Signs of the Sickness, Ay? Let’s Talk About Hopelessness.

A dick’s perspective. From

As I mentioned in my last post, women and feminist women should feel very free to add our own insights, interpretations and filters to men’s work because men are biased towards themselves and everything they touch turns to shit. At base, males fundamentally hate women, and when I say “hate” I mean in the political sense of materially othering girls and women to benefit themselves. This includes “equating” men and women because all that means is that women’s material reality is disregarded. In the video I posted about the mental and physical effects of incoming and ongoing electromagnetic change, content creator Ben Davidson offered the above list of the cognitive and mental effects which are supposed to affect humans beings as a class. We know what the inclusive language of “people” or “humans” or “humanity” or “civilization” means — that women and women’s material reality were ignored, dismissed or used against us to prop up men.

As background, from what I gather, the electromagnetic changes Davidson and others reference are a combination of the sun expelling more energy and our protection from solar activity decreasing, with the decrease beginning around 1850 and going exponential (non-linear) around 2000. The result is that electrical systems are more vulnerable to and more effected by outside influence than they were before. And the animal heart and brain are electrical. That last part is a given by the way. “Human” hearts and brains are electrical and that is a fact we can glean from men’s work if we didn’t know it before. Assuming that men’s observations of increased solar activity and decreased protection are correct as well, and I think they are, we can begin to think about the situation in which we seem to find ourselves in a way that acknowledges and even centers women’s material reality instead of spinning, misreading, or disregarding it entirely. If we don’t do it, no one will.

Ruh Roh. Exponential change.

So let’s talk about that list. According to Davidson, feeling irresistible temptation, hopelessness etc. are “symptoms” that we are being affected, and being affected “a lot” is a sign that we were already physically and/or mentally ill. Apparently, according to him, healthy people would tend to be affected a-little-to-somewhat, being electrical beings afterall, but it should be something we can control if we are aware of it. Shake off the effects, he seems to be saying. And certainly, if men could or would shake off their many, many “irresistible temptations” this world would be a much nicer place for women, children and nonhuman animals. We can also think about whether the “temptations” have become more tempting, less resistable or both since 1850-ish and whether any of that got worse around 2000 or so, and and if so, whether the change seems exponential.

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Anyone Have A Bad Day Yesterday? Moron The Antidepressant Scandal and So-Called “Mental Health”

I was looking for a vid like this to include with my last post on the antidepressant scandal but as of 2 days ago, this vid did not exist. It was just posted today. This is what I would call a combination shortcut/springboard where we as oppressed people do not have access to data and truthful interpretations of the data, and what’s available is all created by men. We can use what already exists to save ourselves time, and to not have to reinvent the wheel, but we should feel very free to add our own filters, insights and interpretations to men’s work for obvious reasons. Those reasons being that men lie and everything they touch, by definition, turns to shit.

I didn’t have a “bad day” yesterday but I did wake up, as I sometimes do, wondering if I was still stoned from my medical marijuana edible taken night before, if my niacin or another supplement was fucking with me, or if I’d had a stroke in my sleep. It could’ve been any or all of the above, or none of the above, or it could’ve been any or all of the above in combination with this:

Red and yellow are bad.

Let’s call this the third rail of mental and physical health that most people don’t even know is there: the electromagnetic forces affecting the Earth and its inhabitants, as measured and recorded on the Planetary K Index. This electromagnetism data is processed and displayed in real time by NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the US government. The tl;dr is that historically, we have been both more and less protected from these forces than we are now, and we can expect the protection we do have to decrease from now on until some endpoint. We don’t have to discuss what the endpoint is expected to look like, or when it will arrive, today. The decreasing protection from electromagnetism means more “bad days” for those who are prone to them, and those people seem to be those who are already physically and/or mentally ill.

What “mentally ill” even means now, of course, being a huge unknown/variable that we all just collectively became aware of like 2 weeks ago when we all got the memo that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance in anyone’s brain and there never has been. Not until you start taking neurotoxic psychiatric or psychotropic drugs that is. Then your brain does have a “chemical imbalance” issue it never had before, which imbalance apparently rights itself once the drugs are stopped. Peter Breggin talks a lot about that and he gives the gist in the interview from my last post.

So, increased inflammation including heart issues, joint pain and autoimmune symptoms for those who already have those. More anxiety, depression and psychosis for those who have experienced them before. Here I would note that both COVID infection and the COVID vaccines seem to be causing or exacerbating inflammatory issues in those who have been exposed to them, so who is and isn’t “already sick” and thus particularly vulnerable to electromagnetic effects is currently unknown. This so-called vulnerable group could potentially include almost everyone by now, if not every last person on the planet.

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Interview With Dr. Peter Breggin. Moron Psychiatric Medications. A Prediction.

Above is an interview with psychiatrist Peter Breggin, who has been canceled and removed from social media due to his criticism of abusive and ineffective COVID mandates. Let’s call this a workaround, where Breggin’s own YouTube channel discussing the exact same material has been terminated but people interviewing him still have their channels up…because they didn’t criticize COVID.

