Boy Moms. Willfully Ignorant Since Forever. Or, Excuse vs. Reason.

Radical feminists have been talking about motherhood and children for a long time. We have been talking about boy children for just about as long (or as long) as we have been talking about men, and the clear and present danger male-bodied persons pose to girls and women. To wit, radical and separatist-minded women have been pushing back against entitled mothers for decades, if not centuries or longer, where those mothers have insisted that all women’s liberation requires that mothers be centered and catered-to within feminism, and that always, always includes accepting their boy children in female-only space. This is a huge problem for us, and has destroyed more radical and potentially-radical projects than most of us even know about. Anyone that’s been around longer than 3 minutes, and read more than 3 lines of our historical and contemporary text knows this.

And it’s not as if we don’t know why mothers including boymoms would apparently rather see radicalism and female-only space burn before it excludes or doesn’t center and cater-to mothers and their children, including their super-precious boy-children. Sure, women consistently prioritize males over females, sure mothers enjoy the multiple benefits of state-sanctioned breeding, including whatever current and future resources they believe they are entitled to for having given birth to males — I won’t call this privilege, for the reasons I have stated before, but you get the picture.

But radical feminists have identified another reason that mothers, specifically boymoms, cannot and will not stop sucking-off, uh, suckling, their boy children even as they age into adults, and then into fully grown men, at the obvious expense of all girls and women everywhere including the mothers themselves, and that reason is mother-love. Note that I said reason and not excuse. Males have excuses for their own behavior, but women generally have actual reasons for doing what they do and don’t-do, for example, males excuse their own violence including violence against women in a million billion ways, while women usually have very good reasons for physically harming men, if and when we harm them at all. Self-defense is a reason, but passion is an excuse. Get it? Good.

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I Predicted This. Blaming Everything on COVID. Ft. Pediatric COVID Long-Haulers

This has to be one of the most convoluted articles I have read since the pandemic began, and that’s saying something, innit. Today, HuffPo wrote about pediatric COVID long-haulers, or children who experience symptoms like fevers, fatigue and brainfog for longer than 3 months. A lot of children with these symptoms get better after a few weeks or even up to 3 months, but the 3-month mark seems to be the point at which medical providers are willing to diagnose a child with “long haul COVID” or post-COVID condition, even if that child had never been tested for COVID, and never had symptoms of COVID, and had subsequent negative or “inconsistent” COVID antibody tests. What’s that now? Yes, apparently we are now blaming children’s chronic illness on COVID even in the complete absence of evidence that the child ever had COVID at all.

Previously, I wrote about my observation about COVID, which is that it is a convenient scapegoat on which to blame literally everything these days, from mental and physical symptoms to poverty. In that post, I included videos from several catastrophism channels and explained my belief that incoming geomagnetic events are likely causing widespread physical and mental symptoms that will soon become impossible to ignore. In the northern hemisphere, we have also been bathed in radiation from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster for the past 10 years, where radiation exposure is known to cause chronic conditions including “radiation enteritis” which looks and acts almost exactly like Crohn’s disease, as a matter of fact.

While I am still very open to new information, at this point I am fairly confident that much of what we know as chronic physical and mental illness are actually reactions to electromagnetism and other things in our environment; that these environmental conditions are only going to get worse over time, causing worsening physical and mental health over time; and that the general public would sooner believe anything, literally anything, is causing it except what appears to be the actual, real truth of the matter, which is that in fairly short order this planet will probably be rendered uninhabitable, and that this has happened before.

I know how that sounds, but there is quite a lot of evidence that there is a cyclical pattern of global catastrophe on this planet, and that we have lived — barely lived — through the “Great Reset” before. And that there are ancient ruling families who have access to this information and are deliberately hiding the truth. Who knows what they blamed everything on last time, but this time, apparently COVID is the boogeyman who is stealing our collective health and redistributing our resources to the tune of trillions of dollars since the start of the “pandemic” over a year ago.

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Big Pharma =/= Community

This week, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Pfizer’s COVID19 vaccine novel gene therapy for use in people 16 and older. In case anyone was under the impression that the COVID19 “vaccines” have been approved this whole time, they weren’t. How does that make you feel?

