this is a very dry, desert area, it is likely that she was unable to find adequate water at times, especially if she lived outside, or with someone in unstable housing. In short, she may’ve already had preexisting dehydration-related kidney damage when I got her.

I have always put out water and kefir for the cats, as well as giving them wet food and/or wet toppings, as my intuition told me that was the right thing to do to keep them hydrated in the desert. My vet and other people whom I trusted told me not to worry about hydration, and that cats will keep themselves hydrated just fine by drinking water, even on a diet of 100% dry food, but I felt strongly that they needed more. As it turns out, they probably needed even more fluids than I was giving them, and these people, trusted and experienced and self-assured as they were, apparently didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about.

While researching CKD I found this site which has been created and maintained by a UK woman who had several cats become ill and die from the disease. When her first cat was diagnosed, she had no knowledge about or experience with CKD and apparently made some poor treatment decisions from which she learned terrible lessons, knowledge that she wants to pass along to other cat owners so that they may not suffer the horrible blow of a beloved pet lost unnecessarily, or unnecessarily quickly, to disease. This site is extensive and packed with information, but what struck me immediately was this: many to most cats with CKD die or are euthanized due to the effects of starvation, not directly from CKD, and the starvation is often a direct consequence of the medical interventions they are subjected to once they become ill. In other words, the standard of care that vets inflict on CKD cats causes “side effects” aka iatrogenic illness and injury that is worse than the disease itself, often directly causing the animals’ deaths.

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This is James and He Will Be Your Reality Mediator Today. James Corbett on The COVID19 Vaccine

I have written here before about how everyone relies on “The Science” to get themselves through this COVID19 nightmare, but they never actually cite the literature. In other words, they are relying on reality mediators to do the heavy lifting for them — people other than themselves who are expected to have read, understood, and properly analyzed and synthesized the literature and the culture that gave rise to it, and who can be trusted to do all of that correctly, and to report back faithfully. If any (or all) of these reality mediators are being paid for their efforts, it seems like believing them would require the listener to have never had a paying job before, lestwise they would know that people who are being paid for anything have conflicting interests, and therefore a complicated relationship with the truth.

Enter so-called alternative media. Although it is possible to earn money in the alternative media, and some alternative reality mediators seem suspiciously well-funded, I submit that the fact that they are not normally on anyone’s (or anyone in particular’s) payroll gives the alternative media a leg-up in the “relationship with the truth” department. Of course, there are also alternate allegiances/agendas and more reasons than just money to lie, or to spin the truth. Then there is the not insignificant matter of anyone actually having an awareness of what is happening outside their own living rooms, and the brain power to even begin to make sense of any of it. And it only works if the truth and the seeking (or something else) hasn’t made the reporter insane, or too insane to successfully communicate what they have found to others. Thus the hundreds of thousands if not millions of alternative reality mediators that comprise the anti-MSM internet, with most of it being a complete waste of time in my experience.

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The Case for Vigilantism? The Rape of Daisy Coleman

Children are raped daily, but only adults can talk about it.

Another writer has addressed the rapes of then 14-year old Daisy Coleman and her teenaged friend, and their subsequent suicides, and the suicide of Daisy’s mother last week. The details are both relevant and immaterial and won’t be rehashed here. The details of individual female sexual trauma are as relevant to us as any other, as our lived experience as females under oppressive male rule, meaningful to those of us who have compassion for other females and what happens to them. And simultaneously as “immaterial” as the wind, or the very air we breathe as a matter of fact. Critical to our experience on this planet, yet barely worth mentioning most times. If we were fish, we would be swimming in it.

I have come to believe that what is fundamentally true, and what is the most traumatizing, about rape is something very different from what most people believe about either rape or trauma. Firstly, rape is not “forced sex” as it is usually framed, rather, it is historically and politically meaningful as the violent enforcement by men of women’s sex role as fuckholes and breeders. Unlike what logically follows if rape is framed as forced sex, under this alternative paradigm, rape is not something that happens to men, rape is not anything that women do to either women or men, and the violation of rape is not a violation of something happening to us that we didn’t “consent” to or didn’t want.

By definition, women do not consent to patriarchal rule and things happen and are done to women constantly under a brutal capitalist patriarchy that we do not want including most consensual sex as a matter of fact. As oppressed people who have been oppressed for at least 500 generations that we know about, women’s lives are little but violation upon violation and I think we are largely over the insult to our dignity by now. The entire mainstream (anti-feminist, male supremacist, patriarchal) conception of rape is therefore absurd. This is important.