In this very general interview, Breggin recounts his long career as a “reformer” of medicalized psychiatry including criticising and dismantling institutional ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) or “electroshock” programs, describing the neurotoxic effects of all psychiatric and psychotropic drugs, and explaining how users are able to safely wean themselves off prescription psych meds if and when they choose to do that. Interestingly, he notes that drug adverse effects including addiction withdrawal symptoms are frequently blamed on literally anything and everything but the drugs themselves, a phenomenon he has labeled medication spellbinding. In the case of weaning off dangerous psychiatric drugs, patients often mistake the symptoms of addiction withdrawal for symptoms of their “mental health” issues coming back.

I thought this information was relevant and timely, considering the recent bombshell study showing that there is not now, and has never been, any evidence supporting the chemical imbalance theory of depression and how people are responding to that study. Although this has always been the case, and has long been an open secret of Western (medicalized) psychiatry, you would never know it considering the response of widespread shock and confusion to this utterly stale information and the almost unprecedented sharing and discussion on social media by people who often have been taking prescribed psych meds for years and decades because they were directly told lied to by lying-ass medical providers who told them that they had a chemical imbalance in their brains. Unsurprisingly, some of these people want to stop taking the drugs now that they know the actual real truth, only to find that they are quite physically addicted by now and/or they are finding that doctors, family members and others are unsupportive of their choice to withdraw.

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What Do Women Have To Offer A Capitalist Patriarchy? Be Specific.

Diver and storyendingnever have both recently written about motherhood and I would like to support them in that. Writing and thinking critically about mothers and motherhood is not an easy or popular thing to do. Ask me how I know. When I have written about motherhood on this blog, including writing about boymoms, I have gotten some support in the form of thoughtful or supportive comments and correspondence, but I have also lost support including long term Patrons who withdrew their financial support for this project, sometimes after years of correspondence and donating to help keep me and this blog afloat. Some things are just not to be discussed. Obviously. Also obviously, I am not telling women who to support or how to spend their money, on Patreon or anywhere, because I support women’s autonomy. Even when they don’t support mine.

Some “criticism” I have received when I have broached this topic is that it’s “misogynist” to write or think critically about women and mothers (or to call them sluts) and that being “misogynist” in that way causes harm to all women because it runs them out of feminism and supports male supremacy and then males can harm women and mothers even more. Why do I feel like I’ve just run several miles (or completed a complicated gymnastics routine) even writing that sentence? I have yet to see an explanation of how anything can be female supremacist and misogynist at the same time.

For reference, and for the record, on this blog and everywhere, patriarchy is the same as male supremacy, these words are interchangeable. And misogyny or woman-hate is a byproduct of male supremacy and refers to the material othering of females on the road to normalizing and supporting men. Doesn’t it? If people are using these words without knowing what they mean they don’t have to do that anymore because I’ve just defined them. You’re welcome. And if anyone was confused about how men can claim to “love” women, or at least that they do not “hate” women while still materially othering women and materially supporting themselves, that’s how. In a political sense, which is what feminism and feminists are supposed to be talking about, “hate” refers to material othering, not how anyone feels about it.

So. I’m thinking about what female supremacist misogyny as a concept could possibly mean — non-patriarchal woman-hate — and what it would look like in practice and it seems to me that female supremacist misogyny must refer to female supremacist women being mean, or not nice-enough. We’ve talked about that before. And that’s an interesting jumping-off point for this post because parsing just what, exactly, females have to offer a capitalist patriarchy is seriously not-nice. It’s not nice at all, because since women as a class have no capital and they aren’t men, women don’t have anything (or anything much, or anything that’s worth anything) to offer to a capitalist patriarchy at all. And that’s where motherhood comes in.

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The Open Secret About Antidepressants Just Got Opener And Liberals Are Mad About It.

A recent study calling into question the long-held theory that depression results from a chemical imbalance in the brain is gaining traction on the far right, with some using it to argue that pharmaceutical companies are plying millions of people with useless antidepressants.

More pro-Big Pharma propaganda from Huff Po. Why The Far Right Is Going After Antidepressants

I guess this is where we are now: peer-reviewed medical studies whose evidence-based conclusions are critical of medicine, psychiatry and Big Pharma are considered “far right” propaganda by the mainstream media. Well done, Huff Po.

What does one even say about this pathetic state of affairs? Were liberals always this anti-intellectual, nay even retarded? Were they always this evil? Were liberals — the bleeding-hearted political “good guys” — always just a vacant, enthusiastic receptacle for whatever Western medicine and Big Pharma had on offer? What the fuck is going on here? I search back in my memory to my nearly-entire adult life spent as a voting, activist “liberal” trying to remember if things were always this bad. I’ve done this a lot lately, particularly since COVID but also before that, when I was experiencing and researching and writing about medical tyranny for this blog and I always end up in the same place: revisiting my experience as a staff attorney at a major NYC medical nonprofit which was supposed to be the pinnacle of my legal career and aspirations as a political activist.