The Pfizer “vaccine” that has already been given to upwards of a billion people globally, and some 100 million in the USA, while it was still unapproved, shall henceforth be called “Comirnaty.” COMER-what-y? The internet seems to think this name is stupid, but the internet is wrong, according to Big Pharma advertising agency Brand Institute. From Newsweek:

In a December 2020 interview with medical news outlet FiercePharma, Scott Piergrossi, president of operations and communications at Brand Institute, explained the thought process behind the name. He said the “Co” part of the name refers to immunity against COVID; the middle part is a reference to mRNA, which is the type of vaccine that Comirnaty is; and the “ty” ending makes the word sound similar to “community.”

Comirnaty Meaning Explained After FDA Approves Pfizer COVID Vaccine. ED BROWNE, Newsweek, 8/24/21 

There’s a lot to unpack there, including the facts that “medical news outlets” even exist and that Big Pharma works with multi-billion dollar advertising agencies to help hawk its wares, and the dubious claims that any of the COVID19 jabs currently in use provide “immunity” against the disease (they don’t, and they were never intended to or claimed to) and that novel mRNA gene therapy technology is even a “vaccine” or a type of vaccine at all. Any or all of those surely deserve their own posts.

But what I would like to talk about is the “community” part, since we are already talking about community in my previous post here. The last 2 letters of Comirnaty — the “ty” — that according to the PR department of a multi-billion dollar advertising agency that works exclusively with Big Pharma to name their medical goods “makes the word sound like community.” Makes the word. Sound like. Community. Okay.

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If You Have a Friend/Relative Who is Homeless/Prostituted/Stripping/In Porn, You Are A Shit Person. A Response to Meghan Murphy.

What to even say about Meghan Murphy’s latest, except possibly this: feminists, and even feminist-adjacent feminist-allies, should never, ever, ever give any real estate to the male perspective on the global sex trade. Never, ever, ever. Why? Because the male perspective is the normalized perspective — propaganda, in other words — and it occupies enough real estate, in the mainstream press, in politics and in women’s and even feminists’ own minds.

And we know that propaganda has its intended effect on us, whether we recognize it as propaganda or not. Get it? It is unacceptable to subject women to male-supremacist propaganda in any context because it is abusive and manipulative to even see it. Try to get away from it, even in feminist space, and see how hard it is. That’s how abusive and manipulative our environment is for women in a more or less global patriarchy. Male supremacist propaganda is everywhere.

I am not going to address the normalized perspective on the global sex trade here or anywhere, nor am I going to revisit the “feminist” perspective on it because that has been done before. What I am going to say is this: women’s communities are responsible for women, including the demonstrable fact that women have few or no options by which to survive. And these communities, the ones that are responsible for and to women, consist of the global community (patriarchy) as well as national communities (patriarchy) regional communities (patriarchy) local communities (patriarchy) neighborhood communities (patriarchy) and by extension, even our interpersonal relationships. Which are also, by default, patriarchal, unless and until we purposefully make them otherwise. These are the communities that fail women when they are made homeless, or are forced into or “forced to choose” to earn money the global sex trade.

And when I say global sex trade, I am not talking about heterosexual partnerships, or marriage. Okay? Because women in the global sex trade are often partnered with men too, they are often married too. Get it? Women in the global sex trade have to deal with everything “normal” women deal with, including the oppression of marriage and/or motherhood, in addition to being in the fucking global sex trade. Got it? Good.

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Moron the “Smart and Capable” Trope. Cori Bush and The Sugar-Coated Topping

This line from Blade is one of the most meaningful lines ever spoken in Hollywood IMO. In the film, Wesley Snipes’s vampire-hybrid-turned-vampire-slayer Blade is explaining to pretty Doctor Karen that she doesn’t know shit about the “real” world from her vantage point as an upper middle-class princess. Blade has spent his life in the sewers and subway tunnels of a major American city hunting and killing vampires, while Karen lives above-ground in a nice apartment and has a nice professional-class job, as a hematologist in a hospital, oblivious that there is anything happening elsewhere in her city that doesn’t directly affect her. Until it does.

Of course, in real-real life, it’s likely that Doctor Karen, being a black female, knows way more about the real world and what-lies-beneath than any male, or black male, regardless of what he does for a living. But it’s a movie, about vampires, no less, so we will suspend our disbelief. In this scene, Blade disabuses Karen of her notion that the world she occupies is the real world, or the only world, or even “reality” at all, and tells her she better get real about that and act accordingly if she intends to survive. In this case, she has to be ready, willing and able to “pull the trigger” against the vampires and the wealthy elite rulers who are in league with them if she wants to avoid becoming their meal.