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Appeals to Authority. Logical Fallacies 101. COVID19 Edition.

I wrote last time about the various logical fallacies that internet savvy SJW types commonly attempt to avoid, lest they look ridiculous to other internet savvy activists and none of their peers wants to fuck them, or have coffee or virtual coffee with them, basically. Being too smart to fall into illogic is currency on the internet, among certain types, and they seem well versed in the list of logic fails so that they can call them out when they see them. Mmmm, cookies for calling out shit on the internet. One such logic fail is the dreaded appeal to authority, or argumentum ad verecundiam in which someone “mishandles authority” according to the list. There are several ways one can mishandle authority. I won’t repeat the list.

The thing about appealing to authority and why it’s a logic fail is that so-called authority can be wrong. Even if it’s a strong authority and seems relevant to the issue, which are initial hurdles to overcome in avoiding a fallacious appeal to authority, perhaps especially in the area of “science” where flawed humans (male humans at that) are attempting to describe the natural world from their limited perspective as humans, science is never settled. What are considered to be scientific facts often change over time, based on new evidence, or new analyses, or changing social norms, and politics, and whatever. We know this. Women and feminists in particular know this, as female bodies and minds have long been subject to flawed scientific scrutiny and we might be treated to an “oops our bad” when “facts” about us turn out not to have been true, but we are never made whole no matter how much we lost to the assumption including biased policy and practice over time. This is important.

Interestingly, many people are only ever taught about appeals to authority in a begrudging way, when we attempt to become educated including in “debate” and when we are just beginning to understand how to think, and by think I mean to think critically. Appeals to authority is kind of added onto the list haphazardly without much fanfare because we are learning about logical fallacy and critical thinking from authority, in many cases, from formal academic institutions like university. They don’t harp on this one because they don’t really want anyone challenging or eschewing authority in any meaningful way, by which they mean their own authority as patriarchal institutions which are beyond reproach, according to themselves. Also, feeding only or primarily university students “the list” ensures that those with the credentials to argue about anything fundamentally respect a certain type of authority and mostly consider it legitimate, specifically, patriarchal institutions including the academy, or academentia, if you will. As the very (made-up) word “academentia” implies, not everyone accepts the authority of the academy uncritically or at all.

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The Anti-Vaxxers are Half-Right. A PSA to Autoimmunes and Autistics.

I have been half-following the progress of the COVID19 vaccine trials and it does not seem to be going so well, if the goal is to push through an unproblematic vaccine quickly. From what I gather, every time a new trial starts up, it is quashed in the first few weeks when one or more of the trial participants aka human experimental subjects on which billions in corporate profits and a frankly invaluable avenue for government control depend, come down with a mysterious and debilitating inflammatory disease. For example, it seems that one test subject person developed inflammation in his spine after receiving the jab and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Of course, he and we are told that he had likely had MS before, and possibly even long before he received the experimental vaccine. And we are expected to dismiss this subject/person and their experience/negative outcome because the vaccine probably didn’t directly cause it. And most people seem fine with that because we are told to be fine with it. Because doing and thinking what we are told is the most important thing in the world aka is critical for the realization of billions in corporate profits and clearing an avenue of increasing governmental control of citizens. Got it? Good.

For those of us who are internet savvy and/or have been properly edumacated in debate or logic, we are well aware of the dreaded “logical fallacy” and try not to commit this embarrassing faux pax — for example, ad hominem, straw man argument, and post hoc ergo propter hoc* — because being embarrassed is stressful and being naive is dangerous. And that’s fair enough I suppose. I mean, evolution itself is likely unsupportive of anyone looking like a weenie in front of their own people. However. Now, we seem to have been led into “don’t believe your lying eyes” territory where we accept being gaslit and are denied our natural right as thinking beings to think about anything, or to make connections that have yet to be proven via scientific method, or where the very question/issue has yet to be acknowledged and funded so that it even gets to the experimental stage. Get it? If you want official recognition of a truth, if internalizing and then externalizing the official party-line is important to you, the people with money have to have decided that it’s worth it to themselves in terms of increasing their own financial and other power to pay to get the answer.

And if they can’t somehow massage the answer they want out of the data they eventually collect, we are none the wiser because the results are buried, because they own the results and they can do whatever they want with their own data. Anything, and I mean anything that does not follow declassified corporate and government paid-for “logic” (also known as propaganda) becomes a squikky non-sequitor. Got it? Good.