And all I can say (without revealing too much about my work history and identity) is, yes, things have been this bad for awhile if not forever. Maybe COVID brought out liberals’ worst inclinations but the philosophy, policy and practice — as a willing receptacle for medicine’s patriarchal dick — was always there. Okay. Same shit different day. I can work with that. Or can I? With the fresh understanding that this is the same as it ever was, my soul has reentered my body after having been evicted by the sheer audacity of the liberal response to this “bombshell” study that only supports what Bruce Levine, Peter Breggin, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and others have been saying for years but I’m not sure what I have to say about it. I’m sure my readers will be unsurprised to learn (or to hear again) that a lot of existing medicine and psychiatry-critical work including information about the invalidity of the chemical imbalance theory of mental illness has been recently, permanently purged due to the propaganda campaign around COVID — Peter Breggin’s entire YouTube archives was removed over his criticism of abusive and ineffective COVID restrictions including their devastating effects on mental and physical health, including the health of children.

For whatever reason, Bruce Levine’s blog remains available. From Levine’s most recent post:

The invalidity of psychiatry’s chemical imbalance theory of mental illness has increasingly been acknowledged by the moderately enlightened members of Establishment psychiatry—including Insel (the former director of the NIMH). 

In 2011, establishment psychiatrist Ronald Pies, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of the Psychiatric Times, stated: “In truth, the ‘chemical imbalance’ notion was always a kind of urban legend—never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.”

In his book Healing, Insel acknowledged the jettisoning of the chemical imbalance theory, stating: “The idea of mental illness as a ‘chemical imbalance’ has now given way to mental illnesses as ‘connectional’ or brain circuit disorders.”

With respect to the invalidity of the DSM, Insel stated that the DSM’s diagnostic categories lack validity and announced that “NIMH will be re-orienting its research away from DSM categories” and that “while the DSM has created a common language, much of that language has not been validated by science.”

In plain language, Insel is calling it bullshit.

Bruce Levine, Psychiatry’s Failure Crisis: Are You Moderately or Radically Enlightened?

The chemical imbalance theory of mental illness was acknowledged to have only ever been an “urban legend” by even establishment psychiatrists as early as 2011. That was well over a decade ago by now but today, today, liberals are mad that the revelation of psychiatry’s and Big Pharma’s dirty little (open) secret is getting play, if only in the so-called right-wing media, and if only a decade or more after the jig should have rightly been up. According to Levine, and he cites ample evidence to support his statement, no one informed or reputable believed the chemical imbalance theory as of a decade or more ago if they ever believed it at all. So why do people including doctors still believe the urban legend, and more to the point, why are children and adults still being prescribed and still swallowing a chemical treatment for symptoms that do not have a chemical cause?

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Just A Friendly Reminder. Males And Their Dicks are “Forcing Pregnancy” And Doctors Can Still Perform Abortions. Moron Roe v Wade.

Screw you guys and your obfuscating bullshit.

The mainstream media’s post-Roe outrage of the day appears to be this story about a raped 10 year old girl who was impregnated by her rapist and, because her home state of Ohio would have “forced pregnancy” on her without the protections of Roe, the girl had to travel out of state to have an abortion. There is quite a lot to unpack just in that statement alone.

For one thing, doctors and non-doctors can still perform abortions literally everywhere mkay. If doctors and others are unwilling to provide abortion services post-Roe because it might get them into trouble, that bears looking at, doesn’t it. Roe and the overturning of Roe are not the magic wands everyone wants them to be. Doctors always were and still are authoritarian, opportunistic pricks who primarily care about their own wellbeing, full stop. And excepting what they do with their own dicks, judges and politicians aren’t “forcing pregnancy” on anyone, that would be males in general sticking their dicks into females of every age from newborns to the elderly (and the deceased) and everything in between. Just like they always have. Don’t start none, won’t be none, but let’s not talk about that. Forcing pregnancy is not the same thing as forcing motherhood or forcing a girl or woman to give birth.

Anyone with a functioning feminist consciousness can parse the bit about males forcing pregnancy on unwilling girls and women with their more or less global male-centric sexual policy and practice that others female material reality by design. I believe I have contributed more than my share to that discussion and that understanding and I don’t wish to repeat the obvious here. I hardly even want to talk about how literally everyone is conflating “pregnancy” with continued gestation and birth and/or conflating pregnancy and motherhood. Oh my, the faux outrage over “people” and “judges” and “congressmen” (or anyone) forcing pregnancy on girls and women post-Roe, when men have been doing that across time and place for millenia if not much, much longer. Clearly, no one cares about that at all.