When I wrote about the “smart and capable” trope, this is what I was talking about, wasn’t it. This past week, some of us watched in horror as the federal COVID19-related eviction moratorium came to an end and was not renewed before Congress disbanded, retreating to their respective corners to enjoy their entitlement to summer vacation while the rest of the country literally and figuratively burned.

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On Relevance. Or, the “Smart and Capable” Trope.

At some point, some radical feminists came to the conclusion that being a “good mom” to boy children was not producing non-bad boy children, or non-bad men. Try as they might, good moms, often feminist moms, who often had gestated and given birth to male babies thinking good on the world, because the world needs more good men and I’m going to give the world what it wants, ended up providing exactly what the world doesn’t need, which is more shitty, entitled, misogynistic men.

Indeed, it seems as if boys will be boys, and men will be men, regardless of what any woman says, does or thinks about that. ANY. WOMAN. Including the boys’ own moms, who have been gestating and birthing males forever, and coming up with some good ones, a lot of bad ones, and a lot of somewhere-in-between. At some point, radical women recognized that when it comes to outcomes, meaning the behavior and, well, maleness of their male offspring, the quality of mothering is mostly irrelevant.

Currently, in radical feminist spaces, it mostly goes without saying that females cannot be blamed for male behavior. And that blaming women for what men do is misogynistic and wrong. We recognize that includes both good and bad behavior. Meaning, in the case of moms, thinking you are going to be the one to produce a good male means that every other woman who has produced a bad (or average) one just did it wrong. Thinking you will be the one to get a good one means that you think you are better and smarter than every other woman who has ever lived before, and that if those other, bad or even average moms had been a good mom like you, they would’ve gotten a good outcome too.

As if outcomes, within a capitalist patriarchy, are merit-based. As if. As if.

Even as we concurrently reject the “good boymom” trope, we seem to accept the smart and capable trope. The one where a woman has been thoroughly devastated by whatever the P has deigned to throw her way, today, and where women as a class, and therefore many if not most individual women have little or no resources to deal with whatever because redistribution of wealth is a tool of oppression and we are oppressed and thus, women generally have no or very little resources to smooth over a rough patch, or reconfigure a life. This is a huge problem for us.

To make a newly-devastated woman feel better about whatever, other women go right to the smart and capable trope. You are smart and capable, they say. You will be fine, they say. What they don’t have to say, because it’s implied, is that prostituted women are stupid and incapable. Homeless women are stupid and incapable. But that won’t happen to you because they deserved it, and you don’t. And it won’t happen to me because I don’t deserve it either, and outcomes are deserved, because I say so. Possibly followed by the sign of the cross, or compulsive handwashing or checking social media or some other ritual to further cement this trope in our minds, and cells, and psyches. If I do everything right, nothing bad will happen to me.

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On Redistribution of Wealth. “The Conners” & Canceling Roseanne Part IV

I wrote earlier about the concept of redistribution of wealth as a tool of oppression. Being an oppressed person and a part of an oppressed class means that you never really own anything and that your possessions, earnings and personal and generational wealth can be taken from you at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. Britney Spears had her wealth taken from her and redistributed via a legal guardianship/conservatorship in which her mental capacity was called into question.

Spears apparently “consented” to the conservatorship, bypassing the legal issue of mental capacity, so there was never a finding that she was mentally unfit to manage her own affairs. But control over her affairs was taken from her anyway and given to someone else, in her case, her father and a parade of other actors including attorneys and managers. There, we see one way that the ruling class — males and elite males — is able to steal resources from women and redistribute those resources amongst themselves.

In the case of a proposed guardianship/conservatorship, the mere suggestion that a woman is unfit, based on little or no evidence that that is actually true, opens the door to bullying and harassment to gain her “consent” to relinquish power and control over her own life. If consent is not forthcoming, the issue of a woman’s mental capacity will be litigated, where misogynistic actors including doctors and family members will scrutinize a woman’s appearance, behavior, associations, speech, sexual history and the like.

Obviously, in a capitalist patriarchy that has different rules for women and men, the deck will be stacked against the woman and in favor of the males who stand to gain from a finding that a woman is unfit. While the American legal system presumes mental capacity for adults, and proving otherwise is relatively difficult, the easiest and best way to avoid a finding of unfitness is to have the issue never arise in the first place. Which it almost never does in the case of males, no matter how insane they are or appear to be, because in a more or less global patriarchy, males as a class are not oppressed.