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Welcome To The Party, Pal. I’m Ded. On Radical Acceptance.

Chronic illness and autoimmune bloggers have been gently pointing out for months now the double standard in how healthy people have recently been expected to respond to the social isolation, physical and mental stress and economic devastation of a virus most of them don’t even have, versus what is and has always been expected of the chronically ill in dealing with illnesses we do have. Healthy people are supposed to be loving and patient with themselves, to get to know and respect their own limitations, to successfully perform self-care, and ask for what they need, and they are entitled to have their limitations and needs honored, no less, whereas people who are actually sick are supposed to disappear, basically, and when that doesn’t work, there is always suicide.

I recently read an article on HuffPo which summed up the standard for healthy people navigating the fallout of the global COVID19 pandemic, as well as the natural disasters playing out concurrently, and it gave me a moment’s peace, actually, to imagine myself in their shoes. To imagine that I could “be assertive” in asking for things, and then expect them to be easily given to me, to fantasize about the following things applying to me:

“Be kind to yourself. […]When we accept that situational factors are draining our batteries, we’re less likely to criticize ourselves for reductions in work quality and productivity.”

“Because the wildfire conditions are fluid, plans may need to be changed or canceled abruptly. […]The more clearly, calmly and matter-of-factly one communicates these parameters, the less stressful it will be when abrupt changes need to be made.”

Obviously, in my case, the “situational factor” I’ve been dealing with — which would tend to destroy, not just drain, my batteries — is a dangerous, painful and debilitating disease that has demonstrably wrecked my life and stolen my future, in addition to whatever else the normies are dealing with including natural disasters. I have written here before about how I was a climate refugee, having lost my home in Hurricane Sandy, before I was a cannabis refugee, attempting to treat the pain and symptoms of disease with medical cannabis. And the states of my health and ability are precarious, fluid, if you will, necessitating that I cancel or change plans abruptly, changes and cancellations which will be accepted gracefully and for which I will not, must not, be shamed or punished. Obviously. Or, these limitations would or at least should be accepted gracefully by anyone who wasn’t an egregious asshole if I were otherwise well, and had a bright (or any) future to look forward to. If I were human, that is how I could expect to be treated, I guess, and if I were treated poorly it would not be a reflection on me, but on other people’s ability to be human themselves.

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Are Catholics Especially Cruel and Unhelpful Towards the Sick? Ft. Mother Teresa

I have written here before about what “family” means to me, and my experience as well as over a decade of extensive research and writing on the subject has led me to conclude that the nuclear family is, by and large, a bleak, bottomless (and essentially global and timeless) cesspool of misogynistic abuse, oppression and servitude for girls and women.  The post I linked to above received some criticism when I first posted it, and contributors to high-level think-tank “Gender Critical Reddit” and several anonymous WordPress users took the opportunity to share their own experience and extensive research of the nuclear family which was very different than my own.

Just kidding, really it was just a bunch of beta males and their dick-worshipping handmaidens telling me I was doing feminism wrong by not properly worshipping the dick, in this case via worshipping a dick-centered institution that was created specifically and intentionally to oppress women and relieve us of our resources including our sexual, domestic and reproductive labor.

Anyhoo, one comment/criticism I found interesting was that my outlook on the nuclear family was distinctly Catholic, and (maybe, kind of) made sense from the point of view of a Catholic woman.  This person did not elaborate but it stuck in my mind as a jumping off point for what could probably become an enormous research project that as a chronically ill woman, I no longer have the stamina or frankly the interest to undertake.  Since then, I have poked around a bit and tried to find out the answer to my question, are Catholics really worse than other groups when it comes to treatment of girls and women within the nuclear family?  What do Catholics even believe, and why would Catholicism cause that group to be worse than any other group, be it religious, secular or otherwise?

Getting to the core beliefs of Catholics was actually harder than I imagined it would be, and I didn’t find a single source that broke it down in terms of sexual politics, and what decidedly Catholic beliefs mean for girls and women compared to other religions.  Thinking about my own situation, I recognized that I have been swimming in Catholicism my entire life and I didn’t even know it: although I was not raised with any religion, my mother and her siblings were raised Catholic, my best friend for the last 40 years — we have known each other since we were 5 — and her entire family were Catholic, and my ex-boyfriend of 15 years and his family were Catholic too.  Could this have something to do with my experience of the nuclear family and how mercilessly bleak it seems for girls and women?

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