And as I’ve said, I don’t even feel sorry for liberals post-Roe including liberal and “pro-choice” women who ditched any pretense about wanting bodily autonomy for themselves or anyone during the COVID panicpanic when they agreed that Big Pharma and their dickless lapdogs (doctors and politicians) should get to decide who gets penetrated/and why/and with what and left everyone to deal with the consequences alone. Seriously, if liberals ever thought doctors were their friends, with or without the protections of Roe, that’s only because so-called “liberals” are authoritarians who love pandering to, praising and propping-up authority figures, as long as it’s an authority figure they personally like. And liberals still love pandering to, praising and propping up doctors, even though doctors providing and/or refusing to provide abortion services post-Roe is completely voluntary on their part. Doctors everywhere could continue performing abortions if they only wanted to, and if they cared about anyone or any principle more than (or equally as much as) they cared about themselves and their own wellbeing. They don’t, but let’s not talk about that either. Screw you guys and your bullshit abortion politicking. Just fuck you all.

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More On The Criminalization of Pregnancy. Let’s Talk About Fetal Personhood. Maybe vs Baby.

Full episodes on YT if anyone is interested. Not required viewing IMO.

Like many of you, I have been scanning abortion-related media content for the last week or so, since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe. What I would like to discuss at this point in this series on pregnancy criminalization is the issue of fetal personhood, which the Supreme Court has now elevated above the issues of women’s privacy, which was the foundation for the protections of Roe, and fetal viability, the clarification in Planned Parenthood v Casey which the Supreme Court also overturned when it overturned Roe. It is beyond my interest and the scope of this post to discuss the issues of viability and fetal personhood in conventional strictly legal or even medical terms. It is within my interest and the scope of this post and this series to promote understanding and to advance the discussion beyond where it is now and frankly I hope my communication skills are up to the task because parsing this shit is like trying to nail Jello to a wall. I guess we will see. Hopefully by the end, the above reference to Dr. G Medical Examiner will make some sense.

Before Roe and Casey were overturned, it was (kind of) left to the woman’s judgment whether a pre-viable fetus would be carried to term. So-called “viable” fetuses were another matter, and the issue of viability is well-illustrated by the problem of so-called late-term abortion. There are many stories being shared online right now about women (and underage girls) who have sought to terminate pregnancies that were very far along, usually because of medical issues with the fetus or a serious threat to the life of the pregnant woman or both. Sometimes an abortion is “late term” because the pregnancy itself was not discovered until months later, which is often the case with very young rape victims who may have not even reached menarche (menstruation onset) at the time of the rapes. In the article linked above, a raped 17-year old and her mother discovered the girl’s pregnancy very late in the game, and the fetus’s genetic and developmental profile indicated that the fetus had abnormalities that were not compatible with life. Due to the restrictions on late-term abortion, this girl was forced to give birth to an unwanted, severely disabled yet technically viable rape-baby that lived for a year. And that was the situation even with Roe.

Let us be very clear about what we are talking about here: a “viable” fetus is one that could theoretically be removed from the womb alive and continue to live for some period of time, without the life support services of the mother, even if it only lives for minutes or days and even on male-made medicalized life support in a hospital setting. And viable fetuses were already theorized to be more or less “people” even under Roe. Men love their theories, don’t they. In practice, meaning in reality, where the 3-dimensional people live, compared to babies and other people who have been born alive, a fetus is a maybe at best: a might-be person who has not yet been put through its paces because it has not yet survived gestation and the process of natural selection where the woman’s body could still attack the fetus, or reject it, or kill it, or even prevent it from being expelled at all. I discussed the historical (natural) importance and function of miscarriage and other pregnancy outcomes here. Importantly, a fetus has also yet to survive the very dangerous process of being born. The birthing process is no joke and is a dangerous, uncertain time for both the woman and the fetus, and even surgical removal of the fetus is not “safe” and does not guarantee a live birth.

If this description of gestation and birth sounds like a brutal and discriminatory culling process, that’s because it is one. Human reproduction is out of control, gruesome and mortally dangerous on its best day. Male reproduction theorists would have us believe, or at least accept their proposition, that the several inches of female flesh that separates the developing fetus from the outside world has no more function and no more meaning than several inches of anything else, as if the fetus is a tiny yet fully-formed, healthy human behind glass, but that was not the reality of it even with Roe. Now, post-Roe, we are expected to accept that a fertilized egg is the same as a fetus is the same as a tiny, fully formed human behind glass. That’s what viability and fetal personhood means and it is all theoretical and it’s never been reality-based, not last month and not now. No one believes this shit, not even men. Or, not the powerful ones anyway. In reality, this is all about male legacies and building generational wealth.

And I like the image of male legacy and generational wealth because it is a mindbomb that blows this shit about “women’s rights” and reproductive choice out of the conversational water. Let’s talk about the real issue please, because the abortion discussion was never about that. Obviously.