And we all know that perfectly “sane” physically and mentally healthy men commit all kinds of strange and heinous acts, and that violence, moodiness, promiscuity, deceit and whatnot are more or less normal and not pathological when it comes to assessing the fitness or mental capacity of men. One only need look at Kanye West to see how male mental fitness is presumed and not challenged, even for black and other minority males with diagnoses of extreme mental illness including bipolar, schizophrenia and psychosis. In Kanye’s case, he is known to suffer from paranoid delusions and visual and auditory hallucinations which he speaks about freely on the late night talk circuit, while his now ex-wife and others demand that Kanye be treated with empathy and respect, including maintaining his control over his own medical decisions and his decision to not consistently medicate.

Besides questioning and/or litigating a woman’s sanity, another way to relieve women of their wealth — in other words, to steal from them — is by assuming control over women’s creative work. Men stealing women’s creative work happens on many levels, such as when Andy Warhol notoriously “misplaced” a manuscript of a play written by Valerie Solanas, and writer F. Scott Fitzgerald infamously plagarized from wife Zelda. Males steal women’s work all the damn time and if this is ever addressed at all, it’s seen as impish, and inconsequential to the men’s success, which success is assumed they would have achieved and maintained anyway because they are men.

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“Abhorrent, Repugnant and Inconsistent With our Values.” On “The Conners” Part III

America’s Lawyer Mike Papantonio discusses the connection between Big Pharma and Mainstream Media outlets. via The Young Turks

In the above vid, attorney Mike Papantonio discusses the connection between Big Pharma and mainstream media outlets, including American network ABC which ran the original and rebooted Roseanne, and continues to run the spinoff series The Conners. Just so we are all on the same page: ABC has pharmaceutical interests. Got it? Good.

Before Roseanne Barr tweeted the now infamous tweet — a single tweet — that got her fired from her own creation, she had already stepped in it as far as ABC was concerned. Early in the Roseanne reboot, it was decided that the character of Darlene’s young son would become “curious about girls’ clothes” so naturally, any criticism of gender and transgender was right out.

Sara Gilbert, the actor who plays Darlene, had been teaming up with executive producer Tom Werner* and “calling meetings” with Roseanne and others to rake Roseanne over the coals for her social media presence opinions, beliefs and observations long before the final tweet, making the whole thing resemble a witch hunt in retrospect, with Gilbert taking a position of power and control in the hunt. After it became clear that gENdEr was being given a starring role in the reboot, Gilbert and Werner, along with their press agent, enlisted media watchdog GLAAD to surveil Barr’s social media presence and evaluate her stance on transgender.

Because in a show about working class, blatantly fertile heterosexuals who weren’t trans, trans is what’s important. See above regarding ABC’s pharmaceutical interests.

Also, let us note that until 2013, the name “GLAAD” had been an acronym for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, but GLAAD became the organization’s primary name “due to its inclusiveness of bisexual and transgender issues.” Get it? As far as GLAAD is concerned, as of 2013, “inclusiveness” literally equals gay and lesbian erasure, and changing everything to make the trannies feel included (by getting rid of everything and everyone not-trans) and centering and elevating transness above everything else.

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Moron “The Conners” Season 3 & Canceling Roseanne Barr

In the above vid, we see how American television network ABC initially framed its reboot of Roseanne Barr’s iconic show. When it comes to comedies, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. It’s back, […] including the woman who took comedy and laughter to a whole new decibel. In 1988, television was forever changed, with one sound. And that “sound” was the sound of Roseanne’s laugh.

It’s hard to say whether the 2018 Roseanne reboot would have lasted 3 seasons and therefore whether it would have had the opportunity to address the COVID19 pandemic like the spinoff series The Conners has. I wrote about The Conners in my last post, highlighting season 3 and its treatment of the pandemic, specifically the Conner family’s response to the government’s response to COVID19 which has been to destroy the global economy and sequester people inside their homes and how crazy-making that has been for regular people, especially women and working class women.

The original reboot, which was technically the 10th season of Roseanne, picked up with the Conner family 20 years later and portrayed Roseanne Conner as a reformed progressive. In 2018, Roseanne Barr’s character, like Roseanne Barr herself, was a conservative Trump supporter, while the rest of the Conner family had maintained their original working class Democrat/progressive politics. In an early episode, Roseanne wore a pro-Trump MAGA hat while Jackie wore both a pink pussy hat and “nasty woman” tee shirt while sharing a family meal.

Apparently, this was done purposefully, and it was Roseanne Barr’s intent as the reboot’s co-creator to create and maintain a space for “conversation” where people who were more or less forced to share space with each other due to family and poverty had no choice but to deal with each other and each other’s political views without destroying their relationships. And in 2018, considering that COVID hadn’t happened yet, that was prescient af, wasn’t it.

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Sara Gilbert is a Terrible Person. I Watched “The Conners” Season 3 So You Don’t Have To.

COVID19 masks in the iconic Roseanne’s Couch’s Afghan pattern.

I recently finished season 3 of The Conners for some reason. Seasons 1 and 2 were not very memorable and I don’t really remember them, except that they retroactively made Roseanne a junkie and killed her off and they referred to that, and her, a few times until they figured they didn’t have to refer to her at all anymore. At some point, they brought in Peg Bundy to take her place, which does not serve either Roseanne or Peg, does it. I’m sorry, but no one wants to see Peg Bundy sitting on Roseanne’s couch, or serving as Grandpa Dan’s new fucktoilet. They just don’t. No offense to Katey Sagal, who is a fine actor herself, and who might (or might not) have needed the work. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sagal had Roseanne’s blessing to appear on her show. It also wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t.

While seasons 1 and 2 barely made an impression on me, season 3 impressed me deeply. It made me want to never watch network television again, is what it did. Because season 3 of The Conners is all about COVID19, specifically, the government response to COVID19 which was to shut down and destroy the global economy while sequestering people in their homes and making them crazy. COVID restrictions have made people fucking crazy. I’m not sure I realized just how crazy, until I watched the last few episodes of season 3.

Because while the first few episodes showed the Conners navigating what were initially the novelties of remote working/learning, mask-wearing and social distancing, in the last few, I imagine they had more material to work with. That is, how “normal” people were responding and/or expected to respond to a now 12-18 month (or unending) quarantine that was supposed to have only lasted a couple of weeks. In the beginning of the season, it was all fun and games as 3 generations of Conners attempted to social distance from themselves in their own damn kitchen, eating dinner with their backs to each other and their disgusting, filthy masks parked under their chins.

By the end, Dan is threatening to never speak to daughter Darlene again, pending TeST rESuLTs to determine whether Darlene had given Peg COVID. And granddaughter Harris wants to give Dan a hug to calm his ass down, but even though the Conners and Conner-adjacent are all FulLY vACcINAtEd, because of course they are, Harris won’t “take the risk” of committing Grampymurder by hugging him because she had recently spent time in a crowd. Dan considered himself hugged, and went into the garage to continue his babytantrum over Darlene possibly giving Peg COVID committing Grammymurder breaking the rules, where Darlene had accidentally fallen asleep alone beside a public pool and woken up surrounded by people who weren’t wearing masks, and then she shared space with Peg, and then Peg got sick.

Darlene had only gone to the pool in the first place because she was attempting to self-treat her new debilitating anxiety attacks. Gee, I wonder why Darlene was anxious? Could it be the stress of her and her entire family and extended family being completely insane lunatics when it came to flawlessly practicing COVID19 restrictions? Could it be because Darlene was a single mother attempting to do that for herself and her 2 teenaged kids and her leech boyfriend too? Maybe, but she had been holding it together for months before she started being mentored by a fucking tranny at work. A literal man in a dress who supposedly no one in small town Lanford, Illinois knew was trans, even though he looks like — because he is — a literal man in a literal fucking dress. Or, a man in pearls and a ginormous pussy bow, whatever.

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#ReparationsforBritney or #STFU

Leave it to woke white male Russell Brand to list a dozen potential issues with the Britney Spears conservatorship, including patriarchy, commodification, celebrity, privacy, mental health and whatnot without ever mentioning reparations and what anyone might owe this woman after making money off of her and her image “since she was 17” as Britney herself sings in Piece of Me (2007). Actually, it’s even worse than that, as various people and corporate entities have been making money off of her since she was a small child, but that doesn’t rhyme as well, and reeks of exploitation even more. So, 17 it is.