I had another mindbomb experience when I used to watch the medical examiner and other true crime shows and learned the difference between the medical examiner’s table and a surgical suite, and apparently the only notable difference is sterility. According to whatever medical examiner (I actually think it was Dr. Baden and not Dr. G but whatever) the only difference between an autopsy and a surgery is that for an autopsy, the surgical environment doesn’t have to be sterilized in between patients or ever. The doctor will probably wear gloves but not sterile gloves. He (or she) might wear a mask but not a sterile mask. The medical examiner was talking about urgency (time) and risk, basically. With an autopsy, from the perspective of patient outcomes, there is no element of urgency and there is no element of risk where the subject of the procedure is already dead. Dead people can’t get infected and they can’t get more (or less) dead.

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“Confronting Pregnancy Criminalization” Handbook. National Advocates for Pregnant Women. A Public Service Announcement.

The National Advocates for Pregnant Women is a legal advocacy group providing direct criminal defense services and technical assistance to defense attorneys as well as guidance for medical practitioners, prosecutors, law enforcement and child welfare agencies regarding the criminalization of pregnancy. They have published a handbook of their guidelines which is intended to prevent wrongful reporting, investigation and prosecution of women for behaviors that would not be criminal but for their pregnancies such as substance use and abuse, being victims of domestic violence, declining unwanted medical care, and for various unfortunate pregnancy outcomes like miscarriages and stillbirths that would happen anyway, and have always happened anyway, even where the pregnancies were wanted and the pregnant women have done everything right. The pdf document is here and below.

I am not personally familiar with this organization but over the last couple of days I’ve read their legal documents and scanned their Twitter @NAPW and found it refreshing that as usual, lawyers are under no illusions that pregnant women and their “choices” were well protected under Roe. Honestly, for attorneys, listening to non-attorneys discussing legal issues and processes they are not educated in is a painful and off-putting experience. As one of my law professors once said in a different context, listening to laypeople discussing Roe and now the overturning of Roe often feels as if someone has sprinkled pepper on my brain.

That professor was an experienced criminal defense attorney and I once visited him during his office hours to discuss an issue of the criminalization of pregnancy, as a matter of fact. He listened as I, a first year law student, struggled to articulate my issues with some pregnancy and motherhood-related caselaw, which was probably like having pepper sprinkled on his brain, and then he asked, What is your real issue with this case? When I told him, well, it just seems like this caselaw is very sexist against women, he said I was right and that it absolutely was. Obviously he wasn’t as upset about that as I was, considering that he had been able to get through law school, practice law and build his personal wealth and then teach others how to do this over decades within a system that was obviously and unapologetically institutionally “sexist” and oppressive to women. But I digress.

It is beyond my interest, or the scope of this series, to detail every way that pregnancy is criminalized and the myriad of ways that women are surveilled, scrutinized, punished and institutionally tortured and brutalized for being pregnant. But I would like to remind women of this: in general, when it comes to issues of autonomy and privacy, doctors are not your friends. There are reporting requirements for medical professionals that apply to pregnant women and their care, and there are also deliberate and inadvertent misinterpretations of reporting requirements that do not actually require doctors, nurses and others to report in whatever circumstance but they report anyway in an “abundance of caution” where the requirements are unclear, to cover their own asses and professional licenses, and/or because the providers themselves are woman-hating misogynists and fetus fetishists who get off on initiating oppressive state action against women, including the most marginalized, vulnerable women in their care.

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Meat And Bone For the Grinder. Biomass. Product. An Open Roe Thread On a Blog Where Almost No One Comments.

I imagine women are feeling a bit thinky today, the day we thought may be coming but also may not be coming. It’s here. Today, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, leaving it up to the states to regulate abortion as the states see fit. Today I learned that Colorado has made abortion expressly legal, while neighboring states of Utah, Wyoming and Texas have made it expressly illegal. My immediate thought was, I hope everyone coming here for abortion services gets their abortion and leaves because Colorado is full. There is a housing crisis here. We can’t afford any more residents. People are flocking here for the Libertarianism, just like I did when I needed access to medical marijunana, and then they find themselves unable or unwilling to leave.

Like most of you, probably, I’ve been scanning the Roe related media content the last few months and I scanned it again today. There are stories of forced births, where raped girls and women were forced to give birth to their rapists’ babies, and stories of late-term abortion bans forcing women to birth congenitally malformed babies who would later die. This one is a twofer, where a raped 17 year old learned late in her pregnancy that her fetus was nonviable but it was “too late” for a legal abortion. She gave birth in 2005 to a severely disabled infant who lived a year. She describes the trauma of forced labor and forced birth and suffered from medical (and just regular rape-related) PTSD. Women in prison are disallowed abortions, even where they are impregnated while in custody which is always rape, and then physically chained to their hospital beds while they labor and birth which prison and women’s advocates correctly equate with both medicalized and state-sanctioned torture. Of course, I read all of those stories before today, which means that they happened before today, even with the full protections of Roe. What does that mean?