I have almost written about guardianships/conservatorships in this space many times, because I wanted to illustrate the worldview of many if not most attorneys as opposed to doctors, in order that we might stop normalizing the Western medical worldview regarding personal autonomy. That worldview is so normalized that I think most people don’t even recognize that it is one, and that it is politically loaded, especially as it is applied to women. I think this distinction between medical and legal worldviews is also useful in evaluating my experience with my nuclear family, where I grew up with a doctor and a nurse as parents. Longtime readers of this blog will know that my values and worldview are very different from theirs and that this difference has become even more stark since I have become seriously ill.

In general, it has been my experience and observation that doctors and lawyers are more or less natural enemies; if anyone knows a doctor and wants to see that person’s head explode, just mention medical malpractice insurance rates and stand back. When it comes to issues of mental competence, and essentially who is counted as an “adult” and who isn’t, medical doctors are often quick and willing to declare an adult patient mentally incompetent, and doctors are bound by reporting requirements when they suspect their adult patient is “vulnerable” and being abused, or in need of special care.

In contrast to doctors’ professional duty to report, attorneys are bound by almost the direct opposite: a nearly absolute right of privacy and client confidentiality within the attorney-client relationship with severe penalties for “reporting” things communicated in private by and with their clients. Notably, the law presumes and favors the legal competence of adults in every area, although there are different standards in different legal contexts. Attorneys practicing so-called elder law, including estate planning, are always aware of issues of competence and it is deliberately a pretty low bar, especially compared to the medical view. For example, legally speaking, as long as they understand what they are doing, adults are free to take risks and to make whatever mistakes they will, including making decisions that other people, including other interested parties might not like.

That includes the autonomy to refuse unwanted medical care, for one thing, as well as the autonomy to break contracts and/or get into other legal trouble, and the freedom to spend their own money “recklessly” up to and including decimating their entire estate and leaving nothing for any potential heirs. In the United States, generally speaking, competent adults have the Constitutional right to do that and more, without having to ask for permission or approval from anyone.

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That Time Meghan Murphy Seemed to Grok the Horrors of Prostitution. Ft. Phyllis Chesler. Ft. Aileen Wuornos.

Earlier this year, gender critical feminist and founder of the online publication Feminist Current Meghan Murphy interviewed feminist author and scholar Phyllis Chesler. The topic was “America’s First Female Serial Killer” referring to prostituted woman Aileen Wuornos, about whom the Hollywood movie “Monster” was made. Aileen was executed by the state of Florida in 2002.

At the time she was put to death, according to Chesler, Aileen was quite insane, having spent years incarcerated on Florida’s Death Row, perhaps the pinnacle of a lifetime of being subjected to the most extreme abuse imaginable at the hands of men. As a prostituted woman, Wuornos had been brutalized over and over again, beaten and mangled beyond recognition, and repeatedly left for dead by men who paid her for “sex”. When the state of Florida executed Wuornos, it executed an abused, raped woman who was convicted of murdering one John, which Wuornos reported in the beginning was done in self-defense. She pleaded down other charges stemming from the deaths of 6 additional Johns under similar circumstances. 7 down, 4 billion to go.

As Chesler describes in the interview, Wuornos became something of a feminist icon for a minute. While Wuornos was still in prison, Chesler herself became rather lost in a feminist fantasy of rescuing and getting justice for this woman, who had suffered so greatly from the time she was a small child, for example, Wuornos was homeless, raped and impregnated by age 13.

But saving Wuornos was just that, a fantasy, and one that Chesler eventually outgrew. As she ponders in the interview, what would “saving” Wuornos have even looked like, after she had already been driven out of her mind by extreme, unrelenting trauma, and having proven herself to be a danger to (certain elements of) society? Would being incarcerated for life in a mental institution, being pumped full of dangerous, addictive psychotropic drugs and made vulnerable to further abuse have been a more compassionate outcome from Wuornos’s perspective than being killed? Wuornos herself apparently stopped claiming that the murder of the first John was committed in self-defense. It seems like she would have rather been killed, although notably she was never given a choice. Also notably, the government isn’t supposed to execute insane people, but it apparently made an exception for Wuornos.