Women seem to be in shock that raped female children will be forced to give birth to their rapists’ babies, even where their rapist was their own father, or pastor, or another male family member or family friend because of the obvious horror of it. This is real body-horror stuff, and even voluntary births include female genital mutilation including unneccessary episiotomies and fistulae from unnecessarily prolonged labor. The medicalization of labor and delivery actually unnecessarily prolongs labor, did you know that? If a woman (or animal) is in a state of fear, or in an unsafe environment as judged by her body (not her social conditioning) her labor will naturally stall until she is in a better, safer place to labor and deliver in peace. Which peace literally never comes in the hustle and bustle environment of a for-profit hospital on its best day. Get it? This is literally the stuff of nightmares. Grown women willingly do this to themselves for some reason, but now little girls will be forced to endure this too. Or, they will be forced to do it more now than they were already being forced to do it before, even with the protections of Roe. Who says female genital mutilation (FGM) only happens in other places?

But as I think we are starting to recognize, at least I am, and I’ve been writing about it, no one cares about any of that because what really matters is that females produce meat and bone for the meatgrinder that is the capitalist, patriarchal machine. It doesn’t matter if the meat and bone ends up being in the top-tier of productivity, (see nonviable infants) it doesn’t matter what the meat and bone thinks about it. Females are meat and bone that reproduce meat and bone and that’s it. The meat and bone is born and goes into the grinder and the grinder gets to decide what to do with it. End of. If any of us ever thought otherwise, or imagined that we were otherwise, we were very obviously wrong.

Comments open, open-thread style, on a blog where almost no one comments.

Moron Male Wealth. Let’s Talk About Perspective.

Last time, I wrote about generational wealth and how female reproduction is central to male power. Although it was certainly alluded to in that post, I didn’t come right out and say it but I will say it now because I think it’s important: women’s choices and women’s lives are insignificant in the face of global patriarchal wealth. We just don’t matter, and when I say “we” I mean essentially every woman’s sense of self or the first-person “I” that people commonly use to refer to themselves. Our consciousnesses, our personalities, our physical and energetic bodies, our mentation and cognition, our hopes and dreams, our histories and our futures, and that of our children, really only matter to us. The objective reality appears to be that individually, we are but a flyspeck compared to the ever expanding universe of male money and the wealth of empire.

The above vids illustrate perspective, in that case, the relative size of planets in relation to each other and to other celestial bodies and to the vastness of space and “the universe” itself. While I don’t assume men’s technology has or even can reveal the nature or size of the universe, despite what they say, I think this demonstration of perspective is useful for our purposes as an illustration of our relative individual import compared to the vastness of male empire that most of us are not necessarily privy to and frankly cannot imagine without help.

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Let’s Talk About the Criminalization of Pregnancy. On Generational Wealth.

I’ve had a personal and professional interest in the criminalization of pregnancy since law school, where I first encountered case law illustrating how conception and pregnancy opens the door to state action against women and not against men. This means that women are not allowed what is essentially the pinnacle of personal (and in the US, Constitutional) rights, the right to be left alone, the way that men are. Without the right to be left alone, all other so-called rights are essentially meaningless. In the realm of medical care, most adult Americans are also allowed the fundamental right to refuse unwanted “care” but again, this “adult” right is not afforded to women who wish to forego pregnancy-related care, even where it includes invasive and risky procedures that are often medically unnecessary or do not survive a cost-benefit analysis, and are always profit-driven, and thus riddled with ethical and other concerns. Males enjoy the freedom to engage with Big Medicine as they see fit, including the freedom to not engage with Big Medicine at all.

Of particularly feminist concern is the obvious way that males are in complete control over when, whether and how often females are subjected to this elevated state control because in every case, it is males who impregnate, and impregnation often occurs against women’s will, both through rape and coercive “sex” (also rape BTW) and through mandatory recreational intercourse which has decidely female consequences that males never face. Get it? No matter how “free” or relatively free any woman is as compared to other women, all women’s fates are always in men’s hands when it comes to attracting the attention and ire of the state and this tool of control over exclusively females is exercised at men’s whim. Always. For women who consume reproductive technologies as a means to become or remain pregnant, they are being impregnated and then surveilled by Big Medicine which is unequivocally an institution of patriarchal control, regardless of whether those actually doing the impregnating are male or female.

This has been going on for a long time, so I am currently bristling at the suggestion that inequitable state control over women is a new thing, or an especially dire condition that will be created with the overturning of Roe. We are already swimming in it. This article from Huff Po gets it (somewhat) right when it says that, while this inequitable situation has long existed, overturning Roe will likely make it even worse, and it was surely one or more lawyers that threw cold water on this angsty bullshit by reorienting (or orienting) Huff Po’s likely young, politically historically ignorant reporter to the truth. To wit: if Roe is overturned, women will probably become even more vulnerable to state control than they were before, including even more criminal penalties for even more behaviors that are usually not (or never) criminal for males like using legal substances or engaging in physically demanding activities for sport, employment or recreation.

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Patreon Pledge Drive 2022. Thank You For Your Support.

To my readers, I am currently raising funds toward a large (well, moderate) purchase and I hope you can help. As sometimes happens, I have an opportunity to purchase a large amount of inventory for my business for about $1000 if I can raise the funds.  I am very familiar with the type of item and I have a customer base who regularly buy from me that I know these things will appeal to.  It’s as close to a slam dunk as there is in this business.  If you are in a position to help with that, I hope you will let me know. In addition, I have had several expenses this month that I could really use some help with. I have been experimenting with new (and known) supplements to treat my pellagra, and I needed new glasses and had an unexpected vet bill, as well as my rent and security deposit increasing starting in July.

If you would like and are able to help, new Patrons can do a one-time (or ongoing) pledge through Patreon, and existing Patrons who want to contribute toward this project can do a one-time increased pledge and then change the pledge back to what it was.  Larger one-time donations from known users can be done through PayPal, please message me if you would like to donate through PayPal.  Donations of any amount are appreciated and will be used to purchase inventory (I don’t need the full $1000 but I can purchase the whole lot for $1000 if I have it).  This purchase will give me some security and will provide income for the next year, maybe 2 until the inventory is all sold.  To protect my privacy and business I won’t give additional details, but it’s a niche market that I have experience in and been very successful with so far.  Of course, it’s perfectly legal and is part of my online resale business that I started after I got sick in order to accommodate my disability and have been successfully running for nearly 10 years. Thank you for your consideration.

My Patreon is here, and includes access to my monthly updates. I always want to post cat pictures over there, but I never have the energy. Maybe that’s an idea for a Patreon update post: if I raise the $1000 I will post new photos on Patreon of my beautiful cats. ❤

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Now That “Mental Health Awareness Month” is Over, Let’s Talk About Mental Health For Real.

As a Crohn’s patient who has been self-treating and mediating the symptoms of this hideous disease for 30 years, researching and learning about so-called “alternative treatment” including nutrition and dietary supplementation has always been a second (or third) full time job and a bottomless money-pit. I have nothing material to show for my entire adult life since all of my discretionary resources including time, attention and money has always gone into maintenance and keeping myself functional, or functional enough to work. Recently, I discovered that I likely have pellagra, a third-world starvation disease that is fatal if it’s not reversed, and since Crohn’s patients cannot tolerate the niacin supplements that are the only treatment/cure for pellagra, I don’t know how to reverse it.

Pellagra is a known complication of Crohn’s disease and from what I can tell, it happens whether the Crohn’s is treated or not, and whether the treatment is conventional or not because Crohn’s is incurable and prevents nutrient uptake. Crohn’s is not all about poop although that’s the common perception in a culture that cares a lot about managing symptoms including offensive odors and issues of “hygiene” and cares nothing about nourishing anyone, least of all nourishing girls and women. Practitioners are told that a photo-sensitive rash in Crohn’s patients is diagnostic for pellagra and that successful resolution of the pellagra rash with niacin confirms the diagnosis for everyone. People without bowel disease are easily and quickly cured of pellagra with diet and supplements but Crohnies, who by definition cannot uptake nutrients from food or supplements, and for whom niacin specifically is not indicated due to gastrointestinal side-effects and worsening of Crohn’s inflammation, not so much.

A few months ago, I self-diagnosed with pellagra based on the rash I’ve had for at least the last several years and suffered through a course of niacin which immediately cleared the rash but I was ultimately unable to tolerate the supplements. So, diagnosis confirmed, but what the hell am I supposed to do about it? In researching pellagra I found that starvation causes dementia, opening an entire rabbit hole about nutrition and so-called mental health, innit. The above vids illustrate what has apparently been known for years about the effects of nutrition (and malnutrition) on so-called mental health and the effects are profound. Apparently, improper nutrition contributes to and/or is responsible for even the most severe “mental illness” including schizophrenia and this has been known for a long time, but for some reason this information has been buried and dietary and nutritive treatments rejected in favor of psychiatric and criminal incarceration, electroconvulsive and other brutal and dangerous “therapies” and/or Big Pharma psychiatric drugs.

Additionally, repeated traumatic brain injury (TBI) from domestic violence and the male-perpetrated street violence that homeless and prostituted women navigate daily is known to cause symptoms consistent with “mental illness” but again, rather than addressing a known physical cause of these allegedly “mental” symptoms, emotional and mental trauma is the focus of mental health “therapy” when trauma is considered at all and it often isn’t considered. Instead, the debunked, pseudoscientific theory of a chemical imbalance in the brain has been normalized, and thus treatment with psychiatric drugs has been normalized despite having no basis in actual physical reality and how the brain works. The second vid above describes the autopsy results of a street prostitute named Amanda who had severe “mental health” and other issues largely due to being homeless and all that entails for women, including poor nutrition and repeated TBI caused by beatings from pimps, police and Johns. In Amanda’s case, her brain injury was so devastating that her death would have been classified as a homicide had her frequent beatings and physical injuries been properly documented while she was alive.

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Just A Friendly Reminder. No One Cares About Kids.