I appreciated this interview very much, and was moved by it. I was both moved and informed by Chesler’s description of Wuornos and the utter hell she had experienced at the hands of men, and what that did to her over time. It ultimately drove her mad, to the point that she suffered bona fide paranoid delusions and auditory and visual hallucinations while in prison. Chesler impressed on her interviewer and listeners that a life of prostitution is hell for women, utter hell, a living nightmare from which there is little escape except through the use of drugs and alcohol — Wuornos apparently preferred beer and before being incarcerated was constantly drunk. When Meghan specifically asked, Chesler drove home the point that there is no correlate between male and female violence, as either victims or perpetrators, where males may be victimized but are never raped and impregnated, and where male victims of violence are never forced to give birth and then forced to give the baby up for adoption like Wuornos was.

Now, 6 months later, I am wondering if Meghan Murphy herself actually got anything out of this interview at all. Was she moved by the emotion of a woman’s life in tatters, did she assimilate the information Chesler provided about men and what they do and what they are? I don’t think she did. Because now, just 6 short months after giving this interview, Murphy is spending her time flirting and getting drunk with an antifeminist man on a livestream, teaming up with a literal MRA in a “woven hat” (Fedora) for the sole purpose of defending him against and antagonizing women who have found this man’s recent flippant remarks about prostitution and prostituted women problematic. This man thinks it’s fun, and funny, to make “word play” and puns around terms describing women’s sexual oppression at the hands of men. Whore, slut and the like.

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Interviews with Virologist Judy Mikovits & Infectious Disease Specialist Sucharit Bhakdi

I spent the day watching COVID related interviews on YouTube. And now so can you! The above vids are currently available but I don’t anticipate them lasting long in the public domain. As far as I’m concerned, this is must-see material for anyone who is confused, concerned or rightly pissed off about the American and global response to the COVID19 pandemic, which whatever else it might be, has undeniably been used to collectively traumatize, subdue and control the population of the industrialized world.

As feminists may or may not have noted, the lockdowns have, as these things always do, disproportionately, negatively affected women, when their “non-essential” employers and woman-owned small businesses were shut down, when their kids were taken out of school had to be educated at home, and when they were forced to be sequestered with their male abusers including boyfriends, husbands and fathers. Or when they were put on mask duty, having to procure, clean and maintain a supply of fresh, nonbiodegradeable, nonfree masks for everyone in their household. Or in the early days, when everyone was told to disinfect everything multiple times during the day, including people and things coming into their private homes. Or what appears to be our “new normal” in public where surfaces and objects must be deep-cleaned and disinfected throughout the day at women’s places of work. Guess who gets Lysol duty at every restaurant, office and bar on the planet now and maybe forever? It’s not men.

I previously wrote about Judy Mikovits here. Dr. Mikovits is a so-called “disgraced researcher” who has worked in the field of virology since the 80s and has a professional history with Anthony Fauci. (Fauci is the current director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical advisor to the president.) As the acting head Priest of what is essentially a faith-based Sciencism religion, Fauci has occupied the pinnacle position of the Western medicine machine for over 40 years. And Mikovits has something to say about Fauci, namely, that he was in fact involved in so-called gain of function research, which tweaks existing viruses so they become more dangerous, and that Mikovits and her team essentially “cured HIV/AIDS” in the 80s using easily available remedies, but Fauci buried the research, resulting in millions of lives lost that otherwise could have been saved.

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Motherhood Pt. II

As per my usual, since writing about motherhood in my last post, specifically patriarchal motherhood and how and why women become pregnant in the first place under conditions of capitalism and patriarchy, I have been reflecting on that work and the responsive comments and concerns of others. I am happy with how the post turned out and I found the conversation that followed to be mind-freeing in a way I had not anticipated. Specifically, rejecting out-loud the idea that adult, child-free women need fathers or mothers to tell us what to think, do and believe forever, in the context of either patriarchy or matriarchy opened up a thoughtspace I didn’t even know was possible as I further contemplate issues of government, anti/authoritarianism, female autonomy and the like. I might write more about those things later.

Since writing that latest motherhood post, I have lost fully 3 Patrons, all of whom had materially supported me and the CRE project long-term in both large and small ways, although none have mentioned (as yet) what prompted them to leave. It could be anything, really, including the financial fallout of this second year of a global pandemic. Maybe they left because they could tolerate, barely, my asking questions about COVID, but discussing motherhood — or calling mothers sluts — was just a bridge too far. Maybe it had nothing to do with anything. It’s really none of my business honestly.

However, I will reiterate here what I thought was already known, which is that I no longer consider myself a feminist, exactly, and that this current project is not a feminist or radical feminist project, exactly. I believe I more or less debunked feminism as it’s usually known when I showed that male violence is innate, didn’t I. We are long past feminism and well into separatist or some other territory now. And that might have to include separation or degrees of separation from patriarchal women, which mothers rather inherently are, aren’t they. By all means, mothers, keep providing patriarchy with generation after generation of rapists and victims for them to use up, discard and destroy. You know you want to, and you also know you don’t need my permission. Mothers also know, don’t they, that they are hardly the minority on this planet or in this culture or even in feminism. So I think they can shut the fuck up and let someone else be heard for a change. And I think mothers can stop gaslighting adult, child-free women and let them think their thoughts for fuck’s sake, and have conversations outside the constraints and taints of mothers’ shitty, slutty, particular worldview. Obviously, I am not saying that anyone needs to listen to men. Obviously, I am not telling anyone how to spend their money, or who to support on Patreon or anywhere.

Now. In the comments in my last post, the Motherhood post, I expounded on what is the actual basis of mothers’ claimed or alleged authority over children, as illegitimate as that “authority” is. (To antiauthoritarians, including antiauthoritarian children, legitimate authority is based in honesty, knowledge and care and concern for their charges, none of which applies to patriarchal mothers.) And I concluded that mothers, in a nutshell, are the only ones that consistently show up on behalf of their own or anyone’s children. There is no one else qualified or equipped to do it — men certainly aren’t — and no one else even wants to do it — child-free women certainly don’t — generally speaking. So, mothers are basically claiming authority over children because they love them, that love, or something like it, is what compels mothers to consistently show up and that love (and consistently showing up) is the basis of maternal authority. Aren’t they? But there are obvious problems with that.

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Mothers are Sluts and I am Fucking Sick of Their Bullshit. A Contrarian Mother’s Day Post.

I have only ever heard child-free lesbian women being severely and publicly critical of mothers and motherhood, and in one of 2 contexts. Firstly, in the context of discussing matriarchy: women and feminists often believe that matriarchy or a return to matriarchal societies, assuming any ever existed,* will cure what ails us and necessarily desire to give political power not to women as a class but exclusively to mothers, as if women who have given birth are the only ones with the necessary skillset, temperment and whatnot to effectively rule. In the matriarchal vision, childless or child-free women seem relegated to the back of the room with children and males (and nonhuman animals) and we are expected to accept a subordinate place in the matriarchal utopia.

Unsurprisingly, some child-free women have a problem with a matriarchal vision and do no accept that mothers occupy a unique position to rule or that mother-rule would be a utopia for us or anyone.** I appreciate these discussions very much as an antidote to the mainstream and mainstream feminist discourse around children, mothers and motherhood and by extension, the discourse around childless or child-free women as essentially overgrown children who need mothers to tell us what to do forever. For some reason, a hierarchy of mothers over non-mothers is assumed and usually goes unexamined in discussions of matriarchy, even though a departure from hierarchies and power-over is often intended in discussing alternatives to patriarchy. Patriarchy is rather defined by hierarchy and power-over afterall, and women have found that hierarchies and power-over are abusive per-se and are always destructive to women and feminist space.

The second context in which mother-criticism occurs is the criticism of not mothers and motherhood per se, but criticism of patriarchal mothers and patriarchal motherhood, and the abuse and neglect and whatnot mothers perpetrate on their own children when they themselves are oppressed. This too is a refreshing departure from the usual misogynistic woman blame/shame, where criticism of mothers always includes derision and punishment for not being “perfect” mothers or natural caretakers, but where women’s oppressed station ensures that they will not have the resources to mother properly even if they wanted to, including performing self-care so that they are up to the task of caring for others.

What I do not believe I have ever heard, except where I have brought it up, is a discussion and criticism of why and how women become mothers in the first place under patriarchy, or how women would become mothers even in a non-patriarchal context for that matter, and that’s by pleasing men. Even in a non-patriarchal context, unless non-technological parthenogenesis has been achieved, creating a pregnancy would necessarily entail procuring sperm, and that normally means that a male somewhere has achieved orgasm which is usually considered pleasing to men. Human reproduction itself in every context may therefore be dependent on (or at least inexorably linked to) male-pleasing.

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