Here is Terri Strange addressing the recent reports of a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. She implores her viewers to “feel their feelings” about these reported events in order to avoid negative outcomes. This kind of material is everywhere and I won’t summarize it here, but I am including this vid as “feminist” reference material in case anyone wants or needs another perspective.

For my part, I would just like to remind everyone that no one gives a fuck about kids mkay. If anyone cared about kids the world would look very differently than it does today. Seriously, please see literally any video on the Soft White Underbelly channel for more on that. For anyone who thinks that they, personally, really do actually care about kids, and therefore has strong feelings about what is reported to have happened in Uvalde, Texas, or in Ukraine or anywhere, I would first remind those people that their feelings are being used against them for propaganda purposes, where most other people including state and local governments don’t actually give a fuck about kids and anyone who says otherwise — that there is actual evidence of a local, regional, national or global policy and practice of supporting and protecting kids — is lying. Let’s start there because that’s just completely obvious.

In the real world it is grown men and grown men’s preferences, wants and needs that are catered-to, and men generally prefer, want and need to use children as slaves and/or indentured labor; child soldiers and cannon fodder; rape objects; commodities; and convenient objects/outlets for their perversion, greed and rage. Change my mind about that, please. And what women want, when they don’t actively want and seek-out exactly the same things men want when it comes to children or anything (but women sometimes do want and do those things) is above all to cater to and please/appease men, so “whatever men want, goes” is the general rule. What this looks like in practice is that children are terribly oppressed and abused globally with no one to help and no one to protect them, especially girls. In girls’ case, to the extent that anyone cares at all, most people seem content to hope and/or expect boys and men to wait until the girls are at least teenagers before those males have their gnarly way with them but even then, most people don’t often get what they want. Innit.

So once we digest that both locally and globally, and even within families, perhaps especially within families for fuck’s sake, children are simply no one’s priority, obviously, are we then able to examine personal feelings of caring-for or caring-about children? It’s a tall order I know. For anyone who believes that their own local and global culture aka patriarchy notwithstanding they personally do have very strong positive feelings about the wellbeing, care and protection of children, I would invite those people to interrogate those feelings because they probably aren’t reflective of anyone’s actual values, beliefs and behavior about and around children and issues affecting children. While the virtue-signalling or actual “good people who care about kids” are being encouraged by feminists and others to “feel their feelings” I would concur, assuming those feelings are genuine, but therein lies the rub. What do most people really feel about kids in a more or less global patriarchy where kids exist literally at men’s pleasure, starting with the pleasure of orgasm/ejaculation, rape and coercive relationships with women who wouldn’t otherwise mate with the fathers of their children if at all?

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Feminism = Transhumanism? Or, Are Feminists Transhumanists?

As I have written previously, the COVID pandemic and the so-called “feminist” response to it has given me serious pause, as feminist women have largely pandered to the emergent pandemic-related global medical tyranny and patriarchal mandates on girls and women. While I once believed that women and feminists truly desired freedom from patriarchal oppression and male supremacist terrorism, based on women’s reports from the frontlines of feminist politicking of the 60s and 70s, I now must conclude that if women ever wanted to be free, and that’s a big if, freedom is not what contemporary women and feminists want. In reality, so-called liberal and feminist women seem to want what most women and indeed what most people want, which is to be ruled-over by males who look and talk like they do. It’s the other kind of oppression that’s the squikky kind, not when men of anyone’s own race, religion and whatnot tell girls and women what to do and then enforce their diktates with violence.

Global medical mandates put an interesting spin on these wonky “feminist” politics, where women and feminists seemed perfectly comfortable looking to males to save their very lives, not from male-created scarcity and female poverty or male institutional and interpersonal violence but from a virus. A virus, where bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites have been a blight on human and nonhuman animals since long before humans started thinking they could do anything to stop them. And while I might somewhat trust women and women’s traditional medicine to somewhat deal with these blights while not simultaneously destroying the natural world, the male “solutions” to these problems are known to create other, even worse problems, like the overprescribing of antibiotics causing mutant treatment-resistant bacteria and the release of genetically-modified organisms (GMO) like mosquitoes into the environment, the effects of which have yet to be fully realized.

Indeed, it is the stated purpose of male technology including their terrifying and oxymoronic “biotechnology” to remove death from the human equation and to save “humans” (or at least the ones who can afford to purchase their salvation) from the clutches of death itself and this ideology, pursuit, whatever is known as tranhumanism. In the last 2 years of the COVID pandemic, women and feminists have made their own agenda known: they trust males, they fear death, and they are looking to males to save them. From death, including saving us from more or less natural deaths from disease, where disease and disease-causing microorganisms have always played a significant part in human reality and human history. For possibly the first time ever in fact, as demonstrated by the female response to the global governments’ response to COVID, women as a class seem to have completely relinquished our historical and natural-law based female control over life and death and handed that domain over to men, knowing full well men’s documented transhumanist agenda and what men plan to do with that power.

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